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Capital On Tap Promo Code £75 FREE: 2REFF362E24

Capital On Tap Promo Code: 2REFF362E24

Sign up for a Capital On Tap account and enter promo code: 2REFF362E24 when registering or click the following link to auto populate Capital On Tap Promo. Once you have have made your first transaction using your credit card (within 30 days) you will get £75 cash credited to your account.

Capital On Tap is a credit card designed specifically for those of you who have small business so you can now keep your personal and business credit card purchases separate. Right now Capital On Tap are offering a £75 bonus for signing up with Capital On Tap promo code: 2REFF362E24. During the registration process you will see a field requesting this optional information and if you add the code 2REFF362E24 and complete one transaction using your card within 30 days you will get £75 credit added to your balance. I think that’s a pretty good offer and I’m sure you will agree!

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I signed up a few days ago and what I found most amazing was that the entire process took literally a couple of minutes and I was approved and ready to go in seconds. I wasn’t asked to provide any ID verification and outside of providing my Ltd company details there was little else requested. My card is still on route but I thought I would write a quick post letting you guys know about Capital On Tap and the current offer 🙂

Capital on tap promo code
Capital on tap promo code: 2REFF362E24

The application process does not involve a credit check and the platform itself integrates perfectly with accounting software you might use. They currently provide support for Xero, Sage, Quickbooks and a few others. If you use an accounting system you can check on the website to see if your platform is supported. I’m the sole employee in my business but if there are more of you – you can order an unlimited amount of cards for all your employees if you require and set smart limits as needed.

Another great feature is that you don’t actually have to spend money on your card and if you need cash you can actually draw down some of your credit directly to your account as cash to need if you require. The option is front and centre on the app and web platform so I guess this is what a number of businesses will use capital on tap for. It is a life saver if you have some short term cash flow issues.

Capital on tap promo code
Capital on tap promo code

I’m still waiting for my card to arrive but the facility is open for me to use immediately. I was actually offered a much higher approved limit than I needed so I will send them a message tomorrow to see if I can set this at a lower amount. Remember if you decide to sign up – make sure you use capital on tap referral promo code: 2REFF362E24 to get £75 FREE.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Capital On Tap Promo Code?
    The Capital On Tap Promo Code is: 2REFF362E24
  2. Where do you enter the Capital On Tap Promo Code?
    Enter the Capital On Tap promo code: 2REFF362E24 during the registration process in the box labelled promo code.
  3. What do you get if you use a Capital On Tap promo code?
    If you enter Capital On Tap Promo code 2REFF362E24 – you will get £75 cash added your balance as long as you complete on card transaction within 30 days of signing up.

Chip App Referral Code: CHIP-BGK748 – Get £15 Cash FREE

Chip Referral / Promo Code : CHIP-BGK748

Sign up for a Chip Savings account and enter code: CHIP-BGK748 in the promo/referral box under the profile option and you will get £15 FREE added to your account. Payment will be made after you have made your first deposit £100 in an investment fund and 30 days have elapsed. Direct link to the offer can be found here:

CHIP is a fantastic savings app that I have grown to love AGAIN… I will be honest I joined up a few years ago and left when the savings rate dropped and I had very little money to spare (yes I get that this app helps you save and that fact has not been lost on me!) But I’ve come back and the changes since I was last using this app are huge. So much has changed 🙂 **** Chip have just launched an increased savings rate of of 0.9% ***

Lets start with the CHIP referral code. Sign up using my chip referral code: CHIP-BGK748 and you will get £15 added to your account after 30 days once you have invested £100 in an investment fund (cautious, balanced, ethical, adventurous, healthcare, clean energy, emerging markets, or crypto) . Not a bad start to your savings journey 🙂 Just make sure to add the code within 7 days of signing up to ensure this is activated. You can find the chip referral code entry field under the profile option bottom far right. It does not ask you for a code during signup so you will need to search this out once your account is setup.

Chip promo referral code
Chip referral code: CHIP-BGK748

So what exactly is Chip? – Well Chip is a FREE app that helps you save by bringing you some of the best rates on the market and using it’s lovely artificial intelligence tool to work out the best amount to save based on your weekly/monthly and yearly savings goals.

Since I was last here the savings rates have increased to some of the best on the market and they have now added additional investment options outside of bank savings. First up – you can now let Chip know when your payday is so that it automatically puts money aside as soon as you get paid. I was able to set this up as well as a goal for a house deposit to be available 8 years from now 😉 Chip now knows how much I need to save and by what date and will try and squirrel money away over the coming weeks, months and years to ensure I hit that target. Far easier than trying to do this myself!

