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FREE Share up to £100/$100/€100 from Trading 212

Trading 212 PROMO CODE: 11PW3EFC65


2. STAKE –
3. ORCA –

Use the link above – it might not look like it has activated for a free share but it will have. If after registering you do not get a free share then you can manually add the promo code directly in the app.

Over the last 18 or so months (and especially the last 12 with lockdowns in place) more of us have begun using online fintech apps and one of the best ones out there is Trading 212. I originally heard about T212 after speaking to a friend in the US who raved about Robinhood which unfortunately was not available in the UK. After researching the best alternatives in the UK I came across Trading 212.

Now there are a number of apps in the UK which offer a similar service (you can see them on my blog) but I will be honest and up front and tell you that none of these are as good as Trading 212. The app is fantastic, clear and simple to use and the community forum is excellent. If you are new to stocks and shares then I would suggest you start slowly – but Trading 212 is an excellent choice for the beginner.

Now for my 2nd honesty point. I was originally attracted by the Trading 212 Promo code which offered a free share – who wouldn’t be ? But these guys have the right idea as they know the service offering once you have had your free share will mean you will come back and make further use of the app! I know I did :-). I am truly addicted and check how my shares are doing everyday. This was not a completely planned but I have seen my shares rise over the past few months and I’ve loved that feeling. (disclaimer: Shares can go up and DOWN)

Up until I started using the Trading 212 app I had rarely thought about stocks and shares. I’m not afraid to say that I’m a relative novice when it comes to investing. That said I’ve spent the last few months using the Trading 212 app and understanding and researching everything I can and I’m enjoying the journey. I have a feeling I will be creating a more detailed blog taking you on my trading 212 journey during 2021. Keep an eye out from the beginning of Feb 21 for a weekly blog on the process of my shares…

So to begin – I started buying shares at a relatively volatile time (just as CV19 lockdown was implemented in the UK)I will be honest – Originally I was unsure if this was the platform for me – but the offer of a free share (worth upto £100) for investing £1 perked my interest and I had a new account setup very quickly after providing some documents online to verify my identity. (You too can get a free share by clicking through the link above – just make sure you choose to open and INVEST or ISA account to receive your free share)

The following day I had a share for £81.76 for Paypal – and as of updating this page on the 15/01/21 the share price of that one share is £175.94 🙂 . Not bad if you ask me. I can safely say that the Trading 212 referral scheme is probably the best scheme I have blogged about on my website. (that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out some of my other referral schemes)

Since then I have begun purchasing shares myself. I started off few shares in Barclays bank followed by Metro Bank and Lloyds just to get a hang of the share buying process. I’ve gradually started buying more shares in various companies as its just so easy on the trading 212 app.

I have received a number of free shares along the way from referring other people. My highest value shares other than Paypal have been Astra Zeneca and I got 2 @ roughly £68 each but I have really enjoyed spending my own money and buying more as the weeks have progressed.

My current portfolio is shown below… I have purchased some of these and received some free from the using the referral scheme. You will get one free share for using the link above and then you will also get an link of your own to refer your friends and family.

I will update you all as my portfolio increases over the coming months. But you can see what I have right now and how I’m currently doing :-). Not bad for a complete newbie huh!

You should expect to see a lot more posts from me over the coming months specifically related to my investments and my thoughts on both my portfolio as it grows (hopefully) and my reviews of the various share dealing platforms out there. Yes this blog was originally ONLY about referral codes but I think I’ve found something else to write about that I think you guys will be interested in!

I will be setting up a separate BLOG page just covering my progress on Trading 212 – Expect to see that in the coming days!

I just referred one of my oldest friends and she got a share in Astra Zeneca too so I don’t think I’ve been especially lucky. . . Good luck and happy trading 🙂 – Don’t forget if you use the link above you are welcome to leave a comment below with your promo code for others to use. xx

Don’t forget to use my link above before joining to get your free share worth upto £100

Follow these steps to open an account…

1. Click on the above link and when selecting an account type click the INVEST account type, fill in the form with all you details.

2. Wait for your account to be activated, normally this happens automatically but sometimes you may need to undergo manual verification. When logged in just click CHAT and select Account Activation and follow the steps required.

3. When you have activated top up £1 by clicking on your account in the top right hand corner and clicking deposit funds. Choose credit/debit card for instant deposit and no fees!

