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Stake Referral Code: faisaln428 – Get a FREE NIKE Share

Register for a Stake share dealing account and use referral code: faisaln428 or use the direct link above. Get a FREE share in either NIKE, GO PRO or DROPBOX – You need to deposit $50 within 24 hours to get your FREE STOCK

Totally on fire with all these new apps coming out offering FREE shares and commission free trading. Came across STAKE today and fell in love with the user experience compared to some of the others out there. This is another app that allows you to buy stocks and share in the US for users in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Registration is very easy and by following the referral code link above it auto-populates in the registration screen. Otherwise you can manually enter the code: faisaln428 in the appropriate field to ensure you get a free share. Once registered you need to complete a few of the usual verification questions (was quicker than the verification process at my 3 other share trading account which provide free shares (Trading 212, Freetrade & Passfolio) and I was done in about 5 minutes.

You then get a countdown timer letting you know you need to deposit funds to get your free stock/share within 24 hours. I have seen various amounts posted about the minimum payment you need to make but to be safe I used my Revolut card to deposit £60 and this was authorised immediately.

After that I was presented with a wheel spin to get my free share. There are only 3 shares possible shares with varying probabilities and on the spin I got a free share in Nike – WOOHOOO. At the time or writing Nike is worth $96 or about £76. Winner 🙂

Stake FREE SHARE referral code: faisaln428

The app itself is quirkier than all the others I have used previously. Its bold and brash and I like it a lot. I obviously haven’t used it much yet as the funds are still being added but I will be buying a few shares over the coming weeks and will let you know my first impressions.

But straight off the bat I like the registration process and the free stock offer which seems more generous than some of the other apps I have downloaded. Although there are only 3 stocks available the probabilities are higher than what I have seen with the others. The downsides I have seen so far are that its obviously only US stocks AND they seem to charge a transaction fee of about $9 to deposit and remove funds from your account. Please bear that in mind when joining.

Don’t forget to check out my other FREE share trading accounts :

1. Trading 212 which has worldwide shares and an offer for a free share worth up to £100.
2. Freetrade which also has worldwide shares and an offer for a free share worth up to £200.
3. Orca is the new UK trading platform which offers a free share worth up to £200 when you deposit £1.

Stake FREE SHARE referral code: faisaln428

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Stake Share Dealing referral code?
Use referral code faisaln428 or click the following link: to register and get your FREE share

What free share do you get by using the referral code?
Register using referral code: faisaln428 and you will be entitled to a free stock/share in Nike, Dropbox or Go Pro

What is the criteria to get your free share when registering at Stake?
Make sure you register and enter referral code: faisaln428. Then once registered make sure you deposit funds of about £50 into your account WITHIN 24 hours to ensure you get your free spin.

What share will I get FREE when registering for a new account?
As long as you register using the referral code: faisaln428 or following the link on this website you will be entitled to a free share. You will need to deposit funds within 24 hours and then you will spin the wheel to see which free share you will get. The stocks available are Nike, Go Pro and Dropbox.

STAKE Referral code: FAISALN428

Monese Account: Get £30 FREE Cash Using Invite

Signup for a Monese current account with Monese Invite Code: TYLER634 or click the link. Once you have signed up and completed your 1st transaction you will receive £20. When you spend over £500 you will receive an additional £10.

Monese is a British online fintech that offers a current account and international money transfer service as an alternative to your traditional high street bank account. With an amazing app and a virtual debit card (as well as physical) you can do everything you normally do with your Highstreet bank account and so much more!

Monese invite code
Monese invite code: FAISA285

I signed up recently and the whole process took literally a few minutes from start to finish. You join up by downloading the app and signing up online entering your personal details and completing ID check. Don’t forget to use the Monese invite code: FAISA285 to get £20 FREE added to your account when you complete your first transaction and another £10 when you complete £500 of transactions.

You can open an account in either GBP, EUE or RON and once setup you can activate your virtual debit card immediately. You can of course order a physical debit card too (for £4.95). The app has lots of different functionality built in such as savings pots for putting money aside for different future expenses such as a holiday or household appliance purchase as well as a savings account and business account if needed.

The app allows you to manage your money by tracking your monthly expenses with charts and easy to see information but also allows you to set budgets and monitor all your expenditure on your dashboard.

