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Lions Prep Meal Discount: Get £20 off order

Lions prep Discount Code:

Get £20 off your 1st meal prep order at Lions Prep with discount code: FAISAL17842. You can even combine this code with the 20% off your 1st 2 orders to stack for an even better deal!

After living a pretty sedentary 18 months during lockdown – I’ve realised that I’ve put on a bit of extra weight which I’ve spent the last few weeks going pretty hard in the gym to try to lose it! But I’ve realised that as I get older it gets much harder and I can no longer eat what I like and hope to keep the weight off even with my pretty intense daily gym workouts. That’s where I hope Lions Prep will come in…

We all know that if you really want to lose weight then you need to exercise but you also need to manage your diet too. I’m normally a pretty healthy eater but lately I have been eating out far too often which has meant that I have probably consumed a few more calories than I would have otherwise. Combine that with my seriously lack of interest in cooking for myself and you have to start looking at other options!

Lionsprep discount code
Lions Prep discount code: FAISAL17842

We’ve all seen the meal prep ads and companies before. These days there are hundreds of them but I came across Lions prep and noticed that the meals actually looked fantastic and they required very little effort to be ready to eat. I was even able to find a Lions Prep discount code: FAISAL17842 which gave me £20 off on top of the new subscription offer of 20% off which made this even more of a bargain!

I was able to choose between a balanced and low carb diet, and then pick my protein and the number of meals I wanted to order. Unlike some of the other meal plans out there – not only did EVERY single meal look yummy but I was able to change the accompaniments to make this exactly to my choosing. I added breakfast which by the way was also seriously delicious and one snack to my order (pancakes and turkey bacon anyone?) to make a perfect weeks meal plan.

With the discount of £20 by using Lions Prep discount code: FAISAL17842 and the 20% discount for your 1st 2 weeks I was able to order meals for 6 days including breakfast and a snack for under £100. Which I think is fantastic when you check out the types of meals I have ordered!

My first order arrived and all I can say is they look pretty close to what you see in the pictures. Don’t get me wrong they obviously don’t look exactly like the pictures (they never do!) – but after being shipped from miles away you usually hope that they will be close to what you saw in the pictures and my order is! That makes a change from my previous meal prep orders.

Lionsprep discount code
Lions Prep discount code: FAISAL17842

I have to say the meals I have tried so far taste absolutely frickin’ amazing! No joke I think I have found my goto meals for the next few months. They have plenty of options and I think the meal menus change every 4 weeks so I don’t think I will get bored. They are not cheap all things considered but they are not expensive either… so for me I think I could afford to do this for a few months to get my body shape back and to allow me to better understand what I need to do to maintain this going forwards. I might even get some hints and tips to make some meals for myself!

I will post another update when I have had a few more meals and let you know how im getting on. Suffice to say for now I’m well impressed with Lions Prep.

Lionsprep discount code
Lions Prep discount code

Gillette Referral code – 20% OFF : FAISAL-R2J

Gillette Referral Code:

Use Gillette referral code: FAISAL-R2J when registering at Gillette to get 20% discount off your 1st order over £15. This code usually works in conjunction with other discount codes as this is auto applied before checkout 🙂 (excludes subscriptions)

I remember when the slogan for Gillette was ‘the best a man can get’ – how times have changed. So I won’t lie -It’s been along time since I used a Gillette razor. My other half still uses Gillette religiously but I’m not so attached to the brand. It’s definitely a quality product and the shave creams are very good but there are so many brands and products out there that I haven’t really tried Gillette for quite some time.

So when I was presented with a Gillette referral code: FAISAL-R2J for purchasing on the Gillette website I thought I would give it a go. First thing I noticed was that the referral code is entered when you register so is auto applied at checkout. This means that if you have another discount code for the promo code box you end up being able to apply 2 discounts on this site! Winner 🙂

I hadn’t realised how many different types of razors there are these days. I ordered a few giftsets for my partner and couldn’t figure out why I there was very few women’s products on the site so just bought a men’s products to try out. I’m not precious 😉

Gillette referral code: FAISAL-R2J

The order arrived very quickly and my partner is very pleased. I haven’t had a chance to try the razor yet but will give it a go next week and leave some further comments on this blog. Suffice to say with the referral code and online discounts available the order was much cheaper than ordering anywhere else. So I guess I’m happy !

