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Lime E-Scooter Referral Code: RF2YNU5

Lime Promo code: RF2YNU5

Enter referral promo code: RF2YNU5 in the Lime app Wallet by adding promo code to get 1 FREE UNLOCK added to your account. You need to do this before taking your 1st ride!

So with Covid lockdown easing and the government trying to look at other ways for commuters to get to work – they have finally reduced the regulations on e-scooters.

I will be the first to admit they are pretty scary around London – but I was always looking forward to riding one and got my chance at the weekend. I used a referral code to get a free unlock so I saved £1. The fees are a bit random but the latest seems to be around 12p per minute.

LIME code : RF2YNU5

I will write a detailed blog later once im back in the office – but thought i’d get my referral code out there for those of you who are already looking for a code.

More details to follow…

Transfergo FREE £10 Invite Code: TSFG10

Invite Code: TSFG10

Use the invite code above or use the following link: to register a new account at Transfergo. Once you have made your 1st transfer of £50 or more you will receive £10 to spend on your next transfer and your transfer will be FREE

Over the last few months I have used a number of money transfer services and I think I am expertly placed to be able to review them now! Usually when I look at a money transfer services I look at the referral they offer for new joiners and then I start looking at ease of use, the level of checks required to get verified and importantly the speed and method of delivery.

So to start with Transfergo have one of the better refer a friend schemes out there. They even have a dashboard to monitor your referrals and it I wish other apps had something similar. My referral invite code is : TSFG10 and this will get you £10 discount after you have made a transfer of £50 or more.

So moving on to ease of use. Most of the apps are similar when it comes this criteria and Transfergo is no different. You add your referral code during the registration process and then you can see this has activated. You then pick your from and to currency and make the transfer. What makes Transfergo different is that they guarantee delivery in 30 minutes 🙂 – now that is amazing as I have had transfers take 2 or 3 days with other vendors.

You also do not need to verify your identity if you transfer is under £900 on your 1st transfer. That helps as I like to see how the transfer works before committing to providing all my personal details to another organisation.

All in all – I like the app and the speed of delivery with the added bonus of have an amazing referral reward scheme makes this a thumbs up from me! x

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Transfergo invite code?
If you enter invite code: TSFG10 during the registration process you will get £10 added to your wallet to use on your next transfer

Where do I enter the transfergo referral code?
During the registration process when you enter your email address and password there is a field to enter an invite code. If you type: TSFG10 in this box you will activate the offer and receive £10 cashback after your first transfer over £50

When I do I get my FREE £10 after using an invite code at Transfergo?
If you have used promo code: TSFG10 during the registration process and have sent £50 or more you should receive your FREE money within 7 days.

Taskrabbit Code – FREE £10 for your first Task

Referral code:

If you have not placed your first order – click the above link to get your unique code which you need to enter in the redemption code box on the account page

So I’m not a girly girl and I like the fact that I can do lots of oddjobs round the apartment by myself. And I pride myself on being able to build furniture myself (which just so happens to be one of the main tasks on taskrabbit) 🙂

But I came across TaskRabbit when I was looking to find a handyman to fit some security lighting in the hallway. I thought I would download the app and see what was available and at what price and I found that they have a referral scheme which gives you £10 off your first booking. Interestingly you click the link and it gives you a discount code which you add to your already registered taskrabbit account.

So I downloaded the app and then clicked the taskrabbit code to get £10 off which I entered on the redemption page and I was able to search for a ‘tasker’ to complete my job. I found a guy who was not the cheapest but had the best reviews for £30 and that was a bargain I thought. With my £10 voucher it only actually cost me £20 to get the work done which was fantastic.

I’ve had a look since – as I wanted some tiles replaced in the bathroom but it seems most of the taskers in my neighbourhood are general handy men/women rather than expert tradesman. There are a few but they are generally much more expensive so make sure you are clear on what you need done before booking!

I just love the fact that I can get odd jobs done round the house and I can also blog about the referral scheme to make things cheaper. So if you need a handyman please use the TaskRabbit redemption code : and enter the code into the box on the account page for £10 FREE cash to go towards your handyman.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the taskrabbit redemption code?
Click the following link: and you will be provided with a discount code to enter on the taskrabbit website

What do you get with the taskrabbit discount code?
Using the link: you will get a code for £10 off your 1st booking at TaskRabbit

Where do I enter my £10 referral code?
Click the link: and you will get £10 voucher code. Register at TaskRabbit and enter the code in the account menu under account balance to get £10 FREE to spend on your 1st booking.

Fiverr Promo Referral Code – Save 20%

Click the link below to get 20% discount off your first order at

So I’m no techy. I always knew I wanted to start my own blog but I really had no idea how to go about it. I will write a separate blog shortly to explain all the steps I undertook.

For now let me introduce you to a website I have used extensively over the last few months to get this website looking the way I want it to and to provide the relevant graphic and SEO expertise I needed to get it up to where I want it to be.

