Connect your BUSINESS bank account from Barclays, Lloyds, NatWest, Santander, Bank of Scotland, HSBC or TSB to the Tide platform using open banking and you will get a £75 Uber/Ubereats Voucher! Click the link above and signup in under 1 minute.

Tide have just launched a new service on their platform called Cashflow Insights and they are giving you a £75 Uber/Uberreats voucher just for connecting your business account to the Tide platform. The service is completely FREE and allows you to get some great business insights whilst you spend time concentrating on running your business!

This service is specifically for those of you who already have a business bank account with another provider – If you would like to open a Tide Business account (like I have) and would like £75 FREE cash in the process – Then please check out my other blog post here

What is Cashflow insights?

Connect your business bank account in minutes to the Tide platform and you can control your cash flow, boost your credit score and access flexible credit options. It means you will spend less time on spreadsheets and more time on doing what you love.

Tide Open Banking
  • Control your cash flow, boost your credit score and access flexible credit options.
  • Stay in control – Check your financial health anytime, anywhere, thanks to Open Banking
  • Keep your cash flow healthy – Get real-time forecasts and suggestions to manage your finances
  • Get easy access to credit Select credit products for which you’re already eligible*
  • Boost your credit rating – Monitor and improve your rating with the embedded Experian Credit Score
Tide Open Banking

Cashflow insights combines analysis of your account activity with machine learning models and provides real-time predictions and recommendations on how to keep your cash flow healthy.

Tide Open Banking
Tide Open Banking
Tide Open Banking

With Tide Open Banking integration, you can connect most business bank accounts to the Tide platform. Cashflow Insights will then analyse the data from all your connected accounts. The more activity, the more personalised your forecasts will be. Seriously impressive stuff!

With the added bonus of a £75 Uber/Ubereats voucher currently being offered to new signups – this is an amazing offer which is too good to miss! And remember you don’t need to open or own a Tide bank account to use Cashflow Insights. You can simply use Open Banking to connect your current business bank to the Tide platform. Cashflow Insights will then retrieve and analyse the account activity data available from your other bank accounts and provide you with insights and predictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Cashflow Insights
    Tide Cashflow Insights generates insights and predictions by combining member’s account balance, transactions, invoices history, their Experian credit score, Companies House public data, and third-party integrations with Tide’s Machine Learning Model.
  2. What is the Tide Cashflow insights offer?
    If you signup by following the link above you will get a £75 Uber/Ubereats voucher when you connect your non Tide Business bank account to the Tide platform using open banking.
  3. What does it cost to join Tide Cashflow insights?
    It is completely FREE to join Tide cashflow insights and what’s more – if you follow the link above you will get a £75 Uber/Ubereats voucher
  4. How long before I get my £75 Uber/Ubereats voucher?
    You should have confirmation of your voucher within 2 days of signup and you should receive the voucher in 5-6 weeks
  5. What are the terms and conditions for the £75 Uber/Ubereats voucher?
    Full terms and conditions on the Tide Cashflow insights Uber/Ubereats offer can be found here
  6. Can I join up if I already have a Tide Business Account?
    This offer is for new businesses only and cannot be used if your business already has an account with Tide.

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