I may have got a little exited and set the save level at the highest which might be a bit optimistic but I will see the saves which are made over the coming weeks and lower the level if I think I’m struggling to enjoy life (right now) on the free funds remaining in my bank account.

So what else is new? Well you have a choice of bank saving options but now if you pay £3 per month (to join Chip-X) you have access to a number of investment funds for your savings. They are setup in aneasy to understand way with the level of risk and historic growth rates attached so you can decide which one best fits your risk appetite and interest. For now I will stick to the free account and save into the bank savings account but I might revisit this in the future once I see how the app works from me.

Chip promo referral code
Chip promo referral code: CHIP-BGK748

The app has been really well designed and is quite a joy to use. But the real test will be the automatic savings Chip makes for me over the coming weeks to see if this is at the appropriate level to hit my goal targets but also ensure I have enough left to live off in the meantime. Remember if you decide to signup – then please use my Chip referral code CHIP-BGK748 to get £15 added to your savings pot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Chip referral code?
After signup enter Chip app referral code: CHIP-BGK748 in the relevant field to activate the offer

What do you get if you use a Chip referral code?
Enter chip referral code CHIP-BGK748 to get £15 FREE added to your savings balance after 30 days

Where do you enter the Chip referral/promo code?
After you have signed up you can enter the Chip promo code: CHIP-BGK748 in the promo box which can be found under the profile menu option which is the far right icon in the app.

What are the Chip referral terms and conditions?
To ensure you receive your FREE cash you need to enter Chip referral code: CHIP-BGK748 within 7 days of signup and make investments totalling £100. After 30 days you will receive your free cash.

Happy Saving! H X

Freetrade Free Share Promotion Referral (upto £200)


Click the link above and once you have registered and deposited at least £1 and completed W-8BEN form you will get a free share worth up to £200 within 7 days.


Don’t forget to check out my blog for other FREE share trading accounts:

1. Orca is the new UK trading platform which offers a free share worth up to £200 when you deposit £1.

2. Streetbeat which lists US shares and has an offer for a free cash added to your share account of $15 when registering using an invite link. 

3Trading 212 which lists worldwide shares and has an offer for a free share worth up to £100 when registering using an invite link – 

4. Stake which is a share dealing account for UK, US, AUS users which offers a FREE stock in NIKE, DROPBOX or GO PRO on a lucky wheel spin – 

5. Passfolio which is a US share dealing account for worldwide residents and offers of free stock worth upto $100 –

So recently I have started to dabble in the stock market and have been buying a few shares. I’m no Wolf of Wall Street but the lockdown in the UK has meant I have had more time on my hands to research and understand a little more about how the stock market operates and how I can get more involved.

I have been using the Trading 212 app for most of my share buying as I downloaded that first and never really felt the need to try anything else. But a few weeks ago I was told about another app called Freetrade which I have now downloaded and have begun using at the same time as Trading 212.

And I’m starting to really like the Freetrade app! Pretty sure this is the future of share dealing at least for me anyway! The app is fantastic and so easy to use. And for some reason it makes buying shares fun. And one of the best bits is if you use a Freetrade share referral link like the one listed above you get a free stock worth up to £200 which is amazing 🙂

Much like Trading 212 if you refer a friend to the Freetrade platform you can get a randomly selected free share to start your share buying journey. The share can be valued at any price between £3 and £200 and I have found the majority of my shares are about £6 or £7 although I have received a couple of £30 valued shares as well. An early example of the shares I have received are shown below and since then I have begun to purchase a number of shares myself

You can see I have purchased some shares in Lloyds which was my first purchase on Freetrade when I was getting to know the app. I have purchased quite a few shares since then which are further up in the screenshot. Keep an eye out for an article in the next few weeks detailing my holding and how I am doing… I’d love to take you on my investment journey as I think this will be where I will be putting my savings over the coming years.

Free shares aside – Did I mention the biggest benefit of using Freetrade? Unlike some of the more established share platform you can buy whatever shares you want in whatever quantity you choose without incurring commission charges! Previously buying shares meant spending large amounts paying the commission charges for every trade completed. This is where Freetrade is different. There are no commission fees to pay! :-). I like buying a few cheap shares in different company’s so it helps that they don’t charge these fees. The comparison table should give you an idea on the fees compared to some of their direct competitors.

Remember for an added bonus if you use my Freetrade referral link above you get a FREE SHARE worth up to £200. I have already referred a few friends and I have received shares ranging from £3 – £36 . Okay maybe not quite £200 but they are FREE. 🙂

Freetrade Free Share referral
Freetrade Free Share referral

Keep an eye out for further blog posts as are post my share buying journey for a complete newbie to see how I do over the coming months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Freetrade free share when joining?
To get a free share you need to use the freetrade referral link: before registering.

