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Tier E-Scooters FREE 15 MINS Ride using Referral Link

Use the link above on your mobile device to download the Tier E-Scooter sharing app to get 1 UNLOCK and 15 minutes FREE on your 1st booking. You must use the link ahead of downloading the app for it to register

The UK has just announced that they will allow E-scooter rental trials in the UK and the latest entrant to the market is TIER. They have poached some of the senior leaders from Uber ahead of the launch and I for one am looking forward to see what the offering is.

And to get you started I have included a FREE Unlock and 15 minutes of free ride time on your first booking. You need to actually use the link to download the app and register for it to work. Unfortunately if you have already downloaded the app then this probably wont work but no harm in trying I guess.

The scooters look really cool and are really simple to use. Just be careful where you ride them and wear a helmet if possible.

Full details will follow when they launch but until then get downloading and send your invite to your friends to get more free minutes.

tier invite link
tier scooter referral

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tier E-Scooter Referral code?
There is no code – but use the following referral BEFORE downloading the app to get 15 minutes FREE and a FREE unlock :

Where do I enter the Tier E-Scooter referral?
You simply need to download the app from this link: and you will automatically be provided with a FREE Unlock and 15 mins when you make your 1st booking.

When will Tier -E-scooters be launching in the UK?
Tier are looking to launch across a number of cities in the UK in the middle of 2020. They are likely to to launch in London initially followed by other major cities soon after. Use the link: to download the app and get FREE minutes to use on your 1st booking.

Freetrade Share Promotion Referral (upto £200)

Please try one of the links below starting at the top. If a link comes back as ‘ticket used’ try the next one down 🙂
These links only work for residents of the UNITED KINGDOM

(updated 13th July 2020) – 1pm


Please use one of the invite links above starting from the top one 🙂 If a link comes back as used please try the next one down until you can complete registration. Once you have registered and deposited at least £1 and completed W-8BEN form you will get a free share worth up to £200 within 7 days. Drop me a comment below confirming which link you used and you can add your invite link in the comments – Thank you x

So recently I have started to dabble in the stock market and buy a few shares. I’m no Wolf of Wall Street but the lockdown in the UK has meant I have had more time on my hands to research and understand a little more about how the stock market operates and how I can get more involved.

I have been using the Trading 212 app for most of my share buying as I downloaded it first and never really felt the need to try anything else. But a few weeks ago I was told about another app called Freetrade which I have now downloaded and have begun using at the same time as trading 212.

And I’m starting to really like Freetrade app! Pretty sure this is the future of share dealing. The app is fantastic and so easy to use. And for some reason it makes buying shares fun. And ones of the best bits is if you use a freetrade share referral link like those listed above you get a free stock worth upto £200 which is amazing 🙂

It’s not quite as simple as Trading 212 for referring your friends and family as you only get one invite which can only be used ONCE and it lasts 7 days before expiring. If you want another you need to request it. But there are two advantages over the trading 212 referral scheme. If you are popular and lots of friends you quickly reach the the 20 free shares limit on Trading 212. I have not seen anything to say there is a limit to the number of people you can invite on Freetrade although the single use invites means it is much more difficult to refer multiple friends and hit the limit. The second benefit is that the shares can be anywhere between £3-£200 in value which is more than trading 212.

Unfortunately unlike Trading 212 most of my free shares so far have been very small in value as per screenshots above 🙁 You can see I have purchased some shares in Lloyds which was my first purchase on Freetrade when I was getting to know the app. I have purchased quite a few shares since then which are further up in the screenshot. Keep an eye out for an article in the next few weeks detailing my holding and how I am doing…

The biggest benefit of using Freetrade is you can buy whatever shares in whatever quantity you want without incurring commission charges. Previously buying shares meant spending large amounts paying the commission charges for every trade completed. This is where Freetrade is different. There are no commision fees to pay! :-). I like buying a few cheap shares in different company’s so it helps that they don’t charge these fees. The comparison table should give you an idea on the fees compared to come of its direct competitors.

Remember for an added bonus if you use my Freetrade referral link above you get a FREE SHARE worth upto £200. I have already referred a few friends and received shares ranging from £3 – £36 . Okay maybe not quite £200 but they are FREE.

You can use my Freetrade invite links above to take part in the FREETRADE SHARE PROMOTION but make sure you only use the link if you care going to complete registration and deposit funds as these links are one use only.

If none of the links are available please leave a comment and I will get the links refreshed 🙂

Freetrade Free Share referral
Freetrade Free Share referral

Keep an eye out for further blog posts as are post my share buying journey for a complete newbie to see how I do over the coming months.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get a Freetrade free share when joining?
To get a free share you need to use a freetrade referral link such as those contained on this website before registering.

2. What is the value of the Freetrade free share?
If you use one of my referral links above and register by clicking the Freetrade free share referral link you will get a free share stock worth between £3 – £200. This will be randomly selected.

