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Cult Beauty Referral Code: FAISAL-R2L Get £10 off

Cult Beauty Referral Code: FAISAL-R2L

Use referral code: FAISAL-R2L when registering a new account at Cult Beauty to get £10 of your first order over £35. As this code is auto populated you may be able to combine with other offers on the site.

My Simple 3-step Skin Care Routine: A Natural Approach to Clear and Radiant Skin.

The process of skin care can seem daunting. With so many products, brands, and rituals to choose from, it’s easy to feel confused. But don’t worry – a good skin care routine doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. You don’t need to splurge on fancy products or subscribe to a monthly membership program to have beautiful skin. And you certainly don’t need an arsenal of different skincare products for each part of your face. A simple skin care routine, with a few essential products is all you need to take your complexion from drab to fab – without wasting all your time and money on products you don’t even need. Keep reading, and I’ll talk you through my three-step approach to clear skin. I’ll also share with you my little secret: They’ve become my go to for any beauty products thanks to their unbeatable value and range of products. If you fancy giving them a shot, use cult beauty referral code FAISAL-R2L for £10 off when you spend £35 or more. You won’t regret it!

cult beauty referral code
cult beauty referral code: FAISAL-R2L

Step 1: Cleansing.

Cleansing is the easiest and most important step of your skincare routine. It helps to remove surface impurities, unclog pores, and open the skin for other skincare products to penetrate. Cleansing is vital to prevent the accumulation of oils that can eventually lead to nasty breakouts (not a good time – trust me I know from extensive personal experience). Unfortunately, it’s not just a case of how often we cleanse our skin, but what we use to cleanse it. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to select the right cleanser. It should be free of harsh chemicals and solvents that can strip the skin of its natural oils, clog pores, and cause irritation. It should also have natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin such as aloe vera, vitamin c, and green tea. These ingredients help to nourish and hydrate the skin, and protect it from environmental damage. My favourite cleanser is Cult Beauty’s exclusive superfood cleanser. It’s enriched with kale, green tea, and spinach – and always leaves my skin feeling amazing. It’s 100% natural, fragrance-free, and completely free of harmful chemicals – it’s also super gentle and doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils. Click Here

Step 2: Toning.

Toning is a step that is often missed by skincare newbies. However, it’s an important part of any skin care routine, and is often underestimated. Toning helps to close the pores after cleansing, so that dirt and bacteria can’t get trapped inside and cause irritation. It also balances the pH in the skin, which helps to maintain a healthy environment,  preventing those nasty breakouts we talked about. My favourite toner  at the moment is Pixi’s glow tonic. You can get it at Cult Beauty for an unbeatable price, and they’ll even throw in a free gift with it! It’s made with alcohol-free witch hazel, aloe vera, and ginseng, in addition to a wide range of skin-friendly ingredients that gently cleanse pores, close them back up, and fight the signs of aging. As someone with sensitive, dry skin I can tell you this toner is so gentle – It never dries out my skin, and with 100% natural ingredients I have 100% peace of mind. Click Here

cult beauty referral code
cult beauty referral code: FAISAL-R2L

Step 3: Moisturising.

Moisturising is just as important as cleansing and toning, but often receives less attention. The goal of moisturising is to hydrate the skin, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, prevent dehydration, and protect the skin from environmental damage. There are plenty of moisturisers out there that do the job, but all too often, they contain a range of harmful chemicals including parabens, petroleum, and silicones. These ingredients do nothing for you but cause long-term damage and are linked to serious health issues. My favourite moisturiser is The Ordinary natural moisturising factors. As the name suggests, it’s 100% natural, in addition to being cruelty-free, and free of parabens, petroleum, and silicones. I’ve used it for over two months and have found it’s light, effective, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily or clogged. Click Here

Bonus step: Exfoliating.

Exfoliating is a step that is often forgotten, but that is just as important as the others. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and brighten the complexion. I personally like to exfoliate once a week, right after cleansing, so I know I’m not walking around all week with a face full of dead skin.  I’d say it’s an essential part of my skincare routine, and is especially important for those of us with oily or acne-prone skin. My favourite exfoliator is Elemis’ blackcurrant jelly exfoliator. It’s 100% natural, cruelty-free, and free of those nasty parabens, petroleum, and silicones. It gently exfoliates the skin without damaging it. It contains all-natural ingredients such as jojoba beads, black currant, and green tea, which help to unclog pores and brighten the complexion, as well as aloe vera, and vitamin c, which are great for acne-prone skin, and extremely hydrating. Click Here

cult beauty referral code
cult beauty referral code: FAISAL-R2L

The Bottom Line.

