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Embargo Loyalty App Referral code: UNDILUTION

Referral code: UNDILUTION

Use the referral code when registering on the Embargo loyalty app to get additional rewards on your restaurant visits. Their are no details on the embargo app on what this reward will be. Once registered go to promo and add promo codes WELCOME and MUNCH for 2 additional rewards


Bankiom Referral – Get $20 FREE CASH

Bankiom Referral:

Sign up and get your referral link – When you refer a friend you earn $5 credit (First referral is $20). Once Bankiom go live, and your friend opens their Bankiom account your credit will automatically appear inside your Bankiom account for each referral

Another new challenger bank and another new referral scheme. I can’t review the bank yet as it hasn’t launched but they are doing a pretty good referral scheme.

For the first person you refer you will get $20 and then $5 for each additional person you refer – Seems a pretty good offer! The entire process to register is very quick. You simply need your full name and email address and you are provided with you referral code to post on to your friends and family. So get referring! 🙂

My referral link is:

Bankiom referral
My Bankiom referral :

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the Bankiom referral link/code?
    You can use the following referral link to register at Bankiom:
  2. Where do I enter the Bankiom referral?
    You do not enter the code anywhere. You simply follow the Bankiom referral link and register online.
  3. What do I get for following the Bankiom referral link?
    The referral link itself does not give the referee anything but good vibes. . . But once registered you have the opportunity to refer other people and pass the good vibes on :-). My referral link is: at Bankiom to join.

Quandoo Restaurant Reservations – Use code: FAISAL3815DHC

Use Invitation Code FAISAL3815DHC and get 500 Loyalty Points FREE

Enter the promo code when booking your first restaurant table to get 500 bonus loyalty points added to your account. These are worth £5 (or equivalent local currency).

Okay so we have established I love food. We have establised I love cashback and great discounts . . . but sometimes I want to eat at a restaurant that doesn’t have special offers and those great bargains.

I have histroically always used opentable to make those bookings – which just seems a hell of a lot easier than calling up to make a booking. That was until I came across Quandoo.

If you have no idea what this app is then in a nutshell it is very similar to opentable in that you use it to make bookings for restaurants with all the usual reviews and menus etc. The one key difference even though it is also offered by Opentable is the loyalty element which is a bigger part of the Quandoo USP than it might be for other similar sites.

For every booking you make you get 100 quandoo points. . . you get 25 for writing a review and 500 for referring a friend to use the app. Interestingly the loyalty points convert directly to cash which is paid into your designated account. You cannot get the cashback at the restaurant or money off your bill. It is hard cash direct to your bank account 🙂

I’ve started to use this app more and more – as it’s pretty much money for nothing. I’m making that restaurant booking anyway – might as well get some cashback in the process !

Quandoo Promo code : FAISAL3815DHC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Quandoo promo code?
Use promo code FAISAL3815DHC on the restaurant booking page to get 500 loyalty points on your FIRST booking.

What are Quandoo loyalty points worth?
Each Quandoo loyalty point is worth 1p. By using promo code: FAISAL3815DHC on your first restaurant booking you will receive 500 loyalty points worth £5 cash!

How can you earn Quandoo loyalty points?
You can earn points in a number of ways. 25 points for leaving a review, 100 for booking a restaurant, 500 for using promo code: FAISAL3815DHC on your first booking and 500 for referring a friend to the app.

Robinhood FREE Share Referral

Use the above link to register for the launch of the Robinhood Share Trading Platform – using the link you will jump 1k on the waiting list till they launch 🙂


Robinhood is the darling of commission free share dealing in the US and they will be coming to the UK shortly. Until they arrive – you can use register using the link above to jump the queue to get early access.

I will do an in depth write up once they have launched – but get registered using the referral link above and wait for the launch !

In the meantime don’t forget to check out the two other similar offers which are currently available:

Freetrade FREE share promotion

Trading 212 FREE share promotion

Noho Group Travel Card – FREE $10

Use the link above to register at and get $10 added to your balance for when they launch

Noho is a travel card and app group that makes group spending and organising trips hassle free. They haven’t launched yet but you can join the waiting list and get $10 free added to your wallet if you use my referral code:

Its always been a hassle when the girls go away to figure out who has spent what and then to work out what each of us owes for the break. This app should come in really handy and I for one cant wait for it to launch.