Monese invite code
Monese invite code: SIMRA948

One of the key benefits in using the Monese app is that they allow you to send money abroad at significantly better rates than most of their competitors and quickly too. This is the main reason why I got the Monese card as I send money to friends and family a lot and because I love to travel. With the Monese card you get the best rate when making purchases using your card abroad and there are no exchange rate fees to pay like you would with your high-street bank 🙂

If you are looking for an all encompassing modern fintech bank account then Monese is the one you need. The app really is easy to use and navigate and the service I have received to date has been fantastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Monese invite code?
    You need to enter Monese invite code: FAISA285 to activate the referral promotion
  2. What do you get when entering a Monese invite code?
    The offers changes throughout the year but currently if you enter Monese invite code: FAISA285 you will get £20 credited to your account with a further £10 once you have completed £500 of trasnsactions.
  3. Where do you enter the Monese referral code?
    Enter the monese referral code: FAISA285 on the first page when entering your personal details in the box labelled do you have an invite code.

Secret Escapes Invite Code: Get £15 off your 1st Booking

Click the link above and join Secret Escapes to get £15 credit added to your account to use on your 1st booking at Secret Escapes of £100 or more. You will see the credit in your wallet once you have registered and the credit must be used within 12 months.

For those of you who have been following my blog – you will know that I love to travel as often as I can. But since Covid restrictions have been lifted I have found prices for holidays and especially hotels have been far higher than they were previously. So now I’ve had to search far and wide for deals which meet my requirements at a price I can afford.

One such site is Secret Escapes. I have been using this site for a few years now and although it was never my go to hotel booking site I have recently found that there are deals to be had if you are not looking to stay at a particular hotel. Unlike your regular hotel booking sites which list every single hotel available – Secret Escapes provides a curated list of hotels only available on particular dates (which change regularly). I’ve found that more often than not – the prices offered cannot be beaten by the main hotel booking sites or even the hotel directly.

I recently had to travel to London for a meeting and I wanted to stay at a nice hotel with spa and swimming facilities. The usual sites were quoting around £300 for the hotels I was interested in – but I was able to find an amazing deal on Secret Escapes for a similar hotel for an upgraded room with breakfast for £200. If this had been my first booking I would also have been able to save an additional £15 by using the Secret Escapes Referral Code found here: Secret Escapes Invite. Just click and sign up with your email address and you will see the £15 credit added to your account 🙂

Something else to consider – Secret Escape prices do not seem to be dynamic and do not change (either up or down) the closer you get to the booking date. This means when you are booking last minute you are unlikely to be paying more for the hotels listed than you might have done had you booked earlier and combined with the upgraded rooms/facilities included – this means you can often find some real gems.

Secret Escapes claim to negotiate exclusive rates for luxury hand-picked hotels and holidays in the UK and abroad with up to 60% off the price you’d pay by booking elsewhere and even though they claim to be a members only club – they only ask for your email address to join up. It is completely FREE! In return they give you access to rates for hotels and holidays you’ll struggle to find anywhere else, and if you do they will match their price. I will include Secret Escapes on my list of places to check before booking a hotel in future from now onwards!

Remember to use my Secret Escapes Invite code by following this link : to get £15 FREE credit for your first stay or holiday booking. And remember its not just hotels you can find on Secret Escapes but holidays and experience deals all over the world.

Happy Travelling and let me know if you find any amazing deals 🙂
H x

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Secret Escapes invite code?
Follow this link: and register to activate your FREE credit

What do you get by registering with a Secret Escapes Invite Code?
Click and register to get £15 credit FREE to spend on your first booking.

How do you use the Secret Escapes Promo Code?
Click and register to get £15 credit added to your wallet which will be automatically applied to your first booking as long as it is over £100.

Baked In Discount/Referral Code – Get £10 Off First Order

Baked In Discount Code:

Click the link above or follow this Baked In referral link: to get £10 off your first purchase or subscription order at Baked In. Click the link to get your code to enter at the checkout stage.

Lately I’ve decided to spend a little more time in the kitchen and learning to cook and bake! For those of you who know me well will know that I rarely use the kitchen…. and that my life is constantly food on the go, restaurants and take out. But as I get older and spend more time at home with extra time to spare – I have decided I would like to cook more and try to eat a little bit more healthier. I mean the few times I have cooked I have really enjoyed it but I’m just not very good 🙁 – so look forward to reviews on learning to cook packages and subscriptions to build my confidence up!