Fiverr is one of a number of ‘gig’ websites where you can purchase the services of an individual expert for a fee to deliver something you cannot do for yourself either because you don’t have the relevant skills and know how or you just don’t have the time.

The fiverr represents the starting price for these gigs (in dollars) which can go upto many thousands for a custom project. There are a number of similar websites but I have found this one to be significantly better than any of the others out there and at a price point I’m comfortable with.

Everything you see here was built with help from a freelancer I found on The entire blog format and wordpress optimisation was created with help from Fiverr freelancers. I now just need to create new posts for you to read as everything else is prepared and ready to go. 🙂

Click the image above to be redirected to – Once you register you will see a banner for your 20% discount

Using my link and registering on will get you 20% off your first gig. I would try to make sure you find a suitable gig as your first purchase. There’s no point using up your 20% discount on a $5 gig if your next gig is one for $250… Remember you can only use your discount once!

As an example I have used fiverr for the following already:
1. WordPress install & theme install
2. Design and structure of wordpress theme so it looks how I need it to look
3. SEO for my website so it can be found on search engines

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is
Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. Fiverr enables you to browse the selection of freelancers offering services, and to place orders in just one click. A service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig. 

How can I get a 20% discount at
Follow the special link and register on Once registered you should see a banner at the top of the website offering you 20% discount on your 1st purchase 🙂 Instant Messenger Bank Referral – FREE 5€

Zelf Referral Link:

Click the link above or scan the QR code below to join the waiting list for zelf and get a FREE 5€ balance added to your account

scan the QR code to join Zelf

So this is new 🙂 – And the first messenger bank that I have come across. I’ve used ‘messenger’ apps before to book hotel rooms (snaptravel comes to mind) and they are quick and intuitive and a little bit of fun too (at least to me for some weird reason)

Above you will find the referral link for a new bank app launching in the next few weeks called zelf. They are running a pretty impressive referral scheme too. Use the code above to join and get 5€ added to your balance. Then get referring 🙂

zelf referral referral:

I can’t give a review of the bank itself as it hasn’t launched yet – but the messenger bot itself was very easy to use – the website was BRIGHT 🙂

Anyway I can’t say much more at this time – but the premise and functionality we will get looks pretty impressive. Fingers crossed the app is as good as the referral scheme!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Zelf?
Zelf is instant money in messengers. Zelfers get access to fast and easy banking services without the need to visit the bank, intall any app or any other hassle. Get started now by using the referral link:

2. What is the referral link/code?
Use referral code to join messenger bank

3. When does launch?
The plan is to start shipping cards in mid 2020. In the meantime get referred using the referral link to get your 5€ added to your balance.

4. How many people can I invite to Zelf?
You can invite as many people as you like. Zelf are running a competition to see who can refer the most. You can start by getting referred using the following referral link :

Smarty Mobile Referral: ONE MONTH FREE

Use the link above to register for a sim only contract at SMARTY mobile to get your first month absolutely FREE !

In the current climate I thought it was a good idea to start looking at making some cost savings and the first item on the list was my mobile phone contract. I always buy my phone separately as it works out cheaper for me to do this and get a sim only contract. I hadn’t looked at it for over a year and thought now was the right time to see if I can get a better deal 🙂

My current contract was costing me about £18 for unlimited minutes and data and I looked at all the usual players including the smaller providers who piggybank on the major networks.

After doing plenty of research I found that the reviews and recommendations online all pointed to smarty mobile as the most value for money service provider currently out there. I also found they have a referral scheme which gives you a month free. You can use my refer a friend link to get your first month too.

The prices I found are significantly better than anything I was on previously. I checked with my current provider and I had never used over 2gb per month as I usually use wifi and I could get 3gb per month for only £8 which was more than a 50% saving!

Whats more they have no minimum contract term and allow unlimited tethering!

Use my referral link:

The offers they currently have are simply unbeatable online. At least with the added bonus of the free month using the referral link and the rolling 1 month contract. They run on the three network which has decent coverage where I live so make sure you check coverage where you live. CHECK IT OUT.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get a free month on smarty mobile?
Use the referral link : before registering on the smarty mobile page – A banner will load stating you are getting a month free

How can I get more free months on smarty mobile?
Use the referral link to get your 1st month free: and once registered you will get your own referral link to give to friends and family. Each time someone joins after using your referral link you will get an additional month free!

Do I need a smarty mobile referral code?
There is no referral code. You need to click the following link: and then register on the smarty mobile sim website to get one month free.