4. Once you’ve activated and deposited you will receive your free share within 24 hours. To see which shares you have look at ‘Open Positions’ in the bottom of your Trading212 screen. You can choose to keep the share or sell it by clicking on the ‘X’ mark next to the share to close the position. Once sold, the money from the sale will go into your account

5. To withdraw the funds, click on your account in the top right corner of the screen, then choose the ‘withdraw funds’ option from the drop-down menu to withdraw your funds to your card/bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a free share on the trading 212 platform?
Sign up following this link:
and open an INVEST account and deposit a minimum of £1/$1/1 to get your free share. Or if you have already registered enter Trading 212 promo code: 11PW3EFC65

What is the Trading 212 PROMO Code?
If you have already registered but did not use a referral link then you can enter Trading 212 Promo code: 11PW3EFC65 to get a FREE share in the relevant box on the app.

How long before you get your free share?
If you follow this link to open a new INVEST account: and invest £1/$1/1 you will get a free share worth upto £100/$100/100 within 24 hours. Usually you are notified within minutes of making a deposit

How much is the free share worth?
If you register using the following link: or enter Trading 212 promo code: 11PW3EFC65 you will get a free share worth upto £100/$100/100

Do I need a trading 212 promo code to get a free share?
You do not need a trading 212 promo code to get your free share. You need to follow the referral link: and it will be automatically activated. But if you have registered and did not use a referral you can manually enter 11PW3EFC65 in the trading 212 promo box in the app

Freetrade Free Share Promotion Referral (upto £200)

Click the link above and once you have registered and deposited at least £1 and completed W-8BEN form you will get a free share worth up to £200 within 7 days.


Don’t forget to check out my blog for other FREE share trading accounts:

1. Trading 212 which lists worldwide shares and has an offer for a free share worth up to £100 when registering using an invite link –

2. Orca is the new UK trading platform which offers a free share worth up to £200 when you deposit £50.

3. Stake which is a share dealing account for UK, US, AUS users which offers a FREE stock in NIKE, DROPBOX or GO PRO on a lucky wheel spin –

4. Passfolio which is a US share dealing account for worldwide residents and offers of free stock worth upto $100 –

So recently I have started to dabble in the stock market and have been buying a few shares. I’m no Wolf of Wall Street but the lockdown in the UK has meant I have had more time on my hands to research and understand a little more about how the stock market operates and how I can get more involved.

I have been using the Trading 212 app for most of my share buying as I downloaded that first and never really felt the need to try anything else. But a few weeks ago I was told about another app called Freetrade which I have now downloaded and have begun using at the same time as Trading 212.

And I’m starting to really like the Freetrade app! Pretty sure this is the future of share dealing at least for me anyway! The app is fantastic and so easy to use. And for some reason it makes buying shares fun. And one of the best bits is if you use a Freetrade share referral link like the one listed above you get a free stock worth up to £200 which is amazing 🙂

Much like Trading 212 if you refer a friend to the Freetrade platform you can get a randomly selected free share to start your share buying journey. The share can be valued at any price between £3 and £200 and I have found the majority of my shares are about £6 or £7 although I have received a couple of £30 valued shares as well. An early example of the shares I have received are shown below and since then I have begun to purchase a number of shares myself

You can see I have purchased some shares in Lloyds which was my first purchase on Freetrade when I was getting to know the app. I have purchased quite a few shares since then which are further up in the screenshot. Keep an eye out for an article in the next few weeks detailing my holding and how I am doing… I’d love to take you on my investment journey as I think this will be where I will be putting my savings over the coming years.

Free shares aside – Did I mention the biggest benefit of using Freetrade? Unlike some of the more established share platform you can buy whatever shares you want in whatever quantity you choose without incurring commission charges! Previously buying shares meant spending large amounts paying the commission charges for every trade completed. This is where Freetrade is different. There are no commission fees to pay! :-). I like buying a few cheap shares in different company’s so it helps that they don’t charge these fees. The comparison table should give you an idea on the fees compared to some of their direct competitors.

Remember for an added bonus if you use my Freetrade referral link above you get a FREE SHARE worth up to £200. I have already referred a few friends and I have received shares ranging from £3 – £36 . Okay maybe not quite £200 but they are FREE. 🙂

Freetrade Free Share referral
Freetrade Free Share referral

Keep an eye out for further blog posts as are post my share buying journey for a complete newbie to see how I do over the coming months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Freetrade free share when joining?
To get a free share you need to use the freetrade referral link: before registering.

