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Tier E-Scooters FREE 15 MINS Ride using Referral Link

Use the link above on your mobile device to download the Tier E-Scooter sharing app to get 1 UNLOCK and 15 minutes FREE on your 1st booking. You must use the link ahead of downloading the app for it to register

The UK has just announced that they will allow E-scooter rental trials in the UK and the latest entrant to the market is TIER. They have poached some of the senior leaders from Uber ahead of the launch and I for one am looking forward to see what the offering is.

And to get you started I have included a FREE Unlock and 15 minutes of free ride time on your first booking. You need to actually use the link to download the app and register for it to work. Unfortunately if you have already downloaded the app then this probably wont work but no harm in trying I guess.

The scooters look really cool and are really simple to use. Just be careful where you ride them and wear a helmet if possible.

Full details will follow when they launch but until then get downloading and send your invite to your friends to get more free minutes.

tier invite link
tier scooter referral

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tier E-Scooter Referral code?
There is no code – but use the following referral BEFORE downloading the app to get 15 minutes FREE and a FREE unlock :

Where do I enter the Tier E-Scooter referral?
You simply need to download the app from this link: and you will automatically be provided with a FREE Unlock and 15 mins when you make your 1st booking.

When will Tier -E-scooters be launching in the UK?
Tier are looking to launch across a number of cities in the UK in the middle of 2020. They are likely to to launch in London initially followed by other major cities soon after. Use the link: to download the app and get FREE minutes to use on your 1st booking.

Instacoin Referral – FREE £10 BITCOIN

Use the link above or enter the referral code DC987F4 when registering for a new account at Instacoin. Once you spend £100 in ONE transaction you will get a BONUS £10 BTC added to your account (at the end of the month)

So I’m broadening my horizons and really getting into all these apps and sites offering financial incentives to join. With my new found interest in stock and shares and crypto currency this one was right up my street.

Joined up on the website and used a referral code during the sign up process to get £10 of BTC added to my account as soon as I traded £100 which was simple enough. My referral code if you are planning on joining is DC987F4. Didn’t even need to complete the KYC verification which is only needed if you are trading big. So this was perfect for me as I split my crypto over various platforms.

InstaCoin - Home | Facebook
Instacoin Referral code: DC987F4

I purhased a small value holding in BTC using my credit card and the bitcoin appeared in my wallet very quickly. Not sure what else to say other than it does what it says on the tin with minimal fuss. The website it very intuitive and with the added benefit of of free BTCs for using a referral code – its a winner from me 🙂

Instacoin Referral code: DC987F4

I will keep you updated as I use this app over the coming weeks but initial thoughts are this looks pretty good. I don’t seem to be able to find their IOS app (if they have one) which is a little strange as I make most of my transactions using my mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instacoin?
Instacoin is a platform that allows you to purchase Bitcoin quickly and safely from anywhere in the world.

What is the Instacoin referral code?
If you use Instacoin referral code: DC987F4 when registering at Instacoin you will get £10 of FREE Bitcoin

What is the criteria to use the Instacoin referral code?
During the registration process make sure you enter referral code: DC987F4 and then once you spend £100 on BTC in ONE transaction you will get £10 of BTC added FREE to your wallet.

Western Union – FREE £10 Giftcard

Use Referral link:

Register at Western Union by following the link posted above and when you transfer at least £50 you will get a giftcard worth £10 to spend at Amazon, Google Play, Itunes, Nike, Starbucks, Joh Lewis and many more.

One of the Original money transfer services is trying to make inroads into the digital marketplace and has begun to market its services more proactively online.

Now those of you who know me will know that I love a good referral scheme as much as I love money transfer services 🙂 . I have friends and family all over the world so I regularly send money and gifts abroad and I’m always on the lookout for the latest offer, low fee, referral scheme to make things as cost effective as possible.

For a long time Western Union has been lagging behind the competition and they have finally reactivated their friend referral scheme. If you register using the link and then transfer £50 you will get a FREE £10 giftcard.

Western Union Friend Referral

I will totally upfront with you … the rates I have been offered are SIGNIFICANTLY lower for Europe than I can get from many of the other money transfer sites such as Azimo or Transferwise. I would only really use Western Union for the offer and also if I were sending money to my friends outside the city in Africa and South East Asia where Western Union still have outlets.

Make sure you compare the Western Unions rates with some of the other money transfer sites on this blog and ensure you get the best rate for the transfer! Don’t be blinded by the giftcard alone 😉

Airtime Rewards FREE £1.50 with Referral Code: AFKLHVED

Airtime Rewards Promo Referral Code: AFKLHVED

Invite a friend and get £0.50 when they join and an extra £1.00 if they spend within 7 days. Available on all major networks.

