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Kapten Taxi Cab Referral Discount Code – FAINIS2

Kapten Cab Referral Code: FAINIS2

Use the code FAINIS2 when joining Kapten to get £5 off each of your 1st two rides with Kapten. Offer only valid for new customers and discount must be used within 30 days of activating.

I live in London and we all know how crazy it can be to get around in the greatest city on earth 🙂 – And I’m a bit of a diva who tries to make things as simple as possible. You might have seen my various ride sharing posts on this blog!

So wherever possible I like to get a cab or taxi to get to where I need to be. Probably the BEST ride sharing app I have ever used is Kapten. It just seems to be the most intuitive app of all the ride sharing companies in London.

Probably the best thing about Kapten is the price of rides. Pretty much every other week there is a discount code ranging from 20 – 80 percent off which makes this an amazing ride sharing app. And if you search around you can sometimes find discount codes which give you money off too. The Kapten referral code FAINIS2 currently gives you £5 off each your 1st 2 rides which is perfect for that short journey to the tube station or to get around zone 1.

Did I mention that this app has fixed fares. Each time a user books a trip, the price will flash up on your phone at the start and you’re guaranteed to pay that fee regardless of the route or traffic. 🙂

The company’s exclusive loyalty program means riders get special money off deals the more rides they take. You can even convert those points to FREE rides.

So what are you waiting for? Try Kapten today and don’t forget to enter Kapten voucher code: FAINIS2 for £5 off each of your 1st two rides 🙂

kapten referral code

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kapten Referral code?
The Kapten referral code is : FAINIS2 which gives you £5 off each of your 1st two rides with Kapten. This offer is for new customers only.

Where do Kapten operate in the UK?
Currently Kapten only operate in the Greater London area. If you are a new customer in this region then use the voucher code: FAINIS2 when making your first booking to get £5 off your 1st two bookings.

What discount codes are available for Kapten users?
If you are a new user then use discount code: FAINIS2 to get £5 off each of your 1st two bookings. If you are already a customer then check the coupons and credits section of the Kapten app.

KLOOK Experiences Discount code – ZMUYPL

KLOOK Discount Code: ZMUYPL

Discount applies to NEW users making their first booking on the KLOOK app or website. Add code in the promo section but don’t forget to apply when making your first purchase 🙂

We all know I love to travel 🙂 – I’ve made that pretty obvious in my blog. But traveling can get pretty expensive if it is not managed well. That’s why this post will talk about the great savings you can make on KLOOK by using my exclusive discount code on your 1st order.

Which brings me nicely to an app I’ve discovered on my travels across SE Asia. There are a number of well know websites and apps if you are interested in tours and sightseeing experiences whilst you are holiday. I am all for solo travelling and planning my own sightseeing experiences but sometimes you just need to use the professionals as its the only way

I know sometimes its easier to use the local tour companies but not all of these can be trusted and you have very little idea about the quality of the experience you are booking unless its a personal recommendation. This is where Klook beats its competitors hands down. You can find a suitable experience which is more often than not cheaper than the local price and you get to see lots of pictures and reviews from previous customers

Having used all the main players over the last few years – I’ve found there is one which comes top on pretty much every occasion. At least for experiences and purchases in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I’ve not used it elsewhere so cant guarantee the prices elsewhere but from what I’ve seen they work on much smaller margins than their competitors.

KLOOK Referral Code: ZMUYPL

During my trip in SE Asia I used Klook extensively especially in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It actually came in useful whilst sitting in the airport lounge just browsing the app to see what experiences and tours where available before I reached my destination and helped me plan my itinerary in advance.

The one thing I found most useful was buying international simcards on Klook. I was able to purchase a simcard for Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in the app (at a discounted rate) and it was ready for me to pickup when I landed. All 3 airports had a dedicated KLOOK stand at the airport where I showed my voucher and a simcard was provided, fitted and checked for me before I left the airport. The best bit was it worked out significantly cheaper than the normal price to buy the simcard at the airport 🙂 – It probably helped that I was able to use the discount code I was provided to get an amazing rate!

Frequently asked questions about KLOOK

Where can you use KLOOK?
I found KLOOK was significantly cheaper than other similar apps in SE Asia. But the KLOOK app itself is available to use worldwide. Just compare with other providors before using and dont forget to use discount code: ZMUYPL to get money off your first order.

