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Minted Gold App Referral: 1PUDMS – Get £10 FREE

Minted Referral code: 1PUDMS

Get £10 FREE when you signup with referral code: 1PUDMS or by following the link: Once you make payment for a qualifying monthly plan (£30 or more) within 37 days of creating your minted account you will receive your £10 bonus.

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while – you will know that I have been investing in small amounts of gold for a few years now. I have previously purchased very small bars (5g, 10g) and had these shipped to me for safe keeping. This has worked well for me over the years and with recent world events I have started to look at increasing my investment in gold when I came across Minted.

minted referral code
minted referral code: 1PUDMS

Minted is an app / web platform where you can buy Gold much like you can from Bullion by post or (both of which I included in my previous blog posts) but unlike traditional gold buying and selling this is a more web based service. You can have you physical gold shipped to you if you please but the main service provided by this platform is for you to buy gold monthly and it will be held by Minted for you to buy/sell/trade as needed. It is then held securely by minted (free for the first 12 months) and is fully insured.

I signed up today and used a minted referral code to get £10 free and you can too if you use Minted referral code: 1PUDMS or this link Then once you have setup your monthly plan and made your 1st payment you should get £10 credit to use as required.

What I love about Minted is that is is so easy to setup and use. The website and the app are both very well designed with the end user in mind – there’s very little clutter and the site is easy to navigate. I has setup my first monthly plan in a few minutes and can now monitor my purchases on the downloaded app.

The gold supplied by minted is of the highest purity 999.9 pure gold and Minted are a member of a number of trusted trade bodies so you can be assured that your funds and gold are safe. They also claim to be able to provide gold at a much better rate than you can elsewhere so I will be keeping an eye on this over the coming weeks and compare it against my usual supplier.

Until then – please check out and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to use minted referral code: 1PUDMS when signing up.


H x

Frequently asked questions:

What is the minted referral code?
Use code 1PUDMS when signing up or click the following link to autopopulate :

Where do I enter the minted gold app referral code?
On the main signup page at you will see a field to enter your referral code: You need to enter code: 1PUDMS in that box or click the link to have it auto populated.

What is the criteria to receive your FREE £10 at
You need to signup with minted gold referral code: 1PUDMS and you need to sign up for a monthly gold buying plan. Then once you have made your first payment (within 37 days of signup) you will receive your free bonus cash.

minted referral code
minted referral code: 1PUDMS

Gopuff Discount Code: Get £10 off your 1st Order

GoPuff Discount Code: GOG82QWDPX

Get £20 FREE by opening a CHIP account

If you have already downloaded the Gopuff app then please enter the Gopuff discount code in the discount code box at checkout. If you are yet to download the gopuff app then please click the link above and the discount will be auto populated when you have completed registration. You will get £10 off your 1st order 🙂

Gopuff (formerly known as in the UK) is the newest kid on the block for essential grocery deliveries in the UK. They have just taken over Fancy which had taken the UK by storm and were beginning to launch in more and more cities. I have previously used the Fancy app a number of times to order the essentials for when I have forgotten to purchase something in my normal shop or when I simply couldn’t be bothered to leave the house and needed something and have found them to do exactly what they say. Order quickly and delivered in 30 minutes!

gopuff discount code
gopuff discount code: GOG82QWDPX

They don’t stock a huge range – but they cover all the essentials and some random items which would be perfect for a student. Afterall they do aim for the millenial crowd between the ages of 18-35 so you should bear that in mind when you fire up the app. You can order all the crisps, chocolates and pizzas you desire but if you after something a little more healthy you will be disappointed.

If you use the referral link: £10 FREE CLICK HERE prior to downloading or registering on the app you will automatically receive £10 off your 1st order but if you have already downloaded and filled your basket but have not placed an order yet you can manually enter goPuff discount code: GOG82QWDPX to receive the seem offer which is fantastic!

I’ve placed a large number of orders over the past 3 or 4 months since they started delivering to my area and have found the service to be great. It is exactly like ubereats or justeat except it is for pre-packaged grocery food rather than restaurant meals. You can order quickly and you can see where the delivery driver is on the app on his way to drop off your order 🙂

gopuff discount code
gopuff discount code GOG82QWDPX

What’s really good about goPuff is that (dependant on area) they are running 24/7 so if you feel like Crunchy Nut cornflakes at 2am you can order these and milk for delivery for delivery at that time! The prices are of course slightly higher than you would expect to pay if you were purchasing in store but I don’t mind paying a little extra for the convenience. The delivery charges are far far lower than other delivery services and goPuff do a subscription service for a monthly fee which gives you free delivery!

