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Tier E-Scooters FREE 15 MINS Ride using Referral Link

Use the link above on your mobile device to download the Tier E-Scooter sharing app to get 1 UNLOCK and 15 minutes FREE on your 1st booking. You must use the link ahead of downloading the app for it to register

The UK has just announced that they will allow E-scooter rental trials in the UK and the latest entrant to the market is TIER. They have poached some of the senior leaders from Uber ahead of the launch and I for one am looking forward to see what the offering is.

And to get you started I have included a FREE Unlock and 15 minutes of free ride time on your first booking. You need to actually use the link to download the app and register for it to work. Unfortunately if you have already downloaded the app then this probably wont work but no harm in trying I guess.

The scooters look really cool and are really simple to use. Just be careful where you ride them and wear a helmet if possible.

Full details will follow when they launch but until then get downloading and send your invite to your friends to get more free minutes.

tier invite link
tier scooter referral

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tier E-Scooter Referral code?
There is no code – but use the following referral BEFORE downloading the app to get 15 minutes FREE and a FREE unlock :

Where do I enter the Tier E-Scooter referral?
You simply need to download the app from this link: and you will automatically be provided with a FREE Unlock and 15 mins when you make your 1st booking.

When will Tier -E-scooters be launching in the UK?
Tier are looking to launch across a number of cities in the UK in the middle of 2020. They are likely to to launch in London initially followed by other major cities soon after. Use the link: to download the app and get FREE minutes to use on your 1st booking.

Remitly Referral – Get £10 FREE

Sign up using the special link above and successfully send your first money transfer of £500 or more and you will receive £10 FREE to use on your next transfer.

Most of you know that I love to travel far and wide. . . Some of you might even know that I’m not actually ‘from’ the UK. Even though I call the UK my home now 🙂

I have family all over the world and send money to them regularly. I have also seen things that I’d love to buy and when I’ve saved up I send money over so that they can post things to me .

There are actually 3 benefits to Remitly over some of the other money transfer services out there.
1. Use the referral link: and you can get £10 FREE on your next transfer.
2. The actual currency rate always seems to be BETTER at Remitly.
3. The transfer is usually completed within minutes of being authorised!

Don’t forget to use referral code: to get £10 FREE

The actual process to send money is very simple. Firstly register with the invite referral link as above and then choose the current and amount you want to send. There are no transfer fees on your first few transfers so choose express delivery (your fund will arrive at the destination immediately!) Choose between cash pickup and bank deposit – fill in the remaining details and then submit. Your payment will arrive within minutes.

Such a simple and quick way to send money to loved ones abroad!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the Remitly referral code/link?
    Use the following link to get a BONUS £10 added to your account after you have completed your 1st transfer:
  2. Where do I enter the Remitly referral code?
    You need to register using the direct link and then once you have completed your first transfer you will receive £10 cashback:
  3. What is the criteria for the Remitly referral payment?
    You need to register by following this direct link: and transfer a minimum of £500 to get you bonus cashback. Your 1st transfer will also be fee FREE.


Invite code: PHILEL9322

Enter invite code during app signup. Note you will get 25 stripes for signing up to the app but you will not be rewarded with the 25 BONUS stripes until after you have made a purchase and scanned your receipt.

TGI Fridays is a bit of an institution in my family. We always visited TGIs when we had a family birthday when I as younger :–) – so I’ve grown up visiting and enjoying the amazing atmosphere and fantastic food.

The cocktails are probably the best thing about TGIs and they have quite a variety at pretty good prices. (A little hint for when you next visit – If it’s for your birthday and you have updated the app with your details you should get a few free cocktails or mocktails thrown in!)

Remember to use my invite code : HARE6627202 when signing up to the app and you will get an additional 25 stripes after your 1st purchase. I usually use my stripes for the lowest level reward and get free mozzarella dippers or loaded skins but if you are the saving kind then you could save your stripes for a Level 3 or 4 where you can get a FREE steak or shrimp grill.