There are many myths surrounding skincare, but it’s clear that the best approach is a simple one. Who would’ve thought that three simple steps and products could be so effective? Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are the cornerstones of any skincare routine, and should be performed daily, alongside a weekly exfoliation. It’s so important to choose the right products, and avoid harsh chemicals, parabens, petroleum, and silicones. A simple skin care routine can achieve great results, and it’s never too early to start. Visit today and use discount code FAISAL-R2L for £10 off when you spend £35 or more. Trust me, you (and your skin) won’t regret it!

Lookfantastic Referral code: ZAAKIR-R7

Lookfantastic referral code for £10 FREE Voucher :

Use the referral code: ZAAKIR-R7 when registering a new account at Lookfantastic to get a £10 credit voucher added to your account to spend on your 1st purchase of £30 or more.

Okay – so my blog is littered with posts about various websites and the products they sell and the discounts you can achieve… but recently I have switched most of my beauty product purchases to Lookfantastic. I don’t know exactly what it is about this particular website, I just find that the prices and the range of products available is just so much better than you can find on any of the other websites that I have used in the past . Not to mention, the discounted price comes with no risk of a drop in the quality of the products as they are part of The Hut Group, so you can always be sure of the authenticity and standards.

LookFantastic Discount Codes | 22% LookFantastic Coupons |Sep2020
Referral code: ZAAKIR-R7

There is of course a Lookfantastic referral code: ZAAKIR-R7 which you enter when registering on the Lookfantastic website which gives you £10 off when you spend £30. As the code is auto applied it usually means you are still free to add another discount code which you can find online – (Lookfantastic usually have a code on the homepage for 10%-15% off) – I love stackable discount codes as they mean even bigger savings than ever before🙂

I would love to tell you about all the amazing deals I have found on the Lookfantastic website over the past few months, but sometimes it is hard to keep track of all of them and they change so often so you really should go and check out what is on the site right now. Anyway, with the summer finally hitting and holiday plans being made I have especially enjoyed trying out different spray tan and sunscreen products from their website.  I mean, I am one of those people who uses a high SPF sunscreen most summer days regardless of where I am going but that doesn’t mean that I want to stay pale. It’s summer and naturally I want to have some extra glow and colour!

Oh, and your skin is not the only thing that you should be taking care of this summer. I personally love the Moroccan oil products and Lookfantastic carries the full range . The Moroccan oil hair treatments and hair repair products are fantastic and if you haven’t tried them out you probably should! They keep my hair healthy and shiny, and I don’t have to worry about it looking dry or frizzy whatever the weather. It’s probably the one product I recommend to all my friends and family and you can get it at a great price as the prices are better than most other places I have checkd out online including on the official Moroccan Oil website!

If you would like to try new skincare products or the Moroccan oil line, I would definitely recommend looking through the Lookfantastic website. And of course, don’t forget to add the Lookfantastic referral code: ZAAKIR-R7 to get money off your first order on the website. I have found that by including the referral it is very hard to beat the prices on offer.

They really do have products for everyone and all ages. My 16-year-old sister was obsessed with getting the Caudalie Exclusive Detox Mask and a ESPA Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool.  She said she had seen these items online on Instagram or tiktok and she just wanted to try them. Well, I looked on Lookfantastic and of course they were there so buying them couldn’t have been easier or cheaper

Anyway, if you are looking for new products Lookfantastic is definitely where you should look. Check it out and let me know if you find an amazing product you think I should know about. Happy shopping x

Capital On Tap Promo Code £75 FREE: 2REFF362E24

Capital On Tap Promo Code: 2REFF362E24

Sign up for a Capital On Tap account and enter promo code: 2REFF362E24 when registering or click the following link to auto populate Capital On Tap Promo. Once you have have made your first transaction using your credit card (within 30 days) you will get £75 cash credited to your account.

Capital On Tap is a credit card designed specifically for those of you who have small business so you can now keep your personal and business credit card purchases separate. Right now Capital On Tap are offering a £75 bonus for signing up with Capital On Tap promo code: 2REFF362E24. During the registration process you will see a field requesting this optional information and if you add the code 2REFF362E24 and complete one transaction using your card within 30 days you will get £75 credit added to your balance. I think that’s a pretty good offer and I’m sure you will agree!