What is the value of the Freetrade free share?
If you use the referral link you will get a free share stock worth between £3 – £200. This will be randomly selected by Freetrade.

How long does it take to receive your freetrade free stock?
Normally once you have registered by following the freetrade referral link you will get a notification that you have a mystery free stock. This will then gets released to your share account within 7-10 days.

What is the criteria to to take part in the free share promotion?
In order to get a Freetrade Free share you need to register by following this link and then registering and depositing at least £1. Once you have deposited the money you should get your free share confirmed within 24 hours.

Zumo Referral – Get 0.04 Bitcoin SV FREE using Code: OTNYS

Zumo Referral code: OTNYS

When registering on the Zumo Money app you are asked to provide your referral code after completing ID verification. Enter referral code: OTNYS and you once you have been fully verified you will receive 0.04 Bitcoin SV FREE. Note the first character is the letter O – You do not need to deposit any cash but you do NEED to complete verification to get your FREE Bitcoin SV.

Many of you who have been following me will have seen I have been blogging a lot lately about stocks and shares and also my foray into cryptos. With that being said – I have recently come across Zumo which seems to be exactly what I have been looking for! 🙂

I have had a successful few months with various crypto trades and I have found spending crypto is not quite as mature as the rest of the crypto universe Currently there are very few apps that allow you to spend your crypto currency directly without withdrawing it to your bank account and spending your normal FIAT currency. There are a couple of apps that allow you to spend directly from your crypto wallet such as Coinbase and Binance who both have a crypto debit card but the fees for having the card and the charges for transactions are pretty steep 🙁

Zumo referral code: fas
Zumo referral code: OTNYS

Zumo are the new kid on the block and I’m hoping that the rates will be more palatable. They certainly make a good looking app. They are promising to offer a simple to use app and crypto debit card for UK users. The wallet is up and running but the credit/debit card will be released in early 2021.

They currently have a pretty decent referral scheme. If you use the referral code: OTNYS during the registration process you will get 0.04 Bitcoin SV FREE (roughly £7) added to your wallet which is pretty amazing considering you don’t actually have to deposit any funds 🙂

Zumo referral code: fas
Zumo referral code: OTNYS

I can’t wait for the app to be fully operational. You can already use the ETH and BTC wallets to store your funds and this referral is to communicate that they have added a 3rd crypto currency which is Bitcoin SV – but more functionality will be coming over the next few months including Zumo to Zumo payments and of course the Zumo payment card which can be used instore and online like any other normal debit card !

For now enjoy the Zumo app eye candy and use the app for the simple UI and wallet capability. As the app matures over the coming months I will include an update to this blog for you to include a detailed review of Zumo

Zumo referral code: fas
Zumo referral code: OTNYS

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Zumo Money App Referral code?
Enter the referral code: OTNYS to get 0.04 Bitcoin SV (Roughly £5) FREE added to your wallet

Where do I enter the Zumo Referral code?
During the registration process AFTER completing your ID verificatin you will be asked if you have a referral code to enter. Use code OTNYS to get 0.04 Bitcoin SV added to your wallet FREE.

What is the criteria for 0.04 Bitcoin SV free using the Zumo app referral code?
To get your free Bitcoin SV you need to enter Zumo referral code: OTNYS during registration. Then once your ID has been verified you should see the funds added to your wallet.

Hiro Referral Code: fais3590 – GET £50 Amazon Vouchers!

Hiro Referral Code: fais3590

Download the HIRO app and enter referral code: fais3590 to receive an Amazon voucher worth £50 when you take out a home insurance policy and stay with Hiro for at least 60 days. Hiro will even pay up to £250 towards the cancellation of your old policy to move over to them! (Offer ends 17th June)

Hiro is a new insurance challenger brand that rewards customers with insurance discounts for having invested in smart technology that protects their homes and is currently offering £50 in Amazon vouchers if you join and use the referral code : fais3590

I joined up a few weeks ago to try out the service after originally joining up when HIRO were offering a mystery box prize for registering and joining the waiting list. I was therefore pretty eager to see what they had created now that they were open for business. Previously I have hated having too answer all these complicated questions about the multi point lock system on my property and how old the roof was – I never seemed to know the correct answer as I was either in rented accommodation or just didn’t really understand what they were asking me…. There’s non of that here!