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Gillette referral code?
Use referral code: FAISAL-R2J to get 20% off your first order over £15 (not including subscriptions)

Where do I enter the Gillete discount referral code?
Enter the referral code: FAISAL-R2J when registering at before placing your 1st order

What discount do I get for using the Gillette referral code?
You can get 20% discount on your first order over £15 by using referral code: FAISAL-R2J. You should also be able to add another discount code in the promo code box before checkout.

Zumo Referral – Get 0.04 Bitcoin SV FREE using Code: OTNYS

Zumo Referral code: OTNYS

When registering on the Zumo Money app you are asked to provide your referral code after completing ID verification. Enter referral code: OTNYS and you once you have been fully verified you will receive 0.04 Bitcoin SV FREE. Note the first character is the letter O – You do not need to deposit any cash but you do NEED to complete verification to get your FREE Bitcoin SV.

Many of you who have been following me will have seen I have been blogging a lot lately about stocks and shares and also my foray into cryptos. With that being said – I have recently come across Zumo which seems to be exactly what I have been looking for! 🙂

I have had a successful few months with various crypto trades and I have found spending crypto is not quite as mature as the rest of the crypto universe Currently there are very few apps that allow you to spend your crypto currency directly without withdrawing it to your bank account and spending your normal FIAT currency. There are a couple of apps that allow you to spend directly from your crypto wallet such as Coinbase and Binance who both have a crypto debit card but the fees for having the card and the charges for transactions are pretty steep 🙁

Zumo referral code: fas
Zumo referral code: OTNYS

Zumo are the new kid on the block and I’m hoping that the rates will be more palatable. They certainly make a good looking app. They are promising to offer a simple to use app and crypto debit card for UK users. The wallet is up and running but the credit/debit card will be released in early 2021.

They currently have a pretty decent referral scheme. If you use the referral code: OTNYS during the registration process you will get 0.04 Bitcoin SV FREE (roughly £7) added to your wallet which is pretty amazing considering you don’t actually have to deposit any funds 🙂

Zumo referral code: fas
Zumo referral code: OTNYS

I can’t wait for the app to be fully operational. You can already use the ETH and BTC wallets to store your funds and this referral is to communicate that they have added a 3rd crypto currency which is Bitcoin SV – but more functionality will be coming over the next few months including Zumo to Zumo payments and of course the Zumo payment card which can be used instore and online like any other normal debit card !

For now enjoy the Zumo app eye candy and use the app for the simple UI and wallet capability. As the app matures over the coming months I will include an update to this blog for you to include a detailed review of Zumo

Zumo referral code: fas
Zumo referral code: OTNYS

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Zumo Money App Referral code?
Enter the referral code: OTNYS to get 0.04 Bitcoin SV (Roughly £5) FREE added to your wallet

Where do I enter the Zumo Referral code?
During the registration process AFTER completing your ID verificatin you will be asked if you have a referral code to enter. Use code OTNYS to get 0.04 Bitcoin SV added to your wallet FREE.

What is the criteria for 0.04 Bitcoin SV free using the Zumo app referral code?
To get your free Bitcoin SV you need to enter Zumo referral code: OTNYS during registration. Then once your ID has been verified you should see the funds added to your wallet.

Urban Massage/Wellness Treatments : Get £30 off

Urban Referral Code: RFAISAL2A6 referral link

Get £30 FREE at using referral code: RFAISAL2A6. Add code to wallet in the app or on the website or click the link above prior to registration to auto populate offer.

I recently came across an app which allows you to book a wellness treatment direct to your home. Originally only covering massages they now cover a whole host of wellness treatments from yoga to facials right through to manicures. All can be booked from the comfort of your home and your therapist will make a house call to complete the treatment at your agreed time!

I work extremely long hours during the week and these days I’m even working most weekends so I hardly have any time just for me anymore 🙁 . Due to the stresses of work I’m often tied in knots and in need of a really good massage and previously I’ve had to wait weeks to get a slot at a decent venue when I’ve actually needed something in the next few days. What I have realised is that I would love to have more treatments more often and sometimes at less social times so this is where Urban has been perfect fort me.

