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Remitly Referral – Get £10 FREE

Remitly Referral Link

Sign up using the special link above and successfully send your first money transfer of £500 or more and you will receive £10 FREE to use on your next transfer.

Most of you know that I love to travel far and wide. . . Some of you might even know that I’m not actually ‘from’ the UK. Even though I call the UK my home now 🙂

I have family all over the world and send money to them regularly. I have also seen things that I’d love to buy and when I’ve saved up I send money over so that they can post things to me .

There are actually 3 benefits to Remitly over some of the other money transfer services out there.
1. Use the referral link: and you can get £10 FREE on your next transfer.
2. The actual currency rate always seems to be BETTER at Remitly.
3. The transfer is usually completed within minutes of being authorised!

Don’t forget to use referral code: to get £10 FREE

The actual process to send money is very simple. Firstly register with the invite referral link as above and then choose the current and amount you want to send. There are no transfer fees on your first few transfers so choose express delivery (your fund will arrive at the destination immediately!) Choose between cash pickup and bank deposit – fill in the remaining details and then submit. Your payment will arrive within minutes.

Such a simple and quick way to send money to loved ones abroad!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the Remitly referral code/link?
    Use the following link to get a BONUS £10 added to your account after you have completed your 1st transfer:
  2. Where do I enter the Remitly referral code?
    You need to register using the direct link and then once you have completed your first transfer you will receive £10 cashback:
  3. What is the criteria for the Remitly referral payment?
    You need to register by following this direct link: and transfer a minimum of £500 to get you bonus cashback. Your 1st transfer will also be fee FREE.

UK Ola Cab Referral Discount Code – 0VKG7FU

UK OLA CAB Referral Code:

Get your 1st ride free (upto £10) and 3 rides with £5 off (You get 3 coupons worth £5 each – £15 total) – Long press to copy the code on mobile device. Free ride must be taken within 14 days of activating referral code and only applies to your 1st Ola Cab booking. Note: if you are manually entering code the first character is a ZERO.

UPDATE 01/09/21: The latest offer showing on the Ola website is FREE £5 ride credit plus 3 * 50% discount vouchers:

If you are a DRIVER looking to work for OLA then use the same referral code when registering to get a bonus payment when you have completed the agreed number of customer drops : LB268S

If you haven’t already noticed I’m a bit of a PRINCESS when it comes to public transport and my blog is littered with cost saving hacks to make cab rides as cheap as possible :-). My latest cab blog is about the free ride offer currently active at the new kid on the block . . . . Ola Cabs.

I’ve been working in Birmingham these last few months and Ola, one of the world’s largest ride-hailing platforms, has launched in the UK (and more specifically in Birmingham for me) ​and  gives passengers a new and convenient way to hail a black cab or private hire vehicle. Think of it as the new Uber with more competitive pricing 🙂

​Ola launched in Bristol in mid 2018 and has steadily begun increasing the areas it provides it’s services. Currently it operates ride-hailing services in five regions that cover several of the UK’s bigger cities: South Wales (Cardiff, Newport and Vale of Glamorgan), the South West (Bath, Bristol, Exeter, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire), Merseyside (Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens and The Wirral), West Midlands (Birmingham, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton, Coventry & Warwickshire) and Reading and will soon to be launching in London.

I hadn’t heard of Ola until I saw the cabs driving around Birmingham – so downloaded the app to see how I got on. The first thing I noticed was that most of the drivers who  picked me up were actually Uber drivers as well so you can expect pretty much the same driver/passenger experience.

UK Ola Cab Referral Code: 0VKG7FU

ola referral code
ola referral code

But what’s actually great about Ola service is the prices. You can see I have highlighted a referral code above. Use this when joining and before making your first booking and you will get your 1st ride free (upto £10) and your next 5 rides at half price (upto £5 off each) . What’s more I have found that over the past few weeks I have received notifications through the Ola app offering me discounts of between 25 – 40 % on a regular basis. So you can bet the service is cheaper than Uber!