Which brings me to Baked in – which is a subscription baking service where you are sent a monthly box of ingredients and instructions to make your own cakes at own home. They actually have 3 options to choose from – one for children (with easier ingredients and instructions), one for baking bread and finally a standard subscription for cakes. I went with the standard subscription which is £12 per month or down to £8.25 per month if you take out a yearly subscription. If you use the Baked In discount provided here you can save £10 on your 1st purchase too.. Use the following link to get your unique voucher code:

Baked In code
Baked In discount:

Baked In also do standard items for purchase if you don’t want to take out a subscription to try out the items available and a pretty good referral/loyalty scheme to join. I have placed my first order and I am waiting for the order to arrive but I’m already excited to bake my first cake! The options look incredible so I am hoping to see something fun turn up next week :-). Remember if you click the Baked in Discount code link : you will get a voucher to apply at the checkout and get £10 off your 1st order.

baked in voucher code
baked in discount code:

Check out the website and let me know what you think? And if you place your order and bake your cake – please send me some pictures and I will add them to this blog. In the meantime I hope you enjoy you baking and look out for more ways to save money when buying online.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Baked In referral code?
You need to click the following link: to get you unique discount code to apply at checkout

Where do you apply your Baked In discount code?
Click the link to get your unique Baked In discount which you apply during the checkout stage in the box labelled ‘do you have a discount code’.

What are the rules to use the Baked In Discount code?
You can use your referral code on your 1st order during the checkout stage on a spend of £2 or more

Perricone MD Referral: FAISAL-R6 – Get £25 Off Your Order

Perricone MD Referral Code: FAISAL-R6

Get £25 Off Your 1st Order when you register with Perricone MD Referral Code: FAISAL-R6. You need to spend £100 to activate the discount which is auto-applied at checkout. As this code is applied during registration – the discount field at checkout is available to stack a 2nd discount code 🙂

One of the perks of blogging about websites and finding discount codes is that I get to try new premium brands and let you guys know my thoughts. Over the years I have tried many different beauty brands but Perricone MD is one of the best I have had the privilege of using. And as someone who likes to spoil themselves I couldn’t resist buying (and spending) far more than I should have trying out a number of the products available at Perricone MD :-). The good news is you too can try Perricone MD with my perricone MD referral code which gives you £25 off a spend of £100 using referral code: FAISAL-R6

PerriconeMD referral code
Perriconemd referral code: FAISAL-R6

To be clear – Perricone MD is a premium brand and therefore the prices are significantly higher than that of other beauty brands – but I believe the products are worth every penny. For those of you who need convincing, I can confidently say that this range of products deserves a permanent place on your dresser as base essentials that help to maintain and express your natural features. If you know me, you know there’s nothing that I hate more than caking my face under heavy layers of make-up.

And here is exactly why I love these Perricone – they’re not selling you a dream. They are not telling you to hide your faces. Quite the opposite, actually, they are encouraging you to love being yourselves and looking your best, with an entire range of products such as their No Makeup series. Biotin eyeliners, SPF-15 lipstick, and foundation with Neuropeptides and Vitamin C Ester that not only nourish and rejuvenate the skin thus reducing dullness overtime but allows your true natural beauty to be expressed.

Perriconemd referral code
Perriconemd referral code: FAISAL-R6

Their approach is a “three-tier philosophy: a healthy diet, nutritional supplements and finally, potent topical skincare to keep the skin in tip-top shape.” Perricone MD understands that a woman who feels good on the inside will radiate her inner beauty on the outside too. They offer a healthier, holistic approach that isn’t only profit-focused and pushing their latest items into your basket, but is actually concerned with long-term customer satisfaction and wellness. With healthy practices such as dieting, exercise and activities that feed our soul, we can all live long, happy, healthy, beautiful lives! 

If this is your first time with Perricone MD, I understand just wanting to dip your toes in to see what the hype is about, so for you I would recommend to make the most out of your first purchase. For that I suggest you grab yourself one their kits or bundles. They’re each actually worth over £100 but because they come as a set, their price is greatly reduced and if you couple that with my Perricone MD referral code FAISAL-R6 during sign up you can save £25 on your order over £100.

And if you’re seeking a specific ingredient in your makeup, or if you’re just a naturally curious soul like me and wish to know what your stuff is made of, then don’t forget to check out their Ingredient Glossary to ensure it meets your requirements. I am a dedicated Perriconista and I intend to convert you into one as well 🙂

Don’t forget to use the referral code FAISAL-R6 when registering on the website to automatically apply the discount at checkout to get £25 off your order when you spend £100 or more.

Happy Shopping and let me know how you get on. If there is a particular product you love – let me know so I can check it out and maybe even write about it in the future.