Urban offer over 50 different treatments and services that I can have done in my own home from manicurists, facials to skincare, or other services such as fitness sessions virtually online. This is literally exactly what I have been looking for!

Urban discount code
Urban discount code: RFAISAL2A6

As a female that lives alone – I’ve often been reluctant to let strangers into my home but I feel safe with Urban as I know they only hire trusted professionals. They meet every practitioner offering services on their platform in person to check they are fully skilled and qualified to do their job, as well as safety credentials. I can even view the user ratings and reviews of each professional on their individual profile to help me decide who to book – I love that transparency. There is even a forum where you can ask the practitioners anything about massage, beauty, osteopathy, physiotherapy, and fitness. I wanted to book a massage but wasn’t sure of what to expect so I asked all my questions on the forum beforehand to help me feel more prepared. I also picked up some beauty tips from other questions on there.

I received £30 off my first booking on Urban using the Referral discount code: RFAISAL2A6 which enticed me to give it a go and I’m so happy that I did. You need to add this code to your wallet in the app or on the website – (It is not added to checkout in the discount code box) Even without this discount code I found the prices to be reasonable but using the referral discount code I was able to book a much needed longer 120 minutes massage for only £77 which was worth every penny especially as I didn’t have to leave my living room! The practitioner I chose based on feedbacl brings all the kit with them – you just need to make sure you have the relevant room for the therapist to work in and that’s it!

Urban referral code: RFAISAL2A6

Urban partner with some of my favourite brands like OPI for long lasting nail treatments – I don’t usually go for any other brands. They even offer packages for couples and groups so I am thinking of organising a pampering night with the girls because I know some of them don’t make time for themselves either plus its something a little different. The price for the group would be negligible.

I might actually try and book some online yoga classes next as with work and the gym there is very little time left for any other hobbies at the moment. But Urban allows me to book treatments and courses for the following day and late in the evening which is perfect for my current lifestyle. I might even try a different wellness treatment available on the app – not sure what yet but its so much more comfortable to be treated in your own home that I feel less apprehensive about trying something new. I also love that I can book all my fitness and beauty services in one place which makes things so much easier. Urban massage also provides physiotherapy and guided sports massage as well as yoga and mindfulness sessions so there really is something for everyone!

I can see me using this service much more over the coming weeks and months. I really am of a fan of the product! PLus these small lifestyle changes are having a huge impact on my physical wellbeing. I really look forward to my sessions, they brighten my day and uplift my mood. I’m generally a nicer person to be around now! I have been recommending Urban to all of my friends and family and will be sharing my referral code: RFAISAL2A6 so they can get the same discount I did too!

Enjoy your treatments!

H x

Smarty Mobile Referral: ONE MONTH FREE

Use the link above to register for a sim only contract at SMARTY mobile to get your first month absolutely FREE !

In the current climate I thought it was a good idea to start looking at making some cost savings and the first item on the list was my mobile phone contract. I always buy my phone separately as it works out cheaper for me to do this and get a sim only contract. I hadn’t looked at it for over a year and thought now was the right time to see if I can get a better deal 🙂

My current contract was costing me about £18 for unlimited minutes and data and I looked at all the usual players including the smaller providers who piggybank on the major networks.

After doing plenty of research I found that the reviews and recommendations online all pointed to smarty mobile as the most value for money service provider currently out there. I also found they have a referral scheme which gives you a month free. You can use my refer a friend link to get your first month too.

The prices I found are significantly better than anything I was on previously. I checked with my current provider and I had never used over 2gb per month as I usually use wifi and I could get 3gb per month for only £8 which was more than a 50% saving!

Whats more they have no minimum contract term and allow unlimited tethering!

Use my referral link:

The offers they currently have are simply unbeatable online. At least with the added bonus of the free month using the referral link and the rolling 1 month contract. They run on the three network which has decent coverage where I live so make sure you check coverage where you live. CHECK IT OUT.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get a free month on smarty mobile?
Use the referral link : before registering on the smarty mobile page – A banner will load stating you are getting a month free

How can I get more free months on smarty mobile?
Use the referral link to get your 1st month free: and once registered you will get your own referral link to give to friends and family. Each time someone joins after using your referral link you will get an additional month free!