You will need to check to see if goPuff is available in your area by going to the website and typing your address in – but if they are you will no doubt find the joining offer of £10 exactly what you needed to get your first taste of quick delivered essential groceries. Remember to use my goPuff referral/discount code for £10 off: GOG82QWDPX and I will also get the same. Thanks 😛

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the goPuff referral code?
If you have not registered you can click the link: to register or you can enter the referral code: GOG82QWDPX

What is the goPuff discount code?
The goPuff discount code is the same as the goPuff referral code. If you enter the discount code: GOG82QWDPX during checkout you will receive a £10 discount off your 1st order.

Where do I enter the goPuff discount code?
If you have not used a referral code & have not purchased from goPuff before you can enter discount code: GOG82QWDPX at the checkout stage to get £10 off your order

What is the criteria to use the goPuff referral code?
You need to ensure you are using a UK referral code or discount code. US codes will not work in the UK. The goPuff discount code: GOG82QWDPX is a UK code and will give you £10 off your 1st order.

Costa Coffee FREE Using Invite Code: VBVP6

Costa Coffee Invite code: VBVP6

Use the invite code when registering in the Costa Coffee app to get 200 points (worth £2) FREE to go with the 100 points starter points you get for registering. You can also use the following direct link:

Want to get another free drink for joining?
A number of other coffee shops offer free drinks if you join their loyalty programmes using a referral code/link.

Caffe Nero – Get a free drink when downloading the app using the invite a friend link. More details here:

Coffee#1 – Similar to Caffe Nero – Get a free drink when downloading the app using the invite a friend link. More details here:

Yes – You guessed it. Another one of my guilty pleasures is coffee. I probably drink far too much of the stuff every single day but I don’t think I can function without a coffee first thing in the morning.

I usually use my Nespresso at home before leaving for work but once I’m on my way to the office or during the day I need a refill from my local Costa Coffee barista. And since we all love free things – how about a free coffee from Costa? Now, there aren’t too many ways for you to get a free coffee, but luckily for you I know exactly how you can get one, and this article is going tell you exactly how!

So, you are probably thinking, how do I get a free coffee?

It’s pretty simple really. All you have to do is download the Costa Coffee app to your phone or other mobile device that you own. When you are completing the registration process you are asked if you have an invite code and you need to enter Costa Coffee invite code: VBVP6. With this code entered you will receive 200 points, which is equivalent to £2. Not only do you get that for using the code but you will also receive 100 points just for joining the loyalty programme. That’s 300 points in total and enough for a free hot drink!

You can also visit their website to gain access to these free points, when you register an account. 

For me there’s nothing better than a really good cup of coffee and Costa Coffee do some of the best coffee out there. I prefer to make my own all things being said – but when that’s not possible then Costa is my coffee house of choice. Combine the great coffee with a great app and loyalty scheme and it’s a win win from me.

The Costa Coffee app is actually one of the best loyalty apps out there. It is just so easy to use and collect points. You earn 100 points just for joining the loyalty programme (and not forgetting the 200 points for using the Costa invite code: VBVP6) Once you have signed up, you can track your points, refer your friends and family for a bonus 200 points and see how many more points you need to be able to get another free coffee. The points are actually redeemable for anything sold in store not just barista made drinks like the similar offer at Caffe Nero.

The app is also a great if you are in a rush. You can place your order on the app whilst you are still at home or on route and then head to the store and collect it all without having to wait in line. Other functionality in the app includes finding the store closest to you and important information such as opening and closing times, what facilities are available and even directions!

If you have been a member of the Costa Coffee loyalty programme for a while, then you will know all about the physical cards which were used in the past. But, with the app you do not have to worry about remembering to take your card with you everywhere as you can access your card within the app, and if you have an iPhone you can even place your card within your apple wallet, so you can access it very quickly if needed.

Enjoy you coffee and don’t forget to enter costa coffee referral code: VBVP6

H x

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Costa Coffee Club App invite code?
Use the invite code: VBVP6 when registering the Costa Coffee Club app to get 200 FREE points.

What are 200 Costa Coffee Club points worth?
When registering with invite code : VBVP6 you get 200 FREE Costa Coffee points. These are worth £2 towards your next coffee. You also get 100 free points for starting out in the Costa app making a total of £3 towards your first Costa Coffee Club coffee.

Where can you use the Costa Coffee club app?
You can use the Costa Coffee Club App at any Costa Coffee in the UK. You can add the app details directly into your apple wallet to make things even easier. And don’t forget to use invite code: VBVP6 or 200 FREE points.