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Instacoin Referral – FREE £10 BITCOIN

Use the link above or enter the referral code DC987F4 when registering for a new account at Instacoin. Once you spend £100 in ONE transaction you will get a BONUS £10 BTC added to your account (at the end of the month)

So I’m broadening my horizons and really getting into all these apps and sites offering financial incentives to join. With my new found interest in stock and shares and crypto currency this one was right up my street.

Joined up on the website and used a referral code during the sign up process to get £10 of BTC added to my account as soon as I traded £100 which was simple enough. My referral code if you are planning on joining is DC987F4. Didn’t even need to complete the KYC verification which is only needed if you are trading big. So this was perfect for me as I split my crypto over various platforms.

InstaCoin - Home | Facebook
Instacoin Referral code: DC987F4

I purhased a small value holding in BTC using my credit card and the bitcoin appeared in my wallet very quickly. Not sure what else to say other than it does what it says on the tin with minimal fuss. The website it very intuitive and with the added benefit of of free BTCs for using a referral code – its a winner from me 🙂

Instacoin Referral code: DC987F4

I will keep you updated as I use this app over the coming weeks but initial thoughts are this looks pretty good. I don’t seem to be able to find their IOS app (if they have one) which is a little strange as I make most of my transactions using my mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instacoin?
Instacoin is a platform that allows you to purchase Bitcoin quickly and safely from anywhere in the world.

What is the Instacoin referral code?
If you use Instacoin referral code: DC987F4 when registering at Instacoin you will get £10 of FREE Bitcoin

What is the criteria to use the Instacoin referral code?
During the registration process make sure you enter referral code: DC987F4 and then once you spend £100 on BTC in ONE transaction you will get £10 of BTC added FREE to your wallet.

Moo Luxury Stationery – Get 25% off your 1st order

Use the MOO link below for 25% off your 1st order at

Apply the code presented on MOO website when you click the link for instant savings 🙂 If you are a business with more than 10 employees then please use the business link to join which will get you access to your own account manager and business level discounts.

For private purchases or less than 10 employees please use:

For business users with more than 10 employees please use:

A few weeks ago I decided I needed to refresh my business cards as they were looking a bit tired and I just felt like I needed something new and exotic. I searched around online and ended up at WOW

Some of the most amazing business cards and print services I have ever seen. There were so many options and so many styles to choose from. I went ahead and placed an order hoping for some luxurious business cards and what I received exceeded my expectations! The quality was exceptional. The pictures online looked good and I was able to tweak a design which was on the website to create my personal design without having to design something from scratch which was a little beyond my skill level.

I’m already looking at a few notebooks and card holders – but if you are looking for custom quality print services then look no further than And don’t forget my personal referral discount code which will get you 25% off your 1st order which will come in handy as the prices although competitive for the level of product you are getting are not exactly on the budget side.

If you are a private individual or small business (under 10 employees) you can use the discount code to get 25% of your 1st order. Note if you clicked on the business link and now wish to use personal you will need to clear your cookies first 😉

If you are looking to purchase for your business and you have over 10 employees then use the following link to get access to a personal account manager and discounts dependant on the size of your order.

Glossybox Referral – Get 20% Off your order

Glossybox referral code: FAISAL-R8

Enter referral code: FAISAL-R8 during registration or click the following link: to get 20% discount on your order. As this discount is auto applied you still have the opportunity to ‘stack’ other discounts codes if available 🙂 – Note the discount only seems to apply to up front subscription boxes

I love make-up and experimenting with different looks but it can be an expensive hobby! Especially when I want to keep up with current trends or even try out new styles, I’ve always held back but now I have found Glossy Box. An affordable subscription beauty box service that’s only £13.25 per month (or £11.75 per month for 12 months) that is delivered straight to my door every month full of new products for me to try out. It is even more appealing when you use a referral code: FAISAL-R8 which gives you an extra 20% off when registering for your 1st subscription order. You would be mad not to at least try a 3 month subscription. Even when you apply this referral code at registration, you can still sometimes can add other discounts codes to the cart at the same time for even more money off!

