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Lime E-Scooter Referral Code: RF2YNU5

Lime Promo code: RF2YNU5

Enter referral promo code: RF2YNU5 in the Lime app Wallet by adding promo code to get 1 FREE UNLOCK added to your account. You need to do this before taking your 1st ride!

So with Covid lockdown easing and the government trying to look at other ways for commuters to get to work – they have finally reduced the regulations on e-scooters.

I will be the first to admit they are pretty scary around London – but I was always looking forward to riding one and got my chance at the weekend. I used a referral code to get a free unlock so I saved £1. The fees are a bit random but the latest seems to be around 12p per minute.

LIME code : RF2YNU5

I will write a detailed blog later once im back in the office – but thought i’d get my referral code out there for those of you who are already looking for a code.

More details to follow…

GBK – Gourmet Burger Kitchen Free STAMP. Use code: 829565

Refer A Friend Code: 829565

Download the new GBK app and enter the GBK referral code above in the refer a friend section before making your 1st purchase to get a BONUS stamp when you make your 1st purchase.

It’s been a bit of a crazy time in my life and I find that when I need to just breathe and let go – a good old fashioned burger is my go to detox! (crazy I know). Yes I could get a cheap burger from the ‘standard’ fast food restaurants but when you want something just that little bit extra I always find GBK is the place to go. You really can’t beat a GBK at this price point. . . believe me I’ve tried a good few burgers in my time 🙂

So the GBK app has been refreshed and relaunched which still allows you to pay at your table or order collection. The app also allows you to collect stamps and 5 stamps (on a spend of £10 or more) earns you 1 stamp. Get 5 stamps to get a free burger! Use the refer a friend code below to get an additional stamp on your 1st purchase. Make sure you enter the code in the app prior to making your first order!

Refer a friend code : 829565

Yes some of you might be a little shocked at my burger of choice – but I actually love the chicken burger at GBK! I usually go for the Panko crumbed classic chicken with truffle cheese fries and if I’m really going all out. . . what better than a double belgian chocolate milkshake! – WOOHOO!

Now doesn’t that look good! I’m thinking I need to go back again just as I type this post!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the GBK refer a friend code for the app?
You can use the code 829565 in the GBK app to get a FREE stamp

Where do I apply the refer a friend code in the GBK app?
If you go to the menu options and look for REFER A FRIEND FOR FREEBIES menu option you will see a field at the bottom to enter the code 829565

What do I get by applying the referral code in the GBK app?
Once you have entered the referral code 829565 you will get a BONUS stamp in your app 🙂 – this will either be immediate or when you make you 1st purchase.

Transfergo FREE £10 Invite Code: TSFG10

Invite Code: TSFG10

Use the invite code above or use the following link: to register a new account at Transfergo. Once you have made your 1st transfer of £50 or more you will receive £10 to spend on your next transfer and your transfer will be FREE

Over the last few months I have used a number of money transfer services and I think I am expertly placed to be able to review them now! Usually when I look at a money transfer services I look at the referral they offer for new joiners and then I start looking at ease of use, the level of checks required to get verified and importantly the speed and method of delivery.

So to start with Transfergo have one of the better refer a friend schemes out there. They even have a dashboard to monitor your referrals and it I wish other apps had something similar. My referral invite code is : TSFG10 and this will get you £10 discount after you have made a transfer of £50 or more.

So moving on to ease of use. Most of the apps are similar when it comes this criteria and Transfergo is no different. You add your referral code during the registration process and then you can see this has activated. You then pick your from and to currency and make the transfer. What makes Transfergo different is that they guarantee delivery in 30 minutes 🙂 – now that is amazing as I have had transfers take 2 or 3 days with other vendors.

You also do not need to verify your identity if you transfer is under £900 on your 1st transfer. That helps as I like to see how the transfer works before committing to providing all my personal details to another organisation.

All in all – I like the app and the speed of delivery with the added bonus of have an amazing referral reward scheme makes this a thumbs up from me! x

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Transfergo invite code?
If you enter invite code: TSFG10 during the registration process you will get £10 added to your wallet to use on your next transfer

Where do I enter the transfergo referral code?
During the registration process when you enter your email address and password there is a field to enter an invite code. If you type: TSFG10 in this box you will activate the offer and receive £10 cashback after your first transfer over £50

When I do I get my FREE £10 after using an invite code at Transfergo?
If you have used promo code: TSFG10 during the registration process and have sent £50 or more you should receive your FREE money within 7 days.

Nez app London Food Discovery Referral code : 65N1

The longer I stay in London the more amazing things I discover. The amazing atmosphere. . . the amazing vibe . . . . the amazing people . . . the amazing places to go and see – not to mention the amazing food.

But all of these cost money and London is not a cheap place to live or simply be. So I’ve been on a bit of a discovery journey of my own. Trying to find ways to enjoy the London life to its fullest on a strict budget.