Do I need a smarty mobile referral code?
There is no referral code. You need to click the following link: and then register on the smarty mobile sim website to get one month free.

Curve Credit Card – FREE £5 with promo code: NRV67J6E

Curve Promo code:

Join Curve and use promo code NRV67J6E during the registration process or click CURVE PROMO CODE and copy the code. You will be sent your Curve card for free. When you make your first purchase using your Curve card, you’ll instantly get £5!

I’m Hayley from London and I have just received my Curve card and I love it! It’s one of those ‘I didn’t know I needed it till I got one and now don’t think I could live without it’ items.

Curve connects all my accounts with a single app and a single smart card. The app also gives me instant updates related to my spending habits. Curve also promotes the fact that you only need to pack a single card when you go places and will not have to deal with any hidden currency fees when traveling.

So what’s the most amazing thing about Curve. Well I love my credit cards an I have a few I use regularly. I have a business card, a purchasing card, one I use for buying fuel. . . so it means I’m always carrying a number of cards around with me. But with Curve I just carry the one card and I can switch between which of my actual credit cards will be charged for a purchase by using the app!

The curve card itself is sleek and well designed, its brushed metal, so heavy in weight and comes in three different colour hues. I love taking it out and people asking me what it is because it looks so different and special. As someone who doesn’t like to carry a lot of things when I go out (I hate carrying a handbag), especially if I’m dressed up to go out somewhere fancy or even just popping to the shops quickly, this is perfect. I can just carry my phone and put my curve card in the slot I have in my phone case, done! Don’t forget you can use my promo code: NRV67J6E to get a free £5 added to your account when you sign up at the Curve website ( too, if you want to make the most of this offer, just make sure you enter the code when registering or by following the link above. Even better if you want to go totally card free you can, your Curve card can be linked to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Any card you add to Curve will work with them, even if your bank doesn’t, it’s a great work around if you have an account that isn’t currently compatible.

curve promo code : NRV67J6E

The app is pretty intuitive too and was really quick to setup and my card arrived about 3 days after I registered. Oh The Curve app itself is pretty easy to set up and it’s intuitive to use, I only had to wait 3 days for my card to arrive after I first registered with was quick. I also receive instant updates on my spending, which helps me be more conscious of how much I actually spend and helps me save more money.

Curve is also really convenient for those who have trouble keeping track of everything. Instead of having to check multiple bank accounts and credit card statements to look at your spending, you can view everything on your spend timeline. Perfect.

Curve has been featured in Wired, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and even Forbes, so I know it’s a brand that I can trust. Don’t forget you can use my promo code: NRV67J6E to get a free £5 added to your account to spend on anything you want. It’s a real-life hack. I hope you enjoy the switch and the perks that come with it as much as I did!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the curve promo code?
If you enter promo code: NRV67J6E or follow the link when registering you will get 500 points FREE added to your account.

2. What do I get with the curve referral promo code?
If you enter promo code: NRV67J6E when registering you will get 500 points worth £5 to spend on anything you want using your card.

3. When do I get my curve referral code cash payment?
If you register using the promo invite code: NRV67J6E you will get a £5 bonus when you make your 1st purchase using your curve card over £10.

Glasses Direct : Get £35 off your 1st Frames

Glasses Direct referral:

Get £35 off your frames with Glasses Direct referral code: HAYLEY DUSTER. Enter this at the checkout in the field labelled referred by a friend or click the link to get a voucher sent to your email: Glasses Direct Referral Voucher

I started wearing glasses a few years ago and I absolutely hated them because it felt like they always covered my face too much and really didn’t suit me. But recently I have started to enjoy wearing them far more – especially as a fashion accessory to complement my outfit when I’m going out. Today I can get frames in so many styles and colours that I can really express myself like I couldn’t before. One previous negative when buying glasses was the price was prohibitively expensive which meant I couldn’t really buy multiple frames to match my mood or style. But now the prices are so much more reasonable that I buy multiple pairs.