3. How long does it take to receive your freetrade free stock?
Normally once you have registered by following a freetrade referral link you get a notification that you have a mystery free stock. This then gets released and you have a free stock added to your share account within 7-10 days.

4. What is the criteria to to take part in the free share promotion?
In order to get a Freetrade Free share you need to register by following one of the invite links contained on this website. You will then need to register and deposit at least £1. Once you have deposited the money you should get your free share confirmed within 24 hours.

Kapten Taxi Cab Referral Discount Code – FAINIS2

Kapten Cab Referral Code: FAINIS2

Use the code FAINIS2 when joining Kapten to get £5 off each of your 1st two rides with Kapten. Offer only valid for new customers and discount must be used within 30 days of activating.

I live in London and we all know how crazy it can be to get around in the greatest city on earth 🙂 – And I’m a bit of a diva who tries to make things as simple as possible. You might have seen my various ride sharing posts on this blog!

So wherever possible I like to get a cab or taxi to get to where I need to be. Probably the BEST ride sharing app I have ever used is Kapten. It just seems to be the most intuitive app of all the ride sharing companies in London.

Probably the best thing about Kapten is the price of rides. Pretty much every other week there is a discount code ranging from 20 – 80 percent off which makes this an amazing ride sharing app. And if you search around you can sometimes find discount codes which give you money off too. The Kapten referral code FAINIS2 currently gives you £5 off each your 1st 2 rides which is perfect for that short journey to the tube station or to get around zone 1.

Did I mention that this app has fixed fares. Each time a user books a trip, the price will flash up on your phone at the start and you’re guaranteed to pay that fee regardless of the route or traffic. 🙂

The company’s exclusive loyalty program means riders get special money off deals the more rides they take. You can even convert those points to FREE rides.

So what are you waiting for? Try Kapten today and don’t forget to enter Kapten voucher code: FAINIS2 for £5 off each of your 1st two rides 🙂

kapten referral code

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kapten Referral code?
The Kapten referral code is : FAINIS2 which gives you £5 off each of your 1st two rides with Kapten. This offer is for new customers only.

Where do Kapten operate in the UK?
Currently Kapten only operate in the Greater London area. If you are a new customer in this region then use the voucher code: FAINIS2 when making your first booking to get £5 off your 1st two bookings.

What discount codes are available for Kapten users?
If you are a new user then use discount code: FAINIS2 to get £5 off each of your 1st two bookings. If you are already a customer then check the coupons and credits section of the Kapten app.

Syft app – Get £20 FREE using promo code: FAISN2

Syft App promo Code: FAISN2

Redeem the code: FAISN2 to get £20 cash added to your wages. You need to redeem the code BEFORE your first shift in order to receive this CASH BONUS.

The current job market is not looking good and is likely to get a lot worse over the coming months – so it was good to speak to some of my friends who work in probably the worst affected industry (hospitality) to hear that at least for my friends they are still earning. I know that won’t be the case for other people 🙁

Hospitality is under significant pressure right now – and at least the bars and restaurants have reopened and I for one will be doing my bit as a foodie and visiting a few of the smaller chains to show my support.

One of my friends who actually lost her job as a waitress described an app she has been using called Syft which connects job hunters in the hospitality industry directly with employers looking for staff. She has been singing the praises of the staff and the app itself in helping her find a couple of decent roles at higher rates than she would have received going through a recruitment agency.

I’m not in the hospitality industry and luckily my role at the firm I work for is still pretty secure but I downloaded the app to see how it worked and it looks pretty good! They even have a referral scheme whereby if you use a code BEFORE you complete your 1st shift they will give you a £20 bonus. My code is: FAISN2.

Syft Promo code: FAISN2
Syft Promo code: FAISN2

Good luck – and I hope you find an enjoyable and satisfying role that pays you enough to live your best life 🙂 xx

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Syft?
Syft is an on-demand flexible working app which cuts out the middle man. You can apply for shifts directly with an employer straight on the app. You an even get a £20 bonus using referral code: FAISN2

What is the Syft app code?
Redeem code FAISN2 to get £20 added to your pay cheque when you join Syft. Make sure you redeem the code BEFORE you complete your first shift to get this payment.

Where do I enter the code to get the £20 Bonus?
Once you have completed registration – go to your profile, click the cog in the right hand corner and choose option promo code and apply FAISN2 to get £20 added to your account. This must be done BEFORE your 1st shift.

Caffe Nero – 9 FREE stamps equals 1 FREE drink!

Yes you can get 5 free stamps by entering promo code GIVEME5 in the promo box on the signup page at Caffe Nero. . .

But follow the link above and register on the Caffe Nero App to get a full set of 9 STAMPS for a free coffee as soon as you have made your 1st purchase using the Caffe Nero app! (NOTE the link will not work on your desktop – you need to click on it on your mobile device)

It’s a well known fact that I’m a caffeine junkie and that I can’t function without my early morning coffee to get me going and then by mid morning and mid afternoon coffee top up to keep me going!