Looking for a business bank account? Want £75 FREE Cash? Try this post : Tide Referral Offer

I signed up a few days ago and what I found most amazing was that the entire process took literally a couple of minutes and I was approved and ready to go in seconds. I wasn’t asked to provide any ID verification and outside of providing my Ltd company details there was little else requested. My card is still on route but I thought I would write a quick post letting you guys know about Capital On Tap and the current offer 🙂

Capital on tap promo code
Capital on tap promo code: 2REFF362E24

The application process does not involve a credit check and the platform itself integrates perfectly with accounting software you might use. They currently provide support for Xero, Sage, Quickbooks and a few others. If you use an accounting system you can check on the website to see if your platform is supported. I’m the sole employee in my business but if there are more of you – you can order an unlimited amount of cards for all your employees if you require and set smart limits as needed.

Another great feature is that you don’t actually have to spend money on your card and if you need cash you can actually draw down some of your credit directly to your account as cash to need if you require. The option is front and centre on the app and web platform so I guess this is what a number of businesses will use capital on tap for. It is a life saver if you have some short term cash flow issues.

Capital on tap promo code
Capital on tap promo code

I’m still waiting for my card to arrive but the facility is open for me to use immediately. I was actually offered a much higher approved limit than I needed so I will send them a message tomorrow to see if I can set this at a lower amount. Remember if you decide to sign up – make sure you use capital on tap referral promo code: 2REFF362E24 to get £75 FREE.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Capital On Tap Promo Code?
    The Capital On Tap Promo Code is: 2REFF362E24
  2. Where do you enter the Capital On Tap Promo Code?
    Enter the Capital On Tap promo code: 2REFF362E24 during the registration process in the box labelled promo code.
  3. What do you get if you use a Capital On Tap promo code?
    If you enter Capital On Tap Promo code 2REFF362E24 – you will get £75 cash added your balance as long as you complete on card transaction within 30 days of signing up.

Airalo Referral Code FAISAL2748: Get $3 off your 1st esim

Airalo Referral Code: FAISAL2748

Use Airalo referral code: FAISAL2748 when signing up for an account to get $3 off your first esim purchase. Note to use the referral discount you need to pay with a credit card.

I’m sure most of you love to travel as much as I do but hate having to swap sims or carry a second phone around when abroad to save on data costs. In the past I have been lucky to have international roaming for free on my UK network but when I have travelled further afield I have usually purchased a second sim out there and taken a spare phone with me in order to stay connected and most importantly to book at uber!

But earlier this week I was planning a short trip to Istanbul for next weekend and decided to check my phone carrier on whether Turkey was included within my contract for data roaming and the answer was no. Worst still the charges to use data whilst out there were extortionate with a daily rate of £5 being quoted. I thought now would be a good time to see what the latest offers and options were especially with more and more carriers now removing free roaming (after Brexit).

airalo referral code
airalo referral code: FAISAL2748

Obviously the easiest thing would be to use my current sim and device but after seeing the eye watering charges I decided to look at international sims when I came across airalo…. and wow was I impressed. If this works as it promises I have found my go to for international data roaming.

Basically airalo is an International SIM card except it isn’t an ACTUAL sim card but an esim. If you have a recent mobile device (you should check airalo site for compatible devices) then you should already be able to create an electronic SIM card which is basically an electronic version of a physical sim you might slide into the slot on your phone. You buy your package and they send you the details for the esim which is then activated on your device. I was able to buy an esim for turkey with 3gb of data valid for 30 days for $8. But I used airalo referral code: FAISAL2748 which saved me another $3 so I only paid $5 – wow.

The sim shows up as a secondary sim card on your device. In my case -I have left calls and texts on my primary device and clicked for any data and FaceTime and WhatsApp to be used from my secondary airalo Turkish esim. I have set it all up but turned the second sim off until I reach Istanbul airport and then I can switch it on. I should then be able to order an uber at the airport to my hotel for less than half the price of the taxis out front 🙂

airalo referral code
airalo referral code: FAISAL2748

So far I am hugely impressed with the offering. It is a little complicated to setup your first esim but if you google airalo tutorials you will find a whole selection of video tutorials on YouTube from airalo themselves which makes it very simple to setup your device. Remember if you use airalo referral code FAISAL2748 you will save another $3 on the already cheap rates that they offer. These guys have sims to most most but not all countries. I don’t think you can use an esim in China but that is more due to Chinese regulations rather than any issue with the service compatibility from airalo.

