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The Story from Referandsave HQ


So, you want to know what we’re about, right? And we’d love to share our story with you.

But we think the most important thing to know about us is:

We’re all about sharing.

Sharing our best internet finds to save you cash on purchasing. 

Sharing the best discounts and coupons for days out, holidays and events. 

And sharing the best new products, services and offers.

Our Values

You might be wondering why we’d share our best money-making secrets with you lovely people. 

It’s a fair question. With a simple answer. 

We know what it’s like to have to make every penny count.

And we want to show people a way that they can still: 

1. Have a great time 

2. Buy the products they love

3. Gift without guilt

4. Even when cash is a little tighter.

The Start Of Our Story

You tend to get in the habit of sharing when you live in a house with people your own age who are juggling paying the bills with trying to live a little. 

And that’s how our story came about. 

So let’s begin at the beginning…Imagine three mates. 

They get their first jobs in the city and to make it work they house share. 

But it’s still tough. Junior positions aren’t well paid, but the bills still need to be. 

And friends share. So when one of us (there’s still a debate about who) stumbled on some coupons for a local bar, we were delighted. 

It was a rare night out for us and the start of something special.


The Search Was On

We were chuffed we’d got a little treat without going over budget. 

But that night, we agreed that it didn’t need to be a one-off. 

If this bar were offering a deal, maybe other places were too. 

So we all started searching the web and sure enough, there were all sorts of juicy deals and discounts just waiting for us to cherry-pick them. 

Of course, like all mates, things got a little competitive and soon we realised that we’d stumbled on a pot of gold.  


Referandsave is born

We found coupons, offers and vouchers for more things than we needed. 

At first, we just let the deals pass us by, but the thought of all those savings going to waste made us sad. 

So we started referring our friends and families to any deals, products or services we thought might be a good fit. 

We wanted to spread the saving love with the ones we love. 

But then we thought, why stop there? 

If there were goodies to be had, we wanted to refer as many people as possible so they could save too.

And what started as an ‘Oh!’ moment became a ‘What if…?’ 

That’s how our website was born. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Share The Love

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved.

And our name represents exactly what we do.

We refer so you can save. 

We want you to have great times, be able to purchase great stuff or find ways to cut costs to make your lives easier.

And it’s what we’d love you to do too.

If you’re a passing visitor to our site or a regular, why not let others know that Refer and Save is here for everyone. 

We think you’ll agree that even the smallest saving can bring a big smile to someone’s face.

So if you can refer a friend or relative who’d like a helping hand, we’d be so pleased if you could share the Refer and Save love.

Thank you for supporting us.