You earn rewards at 1 for every £1 spent so the 25 bonus points are the equivalent of you spending £25 at the restaurant. Winner!

Referral code: JAMIE4275

Frequently asked questions

What is the TGI Fridays invite code?
You can use the referral code PHILEL9322 for 25 bonus stripes when registering on the TGI app

What are the TGI Fridays 25 bonus stripes worth?
Using the invite code: PHILEL9322 you get 25 stripes. 50 stripes gets you a starter so you are half way to your first reward.

Why did I not get my 25 bonus stripes?
You will get 25 stripes for simply joining the TGI app. Using the invite code PHILEL9322 will get you an additional 25 stripes but these will not show until after you have made purchase and scanned your receipt.

Airtime Rewards FREE £1.50 with Referral Code: AFKLHVED

Airtime Rewards Promo Referral Code: AFKLHVED

Invite a friend and get £0.50 when they join and an extra £1.00 if they spend within 7 days. Available on all major networks.

So I was a little apprehensive about joining Airtime Rewards. I originally downloaded the app about a year ago and saw that I needed to provide my credit card and mobile details and I was a little uncomfortable doing that.

Roll on 12 months and I’ve joined and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner! I was actually referred by a friend and I added the referral code I was given (my Airtimes Reward referral code is: AFKLHVED) and I received 50p immediately and after I placed my 1st order I got another £1. I had to make sure I made my purchase within 7 days.

So what is airtime rewards and how does it work?

Uber Eats £10 FREE Code : eats-faisaln513ue

Promo code


Enter the code above in the promotions section of the Ubereats app. Click promotions and then add promo. This will give you £10 off your 1st order of £15 or more.

Yeah yeah yeah – So I love take out. Who doesn’t? 🙂 Up until recently I couldn’t get Ubereats near me for some reason – But I had another look a few weeks ago and there it was! YAY

And to my surprise the first booking offer which used to be £3 off is now £10. Love it. Talk about a double bonus…

UBEREATS promo code: eats-faisaln513ue

I used to use Deliveroo which only really works if you live slap bang in the middle of a city or in London of course. But the food is delivered by a biker and more often than not it isnt’t piping hot the way I like it…

So over the last few weeks I’ve used Ubereats a couple of times and combined with the promo code and the free delivery I’ve spotted this has been a cheap takeaway :-). Just keep an eye out for the free delivery restaurant(s) as they change by the minute (dependant on who else has booked the same restaurant for delivery by the looks of things)


Not sure what else to say – you can combine any credit you might have from Uber taxis with Ubereats and the delivery guy is usually an Uber driver. Oh and the prices are no different to the prices if you walked in (at least from what I can tell) – Enjoy !

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the promo code for Ubereats?
Use code: eats-faisaln513ue in the promo box in the ubereats app to get £10 off your 1st order (minimum spend of £15)

Where do I enter the Ubereats discount code?
Go to your account and click on promotions. Then in the top right hand corner click add promo and enter: eats-faisaln513ue. This will give you £10 off your 1st order over £15

Is their a minimum order to use the Ubereats promo code?
Yes you need to spend £15 in order to use the £10 FREE code at Ubereats on your 1st order. Enter code: eats-faisaln513ue to get £10 off

Don’t forget if you are based in London – then not only are there great food delivery apps but also food discovery apps too!

The two I would recommend are Dines and Nez. Check out my posts below and don’t forget to add the referral codes for double savings 🙂

BPme App – Get 250pts FREE

BPme Referral code: 000OK8GA

Use BPme referral code : 000OK8GA when registering on the BPme app to get 250 points FREE worth £1.25. You should have 500pts in total when starting out if you use the code 🙂 (Note the code is Triple ZERO, followed by the letter O.

Hey again. So I’m not much of a driver these days. I have spent a number of months in London and have grown accustomed to to public transport and lately with lockdown – no transport at all! That said I’m all for apps that make your life easier and here’s one that I have just come across.