I will give you an updated review once I am back from my trip. The reviews online are all positive but I won’t know how well it works until I’m on my trip. But honestly feels like one less thing to worry about and the price was fantastic. I purchased a sim for one country only but you can also purchase sims which cover multiple countries or ALL countries using the global sims they offer. Depends on your requirements I guess. For me the single sim to Turkey was sufficient but when I travel later this year I might order a multi country esim. Will let you know how I get on with this one first!

Happy Travelling
H x

Smarty Mobile Referral: ONE MONTH FREE / £10 Voucher

Use the link above to register for a sim only contract at SMARTY mobile to get your first month absolutely FREE / £10 Gift Voucher !

In the current climate I thought it was a good idea to start looking at making some cost savings and the first item on the list was my mobile phone contract. I always buy my phone separately as it works out cheaper for me to do this and get a sim only contract. I hadn’t looked at it for over a year and thought now was the right time to see if I can get a better deal 🙂

My current contract was costing me about £18 for unlimited minutes and data and I looked at all the usual players including the smaller providers who piggybank on the major networks.

After doing plenty of research I found that the reviews and recommendations online all pointed to smarty mobile as the most value for money service provider currently out there. I also found they have a referral scheme which gives you a month free. You can use my refer a friend link to get your first month too or a £10 gift voucher.

The prices I found are significantly better than anything I was on previously. I checked with my current provider and I had never used over 2gb per month as I usually use wifi and I could get 3gb per month for only £8 which was more than a 50% saving!

Whats more they have no minimum contract term and allow unlimited tethering!

Use my referral link:

The offers they currently have are simply unbeatable online. At least with the added bonus of the free month using the referral link and the rolling 1 month contract. They run on the three network which has decent coverage where I live so make sure you check coverage where you live. CHECK IT OUT.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get a free month on smarty mobile?
Use the referral link : before registering on the smarty mobile page – A banner will load stating you are getting a month free

How can I get more free months on smarty mobile?
Use the referral link to get your 1st month free: and once registered you will get your own referral link to give to friends and family. Each time someone joins after using your referral link you will get an additional month free!

Do I need a smarty mobile referral code?
There is no referral code. You need to click the following link: and then register on the smarty mobile sim website to get one month free.

Tide Cashflow Insights – £75 Uber/Ubereats Voucher

Connect your BUSINESS bank account from Barclays, Lloyds, NatWest, Santander, Bank of Scotland, HSBC or TSB to the Tide platform using open banking and you will get a £75 Uber/Ubereats Voucher! Click the link above and signup in under 1 minute.

Tide have just launched a new service on their platform called Cashflow Insights and they are giving you a £75 Uber/Uberreats voucher just for connecting your business account to the Tide platform. The service is completely FREE and allows you to get some great business insights whilst you spend time concentrating on running your business!

This service is specifically for those of you who already have a business bank account with another provider – If you would like to open a Tide Business account (like I have) and would like £75 FREE cash in the process – Then please check out my other blog post here

What is Cashflow insights?

Connect your business bank account in minutes to the Tide platform and you can control your cash flow, boost your credit score and access flexible credit options. It means you will spend less time on spreadsheets and more time on doing what you love.

Tide Open Banking
  • Control your cash flow, boost your credit score and access flexible credit options.
  • Stay in control – Check your financial health anytime, anywhere, thanks to Open Banking
  • Keep your cash flow healthy – Get real-time forecasts and suggestions to manage your finances
  • Get easy access to credit Select credit products for which you’re already eligible*
  • Boost your credit rating – Monitor and improve your rating with the embedded Experian Credit Score
Tide Open Banking

Cashflow insights combines analysis of your account activity with machine learning models and provides real-time predictions and recommendations on how to keep your cash flow healthy.

Tide Open Banking
Tide Open Banking
Tide Open Banking

With Tide Open Banking integration, you can connect most business bank accounts to the Tide platform. Cashflow Insights will then analyse the data from all your connected accounts. The more activity, the more personalised your forecasts will be. Seriously impressive stuff!