The other problem with frames is that you really need to try them on to see if they suit you – they might look great on screen but until you put them on you cannot really tell if they work for you or not. That’s why I love using Glasses direct as they have a huge selection of eyewear on their website but also I can choose a pair to try at home and take my time on deciding if I like them. I know I’ll find something that I love. Glasses direct are currently running a referral scheme where if you decide to purchase and you use the referral code: Hayley Duster at the checkout stage in the box labelled referred by a friend? – you will get £35 off your chosen frames which is pretty damn amazing! Alternatively you can click the following link : Glassesdirect Referral Code to get a voucher emailed to you.

glasses direct referral
Glasses Direct referral : HAYLEY DUSTER

I selected 4 frames to try at home to see which ones I liked best and I had up to seven days for my home trial and there was no pressure to decide. It was much better than one of those virtual try-ons because I could check the size and feel how heavy or light they were on my face and see if they were comfortable. Sometimes I really like the look of a pair of glasses, but they just don’t suit my face but this way I can see how it actually looks before I buy. The returns are even free. This is definitively my type of online shopping! The best thing was there are over a 1000 styles to choose from so there is something for every mood and look. They have some great offers on too – like 2 for 1 designer glasses and as the prices are so reasonable I can splash out a bit and get more than one pair. Sometimes I’m really torn between two designs and can’t chose, or if there is a design I like but I know I won’t wear it often …. so with these prices and offers I can still buy them! And remember you can get get £35 off your chosen design with Glasses Direct referral code: Hayley Duster. What is not to like!

glasses direct referral
Glasses direct referral code: HAYLEY DUSTER

There are a wide range of frames from everyday use to what I would like to call special occasion wear (the quirkier designs). From essentials to designer and boutique so you can spoil yourself and they have some great brand names that I recognize too. I also find it helpful to read the customer reviews before I chose a pair as it can save me the trouble of trying something that would not work for me. I’m going to purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses soon but I’m still deciding on the frame. All in all, I really enjoy the Glasses Direct experience. If you’re indecisive like me when it comes to shopping and want to choose the perfect pair of glasses for your look – I recommend Glasses Direct. Don’t forget you can also use the referral code: Hayley Duster and get £35 off the frames you want too, it’s worth giving it a try. I hope you find the look that suits you! x

Lookfantastic Referral code: IRFAN-R9Y

Lookfantastic referral code for £10 FREE Voucher :

Use the referral code: IRFAN-R9Y when registering a new account at Lookfantastic to get a £10 credit voucher added to your account to spend on your 1st purchase of £30 or more.

Okay – so my blog is littered with posts about various websites and the products they sell and the discounts you can achieve… but recently I have switched most of my beauty product purchases to Lookfantastic. I don’t know exactly what it is about this particular website, I just find that the prices and the range of products available is just so much better than you can find on any of the other websites that I have used in the past . Not to mention, the discounted price comes with no risk of a drop in the quality of the products as they are part of The Hut Group, so you can always be sure of the authenticity and standards.

LookFantastic Discount Codes | 22% LookFantastic Coupons |Sep2020
Referral code: IRFAN-R9Y

There is of course a Lookfantastic referral code: IRFAN-R9Y which you enter when registering on the Lookfantastic website which gives you £10 off when you spend £30. As the code is auto applied it usually means you are still free to add another discount code which you can find online – (Lookfantastic usually have a code on the homepage for 10%-15% off) – I love stackable discount codes as they mean even bigger savings than ever before🙂

I would love to tell you about all the amazing deals I have found on the Lookfantastic website over the past few months, but sometimes it is hard to keep track of all of them and they change so often so you really should go and check out what is on the site right now. Anyway, with the summer finally hitting and holiday plans being made I have especially enjoyed trying out different spray tan and sunscreen products from their website.  I mean, I am one of those people who uses a high SPF sunscreen most summer days regardless of where I am going but that doesn’t mean that I want to stay pale. It’s summer and naturally I want to have some extra glow and colour!

