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Coca Cola Referral FAISAL-R4: Get £5 FREE Credit

Your Coca Cola Referral Code: FAISAL-R4

Register at Yourcoca-cola and enter referral code: FAISAL-R4 to get £5 FREE credit added to your balance. As this code is auto-populated during signup you are free to add additional codes at the checkout stage to stack the discounts 🙂

Who doesn’t love Coca Cola? And I’ve recently come across the official UK Coca Cola shop/website where you can order your favourite drinks to be delivered to your home. Okay I don’t drink as much fizzy drinks as I did when I was younger but I still love a Coca-Cola every now and then and it makes for a fantastic mixer.

Coca Cola referral
YourCoca Cola referral: FAISAL-R4

This site is run by the THG group and you can find a number of THG website referral codes on my blog. They provide an e-commerce platform for a number of brands and one is similar in design to many of the others. And that means if you sign up using a referral code and my code for yourcoca cola is: FAISAL-R4 you can get £5 off your first order. But as this code is entered during the registration stage you can usually find other codes to apply at the checkout to increase your savings! Always check online for other codes before making your purchase.

Your Coca Cola lists most of the main brands available in the UK including Fanta and Sprite but it also includes other beverages such as Vitamin water and Smart Water. I usually drink the smart water brand as it’s included in the meal deal from my local Tesco’s but the price for individual bottles is usually quite expensive. Here you can make substantial savings and order in bulk. What’s more I can order a couple of crates and have it all delivered and not worry about carrying the bulk home from the shops.

Coca Cola referral
Coca Cola referral: FAISAL-R4

I also previously noticed that you can order personalised Coca Cola cans for that someone special in your life. They make brilliant gifts and I have recently ordered a couple and they make fantastic presents which are very unique. With the added bonus of using the your Coca Cola referral code: FAISAL-R4 you can get £5 additional credit added to your balance to use on your first purchase.

There’s not much more to say – You can start a subscription to YourCoca Cola if you wish and have your favourite drinks delivered regularly and save yourself upto 10% which is great if you drink quite a lot and makes things easier – but for me I usually make an order ahead of dinner plans when I have friends coming round and its just simper with the free delivery included.

Enjoy your Coca Cola. And don’t forget to use YourCoca-Cola promo code: FAISAL-R4
H x

Eufy Referral: Get £40 Off Your Purchase

Eufy Referral Code

Get £40 off your Eufy purchase by clicking the link above or copying this link into the address bar: and providing your email address. You will be sent a code to apply at checkout to use on any order over £200.

Ever since I saw the Eufy robot vacuum cleaner at a friends home – I’ve been itching to get one. Sadly my home has far too much clutter and the rooms are not really accommodating for a robot cleaner for a number of reasons. That said the robot vacuum cleaner running at my friends home was absolutely fantastic. One day I will get one!

That said – A few days ago I decided to buy a video doorbell and looking at the various options available I decided to check out the Eufy brand. Primarily I was attracted to the zero subscription costs of the recordings which you have to pay a subscription if you purchase one of the other main brands. The reviews online were very good and the specs looked fantastic. I was also able to use a eufy referral code: to get £40 off the purchase price 🙂

I already have smart kit from Amazon (Alexa) and from Nest (thermostat) and was a little wary of starting up with another eco system but there was no problem connecting this device with the kit I already have available. The doorbell is of a higher quality and provides a better service then much of the competition.

Eufy actually sell a number of different products from vacuum cleaners to a full range of security products (alarms, cameras, floodlights) to weighing scales. They are very highly rated and have extremely good reviews online. I will admit I only purchased the ring doorbell based on the recommendations I read on another forum combined with the Eufy referral discount on offer of £40 savings.

I will provide a more comprehensive review on the Eufy doorbell I have ordered after I have used it for a few weeks but for now I hope you find the product you need and the discount of £40 I have provided helps!

H x

Espa Skincare Referral Code: FAISAL-R6 – Get £10 OFF

Espa Skincare Referral Code: FAISAL-R6

Get £10 off your first order over £60 when using referral code: FAISAL-R6 either by clicking the link or by entering the code during the checkout stage. Note this code can usually be combined with other offers/codes on the Espa website.