Cash app FREE £10/$10 Using invite Code: TDJKTBN

Cash App Invite code: TDJKTBN

Use the invite code or link above and then send £50/$50 within 14 days of joining the cashapp platform to receive £10/$10 FREE CASH

If you are anything like me – you rarely carry much cash with you and find that when you need to give a friend some money for the drinks or the tickets they just bought you invariably have to go home and do a bank transfer. And then you forget 🙁

So I came across Cashapp a few months ago when my friend wanted to transfer some money to me and was shocked I didn’t have the app. I downloaded the app on the tube journey home and the money was transferred to me immediately. It was so easy to use that I have found myself using it more often than I thought I would and it has become my go to app for transferring small amounts of cash to friends and relatives quickly and easily.

The quick is very important to me – I just want to do it immediately so I dont forget later. . . I can usually make a transfer in seconds and then get on with my life 😉 – The app even shows me which of my contacts already has the app so I know I wont be putting them out if they dont have the app already (you can still send them cash but they need to join to collect it).

What makes the app even sweeter is the £10 bonus you get on your first transaction of £50 or more. You can get this too by using my referral code which is TDJKTBN or by registering using the following link:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the invite code for free money?
Use the code : TDJKTBN when registering on the cashapp app to be setup to receive your free bonus cash.

What is the criteria to receive the bonus cash payment?
You need to be a new user who registers and provides the invite code (TDJKTBN) to receive free money. You will need to send a minimum of £50/$50 within 14 days to receive your free money.

Where do I enter the invite code for free money in cashapp?
You can enter the invite code: TDJKTBN in the app itself where it asks if you have an invite code. Alternatively you can register directly with the code using the following link: – FREE 1oz Silver Brittania

Use referral code: PR4I 4CUZ when registering at or click the link above. Once you make a purchase over £250 you will receive a FREE 1oz silver Britannia coin with your order.

I’ve never been one for gold or silver but on a recent trip to the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham I was quite fascinated with what was available and the investment potential 😉

I found when I returned home and noticed they have a referral scheme and some great prices compared to their competitors. You can use my referral code PR4I 4CUZ when registering to get a FREE 1oz SILVER BRITTANIA COIN when you spend £250. refer a friend PR4I 4CUZ

I’ve decided with the current volatility that I should invest a small amount in gold both for investment potential but also as I don’t mind owning a little bit of bling too 🙂

I’d love a kilo gold bar that looks like this :


But unfortunately I cannot afford the roughly £50,000 to pay for it… If any of my readers on this blog would like to buy me one then let me know 🙂

So in the meantime I’ve decided to buy a far more affordable 2.5g bar which I can keep for rainy day. I placed my order earlier this week and I am expecting delivery any day now. It should look something like this :

PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna 2.5 gram 999 Gold Bar | Buy Silver Malaysia

Keep an eye on my blog for more referral codes and investment opportunities.

Haley X

Azimo Invite Code : YASINB4

Azimo Invite Code : YASINB4

Follow THIS LINK: then enter the invite code YASINB4 when registering on the Azimo app

I no longer recommend Azimo after the awful customer service I received a few weeks ago. My personal money transfer services of choice are as follows:
1. Worldremit (£20 FREE) –
2. Remitly (£10 FREE) –
3. Pagofx (£25 Amazon FREE)
4. Transferwise

I have friends abroad and every now and then I need to send some money to them – either for charity giving or because I want them to buy me something nice and ship it to the UK.

I have previously used a couple of different apps and even bank transfers to do this but my new go to app is Azimo. Works so much better than what I used before and it is so quick. My last transfer was approved and ready for pickup across the other side of the world in 1 hour.

Currently Azimo are offering new users £10 off your first transfer (or £25 if you send to a business) which definitely makes this even more appealing. At least it was for me.

Azimo Invite Code: FAISALN16
azimo invite code : YASINB4

I was able to register (and enter invite code) and complete my first money transfer in about 10 minutes. Once registered I was able to choose whether I wanted to do cash pickup, direct to bank, mobile top up or swift (USD or Euro only).

The rate offered was similar to what I was seeing elsewhere with the added bonus of fee free transfers on my 1st 2 transfers and the £10 money back on orders over £100. Once I had entered the details of the recipient (mobile number and email address) an the amount I was transferring the transfer was complete!

So why 10 minutes to do the transfer? Well I after I had completed the transfer – I got a verification required note and I had to upload a copy of my driving license. The verification took about 5 mins and the transfer was processed! So safety protocols in place but with little impact on service delivery!

Anyway I hope you enjoy using Azimo as much as I did and don’t forget to use my invite code for £10 off your first money transfer. My invite code can be added manually during registration or you can click the link below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the Azimo Invite code?
    You can use invite code : YASINB4 to get money off your first money transfer at Azimo
  2. Where do I enter the Azimo Referral Code?
    You Must use the Azimo invite/referral code during the registration process when adding email address and password
  3. When will I receive my promotional code?
    Once you have completed your first transfer using the Azimo invite code you should receive your bonus payment within 7 days to use towards your next money transfer
  4. Where can I find my own Azimo referral code?
    Once you have completed your first money transfer you should find your invite code shown in the Azimo app or desktop site.