Oh and Ola is the only app that can be used by both black cabs and Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs), giving you a greater choice when you fly or get a train into a public transfort hub

In India, Ola is the dominant ride-hailing service provider. In addition to the U.K. other markets where it operates outside of its home country are Australia (where it has services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and the Gold Coast) and New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch). More countries will be launching soon!

I dont want new Ola drivers to miss out – so below you will find a driver app referral code to use which gives you a bonus on your first few driver bookings. The coupon code to use is : LB286S

Frequently Asked Questions:

Surprisingly from all my blog posts this one has been one of my most popular. But I’ve been asked a number of questions on email over and over again – so I thought I would add the answers below. Just remember I’m just a gal who takes a few too many Ola cabs – I’m no a cab expert 😉

00 ​Do you have an OLA driver referral code?

Are you a driver looking to work for Ola? If so – you can use the following referral code when applying to work for Ola to get a CASH BONUS when you have completed the relevant number of rides. Use the code: 0VKG7FU

01 ​​What is the Ola cab referral code?

​The Ola referral code listed here is: 0VKG7FU​This is a UK referral code and once activated will allow you to get one complimentary ride (upto £10) and you next 3 rides with £5 off each. Please ensure you enter this referral code before you make your first booking to ensure it works​​​

02 ​​How does Ola referral work?

​​When registering with the Ola App you are presented with an opportunity to enter a friends referral code. Once entered this provides you with a complimentary free ride (upto £10) and your next 3 rides with £5 off. By entering 0VKG7FU you will have access to this offer

03 ​How can I use the referral code in Ola app?

​Once you have downloaded the Ola app on IOS or Andriod you are presented with a screen allowing you to enter your friends referral code. Enter 0VKG7FU at this screen for a complimentery free ride and your next 3 rides with £5 off

04 ​Is Ola in Birmingham?

​​Ola launched in Birmingham in April 2019 and is currently making great strides in winning market share from Uber. If you are new to using Ola – use the code: 0VKG7FU when registering to get your first ride free and your next 3 rides with £5 off in Birmingham

05 ​​​Is Ola in Coventry or Warwick?

​​Ola launched in Coventry & Warwick in October 2019 and is currently making great strides in winning market share from Uber. If you are new to using Ola – use the code: 0VKG7FU when registering to get your first ride free and your next 3 rides with a £5 discount

06 ​How can I get an Ola coupon code?

​​Ola regularly provides discount and promotional codes through in app notifications to users. If you are new to Ola then use the code: 0VKG7FU get your first ride free. Otherwise look in your app before booking and usually you will see any applicable coupons available

07 ​​How can I get free Ola rides?

​​Ola provides discounts regularly to its customers but it only offers free rides for new customers who have not booked before. To activate your free ride you need to download the app and enter: 0VKG7FU in the referral code box before your 1st booking to get your 1st ride free.

08 ​​Where do Ola Cabs operate?

​Currently Ola operate in the Midlands, Bristol, North West and Wales with plans to increase in presence across the UK over the coming months. Watch out London because if the rumours are true – Ola is coming to you soon!

Airtime Rewards FREE £1.50 with Referral Code: AFKLHVED

Airtime Rewards Promo Referral Code: AFKLHVED

Invite a friend and get £0.50 when they join and an extra £1.00 if they spend within 7 days. Available on all major phone networks.

I think at this point we have all heard of reward apps and programmes but sometimes it is hard to know which ones are useful and can save you money; which ones require you to spend thousands to get a few quid back and which ones are just scams that will never actually pay out. So, when I first heard about Airtime Rewards I must admit that I was a little apprehensive. When I originally downloaded the app about a year ago and saw that I needed to provide my credit card and mobile details it put me off from using the app. I like to use apps for a few months before providing any of my personal details, if at all possible.

