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Coffee#1 – FREE Drink by registering with link

Use the link above to register for the Coffee#1 app and get a FREE DRINK after you have made your 1st purchase

Here’s another coffee app that offers free drinks when you use a referral link and register. The coffee#1 app is a loyalty system which is designed to allow customers to collect stamps and earn free drinks. You can even link a payment card for faster payment and exclusive discounts.

So I love coffee. . . . most of you guys will know that already if you have been reading my blog. I spend most of my time at Costa as its near my home but also directly outside my office so it’s hard not to use it for convenience! I also use Caffe Nero every now and then and I’ve noticed the similarities between the coffee#1 app and the Caffe Nero app (they are exactly the same!)

I decided to visit my local coffee#1 when it opened to see what it was like and I have to say – it was fantastic. The coffee was great but it was the food that made the biggest impression on me here! Unlike most of the other coffee shops on this blog – coffee#1 really has a huge range of cakes, pastries and savoury snacks to try!


So I can see me having a bite to eat whilst typing my next blog post with my coffee the next time I’m passing by…. oh and my local has some extremely friendly staff too… So – download the app by following the referral link above and you should get a FREE drink added to your account after you make your first purchase. Enjoy 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where do I enter the Coffee#1 referral code?
    You do not need to enter a code anywhere. You need to follow the link: and register for an app account and you will qualify for a FREE drink
  2. How do I get a FREE DRINK at Coffee#1
    Use the invite link: and download the app to activate your FREE drink which will be provided after your 1st purchase
  3. What FREE drink am I entitled to at Coffee#1?
    You are entitled to one FREE hot drink once you have activated your Coffee#1 app by following the link: and made your 1st purchase.

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STAKE – FREE SHARE in Nike, Go Pro or Dropbox

Stake referral code: faisaln428

Register for a Stake share dealing account and use referral code: faisaln428 or using the following link:

Get a FREE share in either NIKE, GO PRO or DROPBOX – You need to deposit $50 within 24 hours to get your FREE STOCK

Totally on fire with all these new apps coming out offering FREE shares and commission free trading. Came across STAKE today and fell in love with the user experience compared to some of the others out there. This is another app that allows you to buy stocks and share in the US for users in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Registration is very easy and by following the referral code link above it auto-populates in the registration screen. Otherwise you can manually enter the code: faisaln428 in the appropriate field to ensure you get a free share. Once registered you need to complete a few of the usual verification questions (was quicker than the verification process at my 3 other share trading account which provide free shares (Trading 212, Freetrade & Passfolio) and I was done in about 5 minutes.

You then get a countdown timer letting you know you need to deposit funds to get your free stock/share within 24 hours. I have seen various amounts posted about the minimum payment you need to make but to be safe I used my Revolut card to deposit £60 and this was authorised immediately.

After that I was presented with a wheel spin to get my free share. There are only 3 shares possible shares with varying probabilities and on the spin I got a free share in Nike – WOOHOOO. At the time or writing Nike is worth $96 or about £76. Winner 🙂

Stake FREE SHARE referral code: faisaln428

The app itself is quirkier than all the others I have used previously. Its bold and brash and I like it a lot. I obviously haven’t used it much yet as the funds are still being added but I will be buying a few shares over the coming weeks and will let you know my first impressions.

But straight off the bat I like the registration process and the free stock offer which seems more generous than some of the other apps I have downloaded. Although there are only 3 stocks available the probabilities are higher than what I have seen with the others. The downsides I have seen so far are that its obviously only US stocks AND they seem to charge a transaction fee of about $9 to deposit and remove funds from your account. Please bear that in mind when joining.

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2. Freetrade which also has worldwide shares and an offer for a free share worth up to £200 –
3. Passfolio which is a US share dealing account for worldwide residents and an offer of free stock worth upto $100 –

Stake FREE SHARE referral code: faisaln428

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Stake Share Dealing referral code?
Use referral code faisaln428 or click the following link: to register and get your FREE share

What free share do you get by using the referral code?
Register using referral code: faisaln428 and you will be entitled to a free stock/share in Nike, Dropbox or Go Pro

What is the criteria to get your free share when registering at Stake?
Make sure you register and enter referral code: faisaln428. Then once registered make sure you deposit funds of about £50 into your account WITHIN 24 hours to ensure you get your free spin.