With the added bonus of a £75 Uber/Ubereats voucher currently being offered to new signups – this is an amazing offer which is too good to miss! And remember you don’t need to open or own a Tide bank account to use Cashflow Insights. You can simply use Open Banking to connect your current business bank to the Tide platform. Cashflow Insights will then retrieve and analyse the account activity data available from your other bank accounts and provide you with insights and predictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Cashflow Insights
    Tide Cashflow Insights generates insights and predictions by combining member’s account balance, transactions, invoices history, their Experian credit score, Companies House public data, and third-party integrations with Tide’s Machine Learning Model.
  2. What is the Tide Cashflow insights offer?
    If you signup by following the link above you will get a £75 Uber/Ubereats voucher when you connect your non Tide Business bank account to the Tide platform using open banking.
  3. What does it cost to join Tide Cashflow insights?
    It is completely FREE to join Tide cashflow insights and what’s more – if you follow the link above you will get a £75 Uber/Ubereats voucher
  4. How long before I get my £75 Uber/Ubereats voucher?
    You should have confirmation of your voucher within 2 days of signup and you should receive the voucher in 5-6 weeks
  5. What are the terms and conditions for the £75 Uber/Ubereats voucher?
    Full terms and conditions on the Tide Cashflow insights Uber/Ubereats offer can be found here
  6. Can I join up if I already have a Tide Business Account?
    This offer is for new businesses only and cannot be used if your business already has an account with Tide.

No7 Beauty Referral Code: FAISAL-R5

No7 Beauty referral code for £10 FREE Voucher : FAISAL-R5

Use the referral code: FAISAL-R5 when registering a new account at No7 Beauty to get a £10 credit voucher added to your account to spend on your 1st purchase of £30 or more.

Like many of my close friends, I have a keen interest in skincare and cosmetics. I thought that hitting 30 would be scary, but the truth is I have a found plenty of products for taking care of my appearance and my body. I regularly hear about new skincare routines and makeup ranges on social media but I was actually recommended No7 Beauty by a close friend. The brand has simple and minimalistic products which I like because whilst they’re rejuvenating and use modern techniques but they are still so easy to use. You can also use referral code FAISAL-R5 to get £10 off your first order.

No7 Beauty Referral code
No7 Beauty Referral code: FAISAL-R5

After lots of browsing on the No7 Beauty site, I found that No7 has every cream I could possibly need without having to spend a small fortune on fancy creams and miracle potions. I especially love their skincare range which has all of the steps needed for an everyday skincare routine: cleanser, serum, day cream with SPF and moisturizer. I also recently started using 1% retinol in small amounts before I go to bed which keeps my skin tight and plump. If you want you could use special ingredients like ceramides and peptides, but I prefer a simple day cream which you can apply when you roll out of bed in the morning with little drama.

For those of you with problematic skin there are a number of exfoliating facial cleansers which are very well reviewed to help clear up acne and other imperfections. And with some of the cheapest prices I have ever seen you know you will get serious value for money on this site. Combined with the No7 Beauty Referral code: FAISAL-R5 you will also get an additional £10 discount during checkout. The ordering process is also simple and delivery is so quick too!

I have purchased a number of products from No7 over the past few months and I have started to fully understand which products complement my skin. No7 has a range of gentle products which you can put on like a second skin especially their moisturising foundation. I find that when I add primer underneath for a few minutes, the foundation really soaks in and makes my skin look dewy and flawless! No- makeup makeup is trending right now, so I’m very much into light cosmetics such as waterproof mascaras and lip balms and there is a whole range available on this site. 

No7 Beauty Referral code
No7 Beauty Referral code: FAISAL-R5

No7 have a number of products outside of makeup which I have also added to my daily regimen. When I use a No7 body scrub a few times a week I feel like I have just received a full body massage and scrubbed myself clean leaving my skin flawless. No7 offer an intensive body butter which you can then put on which is amazing. I find that after spending all day running around London, I still feel refreshed and smell great, which I love since this helps me do my job and see my friends with more confidence and energy. If you don’t have time in the mornings like me you can also use a dry oil, which you don’t have to wait to dry like other usual oils. 

One of my close family members was recently on holiday abroad, and she reminded me how important it was to use proper sun care. Seeing as I am vacationing abroad this year too, I decided to browse through the sun care range and I purchased the SPF50+ facial sun cream which was fantastic to apply with a great fragrance. There is even a shimmering eye and lip cream with SPF30 which I’m really looking forward to using.

I hate to admit it, but I’m a terrible gift-giver. I don’t have the flare to think of specialised custom gifts and I usually rely on ads or my friends to just tell me what presents they want for their birthdays and special occasions. Thankfully No7 has bundles available which really are put together well that make fantastic gifts. My boyfriend has also started using the No7 Men’s range primarily because of the price point – but he has been really impressed with the quality of the products too now.

Keep an eye out for special offers on the No7 Beauty website. You can usually get products for less than full price and you can combine with the No7 Referral code FAISAL-R5 to get another £10 off the already great prices ! Check out the site and the products and let me know what you think. If you find a realy wow products let me know!

H x