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Remitly Referral – Get £10 FREE

Sign up using the special link above and successfully send your first money transfer of £500 or more and you will receive £10 FREE to use on your next transfer.

Most of you know that I love to travel far and wide. . . Some of you might even know that I’m not actually ‘from’ the UK. Even though I call the UK my home now 🙂

I have family all over the world and send money to them regularly. I have also seen things that I’d love to buy and when I’ve saved up I send money over so that they can post things to me .

There are actually 3 benefits to Remitly over some of the other money transfer services out there.
1. Use the referral link: and you can get £10 FREE on your next transfer.
2. The actual currency rate always seems to be BETTER at Remitly.
3. The transfer is usually completed within minutes of being authorised!

Don’t forget to use referral code: to get £10 FREE

The actual process to send money is very simple. Firstly register with the invite referral link as above and then choose the current and amount you want to send. There are no transfer fees on your first few transfers so choose express delivery (your fund will arrive at the destination immediately!) Choose between cash pickup and bank deposit – fill in the remaining details and then submit. Your payment will arrive within minutes.

Such a simple and quick way to send money to loved ones abroad!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the Remitly referral code/link?
    Use the following link to get a BONUS £10 added to your account after you have completed your 1st transfer:
  2. Where do I enter the Remitly referral code?
    You need to register using the direct link and then once you have completed your first transfer you will receive £10 cashback:
  3. What is the criteria for the Remitly referral payment?
    You need to register by following this direct link: and transfer a minimum of £500 to get you bonus cashback. Your 1st transfer will also be fee FREE.


Invite code: PHILEL9322

Enter invite code during app signup. Note you will get 25 stripes for signing up to the app but you will not be rewarded with the 25 BONUS stripes until after you have made a purchase and scanned your receipt.

TGI Fridays is a bit of an institution in my family. We always visited TGIs when we had a family birthday when I as younger :–) – so I’ve grown up visiting and enjoying the amazing atmosphere and fantastic food.

The cocktails are probably the best thing about TGIs and they have quite a variety at pretty good prices. (A little hint for when you next visit – If it’s for your birthday and you have updated the app with your details you should get a few free cocktails or mocktails thrown in!)

Remember to use my invite code : HARE6627202 when signing up to the app and you will get an additional 25 stripes after your 1st purchase. I usually use my stripes for the lowest level reward and get free mozzarella dippers or loaded skins but if you are the saving kind then you could save your stripes for a Level 3 or 4 where you can get a FREE steak or shrimp grill.

You earn rewards at 1 for every £1 spent so the 25 bonus points are the equivalent of you spending £25 at the restaurant. Winner!

Referral code: JAMIE4275

Frequently asked questions

What is the TGI Fridays invite code?
You can use the referral code PHILEL9322 for 25 bonus stripes when registering on the TGI app

What are the TGI Fridays 25 bonus stripes worth?
Using the invite code: PHILEL9322 you get 25 stripes. 50 stripes gets you a starter so you are half way to your first reward.

Why did I not get my 25 bonus stripes?
You will get 25 stripes for simply joining the TGI app. Using the invite code PHILEL9322 will get you an additional 25 stripes but these will not show until after you have made purchase and scanned your receipt.

Uber Eats £10 FREE Code : eats-faisaln513ue

Promo code


Enter the code above in the promotions section of the Ubereats app. Click promotions and then add promo. This will give you a £10 off voucher for your 1st order of £15 or more.

Yeah yeah yeah – So I love take out. Who doesn’t? 🙂 Up until recently I couldn’t get Ubereats near me for some reason – But I had another look a few weeks ago and there it was! YAY

And to my surprise the first booking offer which used to be £3 off is now £10. Love it. Talk about a double bonus…

UBEREATS promo code: eats-faisaln513ue

I used to use Deliveroo which only really works if you live slap bang in the middle of a city or in London of course. But the food is delivered by a biker and more often than not it isnt’t piping hot the way I like it…

So over the last few weeks I’ve used Ubereats a couple of times and combined with the promo code and the free delivery I’ve spotted this has been a cheap takeaway :-). Just keep an eye out for the free delivery restaurant(s) as they change by the minute (dependant on who else has booked the same restaurant for delivery by the looks of things)


Not sure what else to say – you can combine any credit you might have from Uber taxis with Ubereats and the delivery guy is usually an Uber driver. Oh and the prices are no different to the prices if you walked in (at least from what I can tell) – Enjoy !