What share will I get FREE when registering for a new account?
As long as you register using the referral code: faisaln428 or following the link on this website you will be entitled to a free share. You will need to deposit funds within 24 hours and then you will spin the wheel to see which free share you will get. The stocks available are Nike, Go Pro and Dropbox.

UK Ola Cab Referral Discount Code – FH795Z

UK OLA CAB Referral Code: FH795Z

Get your 1st ride free (upto £10) and 3 rides with £5 off (You get 3 coupons worth £5 each – £15 total) – Long press to copy the code on mobile device. Free ride must be taken within 14 days of activating referral code and only applies to your 1st Ola Cab booking.

UPDATE 08/08/20: The latest offer showing on the Ola website is FREE £5 ride credit plus 3 25% discount vouchers: for using the referral code: 0VKG7FU

If you are a DRIVER looking to work for OLA then use the following referral code when registering to get a bonus payment when you have completed the agreed number of customer drops : FH795Z

If you haven’t already noticed I’m a bit of a PRINCESS when it comes to public transport and my blog is littered with cost saving hacks to make cab rides as cheap as possible :-). My latest cab blog is about the free ride offer currently active at the new kid on the block . . . . Ola Cabs.

I’ve been working in Birmingham these last few months and Ola, one of the world’s largest ride-hailing platforms, has launched in the UK (and more specifically in Birmingham for me) ​and  gives passengers a new and convenient way to hail a black cab or private hire vehicle. Think of it as the new Uber with more competitive pricing 🙂

​Ola launched in Bristol in mid 2018 and has steadily begun increasing the areas it provides it’s services. Currently it operates ride-hailing services in five regions that cover several of the UK’s bigger cities: South Wales (Cardiff, Newport and Vale of Glamorgan), the South West (Bath, Bristol, Exeter, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire), Merseyside (Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens and The Wirral), West Midlands (Birmingham, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton, Coventry & Warwickshire) and Reading and will soon to be launching in London.

I hadn’t heard of Ola until I saw the cabs driving around Birmingham – so downloaded the app to see how I got on. The first thing I noticed was that most of the drivers who  picked me up were actually Uber drivers as well so you can expect pretty much the same driver/passenger experience.

UK Ola Cab Referral Code: FH795Z

But what’s actually great about Ola service is the prices. You can see I have highlighted a referral code above. Use this when joining and before making your first booking and you will get your 1st ride free (upto £10) and your next 5 rides at half price (upto £5 off each) . What’s more I have found that over the past few weeks I have received notifications through the Ola app offering me discounts of between 25 – 40 % on a regular basis. So you can bet the service is cheaper than Uber!

Oh and Ola is the only app that can be used by both black cabs and Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs), giving you a greater choice when you fly or get a train into a public transfort hub

In India, Ola is the dominant ride-hailing service provider. In addition to the U.K. other markets where it operates outside of its home country are Australia (where it has services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and the Gold Coast) and New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch). More countries will be launching soon!

I dont want new Ola drivers to miss out – so below you will find a driver app referral code to use which gives you a bonus on your first few driver bookings. The coupon code to use is : LB268S

Frequently Asked Questions:

Surprisingly from all my blog posts this one has been one of my most popular. But I’ve been asked a number of questions on email over and over again – so I thought I would add the answers below. Just remember I’m just a gal who takes a few too many Ola cabs – I’m no a cab expert 😉

00 ​Do you have an OLA driver referral code?

Are you a driver looking to work for Ola? If so – you can use the following referral code when applying to work for Ola to get a CASH BONUS when you have completed the relevant number of rides. Use the code: FH795Z

01 ​​What is the Ola cab referral code?

​The Ola referral code listed here is: FH795Z. ​This is a UK referral code and once activated will allow you to get one complimentary ride (upto £10) and you next 3 rides with £5 off each. Please ensure you enter this referral code before you make your first booking to ensure it works​​​

02 ​​How does Ola referral work?

​​When registering with the Ola App you are presented with an opportunity to enter a friends referral code. Once entered this provides you with a complimentary free ride (upto £10) and your next 3 rides with £5 off. By entering FH795Z you will have access to this offer

03 ​How can I use the referral code in Ola app?