What is the value of the Freetrade free share?
If you use the referral link you will get a free share stock worth between £3 – £200. This will be randomly selected by Freetrade.

How long does it take to receive your freetrade free stock?
Normally once you have registered by following the freetrade referral link you will get a notification that you have a mystery free stock. This will then gets released to your share account within 7-10 days.

What is the criteria to to take part in the free share promotion?
In order to get a Freetrade Free share you need to register by following this link and then registering and depositing at least £1. Once you have deposited the money you should get your free share confirmed within 24 hours.

Airalo Referral Code FAISAL2748: Get $3 off your 1st esim

Airalo Referral Code: FAISAL2748

Use Airalo referral code: FAISAL2748 when signing up for an account to get $3 off your first esim purchase. Note to use the referral discount you need to pay with a credit card.

I’m sure most of you love to travel as much as I do but hate having to swap sims or carry a second phone around when abroad to save on data costs. In the past I have been lucky to have international roaming for free on my UK network but when I have travelled further afield I have usually purchased a second sim out there and taken a spare phone with me in order to stay connected and most importantly to book at uber!

But earlier this week I was planning a short trip to Istanbul for next weekend and decided to check my phone carrier on whether Turkey was included within my contract for data roaming and the answer was no. Worst still the charges to use data whilst out there were extortionate with a daily rate of £5 being quoted. I thought now would be a good time to see what the latest offers and options were especially with more and more carriers now removing free roaming (after Brexit).

airalo referral code
airalo referral code: FAISAL2748

Obviously the easiest thing would be to use my current sim and device but after seeing the eye watering charges I decided to look at international sims when I came across airalo…. and wow was I impressed. If this works as it promises I have found my go to for international data roaming.

Basically airalo is an International SIM card except it isn’t an ACTUAL sim card but an esim. If you have a recent mobile device (you should check airalo site for compatible devices) then you should already be able to create an electronic SIM card which is basically an electronic version of a physical sim you might slide into the slot on your phone. You buy your package and they send you the details for the esim which is then activated on your device. I was able to buy an esim for turkey with 3gb of data valid for 30 days for $8. But I used airalo referral code: FAISAL2748 which saved me another $3 so I only paid $5 – wow.

The sim shows up as a secondary sim card on your device. In my case -I have left calls and texts on my primary device and clicked for any data and FaceTime and WhatsApp to be used from my secondary airalo Turkish esim. I have set it all up but turned the second sim off until I reach Istanbul airport and then I can switch it on. I should then be able to order an uber at the airport to my hotel for less than half the price of the taxis out front 🙂

airalo referral code
airalo referral code: FAISAL2748

So far I am hugely impressed with the offering. It is a little complicated to setup your first esim but if you google airalo tutorials you will find a whole selection of video tutorials on YouTube from airalo themselves which makes it very simple to setup your device. Remember if you use airalo referral code FAISAL2748 you will save another $3 on the already cheap rates that they offer. These guys have sims to most most but not all countries. I don’t think you can use an esim in China but that is more due to Chinese regulations rather than any issue with the service compatibility from airalo.

I will give you an updated review once I am back from my trip. The reviews online are all positive but I won’t know how well it works until I’m on my trip. But honestly feels like one less thing to worry about and the price was fantastic. I purchased a sim for one country only but you can also purchase sims which cover multiple countries or ALL countries using the global sims they offer. Depends on your requirements I guess. For me the single sim to Turkey was sufficient but when I travel later this year I might order a multi country esim. Will let you know how I get on with this one first!

Happy Travelling
H x

Tide Cashflow Insights – £75 Uber/Ubereats Voucher

Connect your BUSINESS bank account from Barclays, Lloyds, NatWest, Santander, Bank of Scotland, HSBC or TSB to the Tide platform using open banking and you will get a £75 Uber/Ubereats Voucher! Click the link above and signup in under 1 minute.

Tide have just launched a new service on their platform called Cashflow Insights and they are giving you a £75 Uber/Uberreats voucher just for connecting your business account to the Tide platform. The service is completely FREE and allows you to get some great business insights whilst you spend time concentrating on running your business!

This service is specifically for those of you who already have a business bank account with another provider – If you would like to open a Tide Business account (like I have) and would like £75 FREE cash in the process – Then please check out my other blog post here

What is Cashflow insights?

Connect your business bank account in minutes to the Tide platform and you can control your cash flow, boost your credit score and access flexible credit options. It means you will spend less time on spreadsheets and more time on doing what you love.