Glossybox is fantastic because having a selection of products picked out for me means I get to try out new products I would have never have tried otherwise. Also knowing that the experts at Glossybox have curated the selection means they have taken the hard work out of finding the best products meaning I no longer have to waste my time and money on products that just don’t live up to the hype or promise. The primer has been my favourite item so far and it’s something I cannot live without now but it’s not only make-up – Glossy Box contains a whole range of beauty and skincare products from moisturisers, face masks, eye creams, to shampoos and conditioners. I can even get all my make-up brushes there too!

glossybox referral code: FAISAL-R8
glossybox referral code: FAISAL-R8

Using the discount code for Glossy box, I’m able to complete my full skincare routine and make up look and have more creative freedom. It allows me to get the most for my money so I can enjoy the products without feeling so guilty about it!  I can now even budget and afford to try/test new products which has changed my make-up game, as I get products far cheaper than if I had bought them individually myself. Each month I receive my GlossyBox containing five different products all carefully handpicked by cosmetics experts and all iconic brands worth over £50. They come in a sleek black box gift wrapped with a chic pink bow, and every time I open it I feel like I am treating myself! As I don’t know what I’ll be receiving each month I look forward to my delivery and unpacking my GlossyBox and finding out what I’ve been sent. It’s a little surprise and my moment of self-pampering after a hectic few weeks of work. In addition as a huge fan of recycling, I also love the fact that I can use my GlossyBox for my make up-storage needs too and it doesn’t have to go to waste. I love everything about the concept and it’s definitely value for money!

glossybox referral code: FAISAL-R8
glossybox referral code: FAISAL-R8

The subscription service is flexible, and you can cancel anytime, but because I love most of the products I have received so far at an extremely competitive price point – I’ve now opted for the 12 months subscription as it’s the most cost effective package and I know I will be sticking around with this sub for a while.

There are even discounts included in the box so if there are products, I really like I can buy the full sized one online which is great, I received a body mist that was so divine I HAD to get a bigger size! You can see previous boxes on the website so there is transparency about what is being sent out, and as GlossyBox is part of the Hut group I know it’s a company I can trust.

I’ve been sharing the referral code with all of my friends and family, it makes a perfect gift as well as you can chose from the 3, 6 or 12-month plans, which is affordable. Use glossybox referral code: FAISAL-R8 to get a 20% discount on your order. If you do join up – Let me know what you think of the products and any items which you have received that you absolutely adore!

I can’t wait for next month’s GlossyBox to arrive!

GoldBillionCo – Get £10 FREE

Gold Bullion Company Referral Code: 06B7F

Enter Gold Bullion Company referral code 06B7F in the referral code box during checkout to get £10 discount off your 1st order of £250 or more.

Here’s another offer for discount bullion purchases. Just enter the code : 06B7F and you will get a £10 discount on your order. I know a number of you are worried about the inflationary pressures as a result of all the economic stimulus packages currently being rolled out and Gold is seen as a natural hedge against that….

gold bullion company referral
Gold bullion company referral

Anyway – I haven’t yet purchased off this website but it does have good trustpilot reviews and a wide range of gold and silver available to purchase. I will probably place an order after my next paycheck and will update my review based on the service and product I receive.

In the meantime please use my referrel code: 06B7F if you are making a purchase.

Happy Shopping

BPme App – Get 250pts FREE

BPme Referral code: 000Q5OCT

Use BPme referral code : 000Q5OCT when registering on the BPme app to get 250 points FREE worth £1.25. You should have 500pts in total when starting out if you use the code 🙂 (Note the code is Triple ZERO, followed by the letter O later.

Hey again. So I’m not much of a driver these days. I have spent a number of months in London and have grown accustomed to to public transport and lately with lockdown – no transport at all! That said I’m all for apps that make your life easier and here’s one that I have just come across.

The BPme app gives you access to your BPme Rewards account where you can see your points balance, opt in to offers, and access your digital BPme Rewards card. Plus, there’s loads of other great features in BPme. You can find your nearest bp station, you can pay for your fuel from your phone and earn BPme Rewards points without needing to scan your card.

Remember to use my referral code which is : 000Q5OCT (Thats 3 zeros followed by a letter O later) when registering to get a bonus 250 points on top of the 250 they give you for joining! These 500 points are worth 2.50 in spend at BP stations and on gift cards and other products . Worth noting that it would take you £250 in fuel spend to accumulate 250 points so to get them just for entering my referral code is pretty fantastic!

