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LUX Rewards app – 3000 Bonus Points: lux4326

Lux Reward App referral code: lux4326

Enter the code above when registering on the lux reward app to get 3000 BONUS points.

Yep – you guessed it! Another food and experience discovery app for London, Bristol and Bath. I haven’t used this one yet but it looks very promising. The user interface is lovely and the experiences/ restaurants seem to be plentiful!

referral code: lux4326

I will give it a go over the next few weeks and update the blog accordingly. For now don’t forget to add my referral code: lux4326 during the registration process to get a bonus 3000 points added to your balance. Bit of a winner there! x

Wriggle Promo code for £2 bonus credit : PLILIN

Wriggle referral promo code: PLILIN

Enter the Wriggle referral/promo code in the Wriggle app before your 1st booking to get £2 bonus credit

Just another Food discover app I have found – but another one I absolutely LOVE! Wriggle works in far more locations than the other food discovery apps I have blogeed about over the last few months and as I work away from London in certain weeks this comes in handy!

I especially love the events tab in Wriggle which has some great social events I can attend when I’m away from my usual group of friends! And unlike some of the other apps there are significantly more restaurants take part especially up North which makes for a great number of options!

And the bonus credit for referring your friends definitely helps ! Use my referral code PLILIN by entering it in the account page under referral & promo codes to get another £2 free !

referral & promo code: PLILIN

Frequently asked questions:

What is the Wriggle referral/promo code?
If you enter PLILIN in the referral & promo code box on the Wriggle food app you will get a bonus £2 credit

Where do I enter the Wriggle promo & referral code?
Download the app and go to the account menu option where you will see referral and promo codes option. Enter the code PLILIN here and you will get £2 FREE bonus credit to use on your 1st order

Gruum Promo Code: Get £5 off with referral link

Gruum promo code : Use the link above BEFORE registering on the Gruum website to get an additional £5 off you first order. Click the link and the promo code will automatically be populated on the website at checkout

Who doesn’t love great Gruuming products 😉 – These guys have been around for a while and I’ve had a susbcription (you dont need a have a subscription) for a few months now.

Previously I would buy the razors and skincare products as and when I needed them but I found getting a subscription which can be put on hold and cancelled as required was much cheaper so I went ahead with that!

I especially love the razor – Its got a great weighty quality feel to it and I love using it on my skin. The blades are super sharp and last longer than my previous branded products. . . and I love the green credentials too.

I dont really use the skincare range so I wont offer muich a review on that but the razors are seriously good! And as always I’m offering my link above to get £5 off your 1st order by using my Gruum promo code link! 🙂

Oh and the quality feel of the products when they arrive is 2nd to none. I have given these to my boyfriend as gifts this last xmas as they really do have a quality feel about them.

The prices are pretty great but with the link above you get ANOTHER £5 off on top of any other offers Gruum are running. I’d say thats a WINNER

Frequently asked questions:

What is the Gruum promo code?
There is not a CODE to enter. Follow the link to the Gruum website and at checkout you will have a £5 discount automatically applied. Use the following link:

What do you get with the Gruum promo code?
By following the link and making your 1st purchase at Gruum you will get £5 off the already great prices on the website! :-). Use the following link and you will have a £5 discount code applied at checkout automatically

Is their a minimum order quantity to use the Gruum promo code?
There is no minimum order value but the discount only works on your first purchase or with an email account that has not been registered before. Use the link : to get £5 discount automatically applied to your account.