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the promo code for Ubereats?
Use code: eats-faisaln513ue in the promo box in the ubereats app to get £10 off your 1st order (minimum spend of £15)

Where do I enter the Ubereats discount code?
Go to your account and click on promotions. Then in the top right hand corner click add promo and enter: eats-faisaln513ue. This will give you £10 off your 1st order over £15

Is their a minimum order to use the Ubereats promo code?
Yes you need to spend £15 in order to use the £10 FREE code at Ubereats on your 1st order. Enter code: eats-faisaln513ue to get £10 off

Don’t forget if you are based in London – then not only are there great food delivery apps but also food discovery apps too!

The two I would recommend are Dines and Nez. Check out my posts below and don’t forget to add the referral codes for double savings 🙂

BPme App – Get 250pts FREE

BPme Referral code: 000OK8GA

Use BPme referral code : 000OK8GA when registering on the BPme app to get 250 points FREE worth £1.25. You should have 500pts in total when starting out if you use the code 🙂 (Note the code is Triple ZERO, followed by the letter O.

Hey again. So I’m not much of a driver these days. I have spent a number of months in London and have grown accustomed to to public transport and lately with lockdown – no transport at all! That said I’m all for apps that make your life easier and here’s one that I have just come across.

The BPme app gives you access to your BPme Rewards account where you can see your points balance, opt in to offers, and access your digital BPme Rewards card. Plus, there’s loads of other great features in BPme. You can find your nearest bp station, you can pay for your fuel from your phone and earn BPme Rewards points without needing to scan your card.

Remember to use my referral code which is : 000OK8GA (Thats 3 zeros followed by a letter O) when registering to get a bonus 250 points on top of the 250 they give you for joining! These 500 points are worth 2.50 in spend at BP stations and on gift cards and other products . Worth noting that it would take you £250 in fuel spend to accumulate 250 points so to get them just for entering my referral code is pretty fantastic!

Keep an eye out for the BP offers where they offer double or triple points for set periods during the year too… this can drastically improve your points balance

BPme Referral Code: 000OK8GA

Remember the app is not just for collecting points. You can pay for fuel, check your BPme Rewards points balance, link cards, find your nearest BP store and see what offers available to you. Note some features like pay for fuel, or loyalty point issuance, are only available at participating sites.

I won’t be driving anytime soon but when I do I will definitely use the app and try and pay for the fuel directly from the app. Enjoy x

Binance Crypto Trading Referral ID

Binance Referral Code: 52989222

Enter the referral code: 52989222 when registering at Binance for discounted trading fees and commission fees

Many of you have been with me on my journey to financial freedom and have helped me along the way as I have dipped my toe into stocks and shares and more recently crypto trading.

Recently I have come across Binance which is the world’s biggest crypto trading platform. I won’t lie – the learning curve to use all the functionality on this site and app is pretty high! I am only just getting to grips with the basics but stick with me over the coming months as I learn more and invest more.

Off the bat this site lets you enter a referral code to get discounted trading and commission fees. My Binance referral code is : 52989222 and once you are registered you will have access to your own to invite ID and you can refer as you see fit.

So this website allows you to trade in pretty much every crypto currency which is open for trading. From some of the more well known to some pretty obscure cryptos! They run competitions, they provide training for newbies like me and they offer leveraged trading for those of you who are more experienced. 🙂

Binance referral id 52989222
Binance referral ID: 52989222

Binance does not carry out Know Your Customer (KYC) checkes when you register but to withdraw or transfer large amounts of currency you will need to complete these checks. Its nice to be able to register in a few minutes! Once I need to withdraw or transfer crypto I will complete verification.

Binance allows you to trade in crypto, save crypto and earn interest, trade with a leveraged account and much much more. As I learn and understand all of the functions available I will post an update.

Until then please use my Binance referral ID to help fund this website and to get discounted trading fees. My Binance referral code is: 52989222

Binance referral id 52989222
Binance referral ID: 52989222

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Binance Referral ID?
Use Binance referral ID: 52989222 when registering on Binance to get discounted trading fees

Where do I enter the Binance Referral code?
During the registration process you are asked if you have a referral. Enter the code: 52989222 at this point.