Magic Mountain Code MMXF45MATTM – 50% Off


Click one of the links above and when you subscribe to Magic Mountain using the promotional code MMXF45MATTM you will get 50% off your first 6 months subscription to the app. (Usually priced £3.99 a month)

Like many of us, the COVID pandemic has really made me realise the importance of health and wellness in my life and as a result I have started making physical activity more of a priority and investing more of my time to it. One of the best ways I have found to motivate myself and hold myself accountable to get moving regularly has been the Magic Mountain. 

The best thing about it is it allows me to set goals and achieve individually, but also to share the journey with my friends and family, as we climb up our mountain to a collective goal. I believe every experience is better when it is shared with people. There are no barriers to entry and the psychology of team motivation, and a simple goal of movement can be applied to any case. Your goals could be as small as to go for a walk every day or to train for an Ironman triathlon. You could rally your sports team, gym community or friendship circle together and all get the benefit the app offers.

Magic Mountain Code: MMXF45MATTM
Magic Mountain Code: MMXF45MATTM

In January, I decided to set up a couple of mountains, one with my family and one with my close group of girlfriends. We enter all our activity onto the app as calories expended, some of us have synced up our wearables (I use my Apple watch), whereas my parents who don’t use a wearable are able to use the helpful calorie suggestions based on the activity to enter a sensible estimate based on the time they spent moving. We have started recording pretty much everything, lunchtime walks along the canal, Zumba classes and rounds of golf. The sweaty selfies my sister posts in the chat after her runs are hilarious! We are all noticing a fantastic positive change in our body shape and general feeling of wellbeing, now that we have found this tool to motivate us to move more and are getting the positive feedback for doing it.

I have also discovered I have more of a competitive streak in me than I thought. I love competing against the others on my mountain in who can contribute the most calories to our collective effort. 

The app also provides a powerful habit tracker which I use to track other daily healthy habits, such as getting 8 hours sleep and drinking 2-3 litres of water per day. I have found it so easy to make these behaviours habitual and I am really reaping the benefits of a stronger mental state and greater energy throughout the day.

Magic Mountain Code: MMXF45MATTM
Magic Mountain Code: MMXF45MATTM

If, like me, you are looking to make a positive and effective change to your health and wellbeing then this simple solution is great. Remember to use my Magic Mountain discount code MMXF45MATTM when registering your app subscription to get 50% off your first 6 months.

Simply download the app, enter the promo code and you’re all set.

I’ll see you on the mountain!
H x

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Magic Mountain discount code?
During signup you can enter the code MMXF45MATTM to get 50% off a paid subscription

What do you get by registering with my Magic Mountain discount code?
Signing up and using code MMXF45MATTM gets you 50%off your first 6 months.

How do you download the Magic Mountain app? 
Click the relevant link for your mobile operating system:



How do you use the discount code?
Enter the code MMXF45MATTM upon subscribing to the app in the relevant field during signup .

Papier Referral Code: Get £15 OFF 1st Order

To get your £15 discount you need to click on the “Been referred by a friend?” link at the checkout and simply enter MANISHA GORA. Alternatively you can click the link and provide your email address to get a voucher code which you can enter at checkout.

Papier offers greetings cards, notebooks, photo books, wall art and wedding stationery designed to inspire people and basically they are amazing! I’m so in love with the range that I could easily spend hundreds if I wasn’t careful.

I originally joined up using a friends referral code and you can too by entering my name in the been referred by box at checkout to get £15 off your purchase. The products are not cheap but for really well made quality personalised items the prices are fantastic. Papier is my go to website when buying gifts for my friends as I genuinely feel you can’t go wrong. Everyone I have purchased for has been suitably impressed 🙂

I love the journals – I love the personalisation and I love the quality of what arrives in post. I remember the first time I purchased a journal with my monogram and colour choices. Since then I have purchased greeting cards, wall art and even photobooks. There are cheaper sellers out there but I have never found any other website to provide the quality I have seen with Papier.

Paper referral code: HAYLEY DUSTER
Paper referral code: MANISHA GORA

I have just created my new journal after I filled my last one up… Thinking of something really quirky for when I’m back in the office and going to lots of meetings to take my notes. You really have lots of choice and I actually enjoy the process of designing my own notebook and making it really personal to me. The range on offer is extensive and I regularly end up buy and spending more than I originally intended. I suppose the referral code helps bring the cost down a little bit but lately I have found me cheating and buying all my gifts from Papier as they just make such amazing presents!

Check out the website and let me know what you buy.I love seeing everyone else’s creations as they really are visually appealing