I’m not really attached to one particular brand of Coffee house but I do find a couple of brands are my goto. Usually this is because they are on route or the vibe is just right if I’m drinking in. This is something which particularly appeals to me about my local Caffe Nero. It just feels like a place I could sit all day and watch the world go by!

So it’s no surpise that I have the latest incarnation of the Caffe Nero app which has gradually replaced the paper stamps and cards that you had to get your free coffees!

Dont forget to use the referral link below to register on the Caffe Nero app to get 9 FREE STAMPS (which equals a FREE DRINK)

The current offer in the Caffe nero app gives a free coffee to a friend when you refer them (The referrer actually gets 2 free drinks! YAY!) – It’s a shame it doesn’t seem to provide a code which I could give my friends which they could enter when they sign up – This one needs you to join up using my referral link which directs you to download and register on the app.

There’s a bunch of other offers in the app currently from a BONUS stamp with your first purchase and a BONUS stamp when you use your own cup! Love it!

Dont forge that Caffe Nero has some of the most delicious items on its deli menu. . . . so you really can stay there all day!

Dont forget if you are a caffeine junkie and like coffee wherever you can get it. . . then you can also get the Costa Coffee app with it’s loyalty offer for a free drink. More details can be found here:

Hiro Referral Code: fai129 – GET A FREE MYSTERY BOX

Hiro Referral Code: fai129

Sign up at and enter referral code: fai129 to receive a FREE MYSTERY GIFT BOX

Hiro is a new insurance challenger brand that rewards customers with insurance discounts for having invested in smart technology that protects their homes and is currently offering a mystery box for joining if you use a referral code to join the waiting list 🙂

Can’t really add much at this point as they are not yet up and running but the app itself is very nice and intuitive and I joined using a hiro referral code and got a £10 voucher to use at Hiro when it officially launches. One of my friends got an amazon voucher for £5 and another a cookie recipe 😉


Looks like you score discounts for having a smart home setup such as video doorbells, smart thermostats and speakers. Don’t know yet if the prices will be any good but fingers crossed that these guys shake up the home insurance market. If you use my HIRO Referral code: fai129 you will get a mystery box on joining and so will I. Let me know in the comments below what you receive !

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Hiro referral code?
When registering at use referral code: fai129 to get a free mystery box!

When does Hiro home insurance launch?
There is no confirmed launch date other than later in 2020 but use referral code: fai129 to get yourself on the waiting list and a free mystery box

What’s in the Hiro mystery box?
It’s a mystery 🙂 – Join using referral code: fai129 to get a mystery box which could be an Amazon voucher, discount off home insurance or maybe cookie recipes

Azimo Invite Code : FAISALN16

Azimo Invite Code : FAISALN16

Apply the invite code FAISALN16 when registering on the Azimo app or desktop site and get £10 FREE (or £25 FREE if sending to a business) on your first transfer. *Minimum transfer of £100 for personal or £250 for business required*

I have friends abroad and every now and then I need to send some money to them – either for charity giving or because I want them to buy me something nice and ship it to the UK.

I have previously used a couple of different apps and even bank transfers to do this but my new go to app is Azimo. Works so much better than what I used before and it is so quick. My last transfer was approved and ready for pickup across the other side of the world in 1 hour.

Currently Azimo are offering new users £10 off your first transfer (or £25 if you send to a business) which definitely makes this even more appealing. At least it was for me.

Azimo Invite Code: FAISALN16
azimo invite code : FAISALN16

I was able to register (and enter invite code) and complete my first money transfer in about 10 minutes. Once registered I was able to choose whether I wanted to do cash pickup, direct to bank, mobile top up or swift (USD or Euro only).

The rate offered was similar to what I was seeing elsewhere with the added bonus of fee free transfers on my 1st 2 transfers and the £10 money back on orders over £100. Once I had entered the details of the recipient (mobile number and email address) an the amount I was transferring the transfer was complete!

So why 10 minutes to do the transfer? Well I after I had completed the transfer – I got a verification required note and I had to upload a copy of my driving license. The verification took about 5 mins and the transfer was processed! So safety protocols in place but with little impact on service delivery!

Anyway I hope you enjoy using Azimo as much as I did and don’t forget to use my invite code for £10 off your first money transfer. My invite code can be added manually during registration or you can click the link below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the Azimo Invite code?
    You can use invite code : FAISALN16 to get money off your first money transfer at Azimo
  2. Where do I enter the Azimo Referral Code?
    You Must use the Azimo invite/referral code during the registration process when adding email address and password
  3. When will I receive my promotional code?
    Once you have completed your first transfer using the Azimo invite code you should receive your bonus payment within 7 days to use towards your next money transfer
  4. Where can I find my own Azimo referral code?
    Once you have completed your first money transfer you should find your invite code shown in the Azimo app or desktop site.