What is the KLOOK discount code and where do I enter it on the APP?
The discount voucher code for your first booking is: ZMUYPL. You can enter it during signup or by going to the menu option labelled promo codes in the app. Add the code there and make sure you apply when you are making your first booking. Note: it does not auto apply so you need to select it during the order process

How much do I save using the KLOOK voucher code: ZMUYPL ?
The amount of saving differs depending on the location of the user and the currency the user has set in the KLOOK. For UK users the discount is £3 off your first purchase but this will differ for different users across the world. Apply the referral code: ZMUYPL to see your potential saving!

Cashapp Referral Code – TDJKTBN

Use code TDJKTBN when registering for a cashapp account. Alternatively use the following link:

You will receive your free cash when you send £50/$50 within 14 days of joining the cashapp platform

If you are anything like me – you rarely carry much cash with you and find that when you need to give a friend some money for the drinks or the tickets they just bought you invariably have to go home and do a bank transfer. And then you forget 🙁

So I came across Cashapp a few months ago when my friend wanted to transfer some money to me and was shocked I didn’t have the app. I downloaded the app on the tube journey home and the money was transferred to me immediately. It was so easy to use that I have found myself using it more often than I thought I would and it has become my go to app for transferring small amounts of cash to friends and relatives quickly and easily.

The quick is very important to me – I just want to do it immediately so I dont forget later. . . I can usually make a transfer in seconds and then get on with my life 😉 – The app even shows me which of my contacts already has the app so I know I wont be putting them out if they dont have the app already (you can still send them cash but they need to join to collect it).

What makes the app even sweeter is the £5 bonus you get on your first transaction of £50 or more. You can get this too by using my referral code which is TDJKTBN or by registering using the following link:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the invite code for free money?
Use the code : TDJKTBN when registering on the cashapp app to be setup to receive your free bonus cash.

What is the criteria to receive the bonus cash payment?
You need to be a new user who registers and provides the invite code (TDJKTBN) to receive free money. You will need to send a minimum of £50/$50 within 14 days to receive your free money.

Where do I enter the invite code for free money in cashapp?
You can enter the invite code: TDJKTBN in the app itself where it asks if you have an invite code. Alternatively you can register directly with the code using the following link:

Dines App London – Promo Code: NATDN

DINES discount referral code: NATDN

Use the code NATDN when making your first purchase using the DINES app to get £5 to spend in any Dines venue

I love eating – but who doesn’t right? 🙂
I especially love to eat out and I find that most of my disposable income is spent on eating out to the point where I’m now always on the lookout for how I can save money and still enjoy my favourite hobby…

I was recently introduced to the dines app by a friend and to say I’m hooked is an understatement. Not only can you save money on your first meal (you can use my referral code : NATDN to save £5 on your first order) but you can also earn discounts dependant on when you go and also cashback on future orders too.

Dines app referral discount code NATDN

I’ve personally found that Dines has saved me over 50% on all meals I have had over the past few months !

For example I saved £10 on my first order by using a discount code.
I was then able to save 30% on food by going on a weekday and finally I was given 10% cashback which was added to my dines account to use at any other venue in the future… I call that INSANE savings!

Here’s an example not including the £10 discount for your first order using the code: NATDN

What is the Dines app?

Dines is a London-based startup working with local restaurants to bring exclusive discounts to users who might otherwise not even know that restaurant exists.

The app lets the user search for venues based on location, type of food, price range, or rating, allowing you to discover new restaurants and cuisines to try. Payment is done through the append you can even split the bill with your friends, tip the staff, and will apply the discount currently on offer, keeping things simple and quick. Every time you do this, you earn points (called dines) to later cash in for free food and drink. Oh and not to forget that this app enables you to dine with a conscience as for everyone who enjoys a meal through this app, Dines donates a meal to a school child in need around the world, #mealforameal. 🙂

Frequently asked questions about the Dines APP

Do you have a Dines app promo code I can use?
Use the promo code: NATDN on your first order to get £10 off your first meal

How much money can I save on the Dines app?
The savings differ from restaurant to restaurant. But you can save £5 on your first order using promo code: NATDN. You can then expect to save 20-50% on the bill depending on what day of the week you visit and finally you should get around 10-20% cashback to use on your next restaurant visit using the Dines app.

Where can I use the Dines app?
Currently you can use the Dines app in the Central London area but the number of venues served by the app is growing on a daily basis. Don’t forget to use voucher code: NATDN to get £5 off your first meal .