​Once you have downloaded the Ola app on IOS or Andriod you are presented with a screen allowing you to enter your friends referral code. Enter FH795Z at this screen for a complimentery free ride and your next 3 rides with £5 off

04 ​Is Ola in Birmingham?

​​Ola launched in Birmingham in April 2019 and is currently making great strides in winning market share from Uber. If you are new to using Ola – use the code: FH795Z when registering to get your first ride free and your next 3 rides with £5 off in Birmingham

05 ​​​Is Ola in Coventry or Warwick?

​​Ola launched in Coventry & Warwick in October 2019 and is currently making great strides in winning market share from Uber. If you are new to using Ola – use the code: FH795Z when registering to get your first ride free and your next 3 rides with a £5 discount

06 ​How can I get an Ola coupon code?

​​Ola regularly provides discount and promotional codes through in app notifications to users. If you are new to Ola then use the code: FH795Z get your first ride free. Otherwise look in your app before booking and usually you will see any applicable coupons available

07 ​​How can I get free Ola rides?

​​Ola provides discounts regularly to its customers but it only offers free rides for new customers who have not booked before. To activate your free ride you need to download the app and enter: FH795Z in the referral code box before your 1st booking to get your 1st ride free.

08 ​​Where do Ola Cabs operate?

​Currently Ola operate in the Midlands, Bristol, North West and Wales with plans to increase in presence across the UK over the coming months. Watch out London because if the rumours are true – Ola is coming to you soon!

The Personal Barber Referral – 10% Discount

Use the link above to get 10% off your order – If you purchase the starter box you will get a free razor and brush included.

The web seems to be full of subscription boxes and I am currently running a couple of different ones myself! Most of us are naturally suspicious of subscription boxes because we feel like we will be tied into a year long subscriptions like the old days at the gym!

So to start with The Personal Barber club is very easy to cancel or pause – its literally one click! – Now that we we have that out the way – lets get to the product itself! 🙂

I ordered this for my partner as he loves trying out different razors and I have been meaning to find him an ‘old skool’ razor which uses individual blades and this one seemed like a good option. Highly rated with lots of products to try. I used a referral code to get 10& off the order and you can too using the link :

Promo code:

When the first box arrived – the quality of the contents was amazing. Definitely wort the £22.50 I paid and my guy loved the weightiness and quality of the razor. He is already looking at some of the other items available to purchase on the website.

It’s worth noting that he is now a convert to traditional shaving. . . he is even thinking about getting a cut throat razor as he says that the shave is closer and the cost is a fraction of what you would pay with a modern razor.

I will update this blog when he has ordered another box from The Personal Barber as I think he is looking at a range of other items … 🙂

Don’t forget to use my referral code for a discount off your 1st order

Franco Manca Pizza FREE STAMP: Use Referral code: B9D996

Referral Code: B9D996

Use referral code: B9D996 to get a FREE BONUS stamp added to your app AFTER you have made your first pizza purchase

I love pizza. What girl doesn’t? And when a new ‘indie’ chain opened a branch in my neighbourhood we had to go check it out. The vibe was fresh, the drinks were fantastic and the sourdough pizza was amazing.

Looks like I will be hanging out here regularly as the prices are cheaper than the usual pizza fare and the atmosphere in here was quite buzzy . . . at least in my local branch.

They even have an app with a loyalty scheme which gives you a FREE stamp on signup and another BONUS stamp when you have ordered your first pizza. This means at the end of your 1st meal you should have 3 STAMPS which is half way to a free pizza.

You can use my referral code: B9D996 to get a free bonus stamp added to your Franco Manca app.

Referral Code: 8675E7

Hint: The Vegan pizza is the most popular and I loved it! I will do a more thorough review in the coming weeks but thought I would do a quick blog update whilst sat in the restaurant 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Franca Manca Referral code?
When registering on the app – you need to enter referral code: B9D996 to get a FREE BONUS stamp added to your account.