Coffee#1 – FREE Drink by registering with link

Use the link above to register for the Coffee#1 app and get a FREE DRINK after you have made your 1st purchase

Here’s another coffee app that offers free drinks when you use a referral link and register. The coffee#1 app is a loyalty system which is designed to allow customers to collect stamps and earn free drinks. You can even link a payment card for faster payment and exclusive discounts.

So I love coffee. . . . most of you guys will know that already if you have been reading my blog. I spend most of my time at Costa as its near my home but also directly outside my office so it’s hard not to use it for convenience! I also use Caffe Nero every now and then and I’ve noticed the similarities between the coffee#1 app and the Caffe Nero app (they are exactly the same!)

I decided to visit my local coffee#1 when it opened to see what it was like and I have to say – it was fantastic. The coffee was great but it was the food that made the biggest impression on me here! Unlike most of the other coffee shops on this blog – coffee#1 really has a huge range of cakes, pastries and savoury snacks to try!


So I can see me having a bite to eat whilst typing my next blog post with my coffee the next time I’m passing by…. oh and my local has some extremely friendly staff too… So – download the app by following the referral link above and you should get a FREE drink added to your account after you make your first purchase. Enjoy 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where do I enter the Coffee#1 referral code?
    You do not need to enter a code anywhere. You need to follow the link: and register for an app account and you will qualify for a FREE drink
  2. How do I get a FREE DRINK at Coffee#1
    Use the invite link: and download the app to activate your FREE drink which will be provided after your 1st purchase
  3. What FREE drink am I entitled to at Coffee#1?
    You are entitled to one FREE hot drink once you have activated your Coffee#1 app by following the link: and made your 1st purchase.

Don’t forget to check out my other blog pages for a free drink 🙂

1. Costa Coffee FREE DRINK when using invite code: VBVP6. Check out the blog page –
2. Caffe Nero FREE DRINK when using the referral link to download the Nero app –

Passfolio – FREE US Share worth up to $100

Register by following the link above – Once verified – deposit $25 in your account (or $50 of crypto currency) to get a FREE SHARE worth up to $100

Don’t forget to register with Trading 212 for a FREE share worth £100 here: http://www.

Don’t forget to register with Freetrade for a FREE share worth £200 here: http://www.

So if you don’t know by now – I am now addicted to buying and selling shares. I have 3 different apps on my phone that I use every day to see how my investments are doing. Trading 212 and Freetrade both list shares from the UK and worldwide whereas Passfolio only allows you to trade US stocks & shares and is my latest download.

You can of course use the Passfolio app in the in the UK – infact the UK is the second biggest market for the new entrant. I joined last week after reaching my limit on free shares on both Trading 212 and the Freetrade apps. (If you haven’t tried either of those commission free trading apps I wholly recommend them 🙂 The details can be found on my blog. My goto app is currently Trading 212 but I’m going to give Passfolio a go to see how it stacks up.

First up don’t forget to use the referral link above to get your free stock! The process to join is extremely quick and easy. I was registered and verified in 20 mins and the app is pretty detailed and provides all the relevant details you need to make your investment decisions.

I GOT A FREE STOCK IN UBER – They list fractional shares so your free share could be in any share from the Passfolio universe. I got a fractional share worth $22 in Uber. Not bad so will keep trying to get something better next time

I will do an update on my progress with Passfolio over the coming weeks to let you know how I am getting on. In the meantime drop me a comment below if you use my referral link and let me know what share you got 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a FREE stock using
Register at Passfolio by following this link: and deposit $25 to get your free stock

Can I register from the UK and use Passfolio to buy US stocks?
Absolutely – Passfolio works in 170 countries. Don’t forget to register following the link: to get a FREE share worth up to $100

How do I get a FREE share on passfolio?
Use the following link to register: and deposit $25 or $50 in crypto and you will receive your free share within 3 business days

The Personal Barber Referral – 10% Discount

Use the link above to get 10% off your order – If you purchase the starter box you will get a free razor and brush included.

The web seems to be full of subscription boxes and I am currently running a couple of different ones myself! Most of us are naturally suspicious of subscription boxes because we feel like we will be tied into a year long subscriptions like the old days at the gym!