So I was a little apprehensive about joining Airtime Rewards. I originally downloaded the app about a year ago and saw that I needed to provide my credit card and mobile details and I was a little uncomfortable doing that.

Roll on 12 months and I’ve joined and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner! I was actually referred by a friend and I added the referral code I was given (my Airtimes Reward referral code is: AFKLHVED) and I received 50p immediately and after I placed my 1st order I got another £1. I had to make sure I made my purchase within 7 days.

So what is airtime rewards and how does it work?

Glossybox Referral – Get 20% Off your order

Glossybox referral code: FAISAL-R8

Enter referral code: FAISAL-R8 during registration or click the following link: to get 20% discount on your order. As this discount is auto applied you still have the opportunity to ‘stack’ other discounts codes if available 🙂 – Note the discount only seems to apply to up front subscription boxes

Glossybox is part of The Hut Group and offers a subscription based beauty box service. For £13.25 per month (or 11.75 per month for 12 month subscription) you get a box turn up at your door every month full of brand new goodies for you to try out. The box usually includes everything from skincare such as face masks, eye creams, moisturizers, lip scrubs or shampoo and conditioners. To makeup such as primers, eye shadow, lip stick, concealer, eyeliner and makeup brushes.

Glossybox offers five products a month, gift wrapped in chic pink and black box (which doubles up well as make-up storage) and I have to say after joining up this month I am suitably impressed! I was able to use a referral code when registering. You can use the code FAISAL-R8 when registering to get 20% off your up front subscription order. If you applied the referral code at registration and you do not see a discount at checkout it means it does not apply to what you have in your basket…. Also keep an eye out as sometimes you can actually use the referral discount and other discounts at the same time!

glossybox referral code: FAISAL-R8
glossybox referral code: FAISAL-R8

So what do I think? Well a team of cosmetic experts at Glossybox carefully select an assortment of must-have beauty products for the subscriber to try each month and I love what I received this month. I have had a look at the historic boxes and what they contained and although some are far better than others I don’t think you will be disappointed with what you receive for your monthly charge of ~£13.00.

Everything looks amazing – is packaged in an amazing gift box and I can honestly say that most of the products I have received have been fantastic. I would not have tried these or known about these if they hadn’t been in the box I received. You usually get discounts included in the box so that if you enjoyed a particular product you can buy the full size for a discounted price online which is great.

glossybox referral code: FAISAL-R8
glossybox referral code: FAISAL-R8

Originally I was planning on ordering a 3 month subscription but after trying this out for a few months and loving the items and value I have received I have just extended and bought a 12 month subscription (in advance) which is actually the most cost effective package they have!

Let me know what you think of the products and any items which you have received that you absolutely adore!

Happy shopping H x

MusicMagpie – FREE £5 Friend Referral Code

Use Friend Name : HAYLEY DUSTER

If you a selling your unwanted items to music magpie and you are asked if you want to claim a free £5 during checkout – enter Friend Code : HAYLEY DUSTER and you will be emailed a voucher code for £5 to be added to your selling price 🙂

So 2020 has been quite a difficult year for most of us…. and part of my preparation for 2021 has included clearing out all the old and starting afresh.

Some of you will know that I love my tech and gadgets and I love to have the latest phone and the latest laptop. So when I ordered my new Iphone I decided to see what I could get for my old device on the various trade in sites rather than have it lying around gathering dust

I checked the various sites for the prices they were offering for my Iphone but also for my laptop and for a combination of reasons I found musicmagpie was the best for me….


The prices were the best or at least in the top 3 for both devices I wanted to sell. For my Surface Pro – I could find very few sites which would offer me a trade in price and combined with the trust factor of Music Magpie I thought it was the best place to send my devices in to!

I know that some sites have pretty bad reviews when it comes to trading in your old tech but I found that not only was the process very simple. I literally added the details of the devices I wanted to sell and then was sent all the postage information by email.

Music Magpie Refer a Friend code: HAYLEY DUSTER

I packed up my devices and took them to my local sorting office and showed them the QR code and they printed off the label and attached. 3 days later received an email from music magpie and the payment was made to my Paypal account at the value which was agreed when I sent the devices in 🙂 . Winner.

Give them a go if you need to declutter or raise some extra cash and dont forget to use my referral code for an extra £5. Just enter my name : HAYLEY DUSTER during checkout and you will be emailed a voucher code to add at checkout for £5.

GoldBillionCo – Get £10 FREE

Gold Bullion Company Referral Code: 06B7F

Enter Gold Bullion Company referral code 06B7F in the referral code box during checkout to get £10 discount off your 1st order of £250 or more.

