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Register on the app and add referral code: RHJXV9 to get £5 FREE when you add and then pay at least £4 to friends. Once registered you can add code under account menu line ‘Enter Promo Code’ within 10 days of registering to activate.

Here’s another fintech platform for sending and spending money with your friends friction free 🙂 This is a cash payment app similar to Cashapp which is huge in the US … These guys are trying to be the European equivalent. They are currently pushing very hard to gain traction in the UK and the pop ups for referring your friends and all over the app. promo code promo code: RHJXV9

Use my referral code RHJXV9 which you can enter in the promo code box once registered to get £5 free credit added to your account once you send £4 to someone. You will need to do this within 10 days of registering.

With Verse, you can now pay and request money from your friends in the time it takes you to send a text message. It’s extremely fast, safe, easy, there are no fees to pay either. You can also use this to split the bill at a restaurant for example. One person pays and everyone else pays you back in a couple of clicks!

You can even share expenses with friends, roommates and other groups. So far example if you are you planning a trip with friends or you share an apartment and want to easily split your recurring expenses? With the Groups functionality you can better organise, split and track group expenses.

Steps to join and get your FREE £5:

  1. Download the app
  2. Register your name and number
  3. Enter the promo code under settings: RHJXV9 within 10 days of registering
  4. Add £5 to your Verse account by linking it to your bank or debit card
  5. Send £5 to someone using their Verse username
  6. Within 5 mins you get a your bonus £5 bonus

There’s not much more to the app really… Really simple to use and once I have more friends on board I can see my using this more often. Of course the key will be how many of my friends will join this app which will make or break how successful it will be. I hope many do! My flatmates will as it is just so easy and quick. We were all joined up in under 5 mins 🙂

Remember to use my Verse referral code when joining up which will get you £5 added to you balance. The code you need is: RHJXV9

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