Oh, and your skin is not the only thing that you should be taking care of this summer. I personally love the Moroccan oil products and Lookfantastic carries the full range . The Moroccan oil hair treatments and hair repair products are fantastic and if you haven’t tried them out you probably should! They keep my hair healthy and shiny, and I don’t have to worry about it looking dry or frizzy whatever the weather. It’s probably the one product I recommend to all my friends and family and you can get it at a great price as the prices are better than most other places I have checkd out online including on the official Moroccan Oil website!

If you would like to try new skincare products or the Moroccan oil line, I would definitely recommend looking through the Lookfantastic website. And of course, don’t forget to add the Lookfantastic referral code: IRFAN-R9Y to get money off your first order on the website. I have found that by including the referral it is very hard to beat the prices on offer.

They really do have products for everyone and all ages. My 16-year-old sister was obsessed with getting the Caudalie Exclusive Detox Mask and a ESPA Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool.  She said she had seen these items online on Instagram or tiktok and she just wanted to try them. Well, I looked on Lookfantastic and of course they were there so buying them couldn’t have been easier or cheaper

Anyway, if you are looking for new products Lookfantastic is definitely where you should look. Check it out and let me know if you find an amazing product you think I should know about. Happy shopping x

Yoppie Referral Code: Get £20 FREE Credit

Yoppie Referral code:

Enter Yoppie referral code YKIVDTXJ during checkout to get £20 credit off your first subscription. (was £30 but has now been reduced)

For each woman her cycle is something completely personal, that can often affect your mood, your body and your energy. With so many variables being a part of the equation it is normal that you are looking for personalised solutions so as to best deal with your cycle. I mean, I know I was looking for solutions and it was just hard to find something that was not a one-size fits all approach. It was honestly disheartening at times. That was until I found and honestly, my relationship with my body and my menstrual cycle completely changed. I could now have a personalised solution and I could stop worrying so much.

Yoppie referrel code
Yoppie referrel code: YKIVDTXJ

What I love most about Yoppie is that it is all about your choices and how you would personally feel better about your cycle, rather than an expert trying to convince you that this is what you need. Getting started with this subscription service is honestly very easy. All you would need to do is answer four questions. First the length of your period, then the type of flow you have, then it will ask what type of products you prefer to use to manage your periods and then it will give you the items that it suggests. You can then adjust the quantity that you need or if you would like to add a product that they did not include you can also do that.

Yoppie referrel code
Yoppie referrel code: YKIVDTXJ

As this is a subscription you will also need to select exactly when you would like to receive your box by, or how often you would like to receive it. For me personally I like to be on the safe side so I always like to have my new box of products arrive every 3 weeks, this allows my brain to settle down and feel like I am prepared for the next month. Of course, in this last section of selecting your box you can also add any referral codes or discount codes that you might have. This is where you would add the referral code is: YKIVDTXJ so as to receive £20 in credit to spend on period products! That’s one of the best referral credits I have ever seen during my time blogging and it really does make the price of the products so cheap! My suggestion is that you use this first box to stock up on anything that you want to have on hand and then you can adapt and make each box more curated to your monthly needs.

I mean to be honest, it is not just that I feel like with Yoppie, I have personalised care for my menstrual needs, it is more importantly the fact that I know that all of their products are of the highest quality. Everything that they use is 100% organic cotton, which means that for the first time in my life I don’t feel like I have to worry about what nasty chemicals they may have used to produce my pads and tampons. And it is also, just so much better for your skin and body, to have pure cotton over some product with a ton of chemicals. So, with Yoppie I feel like I am helping the planet while also saving myself a whole lot of irritation and trouble.

I just can’t say enough good things about this service. The products arrive when you need them – there are no uncomfortable moments in the checkout queue and the subscription arrives in plain packaging. No more late night trips to the corner shop for me when I accidently run out! I now have everything I need delivered to my door every single month and its just so much easier. But honestly, don’t take my word for it, try the service for yourself. Just use the referral code: YKIVDTXJ  to get your first box of curated period products to your door with £20 off and trust me when I say you will never want to go back to the hustle of trying to remember whether you have enough products at home. Everything will be there waiting for you to make your period completely stress free.

Just go to, fill in your preferences, add the referral code and when that box arrives at your door trust me when I say you will be happy that there is at least one less thing to worry about. X