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So this one is VERY VERY new to me. In my quest for financial freedom I have been looking at a number of investment platforms and recently came across a crypto wallet and mining platform which offers returns in excess of 15% per month!

See below for PROOF that this scheme is paying out 🙂 – including screenshots on how to fund your account and withdraw.

HAZARD WARNING: This looks very much like a ponzi pyramid scheme offering very high returns so please only fund your account with capital you can afford to lose if the worst were to happen.

Warnings aside – this platform and the setup of the programme itself is amazing. You cannot join without a sponsor so please use my link above to register and you will have one of the best dashboards on any website I have ever seen. Everything you need is shown here and the whole look and feel is quality.

So I joined up quickly when I heard about the website and the returns on offer but I really struggled to figure out how to fund my account and to get mining. In the end I joined up on Coinbase and deposited £100 and converted this to my bitcoin wallet. From there I was able to transfer the funds to my Miny wallet quite easily….

Here is a screenshot of my account which shows that I am earning $123 per day!

I have actually just withdrawn some funds but I am going to reinvest as returns of 15% are too hard to resist. I am currently earning a significant amount on my personal funds plus those of people I have referred.

Don’t forget if you want to join you need to use a sponsor and my sponsor link is above or you can use my sponsor username which is : Effayyess


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