Espa Skincare is a brand that really understands a woman’s needs better than most. ESPA are experts of skincare and boast a full assortment of products that will help you bloom from spring to spring: full-body skin care, essential oils, restorative home candles, snug beddings and cosy nightwear. Truly a girl’s paradise! 

espa Referral code
espa Referral code: FAISAL-R6

And they know we LOVE to be treated to a good deal as they are offering £10 off when you use the Espa discount code – FAISAL-R6. Fill your basket with over £60 worth of products and you can apply the code at checkout to get £10 off your first order. What’s more it usually works in combination with (some) other codes so you can stack the discount! They also over free delivery if you spend over £50 which is fantastic – I mean no one likes to pay for postage!

Espa originally caught my eye with their custom skincare routine development tool. I recently noticed that my skin can feel pretty dry, particularly after a hot shower, so I was looking for something that would help my skin stay well-hydrated skin. I selected the options that applied to me (under 25, dry skin, seeking to replenish its moisture, and don’t want to overthink it) and ended up with a simple three-step process: Step 1) Cleanse with Hydrating Cleansing Milk. Step 2) Tone with Hydrating Floral Spa-Fresh Mint. Step 3) Moisturise with 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser which sounded and was perfect.

Sure enough, my skin feels smoother and silkier than ever – even before applying the moisturiser! If you do decide to try this range let me know how it works for you as I have been recommending this 3 step solution to all my friends. And remember, it’s £10 off with FAISAL-R6 and a FREE next day delivery for orders over £50. 

espa Referral code
espa Referral code:FAISAL-R6

So after trying a couple of their products and seeing positive results, I was tempted to go through a few more. I was especially intrigued by their Modern Alchemy lineup. I’m a big believer in the balancing of chakras through meditation. I’ve witnessed first-hand how influential these energies are in our daily lives. Of course, I’m not implying that purchasing a new skin lotion will open up your crown chakra or anything like that, but as a spiritual person, I value the effort that ESPA have put toward educating the public on the importance of chakra energies. If there’s anything that the world needs more of during this time of fear and uncertainty, it’s balance. As well as a willingness to embrace the energies of those we might perceive as strangers, rivals, or enemies.

Although a new lotion will hardly align your chakras, there is something ESPA offers that will certainly go a long way toward making you feel like your very best self. Spas and massages! Turns out, ESPA is a huge company with experts in salons all over the world. I was making a trip to London last weekend and booked myself a spot at one of their salons in Whitehall, where I received a 5-star treatment and left with a big grin on my face. You, too, can navigate their spa locator to find one closest to you. 

Now it’s time to talk about their Wellbeing Teas. Tea is one of life’s pleasures that aids me in the daily hustle and bustle of life. In the mornings it warms me up and gets me going, in the afternoon it sustains me, and in the evening it relaxes me. ESPA offers seven different options of herbal tea (all blends being Vegan Society Certified), and although that’s not a ton of options, it’s enough to accommodate most people’s needs. Personally, after a hard day’s work and sweating it out in the gym, I needed something that would relax my racing thoughts and help me plan the day ahead. Since I was running low on my usual bedtime chamomile tea, I thought I’d see how ESPA’s Restful Herbal Tea Infusion would work for me. It contains chamomile and lavender, two ingredients that are ideal for unwinding, so it worked great for that, and I intend to be adding more to my basket with my next purchase – partly because they offer 30% off the entire basket when purchasing 3 or more Wellbeing Tea Infusions, but also because I genuinely enjoyed sipping on this unusual blend of fruits and herbs. 

espa Referral code
espa Referral code: FAISAL-R6

So, overall, I recommend ESPA. They have something for everyone, and with my discount code, you can be confident in trying out at least a few of their products. Again, use code FAISAL-R6 at check out for £10 off your £60 order, plus FREE next day delivery on all orders over £50. Can’t go wrong with a deal like that. 

Luxury Escapes Promo INVITEFAISALW2M3S1: Get £25 FREE

Get £25 OFF your first booking at Luxury Escapes by using Luxury Escapes Promo Code: INVITEFAISALW2M3S1 or signing up to the site by following the link HERE.

Every once in a while we all want to go on that dream holiday away but at a price we can afford. Luxury escapes is a website that provides curated luxury holiday deals, hotels and villas which have been well thought through and packaged together at a sometimes unbelievable price that you wouldn’t be able to get if you tried to source yourself.