The screenshots online look interesting. Just hope it works like it should and I’m in. As im the first mover amongst my friends – I’ve asked them all to download it ahead of our next trip and I’ve earnt $60 of credit already 🙂

Lets hope it launches soon x

Frequently asked questions

What is the Noho travel card referral link?
If you use the following link: before registering at you earn a $10 bonus which is added to your wallet ahead of launch.

Where do I enter the referral code?
You do not enter a referral code. You need to click the link : and register directly on the site to activate your bonus $10 FREE cash

When does Noho launch?
There will be a beta US launch in late 2020 and other countries will follow after. In the meantime you can register using the following link : to get $10 added to your wallet.

Talkremit Referrer Code: C827477 – FREE £20 BONUS

Talkremit Referral Code: C827477

Or use the following link:

Click the link to register or use referral code: C827477 when registering at Talkremit and get £20 FREE CASH added to your balance after completing money transfers totalling £100. (Works for € users too – see below)

For those of you who have been following me over the past few months you will know that I have started to use money transfer services to send money to family and friends and also to pay to feed a family I sponsor abroad.

In the past I have struggled to find the best transfer service but lately I have found a number of fintech money transfer services that are simply amazing. The latest one that has caught my attention and that I tried for the first time today is Talkremit.

The registration process is very simple and they are running a friends referral scheme with a field which requests your referrer code. This gives you a BONUS payment of £20 to use on your next transfer once you have transferred £100. My referrer code is: C827477. Add that code during registration and we will both receive £20 to use on our next transfers. 🙂

Dependant on the country you are sending money to you will have a variety of payment options from direct to bank, mobile payment or cash pickup. I did find that for a couple of countries I was only able to send direct to bank which was perfect for me as that is my usual method but for some of you that may not be suitable.

The fees charged were tiny compared to some of the other services I have used (but in those instances they usually give you a couple of fee free transfers) – so its worth bearing in mind if this is a one off payment to get the free bonus cash for using the referral code: C827477 or whether you will continue to use the service in the future.

Talkremit have one other benefit over other services. They have instant chat available (which is probably why they are called Talkremit) so if you need anything when making your transfer they are always nearby to help!

Talkremit referrer code: C827477
Talkremit referral code: C827477

My transfer was sent immediately after completing verification and arrived at its destination in South Asia within a few hours. I received my £20 free cash a few days later for using the Talkremit Referral code. (note you don’t have to be a UK resident to use the referral code – you can be based all over the world and the code will still work and give you FREE CASH – see T&Cs to see where it works listed in FAQs below)

Frequently asked questions:

What is the Talkremit referrer code?
Use referral code: C827477 when registering at Talkremit and you will receive £20/€25 FREE cash

Where do I enter the Talkremit referral code?
During the sign up process after entering your name, email address and password you are presented with a box labelled referrer code? Enter the code: C827477 to activate your FREE bonus cash payment

What is the criteria to get my Talkremit Friends referral payment?
As long as you have used the referrer code: C827477 during the sign up process you should receive your BONUS payment within 7 days after completing transfers of £100 in the UK.

Is the Talkremit referral code usable in other countries?
Yes you can use the Talkremit referral code: C827477 and you will get your bonus payment in your own currency. The full terms for where the referral program works is shown here:

Milk & More £5 FREE

Use Referral Code: RSC0S1

Get £5 off your first order using referral code: RSC0S1. Minimum order £10

Full details to follow….

Who wouldn’t love to to get milk and bread delivered to your home first thing in the morning 😉 – just like the good old days!

Zareou Ride Hailing Referral code: a6337

Zareou Referral Code: a6337

Apply the referral code when registering on either the PASSENGER or DRIVER app to get free ride credits and/or cash

Brand new ride hailing app coming to London soon. I think they have been severely hampered by CV19 as they were meant to launch in late March/early April. So cannot comment more at this time on the service as they are still pre launch.

In the meantime please use my referral code to be setup and ready to go for when they do hopefully launch! Expect them to be similar in most way to all the other ride hailing apps except with the additional benefit for both rider and driver to earn when those you refer use the service 🙂