Airtime Rewards Referral code
Airtime Rewards Referral code: AFKLHVED

Roll on 12 months later and I’ve just joined and honestly, I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner! Not only is the app legitimate, but the cashback that you can get from using the app is fantastic. No it’s not a huge amount – but essentially by connecting the app to your credit card and then making store transactions or online transactions you receive cashback which can be used to pay off your mobile phone bill. How great is that? The fantastic bit is that this works in additional to any discount codes and cashback you have received from other sites as this is based on your actual card spend.

So, very quickly – Here’s how it works:

  1. You sign up to Airtime rewards using your mobile number (not forgetting using the referral code AFKLHVED)
  2. Shop online and in store with big retailers using the card you have linked in the app
  3. You earn back money towards your mobile phone bill each month

They have a large number of retailers available on the platform and the last time I checked we were at 80 and counting from some of the big chains and stores such as Boots, Primark, Papa John’s, Argos, Wilko and new ones being added all the time. All you have to do is connect your card to the app and then it will automatically track how much cashback you should be receiving. There is no carrying around all your loyalty cards or scanning QR codes. You just shop as you normally would instore or online and you will see the rewards added to your account.

I was actually referred to the site by a friend, but I now have my own referral code (my Airtimes Reward referral code is: AFKLHVED) and it definitely makes the deal even sweeter. Every time one of my friends or blog readers signs up using my referral code, I receive 50p immediately and if they place their first order within the first 7 days of joining, I get an additional £1. So far I’ve already received some cashback from using my card for a normal shop I was always making and some payments from friends joining up ! I really like this app!

Airtime Rewards Referral code
Airtime Rewards Referral code: AFKLHVED

And in case you are still worried about security, which is completely understandable, you should know that Airtime Rewards uses encryption and they are PCI compliant as they work in partnership with VISA and Mastercard. This means that not only are there no charges and fees hidden in the app but also, that all of your card details are completely encrypted and secure. There is no worrying about the possibility of someone stealing your bank details or mobile information and personal information because everything is kept in the app in a secure way..

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy airtime rewards as much I do. Remember to use airtimes referral code: AFKLHVED to receive a reward when joining up and also to help spport this blog.

Happy cashback – and enjoy your shopping and your savings.

H x

Swissborg Referral Code – Get up to €100 FREE Crypto

Use the link above to download the Swissborg wealth app and deposit €50 (or equivalent in your currency (£56)) and you will get a reward of upto €100 worth of crypto FREE

IF YOU USE THE SWISSBORG CRYPTO CHALLENGE APP – (which is different to the Wealth app) – YOU CAN GET 3000 points free using referral code: 3TPPR4Q

Ever since I started this blog I’ve been interested in finding the best value and most fun referral schemes . Lately I have found that I am just as interested in investing as I am in finding good deals which has led me to place more importance on investment platforms and the services they can provide.

My share investments are well documented on this blog (check out my links for free shares) but I have also begun looking at investing in crypto currency. Previously I have found the whole concept quite alien and the process to buy and sell crypto difficult to understand.

So when I downloaded Swissborg I found they have mdae things very simple! I deposited my fiat currency (of £60) to get my free bitcoin ( I got €40 FREE by following a reward link) which was a great start… And I was then able to spend my deposited currency on a number of crytpo currencies. I actually put most of mine directly into the Swissborg token itself as it looked very good value 🙂

To ensure you get your free bitcoin – make sure you download the app directly from the link above and not from the app store icon on your phone. Full details are shown below but once downloaded and verified you need to deposit €50 in your account (or just under £60) in order to activate the FREE BONUS bitcoins

Use referral link and install the Swissborg app

The app itself is simple and intuitive. In the past I have wanted to buy a number of online services and the seller has offered bitcoin as a payment method but i have never been able to understand how to make payment. The swissborg app makes this very simple to do so I will give that a go over the coming days!