Recently I’ve come across a number of apps to help me save money but one of my favourites is definitely NEZ. I’ve spent the last few weeks using the app and wow – its pretty amazing. Yes you get discounts on food and drink but its the added extra experiences that make this app that little bit special. Did I mention the app is probably one of the best looking apps I have every used 🙂

You referral code 65N1 when downloading and registering on the app to get 125 bonus points to get you started.


I’ve made some great savings and been able to get some amazing foodie experiences in the short time that I have been using the app. I’ve seen some great deals on Michelin star restaurants and lately a number of street vendors have becoming appearing on NEZ too. The app has become my go to when looking for new places to eat and I always find a great bargain to boot. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Frequently asked questions

What is the NEZ referral code to enter when registering on the app?
You can use referral code 65N1 when registering on the Nez app to get 125 points to get you started on your reward journey

Where can I use the Nez food app?
Currently Nez is only available in Central London. But lookout for Nez to expand further into Greater London and out to other cities in the UK soon as it grows. If this is your first time using Nez – don’t forget to lock in your 125 reward points by using referral code 65N1

What savings can me made on the Nez app?
There are a number of ways to save money using the Nez app. There are various reward points you can collect as you use the app (use referral code 65N1 when registering to get your initial 125 reward points). You can save further as you earn more points and the various restaurants will offer discounts and experiences at discount through the Nez app.

Don’t forget to check out the Dines app for similar discounts and cashback offers. Use the 2 in conjunction with one another to get the best deals covering a larger number of food establishments.

yourparkingspace Referral Code gets £5 off: SONIA TAKHAR

Get £5 off your 1st booking with referral code: SONIA TAKHAR

On the booking page enter code: SONIA TAKHAR in the referral box to get £5 off the cost of your parking space. Alternatively click the link to get a voucher sent to your inbox

Yes I’m a driver. I love cars and I love driving. I will save the details for another post as I need tell you all about the new car I’m hoping to order in the coming days. Oh and what a saga that has been!

Anyway as most of you know I live and work in London… and driving a car (and owning one for that matter) are not compatible with London life. I usually use my car for long distance journeys, when I have lots to carry or if I’m going out late and dont really want to use one of my famous ride sharing taxi’s codes 🙂

We all know parking in london is BLOODY expensive! But to make things a little more bearable I have a £5 voucher you can use on your 1st booking. I will admit it’s not much but every little helps. If it’s an evening booking you might get away with paying a couple of quid! I think the minimum booking needs to be £6 to use this voucher!

yourparkingspace referral code: FAISAL NISAR

Yourparkingspace is actually pretty good too! The spaces are more often than not cheaper than going direct to some of the main parking firms in London and you can also usually find spaces which are not listed elsewhere. Give it a go and see how you get on…

Frequently asked questions:

How much can I save using the yourparkingspace referral code?
Use the referral code: SONIA TAKHAR to save £5 on your first booking.

Where do I enter the yourparkingspace referral code?
Enter the code on the booking page. There is a box labelled referral code just before you go to payment page where you will need to enter code: SONIA TAKHAR to save £5 on your booking

Do I need to enter this code when I register on
You enter the referral code: SONIA TAKHAR after you have registered to get your discount. You can also use the invite link to get a one time use referral code by providing your email address here:

Dines App London – Promo Code: NATDN

DINES discount referral code: NATDN

Use the code NATDN when making your first purchase using the DINES app to get £5 to spend in any Dines venue

I love eating – but who doesn’t right? 🙂
I especially love to eat out and I find that most of my disposable income is spent on eating out to the point where I’m now always on the lookout for how I can save money and still enjoy my favourite hobby…

I was recently introduced to the dines app by a friend and to say I’m hooked is an understatement. Not only can you save money on your first meal (you can use my referral code : NATDN to save £5 on your first order) but you can also earn discounts dependant on when you go and also cashback on future orders too.

Dines app referral discount code NATDN

I’ve personally found that Dines has saved me over 50% on all meals I have had over the past few months !

For example I saved £10 on my first order by using a discount code.
I was then able to save 30% on food by going on a weekday and finally I was given 10% cashback which was added to my dines account to use at any other venue in the future… I call that INSANE savings!

Here’s an example not including the £10 discount for your first order using the code: NATDN

What is the Dines app?

Dines is a London-based startup working with local restaurants to bring exclusive discounts to users who might otherwise not even know that restaurant exists.

The app lets the user search for venues based on location, type of food, price range, or rating, allowing you to discover new restaurants and cuisines to try. Payment is done through the append you can even split the bill with your friends, tip the staff, and will apply the discount currently on offer, keeping things simple and quick. Every time you do this, you earn points (called dines) to later cash in for free food and drink. Oh and not to forget that this app enables you to dine with a conscience as for everyone who enjoys a meal through this app, Dines donates a meal to a school child in need around the world, #mealforameal. 🙂

Frequently asked questions about the Dines APP

Do you have a Dines app promo code I can use?
Use the promo code: NATDN on your first order to get £10 off your first meal

How much money can I save on the Dines app?
The savings differ from restaurant to restaurant. But you can save £5 on your first order using promo code: NATDN. You can then expect to save 20-50% on the bill depending on what day of the week you visit and finally you should get around 10-20% cashback to use on your next restaurant visit using the Dines app.