Luxury Escapes Referral Code
Luxury Escapes Referral Code: INVITEFAISALW2M3S1

I am dreaming of a long haul getaway soon and the packages on luxury scapes are dreamy to say the least. I have signed up to the site (although yet to book) and conveniently for this blog they provide an opportunity to refer your friends and family for an additional £25 discount off your booking. Please use luxury escapes promo code: INVITEFAISALW2M3S1 to get £25 off your 1st booking.

Right now there are some amazing deals on Maldives private island villas which I cannot even get close to in terms of price anywhere else. I am an avid traveller and know most of the tips and tricks to get a good discount but a couple of the prices on this site are very good. You need to ensure you do your research as some of the deals can be beaten elsewhere but if there is a particular hotel or holiday package that meets your requirements you may find that Luxury Escapes is the best value available.

Luxury Escapes Referral Code
Luxury Escapes Referral Code: INVITEFAISALW2M3S1

I will provide an update once I have made my booking and I might even write a blog post covering the holiday itself. Until then check out Luxury Escapes and don’t forget to use my invite code: INVITEFAISALW2M3S1 to get £25 off your 1st booking. I appreciate its not much for a luxury holiday booking but every little helps!

Happy travelling H x

Peppersmith Mints & Gums: Get £5 OFF

Peppersmith Referral Code:

Click the Peppersmith referral link and enter your details on the page to get a voucher emailed to you for £5 off your first order at Peppersmith.

I turned vegan a few years ago – I wanted to do right by the environment and in general wanted to switch to a healthier diet which also meant cutting down on my sugar intake. It wasn’t a difficult transition but my one weakness has always been sweets and I didn’t realise how un-vegan friendly most brands are until I started to pay attention to the ingredients. My sweet tooth was always craving that little pick me up until I discovered Peppersmith and remembered what I had been missing out on!

Peppersmith mints, gums and pastilles are 100% plant-based AND sugar free! Peppersmith use Xylitol instead of sugar to sweeten them, which is really good for your dental health. So not only can I enjoy them, but I can also share them with my diabetic mother which I love as I always feel bad when she misses out on sweets but now I’ve found this alternative – it’ almost too good to be true!

The great thing is that I was able to get £5 off with my Peppersmith referral [£5 FREE LINK] which made me even more pleased to try out this brand. I mean delivery is even free on all UK orders. They come in boxes of 12 and there is a fuss free returns policy, which helped sway me into trying them as I was in two minds about purchasing in case I didn’t like the product, instead it’s a daily pick me up for me now!

I like to keep the gum and mints on me to freshen my breath when I’m on the go and it’s a bonus knowing I’m keeping my teeth healthy. I never get bored of the flavours as they come in gums come in English peppermint, Sicilian Lemon, strawberry and extra strong so I can mix it up! The gum is either peppermint or spearmint, so I have a choice there too. It makes me happy knowing that Peppersmith is all natural, which aligned with my values – doing right for the planet and my body. No harsh chemicals and no compromise on the flavour. Even the packaging is plant friendly and sustainable, not made of plastic film that would go to waste or unrecyclable wax paper like other brands use. Peppersmith uses FSC-certified cardboard boxes. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council® which helps take care of forests and the wildlife and people who call them home, just for this I am happy to pay a bit extra if I need to but it’s still affordable! The packaging is also fully recyclable, so when I am done, I can pop it into the recycling waste with everything else, including the mailer box it comes in, perfect! Now even their new mighty boxes, their 50g pouches are made from responsibly sourced cardboard, and the reseal tab means I can share them with my friend and family time and time again!

It feels good to know I am supporting a brand with such a responsible mindset that is aligned with my values. They are working on phasing out all plastic and unsustainable packaging from their supply chain which fills me with confidence for a better future! I will continue to purchase from Peppersmith as it makes me feel like I am doing my bit to help such initiatives however small it may be, it’s a step in the right direction and I’m excited to see if they develop any other products in the future! But all said and done they actually look good and taste fantastic. I often get asked where I bought them as I don’t think they are available in shops and can only be ordered online.

By using my Peppersmith referral you to can get some Peppersmith gums and mints and £5 off too! Enjoy

H x