Keep an eye out for the BP offers where they offer double or triple points for set periods during the year too… this can drastically improve your points balance

BPme Referral Code: 000Q5OCT

Remember the app is not just for collecting points. You can pay for fuel, check your BPme Rewards points balance, link cards, find your nearest BP store and see what offers available to you. Note some features like pay for fuel, or loyalty point issuance, are only available at participating sites.

I won’t be driving anytime soon but when I do I will definitely use the app and try and pay for the fuel directly from the app. Enjoy x

Binance Crypto Trading Referral ID

Binance Referral Code: 52989222

Enter the referral code: 52989222 when registering at Binance for discounted trading fees and commission fees

Many of you have been with me on my journey to financial freedom and have helped me along the way as I have dipped my toe into stocks and shares and more recently crypto trading.

Recently I have come across Binance which is the world’s biggest crypto trading platform. I won’t lie – the learning curve to use all the functionality on this site and app is pretty high! I am only just getting to grips with the basics but stick with me over the coming months as I learn more and invest more.

Off the bat this site lets you enter a referral code to get discounted trading and commission fees. My Binance referral code is : 52989222 and once you are registered you will have access to your own to invite ID and you can refer as you see fit.

So this website allows you to trade in pretty much every crypto currency which is open for trading. From some of the more well known to some pretty obscure cryptos! They run competitions, they provide training for newbies like me and they offer leveraged trading for those of you who are more experienced. 🙂

Binance referral id 52989222
Binance referral ID: 52989222

Binance does not carry out Know Your Customer (KYC) checkes when you register but to withdraw or transfer large amounts of currency you will need to complete these checks. Its nice to be able to register in a few minutes! Once I need to withdraw or transfer crypto I will complete verification.

Binance allows you to trade in crypto, save crypto and earn interest, trade with a leveraged account and much much more. As I learn and understand all of the functions available I will post an update.

Until then please use my Binance referral ID to help fund this website and to get discounted trading fees. My Binance referral code is: 52989222

Binance referral id 52989222
Binance referral ID: 52989222

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Binance Referral ID?
Use Binance referral ID: 52989222 when registering on Binance to get discounted trading fees

Where do I enter the Binance Referral code?
During the registration process you are asked if you have a referral. Enter the code: 52989222 at this point.

KLOOK Experiences Discount code – ZMUYPL

KLOOK Discount Code: ZMUYPL

Discount applies to NEW users making their first booking on the KLOOK app or website. Add code in the promo section but don’t forget to apply when making your first purchase 🙂

We all know I love to travel 🙂 – I’ve made that pretty obvious in my blog. But traveling can get pretty expensive if it is not managed well. That’s why this post will talk about the great savings you can make on KLOOK by using my exclusive discount code on your 1st order.

Which brings me nicely to an app I’ve discovered on my travels across SE Asia. There are a number of well know websites and apps if you are interested in tours and sightseeing experiences whilst you are holiday. I am all for solo travelling and planning my own sightseeing experiences but sometimes you just need to use the professionals as its the only way

I know sometimes its easier to use the local tour companies but not all of these can be trusted and you have very little idea about the quality of the experience you are booking unless its a personal recommendation. This is where Klook beats its competitors hands down. You can find a suitable experience which is more often than not cheaper than the local price and you get to see lots of pictures and reviews from previous customers

Having used all the main players over the last few years – I’ve found there is one which comes top on pretty much every occasion. At least for experiences and purchases in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I’ve not used it elsewhere so cant guarantee the prices elsewhere but from what I’ve seen they work on much smaller margins than their competitors.

KLOOK Referral Code: ZMUYPL

During my trip in SE Asia I used Klook extensively especially in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It actually came in useful whilst sitting in the airport lounge just browsing the app to see what experiences and tours where available before I reached my destination and helped me plan my itinerary in advance.

The one thing I found most useful was buying international simcards on Klook. I was able to purchase a simcard for Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in the app (at a discounted rate) and it was ready for me to pickup when I landed. All 3 airports had a dedicated KLOOK stand at the airport where I showed my voucher and a simcard was provided, fitted and checked for me before I left the airport. The best bit was it worked out significantly cheaper than the normal price to buy the simcard at the airport 🙂 – It probably helped that I was able to use the discount code I was provided to get an amazing rate!

Frequently asked questions about KLOOK

Where can you use KLOOK?
I found KLOOK was significantly cheaper than other similar apps in SE Asia. But the KLOOK app itself is available to use worldwide. Just compare with other providors before using and dont forget to use discount code: ZMUYPL to get money off your first order.