Where can I use the Dines app?
Currently you can use the Dines app in the Central London area but the number of venues served by the app is growing on a daily basis. Don’t forget to use voucher code: NATDN to get £5 off your first meal .

LUX Rewards app – 3000 Bonus Points: lux4326

Lux Reward App referral code: lux4326

Enter the code above when registering on the lux reward app to get 3000 BONUS points.

Yep – you guessed it! Another food and experience discovery app for London, Bristol and Bath. I haven’t used this one yet but it looks very promising. The user interface is lovely and the experiences/ restaurants seem to be plentiful!

referral code: lux4326

I will give it a go over the next few weeks and update the blog accordingly. For now don’t forget to add my referral code: lux4326 during the registration process to get a bonus 3000 points added to your balance. Bit of a winner there! x

Wriggle Promo code for £2 bonus credit : PLILIN

Wriggle referral promo code: PLILIN

Enter the Wriggle referral/promo code in the Wriggle app before your 1st booking to get £2 bonus credit

Just another Food discover app I have found – but another one I absolutely LOVE! Wriggle works in far more locations than the other food discovery apps I have blogeed about over the last few months and as I work away from London in certain weeks this comes in handy!

I especially love the events tab in Wriggle which has some great social events I can attend when I’m away from my usual group of friends! And unlike some of the other apps there are significantly more restaurants take part especially up North which makes for a great number of options!

And the bonus credit for referring your friends definitely helps ! Use my referral code PLILIN by entering it in the account page under referral & promo codes to get another £2 free !

referral & promo code: PLILIN

Frequently asked questions:

What is the Wriggle referral/promo code?
If you enter PLILIN in the referral & promo code box on the Wriggle food app you will get a bonus £2 credit

Where do I enter the Wriggle promo & referral code?
Download the app and go to the account menu option where you will see referral and promo codes option. Enter the code PLILIN here and you will get £2 FREE bonus credit to use on your 1st order

Travala Hotel Booking – Get a mighty £20/$30/€25 cashback!

Register on the Travala website using the link above and you will automatically get cashback after your stay. Remember to follow this link and register

Make your first booking of £160/$200/€180 or more and you will receive £20/$30/€25 cashback (or equivalent currency) in your Travala wallet once your stay has been completed. Use this £40/$50/€45 on future stays or transfer out to your personal account

I’m always on the lookout to save money on Hotel stays as I spend so much time away from home either travelling or working. This can add up to a significant amount and sometimes I find myself picking a cheaper hotel than one I would prefer to save a little money.

I’ve just recently come across a website called Travala which I hadn’t heard of previously and after a bit of research and price comparison – this is my new go to website for hotel bookings! 🙂

The key to me using this website is the travala invite code for a £40 discount on new bookings and referrals. I originally thought that maybe the price for the hotels would be higher than those found on Trivago/Kayak or Hoteltonight but I’ve been pleasantly surprised! Not only are the prices the same as the big players in the market but in some instances even cheaper. Link this with the huge discount they are offering . . . it suddenly becomes a no brainer!

Traval invite referral link for £40 cashback on your 1st booking

Remember to register on Travala with the traval invite referral link below to activate your cashback deal. You cannot add the travala discount code after registering so you need to do this in the initial instance.

And theres another thing. . . . they do a best price guarantee which means even if the hotel is cheaper elsewhere they promise to match the price of the competing website. . . So I’m all over Travala for my future hotel bookings.

Its worth pointing out that although Travala is a hotel booking site – what really sets it out from the rest of the market is that it is based on the AVA blockchain… (I’m definitely no blockchain expert so I wont even attempt to explain or understand what that all means) except that they accept crypto currency as payment and that they have their very own crypto currency – all I am sure of is that they are a little different but my hotel stays are cheaper ! 🙂 – oh did I mention that have a strategic partnership with Well that certainly makes me feel a little more confident in booking on

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I save £20 on my hotel booking?
Use the travala invite referral link posted on this website to register at and after you have made your 1st booking of £160 or more you will receive £20 AVA token in your online wallet which can be used on future bookings. You will not get the discount at point of booking.

What is the Traval invite link for £40 cashback?
The link you need to use to register on the Travala website and activate the £20 cashback offer is:

Is this Travala invite £40 cashback offer for the the UK only?
No this offer is available worldwide and you will receive your cashback in equivalent currency. For example in the US you will receive $35 cashback after your 1st booking has been completed by using the referral link posted here:

When do I receive my cashback?
Cashback is provided once the stay has been completed in AVA tokens to the value of £20 (or equivalent currency). This can be used on future stays or exchanged for your local currency when cashed out from

Don’t forget – if you can’t find what you are looking for then you should check out the article on hoteltonight for another hotel booking site with amazing offers and savings!