I will keep you updated on my crypto investments as I will be buying more over the coming months so save this page to monitor my progress. In the meantime use my link to install and swissborg app and deposit €50 worth of currency to get yourself and me some free bitcoins. x

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Swissborg reward programme?
The reward programme provides the new user with up to €100 FREE bitcoin by following the referral link:

How do I get the FREE €100 bitcoin from Swissborg?
You need to register following this link: and then get verified and deposit a minimum of €50 (or equivalent currency)

Will I get €100 FREE bitcoin by joining Swissborg?
You will get UP TO €100 FREE bitcoin if you register using the following link: and you deposit a minimum of €50 or equivalent currency. You will get a winning ticket which you can scratch of electronically to see what bonus you will receive.

Mankind Referral – Get £10 off £45 spend

Mankind Referral Code: FAISAL-RZ

Use the referral code FAISAL-RZ when registering at to get £10 off a £45 spend. In most instances this code is automatically applied at checkout and you can stack other discounts codes on top too! 🙂

I am a firm believer that self-care not only makes your skin glow but can also make you glow! Since I was so big on purchasing skin care products when I started dating my partner – I wanted to introduce him to how great it could be to have his skin taken care of.  Usually he has beautiful and smooth skin, but there would be the occasional small breakout or dryness on his skin and it sometimes made him insecure. I knew that getting him good quality products could really transform his experience with his skin which is why I turned to the Mankind website. I knew Mankind had curated products for all type of men’s grooming products from skin care to hair care. The selection they have is huge and they carry so many amazing brands that I knew that I would be able to find something new for him to use.

After a bit of trial and error we found that the products that work best for his face were Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream and Aesop Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant. These products did wonders for his face! On our latest restocking he saw me on the Mankind website and he started browsing for himself. He bought new shaving tools and bear grooming products as he is trying to grow out his beard… 🙂

By the item he had finished adding products to the cart the bill was starting to get quite large (which is crazy as he doesn’t usually buy anything!) so knowing that Mankind currently runs a referral scheme which you use on registering at definitely helped. Some of my kind readers have used my referral code which gave me credit for the purchases I made. As a reminder if you use the mankind referral code: FAISAL-RZ on the sign-up page you get a £10 discount on any purchase over £45. What makes this referral code even better is that the referral discount is auto applied at checkout and usually means the discount code box is still empty allowing you to any other codes you have found online (keep an eye out for the codes directly on the Mankind website in the header). This basically means that sometimes you can stack discount codes !

mankind referral code

Since our earlier purchases at Mankind, my other half now regularly buys his grooming products from this site as they really do stock everything you could need. Oh, and by the way, don’t let the name Mankind fool you, I have even picked out items for myself since they have an amazing Makeup selection and skin care selection. Definitely a website for him and her .

Ohh, and because he would never forgive me if I did not mention this – he says that the Wahl Beard Oil and the Jack Black Razor Bump and Ingrown Hair Solution are what has transformed his beard. I think his convinced some of his mates to shop here too now and they have all used the mankinfd referral code: FAISAL-RZ to get their products at an even better price.

Enjoy shopping. H x

Quantfury – FREE Stock & Crypto Using Invite

Quantfury Invite Code:

Use Quantfury invite code: IGAPY4DY when registering for a new account and when you deposit a minimum of $100 in crypto or currency you will get a FREE stock or crypto currency worth between $10 and $250 🙂

You can see that my blog is full of offers for free shares and free crypto for joining up to the of new platforms out there. But recently I have started to pay more attention to the service offering as I begin investing and trading more often.

Quantfury guarantees its users execution of trades and/or investments for their requested size at back to back prices of global and crypto exchanges free of maker or taker fees, leverage fees, and any other fees. This ,means you get the best price available for all your trades.