So to start with The Personal Barber club is very easy to cancel or pause – its literally one click! – Now that we we have that out the way – lets get to the product itself! 🙂

I ordered this for my partner as he loves trying out different razors and I have been meaning to find him an ‘old skool’ razor which uses individual blades and this one seemed like a good option. Highly rated with lots of products to try. I used a referral code to get 10& off the order and you can too using the link :

Promo code:

When the first box arrived – the quality of the contents was amazing. Definitely wort the £22.50 I paid and my guy loved the weightiness and quality of the razor. He is already looking at some of the other items available to purchase on the website.

It’s worth noting that he is now a convert to traditional shaving. . . he is even thinking about getting a cut throat razor as he says that the shave is closer and the cost is a fraction of what you would pay with a modern razor.

I will update this blog when he has ordered another box from The Personal Barber as I think he is looking at a range of other items … 🙂

Don’t forget to use my referral code for a discount off your 1st order App – Free £5 Referral Code app Promo Referral Code: RHJXV9

Register on the app and add referral code: RHJXV9 to get £5 FREE when you add and then pay at least £4 to friends. Once registered you can add code under account menu line ‘Enter Promo Code’ within 10 days of registering to activate.

Here’s another fintech platform for sending and spending money with your friends friction free 🙂 This is a cash payment app similar to Cashapp which is huge in the US … These guys are trying to be the European equivalent. They are currently pushing very hard to gain traction in the UK and the pop ups for referring your friends and all over the app. promo code promo code: RHJXV9

Use my referral code RHJXV9 which you can enter in the promo code box once registered to get £5 free credit added to your account once you send £4 to someone. You will need to do this within 10 days of registering.

With Verse, you can now pay and request money from your friends in the time it takes you to send a text message. It’s extremely fast, safe, easy, there are no fees to pay either. You can also use this to split the bill at a restaurant for example. One person pays and everyone else pays you back in a couple of clicks!

You can even share expenses with friends, roommates and other groups. So far example if you are you planning a trip with friends or you share an apartment and want to easily split your recurring expenses? With the Groups functionality you can better organise, split and track group expenses.

Steps to join and get your FREE £5:

  1. Download the app
  2. Register your name and number
  3. Enter the promo code under settings: RHJXV9 within 10 days of registering
  4. Add £5 to your Verse account by linking it to your bank or debit card
  5. Send £5 to someone using their Verse username
  6. Within 5 mins you get a your bonus £5 bonus

There’s not much more to the app really… Really simple to use and once I have more friends on board I can see my using this more often. Of course the key will be how many of my friends will join this app which will make or break how successful it will be. I hope many do! My flatmates will as it is just so easy and quick. We were all joined up in under 5 mins 🙂

Remember to use my Verse referral code when joining up which will get you £5 added to you balance. The code you need is: RHJXV9

Franco Manca Pizza FREE STAMP: Use Referral code: 73AA89

Referral Code: 73AA89

Use referral code: 73AA89 to get a FREE BONUS stamp added to your app AFTER you have made your first pizza purchase

I love pizza. What girl doesn’t? And when a new ‘indie’ chain opened a branch in my neighbourhood we had to go check it out. The vibe was fresh, the drinks were fantastic and the sourdough pizza was amazing.

Looks like I will be hanging out here regularly as the prices are cheaper than the usual pizza fare and the atmosphere in here was quite buzzy . . . at least in my local branch.

They even have an app with a loyalty scheme which gives you a FREE stamp on signup and another BONUS stamp when you have ordered your first pizza. This means at the end of your 1st meal you should have 3 STAMPS which is half way to a free pizza.

You can use my referral code: 73AA89 to get a free bonus stamp added to your Franco Manca app.

Referral Code: 782C49

Hint: The Vegan pizza is the most popular and I loved it! I will do a more thorough review in the coming weeks but thought I would do a quick blog update whilst sat in the restaurant 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Franca Manca Referral code?
When registering on the app – you need to enter referral code: 73AA89 to get a FREE BONUS stamp added to your account.

What do I get by using the Franco Manca code?
If you enter referral code: 73AA89 when joining you will get an additional free stamp added to your loyalty app. This mean s you will have 3 stamps after you have purchased your 1st pizza

I’ve entered referral code but I only see one stamp. Is that right?
Yes. As long as you entered 73AA89 when registering you will get your FREE bonus stamp AFTER you have made your 1st pizza purchase. Enjoy 🙂