What do I get by using the Franco Manca code?
If you enter referral code: B9D996 when joining you will get an additional free stamp added to your loyalty app. This mean s you will have 3 stamps after you have purchased your 1st pizza

I’ve entered referral code but I only see one stamp. Is that right?
Yes. As long as you entered B9D996 when registering you will get your FREE bonus stamp AFTER you have made your 1st pizza purchase. Enjoy 🙂

Sponge Cake – 20% discount code: REF062772

Sponge Discount Code: REF062772

Use discount code: REF062772 to get 20% off your first order.

I came across this website when looking for an interesting birthday card to send to one of my closest friends. I wanted something a little different to make her smile as I wasn’t going to be able to visit her in person under the covid lockdown restrictions 🙁

Originally I was planning on getting her a cake and a card and then found SPONGE which allowed me to get her both in a really quirky way… I used a discount code to get 20% off my first purchase (and you too can get this discount using code: REF062772) so it cost me £8 for a card with 2 slices. I sent chocolate and carrot as those two are my favourites!

Sadly I don’t have a picture of my exact order but it did look something like the below:

Sponge referral code: REF062772
Use discount code: REF062772
Sponge Cake Card discount code: REF062772
20% off using: REF062772

She loved the cake. . . . the loved the card. So I know I will be using these guys again the future if I needed a slightly different type of gift to send.

Its worth noting that they have a cake club subscription service which gives you free delivery on your orders and discounted products but you would need to eating a lot of cake or planning on sending a lot of cakes and cake cards !

Give these guys a go if and watch the smile on the recipients face 🙂 – Not forgetting these guys do sell complete sponge cakes (8 slices) if you wanted to buy one of those !

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Sponge?
Sponge is a website that sells sponge cakes and amazing sponge cake cards! Using discount code: REF062772 you get 20% off your 1st order.

Where do I enter the Sponge discount code?
Enter: REF062772 in the discount code box during checkout to get 20% off your 1st order.

What is the criteria to use the Sponge Cake Card discount code?
The voucher code: REF062772 provides a 20% discount on your 1st order.

WorldRemit Referral Code for FREE £20: FAISALN76


Use the referral code above or click the link when registering at WorldRemit to get £20 cashback after making your first transfer of £100 or more. Dont forget to add 3FREE in the promo box just before payment to get free transactions fees on your first 3 transfers

I’ve used a number of money transfer services over the last few years (some good and some not so good) but I have never been as impressed as I was with Worldremit! These guys really know what they are doing 🙂

From the initial offer of £20 cashback when using a referral code (my referral code is: FAISALN76) to how quick and easy it was to register and finalyl the speed of delivery . . . WOW

So I registered earlier today and sent some money to a friend in India. Registering was pretty simple and I made sure I used the referral code to ensure I got some money back for use on my second order.

worldremit referral code: FAISALN76
Worldremit referral code: FAISALN76

So here’s the crazy thing. Once registered I was actually able to pay bills for my friend directly from my app here in the UK. I haven’t used this service yet but it means I can pay for my grandparents whenever I want in the future – Woohoo!

Anyway I chose the normal option of sending money – adding the amount I wanted to send. The rate was similar to what I had seen elsewhere – really no better no worse and then chose whether to send as airtime or as a bank deposit. I chose bank deposit and clicked submit. The payment was delivered in seconds. . . . literally seconds!

If it is as easy as that – I’m sticking with Worldremit in the future. Don’t get me wrong the other services available (some of which I recommend here) are fantastic. But some ask to add ID and verify the recipients details and then can take a few hours which is no great hardship. But this transfer literally took seconds. I’m impresssed Worldremit. I’m impressed.

Don’t forget you can use my worldremit invite code / referral code: FAISALN76 to get £20 cashback after your first money transfer.

Frequesntly asked questions:

  1. What is the Worldremit referral code?
    Enter the code: FAISALN76 during registration to get £20 cashback after your first transfer of £100
  2. Where do I enter the worldremit invite/referral code?
    During the registration process after completing your email address and password you are asked if you have an referral code. Enter the code FAISALN76 in that box or use the direct link from this website.
  3. Is their a minimum transfer amount to get your referral payment?
    In order to get you free £20 cash you need to ensure you enter the referral code FAISALN76 when registering and then transfer a minimum of £100. You will receive your cashback once your transfer has completed.