I have only just joined. I used a Quantfury referral code : IGAPY4DY and received $25 of FREE bitcoin. Not bad just for signing up. I had to literally sign up with my email address and phone number and then I transferred $100 of Ethereum into my wallet. You can actually transfer a number of different currencies but that is the one I chose. Within minutes I had a reward pending 🙂

Quantfury Invite Code: IGAPY4DY

Note that Quantfury offers a leveraged service so please do your research before carrying out any trades. Remember your capital is at risk when trading!

I have only just joined so will spend the next few weeks understanding how the platform works and what advantages (and savings) it produces compared to the competition. I love the fact that I can buy and sell both crypto and shares in the same app which is different from the main players in the market today.

Anyway – let me know if you have any insider tips on great shares for the longterm or the best crypto on invest in … In the meantime – Happy Trading! x

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Quantfury Invite Code?
Use invite code IGAPY4DY to get free stock or crypto currency worth between $10 and $250.

Where do you enter the Quantfury invite code?
During the registration process you are asked if you have an invite/referral code. You should enter the code: IGAPY4DY in this field to activate the free share/crypto offer

When do you get you Quantfury Reward?
Once you have added Quantfury Invite code: IGAPY4DY and have deposited at least $100 in your account you should see the reward in your account.

Crypterium – Get $5 FREE using referral code: bdwtu

Crypterium Referral Code: bdwtu

Register for a Crypterium account and enter Crypterium referral code: bdwtu during the registration process to get $5 bonus added to your account once you complete $50 worth of transactions. You can also use this direct link to register:

There are a number of crypto wallet platforms popping up and it is getting rather complicated to work out which one to go with. Most of us will only need one… maybe 2 crypto wallet accounts. So let me join all of them and give you the rundown so you don’t need to waste your time joining a number of them and wasting your time.

One of the new kids on the block is Crypterium and I have to say it has some serious potential! I actually found this platform as they sought additional funding on Seedrs – I loved the pitch and the results to date…

There are some basic apps that give you the bare minimum if you want to buy and sell crypto… I would go with Coinbase if that is all you want to do… At the other end of the spectrum you have the likes of Binance which cover all the bases and can be pretty intimidating to the uninitiated. This is where Crytperium should come into its own. It has some of the functionality of Binance but tries to deliver this as simply as possible. To some extent it delivers on that promise admirably.

I joined up using a Crypterium referral code: bdwtu which you are requesting to provide literally on the first page when registering. If you use the code above you will get $5 free bonus added to your account once you have completed $50 worth of transactions whether that is buying, selling, exchanging, staking, ordering and loading a card or other.

crypterium referral code
Crypterium referral code: bdwtu

The Crypterium wallet combines traditional finances and digital assets with an unlimited amount of wallets to buy, cash out and earn crypto. It supports BTC, ETH, LTC, CRPT and many more. Transfer your crypto with just a phone number or wallet address worldwide for free.

The variety of actions and options on the Crypterium app is fantastic. I can obviously doing the basics such as buying and selling crypto, load a card so that I can spend like any normal visa/matercard but some of the other options look pretty impressive.

They have an AI toll which predicts the price of various crypto so you can decide if it is the right time to buy or sell. The results are pretty impressive if you have a look at the previous predictions. You can use Crypterium to transfer money internationally and also invest in the CRPT token which is the Crypterium inhouse token.

crypterium referral code
Crypterium referral code: bdwtu

Currently they are offering buying of 14 crypto’s without fee which Crypterium will cover. Not bad at all. I will be spending the next few weeks trialling the app and will post an update once that has been completed. For now I am quite impressed with the service offering. Ive ordered a crypterium card so will let you know the specific charges and ease of use once that arrives.

Don’t forget to use Crypterium invite code to get $5 free added to your balance and help support this blog. Thanks again and happy trading!

H x

AliExpress – Get £17/$24 FREE Coupons

AliExpress Invite Code: INPX64OL

Add the AliExpress Invite code: INPX64OL or click the following link: to register. Once your account is activated you will receive £17 or $24 in coupons to spend on AliExpress. If you have registered directly but have not placed an order then click on your account and click redeem invite code to get coupons.