The BPme app gives you access to your BPme Rewards account where you can see your points balance, opt in to offers, and access your digital BPme Rewards card. Plus, there’s loads of other great features in BPme. You can find your nearest bp station, you can pay for your fuel from your phone and earn BPme Rewards points without needing to scan your card.

Remember to use my referral code which is : 000OK8GA (Thats 3 zeros followed by a letter O) when registering to get a bonus 250 points on top of the 250 they give you for joining! These 500 points are worth 2.50 in spend at BP stations and on gift cards and other products . Worth noting that it would take you £250 in fuel spend to accumulate 250 points so to get them just for entering my referral code is pretty fantastic!

Keep an eye out for the BP offers where they offer double or triple points for set periods during the year too… this can drastically improve your points balance

BPme Referral Code: 000OK8GA

Remember the app is not just for collecting points. You can pay for fuel, check your BPme Rewards points balance, link cards, find your nearest BP store and see what offers available to you. Note some features like pay for fuel, or loyalty point issuance, are only available at participating sites.

I won’t be driving anytime soon but when I do I will definitely use the app and try and pay for the fuel directly from the app. Enjoy x

Passfolio – FREE US Share worth up to $100

Register by following the link above – Once verified – deposit $25 in your account (or $50 of crypto currency) to get a FREE SHARE worth up to $100

Don’t forget to register with Trading 212 for a FREE share worth £100 here: http://www.

Don’t forget to register with Freetrade for a FREE share worth £200 here: http://www.

So if you don’t know by now – I am now addicted to buying and selling shares. I have 3 different apps on my phone that I use every day to see how my investments are doing. Trading 212 and Freetrade both list shares from the UK and worldwide whereas Passfolio only allows you to trade US stocks & shares and is my latest download.

You can of course use the Passfolio app in the in the UK – infact the UK is the second biggest market for the new entrant. I joined last week after reaching my limit on free shares on both Trading 212 and the Freetrade apps. (If you haven’t tried either of those commission free trading apps I wholly recommend them 🙂 The details can be found on my blog. My goto app is currently Trading 212 but I’m going to give Passfolio a go to see how it stacks up.

First up don’t forget to use the referral link above to get your free stock! The process to join is extremely quick and easy. I was registered and verified in 20 mins and the app is pretty detailed and provides all the relevant details you need to make your investment decisions.

I GOT A FREE STOCK IN UBER – They list fractional shares so your free share could be in any share from the Passfolio universe. I got a fractional share worth $22 in Uber. Not bad so will keep trying to get something better next time

I will do an update on my progress with Passfolio over the coming weeks to let you know how I am getting on. In the meantime drop me a comment below if you use my referral link and let me know what share you got 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a FREE stock using
Register at Passfolio by following this link: and deposit $25 to get your free stock

Can I register from the UK and use Passfolio to buy US stocks?
Absolutely – Passfolio works in 170 countries. Don’t forget to register following the link: to get a FREE share worth up to $100

How do I get a FREE share on passfolio?
Use the following link to register: and deposit $25 or $50 in crypto and you will receive your free share within 3 business days

Taskrabbit Code – FREE £10 for your first Task

Referral code:

If you have not placed your first order – click the above link to get your unique code which you need to enter in the redemption code box on the account page

So I’m not a girly girl and I like the fact that I can do lots of oddjobs round the apartment by myself. And I pride myself on being able to build furniture myself (which just so happens to be one of the main tasks on taskrabbit) 🙂

But I came across TaskRabbit when I was looking to find a handyman to fit some security lighting in the hallway. I thought I would download the app and see what was available and at what price and I found that they have a referral scheme which gives you £10 off your first booking. Interestingly you click the link and it gives you a discount code which you add to your already registered taskrabbit account.

So I downloaded the app and then clicked the taskrabbit code to get £10 off which I entered on the redemption page and I was able to search for a ‘tasker’ to complete my job. I found a guy who was not the cheapest but had the best reviews for £30 and that was a bargain I thought. With my £10 voucher it only actually cost me £20 to get the work done which was fantastic.