Tide Open Banking
  • Control your cash flow, boost your credit score and access flexible credit options.
  • Stay in control – Check your financial health anytime, anywhere, thanks to Open Banking
  • Keep your cash flow healthy – Get real-time forecasts and suggestions to manage your finances
  • Get easy access to credit Select credit products for which you’re already eligible*
  • Boost your credit rating – Monitor and improve your rating with the embedded Experian Credit Score
Tide Open Banking

Cashflow insights combines analysis of your account activity with machine learning models and provides real-time predictions and recommendations on how to keep your cash flow healthy.

Tide Open Banking
Tide Open Banking
Tide Open Banking

With Tide Open Banking integration, you can connect most business bank accounts to the Tide platform. Cashflow Insights will then analyse the data from all your connected accounts. The more activity, the more personalised your forecasts will be. Seriously impressive stuff!

With the added bonus of a £75 Uber/Ubereats voucher currently being offered to new signups – this is an amazing offer which is too good to miss! And remember you don’t need to open or own a Tide bank account to use Cashflow Insights. You can simply use Open Banking to connect your current business bank to the Tide platform. Cashflow Insights will then retrieve and analyse the account activity data available from your other bank accounts and provide you with insights and predictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Cashflow Insights
    Tide Cashflow Insights generates insights and predictions by combining member’s account balance, transactions, invoices history, their Experian credit score, Companies House public data, and third-party integrations with Tide’s Machine Learning Model.
  2. What is the Tide Cashflow insights offer?
    If you signup by following the link above you will get a £75 Uber/Ubereats voucher when you connect your non Tide Business bank account to the Tide platform using open banking.
  3. What does it cost to join Tide Cashflow insights?
    It is completely FREE to join Tide cashflow insights and what’s more – if you follow the link above you will get a £75 Uber/Ubereats voucher
  4. How long before I get my £75 Uber/Ubereats voucher?
    You should have confirmation of your voucher within 2 days of signup and you should receive the voucher in 5-6 weeks
  5. What are the terms and conditions for the £75 Uber/Ubereats voucher?
    Full terms and conditions on the Tide Cashflow insights Uber/Ubereats offer can be found here
  6. Can I join up if I already have a Tide Business Account?
    This offer is for new businesses only and cannot be used if your business already has an account with Tide.

Locket Home Insurance Referral: £50 FREE Amazon Voucher

Locket Insurance Referral Code: zaak2459

Get a FREE £50 Amazon voucher (or mystery prize) by entering referral code: zaak2459 when taking out an insurance policy with Locket Insurance. They will even cover your cancellation costs from your current provider if you leave early to join Locket!

Locket is the new name for the Hiro Insurance App which was launched 18 months ago and is already making great strides in the home insurance market. I recently signed up with them after receiving the cheapest quote for my home insurance renewal. I did actually get a quote when they first launched but the price was not as competitive as their competitors but this time round it was the best by far with the exact coverage I needed.

Locket Referral Code
Locket Referral Code: zaak2459

I was actually coming to the end of my term with the old insurer but if you are still within your current home insurance policy contract term – Locket will actually cover the cancellation charges from your old insurer to move over early and complete all the paperwork which is fantastic! But lets talk about what makes Locket different from all the other insurers out there. . .

There are 2 things that really make Locket special. The first and their USP is that they provide a discount based on the smart devices you have installed in your home. I was able to get a 10% discount by confirming that I had a couple of devices from the list that Locket had on their website. No idea if the discount increases but I expect that the more smart devices you have the bigger the discount you will receive. The second is that they literally asked my address and the number of claims I had made – they didn’t ask about my 7 point door locks or the type of roof I had and the quote was pretty much instant. You were then able to adjust your coverage based on your requirements. It was at the bottom of this page that you can Locket referral code: zaak2459 to get a free £50 Amazon Voucher in the box labelled referred by a friend?

Locket Referral Code
Locket Referral Code: zaak2459

Locket claim to be on a mission to change the odds. Using advanced technology, including automated quote & buy journeys, ML-based pricing models, smart device integrations, and gamified coaching they aim to increase satisfaction and help homeowners to reduce their risks – leading to lower premiums and fewer claims. They are building a flexible, fair, and socially responsible alternative to the old home insurance proposition. Insurance for things worth money, and assurance for things worth so much more.

Key points to note about Locket Home Insurance:

1. No annual increases – the price you see is the price you get – no hiking prices!
2. Real humans – UK based human call centre – no robocalls
3. Switch now – Cancellation charges and paperwork covered to move right now
4. Monthly – flexible insurance on a rolling contract if required.
5. Smart Store access – offers and discount on the latest home smart devices.

Check them out to see how they compare to your current insurance policy and don’t forget to use referral code: zaak2459 to get a £50 Amazon voucher FREE or mystery box.