I’ve been using Ali Express for a number of years now but I’ve only just got round to writing this post about it… So if you don’t know what Ali Express is – Where have you been? But if you have never heard about it – AliExpress is a massive and popular website in Asia which sells pretty much everything you can think of at really good prices. Think of it like the Chinese version of Ebay/Amazon and I love it. 🙂

I’ve not bought a huge amount over the year and most of what I have purchased is low value but seeing as pretty much everything we get is made in China – you are basically cutting out the middle man and buying direct from factories (or agents) in China by purchasing of Ali Express.

I have had a good look round and quite a lot of the products are the same items you see for sale by sellers here in the UK on ebay and Amazon and in stores (half the stuff in the UK is probably sources from Alibaba/Express anyway)

There is currently an Ali Express invite code: INPX64OL which will get you £17 of free coupons to use on the site… As most of the items are priced in US dollars this is about $24 (you can set the prices covered to UK £ in the top corner)

Just remember one thing about Ali Express. Most items are shipped for China and therefore they can take unto 30 days to reach the UK (or Europe/US). So you should take this into account if ordering from this website alhough some dealer have now setup shipping outside China too. Also bear in mind that you may have to pay VAT and Customs on purchases although in my experience Chinese sellers seem to declare very low value on the items they send!

To clarify you will need to click on your account as highlighted by number 1 above and then click redeem invite code and enter Aliexpress invite code: INPX64OL. You should then be given a number of coupons of varying value to use on future orders (note each coupon will be for a different amount and will have its own minimum spend criteria)

Happy shopping

H x

Biscuiteers Referral Code: 15% off using code: HAYLEY DUSTER

Click the referred by friend button at checkout and enter HAYLEY DUSTER to get a 15% voucher emailed to you which you can use on your 1st order – or use the following above to request a voucher code.

Sometimes I really struggle to think of cute gift ideas for my friends and family because I like to give something that’s a little different or quirky. I recently found Biscuiteers and now it’s one of my go to companies for gifts! They create beautiful hand-iced biscuits that look stunning. They are perfect for every occasion and the best part is that they can be delivered worldwide so I can even send my gifts to family overseas! Delivery dates are guaranteed so it’s a perfect gift to arrive on that special day.

Biscuiteers Referral code
Biscuiteers Referral code: HAYLEY DUSTER

Notwithstanding the biscuits taste absolutely amazing. They use a unique recipe and a traditional twice baked English style and are a cross between gingerbread and shortbread with citrus notes. Even writing this I am thinking about the freshly baked smell when you open a newly delivered box! Use my Biscuiteers referral code: Hayley Duster and you get 15% off your 1st order! 🙂

It’s such a unique concept and I know I have friends who have really appreciate receiving a package from me. Recently I almost forgot a friend’s birthday but Biscuteers have an next day option as long as you order before 1pm so I was able to a package to my friend on time. She was a gin lover – so I sent her a gin & tonic letterbox biscuit set and it really was a perfect gift. Quite a number of the items on the Biscuiteers website are designed to fix through your letterbox so I rarely have to worry about either myself or the recipient being at home to sign which definitely makes things a lot easier!  They also include a free message card at checkout so I don’t need to include a separate birthday card unless I really want to. My friend was so surprised and loved her gift that she has told me she has already made a purchase for one of her friends too! Remember if you use my referral code: Hayley Duster you get 15% off your first order too! You can also click the following link to get your voucher emailed to you:


Biscuiteers Referral code
Biscuiteers Referral code: HAYLEY DUSTER

Biscuiteers don’t just sell biscuits but also cookies which are sheer delight. Once you open the tin and discover the wonders of such preciously prepared doughs and decorated cookies it’s hard t shut the tin again! I have a friend who is really creative – I am just waiting for her birthday to come around to send her the DIY icing kit that allows you to create your own designs. They are also perfect for wedding and anniversary gifts, especially if you are looking for personalisation as you can get wedding chocolates designed in a beautifully presented box written with a message, initials, and date of your choice. Much better than giving regular chocolates that everyone else can buy in the shops, a nice personal touch that shows a little more thought! You should check out the prices too – as Biscuiteers gifts are great value for money considering the quality of the biscuits you receive. They even have vegan and gluten free options so there really is choices for everyone. I seem to be collecting the tins that your biscuits come in as they are so pretty and make for great storage! 🙂

So, if you are a fan of baked goods and are looking for a gift for someone with a sweet tooth – check out Biscuiteers! They have a huge selection of gorgeous gifts and if you use my referral code: Hayley Duster you can get 15% off your first order too!

Hussle Gym Pass: Get £10 Off Your 1st Pass

Hussle Referral Code: FAISAL NISAR

Get £10 off your 1st pass purchase using referred by friend code: FAISAL NISAR. Enter on the checkout page in the box labelled ‘referred by a friend’? Alternatively you can get your £10 voucher using the link shown above.

I am currently in a really busy stage of my life both personally and professionally and find that I am rarely in the same place for very long. Work means I have to travel to see clients all the time but I’m also very serious about my health and keeping fit and going to the gym regularly is important to me. This was a problem in the past as whenever I’ve bought a gym membership – even if I paid for multiple gym usage sometimes that brand of gym would not be anywhere near where I was. I would therefore pay extra and still not be able to work out which was hugely frustrating! Now I’ve found the solution – Hussle! It’s a service that gives you a pass that allows you unlimited (or a set amount) of access to multiple gyms in various locations. There are no sign-up fees, no inductions and no contracts and it’s just a one off price which is extremely affordable. I went for the Monthly+ pass, where I paid a fee for a month to use several gyms and even better, I used a Hussle referral code FAISAL NISAR and I got £10 off my first pass purchase.

One thing I really love about Hussle is that even though I was originally looking at the money saving aspects – There is actually an even better reason to join up. After a while it can get a bit boring doing the same fitness routine at the same venue over and over again. With Hussle I have been able to join up to a number of different and varied gyms (all included in my monthly subscription) and try out the services on offer which I would never have been able to do if I was tied down to one brand.

hussle referral
Hussle Referral:

The app is really user friendly and easy to use, it gives you lots of photos of the gyms and useful information. Most of all I love this service because of how flexible it is. You can choose to buy a day pass to a selected gym or a monthly pass which allows you to use the chosen gym and others within that price bracket. You have 30 days of usage included in your monthly pass and there is no contract! This is definitely value for money. I love being able to go to the gym when I want and where I want and having the choice to switch it up actually motivates me to go more often. If I’m on the road I know I’ll find a gym nearby so it doesn’t mess with my routine. The customer service is excellent too. I had an issue a few months ago when my payment failed and I was able to getting this very quickly resolved with customer services who were quick and on the ball! Even when my payment couldn’t be processed on the same day at the gym – I was offered a free day pass which showed they really cared. It’s these little touches that make all the difference. Don’t forget you can use my Hussle referral code FAISAL NISAR in the referred by friend box at checkout

hussle referral
Hussle Referral:

Most of the Hussle Monthly+ passes also give you access to online classes and training programmes from Yogaia, so on days when I can’t physically get to the gym I can still work out at home. You can get access to digital fitness apps too if you want to track your progress, it’s entirely up to you what type of package you want to opt for, you can customize your own pass. You can even go to venues where you can relax in a spa, swim in a pool, which I appreciate as my local gym doesn’t have any of those facilities. Hussle is a gym service that, I would recommend to all ages especially if you are looking for something a bit more flexible. If Hussle sounds like something that would fit your lifestyle, you can also use my Hussle referral code: FAISAL NISAR to get £10 off your first pass purchase too. Hope you have a good session!

H x