I’ve had a look since – as I wanted some tiles replaced in the bathroom but it seems most of the taskers in my neighbourhood are general handy men/women rather than expert tradesman. There are a few but they are generally much more expensive so make sure you are clear on what you need done before booking!

I just love the fact that I can get odd jobs done round the house and I can also blog about the referral scheme to make things cheaper. So if you need a handyman please use the TaskRabbit redemption code : and enter the code into the box on the account page for £10 FREE cash to go towards your handyman.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the taskrabbit redemption code?
Click the following link: and you will be provided with a discount code to enter on the taskrabbit website

What do you get with the taskrabbit discount code?
Using the link: you will get a code for £10 off your 1st booking at TaskRabbit

Where do I enter my £10 referral code?
Click the link: and you will get £10 voucher code. Register at TaskRabbit and enter the code in the account menu under account balance to get £10 FREE to spend on your 1st booking.

Fiverr Promo Referral Code – Save 20%

Click the link below to get 20% discount off your first order at

So I’m no techy. I always knew I wanted to start my own blog but I really had no idea how to go about it. I will write a separate blog shortly to explain all the steps I undertook.

For now let me introduce you to a website I have used extensively over the last few months to get this website looking the way I want it to and to provide the relevant graphic and SEO expertise I needed to get it up to where I want it to be.

Fiverr is one of a number of ‘gig’ websites where you can purchase the services of an individual expert for a fee to deliver something you cannot do for yourself either because you don’t have the relevant skills and know how or you just don’t have the time.

The fiverr represents the starting price for these gigs (in dollars) which can go upto many thousands for a custom project. There are a number of similar websites but I have found this one to be significantly better than any of the others out there and at a price point I’m comfortable with.

Everything you see here was built with help from a freelancer I found on The entire blog format and wordpress optimisation was created with help from Fiverr freelancers. I now just need to create new posts for you to read as everything else is prepared and ready to go. 🙂

Click the image above to be redirected to – Once you register you will see a banner for your 20% discount

Using my link and registering on will get you 20% off your first gig. I would try to make sure you find a suitable gig as your first purchase. There’s no point using up your 20% discount on a $5 gig if your next gig is one for $250… Remember you can only use your discount once!

As an example I have used fiverr for the following already:
1. WordPress install & theme install
2. Design and structure of wordpress theme so it looks how I need it to look
3. SEO for my website so it can be found on search engines

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is
Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. Fiverr enables you to browse the selection of freelancers offering services, and to place orders in just one click. A service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig. 

How can I get a 20% discount at
Follow the special link and register on Once registered you should see a banner at the top of the website offering you 20% discount on your 1st purchase 🙂 Instant Messenger Bank Referral – FREE 5€

Zelf Referral Link:

Click the link above or scan the QR code below to join the waiting list for zelf and get a FREE 5€ balance added to your account

scan the QR code to join Zelf

So this is new 🙂 – And the first messenger bank that I have come across. I’ve used ‘messenger’ apps before to book hotel rooms (snaptravel comes to mind) and they are quick and intuitive and a little bit of fun too (at least to me for some weird reason)

Above you will find the referral link for a new bank app launching in the next few weeks called zelf. They are running a pretty impressive referral scheme too. Use the code above to join and get 5€ added to your balance. Then get referring 🙂

zelf referral referral:

I can’t give a review of the bank itself as it hasn’t launched yet – but the messenger bot itself was very easy to use – the website was BRIGHT 🙂

Anyway I can’t say much more at this time – but the premise and functionality we will get looks pretty impressive. Fingers crossed the app is as good as the referral scheme!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Zelf?
Zelf is instant money in messengers. Zelfers get access to fast and easy banking services without the need to visit the bank, intall any app or any other hassle. Get started now by using the referral link:

2. What is the referral link/code?
Use referral code to join messenger bank

3. When does launch?
The plan is to start shipping cards in mid 2020. In the meantime get referred using the referral link to get your 5€ added to your balance.

4. How many people can I invite to Zelf?
You can invite as many people as you like. Zelf are running a competition to see who can refer the most. You can start by getting referred using the following referral link :