What is the KLOOK discount code and where do I enter it on the APP?
The discount voucher code for your first booking is: ZMUYPL. You can enter it during signup or by going to the menu option labelled promo codes in the app. Add the code there and make sure you apply when you are making your first booking. Note: it does not auto apply so you need to select it during the order process

How much do I save using the KLOOK voucher code: ZMUYPL ?
The amount of saving differs depending on the location of the user and the currency the user has set in the KLOOK. For UK users the discount is £3 off your first purchase but this will differ for different users across the world. Apply the referral code: ZMUYPL to see your potential saving!

yourparkingspace Referral Code gets £5 off: SONIA TAKHAT

Get £5 off your 1st booking with referral code: SONIA TAKHAT

On the booking page enter code: SONIA TAKHAT in the referral box to get £5 off the cost of your parking space. Alternatively click the link to get a voucher sent to your inbox

Yes I’m a driver. I love cars and I love driving. I will save the details for another post as I need tell you all about the new car I’m hoping to order in the coming days. Oh and what a saga that has been!

Anyway as most of you know I live and work in London… and driving a car (and owning one for that matter) are not compatible with London life. I usually use my car for long distance journeys, when I have lots to carry or if I’m going out late and dont really want to use one of my famous ride sharing taxi’s codes 🙂

We all know parking in london is BLOODY expensive! But to make things a little more bearable I have a £5 voucher you can use on your 1st booking. I will admit it’s not much but every little helps. If it’s an evening booking you might get away with paying a couple of quid! I think the minimum booking needs to be £6 to use this voucher!

yourparkingspace referral code: FAISAL NISAR

Yourparkingspace is actually pretty good too! The spaces are more often than not cheaper than going direct to some of the main parking firms in London and you can also usually find spaces which are not listed elsewhere. Give it a go and see how you get on…

Frequently asked questions:

How much can I save using the yourparkingspace referral code?
Use the referral code: SONIA TAKHAT to save £5 on your first booking.

Where do I enter the yourparkingspace referral code?
Enter the code on the booking page. There is a box labelled referral code just before you go to payment page where you will need to enter code: SONIA TAKHAT to save £5 on your booking

Do I need to enter this code when I register on
You enter the referral code: SONIA TAKHAT after you have registered to get your discount. You can also use the invite link to get a one time use referral code by providing your email address here:

Nez app London Food Discovery Referral code : 65N1

The longer I stay in London the more amazing things I discover. The amazing atmosphere. . . the amazing vibe . . . . the amazing people . . . the amazing places to go and see – not to mention the amazing food.

But all of these cost money and London is not a cheap place to live or simply be. So I’ve been on a bit of a discovery journey of my own. Trying to find ways to enjoy the London life to its fullest on a strict budget.

Recently I’ve come across a number of apps to help me save money but one of my favourites is definitely NEZ. I’ve spent the last few weeks using the app and wow – its pretty amazing. Yes you get discounts on food and drink but its the added extra experiences that make this app that little bit special. Did I mention the app is probably one of the best looking apps I have every used 🙂

You referral code 65N1 when downloading and registering on the app to get 125 bonus points to get you started.


I’ve made some great savings and been able to get some amazing foodie experiences in the short time that I have been using the app. I’ve seen some great deals on Michelin star restaurants and lately a number of street vendors have becoming appearing on NEZ too. The app has become my go to when looking for new places to eat and I always find a great bargain to boot. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Frequently asked questions

What is the NEZ referral code to enter when registering on the app?
You can use referral code 65N1 when registering on the Nez app to get 125 points to get you started on your reward journey

Where can I use the Nez food app?
Currently Nez is only available in Central London. But lookout for Nez to expand further into Greater London and out to other cities in the UK soon as it grows. If this is your first time using Nez – don’t forget to lock in your 125 reward points by using referral code 65N1

What savings can me made on the Nez app?
There are a number of ways to save money using the Nez app. There are various reward points you can collect as you use the app (use referral code 65N1 when registering to get your initial 125 reward points). You can save further as you earn more points and the various restaurants will offer discounts and experiences at discount through the Nez app.

Don’t forget to check out the Dines app for similar discounts and cashback offers. Use the 2 in conjunction with one another to get the best deals covering a larger number of food establishments.