Costa Coffee on Me! Get a free coffee using invite code: VBVP6

Costa Coffee Invite code: VBVP6

Use the invite code when registering in the Costa Coffee app to get 200 points (worth £2) FREE to go with the 100 points starter points you get for registering. You can also use the following direct link :

Want to get another free drink for joining?
A number of other coffee shops offer free drinks if you join their loyalty programmes using a referral code/link.

Caffe Nero – Get a free drink when downloading the app using the invite a friend link. More details here:
Coffee#1 – Similar to Caffe Nero – Get a free drink when downloading the app using the invite a friend link. More details here:

Yep. – You guessed it. Another of my guilty pleasures is coffee! I probably drink far too much of the stuff every single day but I don’t think I can function without a coffee first thing in the morning 🙁

I usually use my Nespresso at home before leaving for work but once I’m on my way to the office or during the day I need a refill from my local Costa Coffee. 🙂

And I find the Costa Coffee app help really makes things easier for me:

• I can log in with my current Coffee Club account details, register with my existing card or set up a new account (and get a new member bonus of 100 points worth £1)
• Use mobile ordering to order ahead and skip the queue in store
• Track my points balance to see when you have enough for a free coffee or treat
• Find details of my nearest Costa stores including directions, opening times and facilities
• Ditch the card and keep Coffee Club in my pocket at all times
• Add the Costa Coffee Club card to my Apple Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Costa Coffee Club App invite code?
Use the invite code: VBVP6 when registering the Costa Coffee Club app to get 200 FREE points.

What are 200 Costa Coffee Club points worth?
When registering with invite code : VBVP6 you get 200 FREE Costa Coffee points. These are worth £2 towards your next coffee. You also get 100 free points for starting out in the Costa app making a total of £3 towards your first Costa Coffee Club coffee.

Where can you use the Costa Coffee club app?
You can use the Costa Coffee Club App at any Costa Coffee in the UK. You can add the app details directly into your apple wallet to make things even easier. And don’t forget to use invite code: VBVP6 or 200 FREE points.

Hive £30 Discount Code: Hayley Duster

Use referral code: Hayley Duster

Use referral code Hayley Duster in the referred by a friend box during checkout at Hive Home or click the HIVE logo above to get a discount code by email. Applies to purchases of Hive Active Heating (with hub only), Hive View Indoor or Hive View Outdoor as a new customer at Hive Home.

I’ve never really been ‘techy’ like my little brother and the latest gadgets never really interested me…. but when my dad bought me a smart thermostat when I moved into my new apartment I thought I would get it connected (although I didn’t think I would need it) – How wrong I was!

The hive system is one of a number of new smart home thermostat systems – the other main players being NEST and Tado although there are plenty of other entrants to the market.

I won’t go into all the details of the benefits of the Hive system here as there are plenty of other sites which can give you a far more in depth review than I ever could… I’m still figuring out how I can make best use of mine 🙂

What I will say is that they currently have an offer on the Hive Home website whereby if you enter my name during the checkout process (Haley Duster) then you will get £30 off your order ! You can alternatively click the HIVE logo at the top of this page and get a unique discount code emailed to you.

Referral code: Hayley Duster or click HIVE logo at the top to get a unique discount code

I use my hive for the obvious – setting the time and temperature when i want my heating to come on… but I also use it to turn the heating on/off directly from the app when I am not home – but I have just set up geolocation so it turns the heating on when I’m on my way home! How cool is that!

Right now there’s an offer for a free Amazon Echo (not sure how long it will last) but that means I can now control my heating with my voice too… I am looking to buy some of the hive lamps and I’m also looking at the hive camera. If they are nearly as good as the thermostat then I’m all sold on the Hive ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Hive Home referral code?
You can enter Hayley Duster in the referred by a friend box during checkout or you can click the HIVE logo at the top of this website to get a unique code sent to you.

2. What are the terms and conditions on the Hive discount code?
You will get £30 off purchases of Hive Active Heating (with hub only), Hive View Indoor or Hive View Outdoor as a new customer at Hive Home. You need to enter Hayley Duster in the referred by a friend box during checkout.

3. Can I get a unique discount code?
Yes of course. Simply click the HIVE logo at the top of this page to be taken to the Hive Home website where you can enter your email address and get a unique discount code to apply during checkout for £30 off.