Anyway I joined up with Hiro Insurance by downloading the app and entering the referral code details I was provided. (use hiro referral code: fais3590) The app was then able to connect to my WIFI and figure out what smart devices I have installed and listed all these on screen. It actually missed my Alexa but I was able to add this manually and take a picture to confirm I had it installed.

Hiro Referral code
Hiro Referral code fais3590

There were literally about 5 questions and the whole process took 2 mins and I had a quote immediately PER month price. It took into account the smart devices I had connected to my home and provided a discount for each of these. I saved roughly £4 per month for the devices I have installed. I’m sure if I had more relevant smart devices like a smart CCTV camera or Ring doorbell it would offer a better discount than what I received for Phillips HUE lighting and an Alexa.

Hiro Referral code
Hiro Referral code: fais3590

The price was actually very similar to what I am paying right now but I always like to give the new boys a try and as they are offering a £50 amazon voucher for being referred I have moved over to see what the service is like. The price and process was fantastic so I couldn’t say no… 🙂 and so far I am very impressed with the entire end to end process. Hopefully I will never need to make a claim but If I do I have every faith that the process will be just as smooth!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Hiro referral code?
When registering at use referral code: fais3590 to get an Amazon voucher worth £50!

When does Hiro home insurance launch?
Hiro have now officially launched and are offering new policyholders a free Amazon voucher worth £50 if they register with Hiro referral code: fais3590

What’s in the Hiro code worth?
Take out a new policy using Hiro referral code: fais3590 and you will get an Amazon voucher worth £50 as long as you keep your insurance policy for at least 60 days. They will even pay your cancellation fee from your current insurance policy to move over

Lions Prep Meal Discount: Get £20 off order

Lions prep Discount Code: FAISAL17842

Get £20 off your 1st meal prep order at Lions Prep with discount code: FAISAL17842. You can even combine this code with the 20% off your 1st 2 orders to stack for an even better deal!

After living a pretty sedentary 18 months during lockdown – I’ve realised that I’ve put on a bit of extra weight which I’ve spent the last few weeks going pretty hard in the gym to try to lose it! But I’ve realised that as I get older it gets much harder and I can no longer eat what I like and hope to keep the weight off even with my pretty intense daily gym workouts. That’s where I hope Lions Prep will come in…

We all know that if you really want to lose weight then you need to exercise but you also need to manage your diet too. I’m normally a pretty healthy eater but lately I have been eating out far too often which has meant that I have probably consumed a few more calories than I would have otherwise. Combine that with my seriously lack of interest in cooking for myself and you have to start looking at other options!

Lionsprep discount code
Lions Prep discount code: FAISAL17842

We’ve all seen the meal prep ads and companies before. These days there are hundreds of them but I came across Lions prep and noticed that the meals actually looked fantastic and they required very little effort to be ready to eat. I was even able to find a Lions Prep discount code: FAISAL17842 which gave me £20 off on top of the new subscription offer of 20% off which made this even more of a bargain!

I was able to choose between a balanced and low carb diet, and then pick my protein and the number of meals I wanted to order. Unlike some of the other meal plans out there – not only did EVERY single meal look yummy but I was able to change the accompaniments to make this exactly to my choosing. I added breakfast which by the way was also seriously delicious and one snack to my order (pancakes and turkey bacon anyone?) to make a perfect weeks meal plan.

With the discount of £20 by using Lions Prep discount code: FAISAL17842 and the 20% discount for your 1st 2 weeks I was able to order meals for 6 days including breakfast and a snack for under £100. Which I think is fantastic when you check out the types of meals I have ordered!

My first order arrived and all I can say is they look pretty close to what you see in the pictures. Don’t get me wrong they obviously don’t look exactly like the pictures (they never do!) – but after being shipped from miles away you usually hope that they will be close to what you saw in the pictures and my order is! That makes a change from my previous meal prep orders.

Lionsprep discount code
Lions Prep discount code: FAISAL17842

I have to say the meals I have tried so far taste absolutely frickin’ amazing! No joke I think I have found my goto meals for the next few months. They have plenty of options and I think the meal menus change every 4 weeks so I don’t think I will get bored. They are not cheap all things considered but they are not expensive either… so for me I think I could afford to do this for a few months to get my body shape back and to allow me to better understand what I need to do to maintain this going forwards. I might even get some hints and tips to make some meals for myself!

I will post another update when I have had a few more meals and let you know how im getting on. Suffice to say for now I’m well impressed with Lions Prep.

Lionsprep discount code
Lions Prep discount code

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