Here’s another offer for discount bullion purchases. Just enter the code : 06B7F and you will get a £10 discount on your order. I know a number of you are worried about the inflationary pressures as a result of all the economic stimulus packages currently being rolled out and Gold is seen as a natural hedge against that….

gold bullion company referral
Gold bullion company referral

Anyway – I haven’t yet purchased off this website but it does have good trustpilot reviews and a wide range of gold and silver available to purchase. I will probably place an order after my next paycheck and will update my review based on the service and product I receive.

In the meantime please use my referrel code: 06B7F if you are making a purchase.

Happy Shopping

Papier Referral: Get £10 OFF


To get your £10 discount you need to click on the “Been referred by a friend?” link at the checkout and simply enter Haley Duster. Alternatively you can click the link: and provide your email address to get a voucher code which you can enter at checkout.

Papier offers greetings cards, notebooks, photo books, wall art and wedding stationery designed to inspire people and basically they are amazing! I’m so in love with the range that I could easily spend hundreds if I wasn’t careful.

I originally joined up using a friends referral code and you can too by entering my name in the been referred by box at checkout to get £10 off your purchase. The products are not cheap but for really well made quality personalised items the prices are fantastic. Papier is my go to website when buying gifts for my friends as I genuinely feel you can’t go wrong. Everyone I have purchased for has been suitably impressed 🙂

I love the journals – I love the personalisation and I love the quality of what arrives in post. I remember the first time I purchased a journal with my monogram and colour choices. Since then I have purchased greeting cards, wall art and even photobooks. There are cheaper sellers out there but I have never found any other website to provide the quality I have seen with Papier.

Paper referral code: HAYLEY DUSTER
Paper referral code: HAYLEY DUSTER

I have just created my new journal after I filled my last one up… Thinking of something really quirky for when I’m back in the office and going to lots of meetings to take my notes. You really have lots of choice and I actually enjoy the process of designing my own notebook and making it really personal to me. The range on offer is extensive and I regularly end up buy and spending more than I originally intended. I suppose the referral code helps bring the cost down a little bit but lately I have found me cheating and buying all my gifts from Papier as they just make such amazing presents!

Check out the website and let me know what you buy.I love seeing everyone else’s creations as they really are visually appealing

Mankind Referral – Get £10 off £45 spend

Mankind Referral Code: FAISAL-RZ

Use the referral code FAISAL-RZ when registering at to get £10 off a £45 spend. In most instances this code is automatically applied at checkout and you can stack other discounts codes on top too! 🙂

I love beauty products for myself but I also love buying products for my partner and my go-to website for men’s grooming products is Mankind. They have a huge range from all the main brands and I have never failed to find what I needed.

Mankind currently run a referral scheme which you use on registering at Use the referral code: FAISAL-RZ on the sign up page to get a £10 discount on any purchase over £45. What makes this referral code even better is that the referral discount is auto applied at checkout and leaves the discount code box empty to apply any other codes you gave found online. Which means sometimes you can stack discount codes on this site!

mankind referral code

I’ve bought a few items from Mankind in the past including items for myself when they have been cheaper than on my usual sites the products have arrived quickly and far cheaper than some of the other sites which stock the same items.

Hope you find your ultimate grooming products and at a great price too. Don’t forget to use my referral code: FAISAL-RZ when registering. x

Burt’s Bees £5 FREE Referral Code: FAISAL-R3

Burt’s Bees Referral code: FAISAL-R3

Use the link: or add the referral code: FAISAL-R3 during registration at to get £5 off your first order of £25. As this code is auto applied at checkout you can usually combine it with any other discount code you can find online. 🙂

burts bees referral code
Burt’s Bees Referral code: FAISAL-R3

I love Burt’s Bees ! – I’ve been using the lip balm from Burt’s Bees for years now as I know the it just works wonderfully on my lips. They have begun producing a far larger variety of products lately and although I have not tried many of those I have religiously stuck with my Burt’s Bees lip balm.

As they have a referral scheme – it only seems right that I include my referral code here for you to all use. Just register at Burt’s Bees ( and add the referral code: FAISAL-R3 during sign up and you will get £5 off your 1st order of £25 or more. As this discount is auto applied at checkout it usually means you can combine this with any other discount codes you can find which is fantastic. We all love stackable discount codes 🙂

burts bees referral code: FAISAL-R3
Burts Bees referral code: FAISAL-R3

Burt’s Bees lip balm is actually priced very well so I will be placing a large order toda of some of the other products which are available and will include a review below on how I get on. I’m sure they are al fantastic but expect an honest review in the next few weeks.

Until then – enjoy your discounted Burt’s Bees with referral code: FAISAL-R3 and happy shopping. x