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Scottish Power – FREE £100 Bill Credit

Scottish Power Refer a Friend:

Click the link above and join for Gas/Elec or dual fuel and you will get a FREE £100 bill credit after you have been on supply for 28 days (£50 bill credit for single fuel switch)

So I was searching for the cheapest supply for my home and found that Scottish Power offered the best deal for me with the added bonus that they have a referral scheme. If you use the link above and change one or both of your supplies over to Scottish Power you will get £100 added to your account as credit for FREE.

So obviously can’t say much in terms of the actual Gas/Electricity as it is all the same stuff but what I can say is that Scottish Power Fixed Price tariffs for electricity are all from 100% renewable energy sources 🙂

I was previously with British Gas and the switch over was painless and took a little over 2 weeks from signing the contract to be moved. It was pretty straight forward and I received an email letting me know when I had been switched over.

There’s not really much to say about who you get your energy from other than the price you pay and the relative quality of the customer services during switch over or if something goes wrong. I have had no problems with Scottish Power so can’t really comment anymore than that. If you are looking for renewable energy supplies then you really can’t got wrong with Scottish power if they provide a supply to your area.

Remember if you use the referral link: you will get either a £50 or £100 credit added to your account !

Scottish Power Refer A Friend:

Always keep an eye out for cheaper deals and use the comparison sites to make sure you have the best deal and they change regularly. If Scottish Power is the cheapest on the market for your area and for the supply you need then the refer a friend credit just makes the deal even sweeter…


Subway Promo Code – Get 200 FREE Points

Subway Promo Code: X-QK4JNAE

Download the NEW subway app and enter promo code: X-QK4JNAE when registering to get 200 FREE points added to your account AFTER you make your first purchase using app.

Recently Subway have launched an updated app and although I hadn’t been to Subway in many months I decided to check out their latest offerings as we came out of lockdown. I noticed upon registering that you are asked if you have a promo code. If you enter X-QK4JNAE you will get 200 points added to your account 🙂

As a reminder – here is breakdown of what subway points are worth:

Subway Promo Code: X-QK4JNAE

So with the 200 FREE points you could get toasted bites, nachos, hashbrowns etc. Not a bad freebie actually… 🙂

Not sure what you guys buy when you go subway but recentyl i have eebn keeping away from bread so have been getting the salad bowls which are pretty decent for the price ! If I’m feelign a bit down or having a cheat day then I might go to be standard order or Italian bread with Steak and Cheese. Yum!

Subway Promo code: X-QK4JNAE
Subway Promo Code: X-QK4JNAE

Remember once you have registered you will have your own invite code on the app which you can provide to your friends and family to get 200 free points for each one who registers! Enjoy xx

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the subway promo code?
Enter subway promo code: X-QK4JNAE during the in app registration process.

What do you get by using a subway promo code?
Use subway promo code X-QK4JNAE during registration gets you 200 FREE points to use on your next transaction

What do 200 FREE subway points get you?
You can save your points or use them for a free snack such as nachos, toasted bites or hash browns.

When do you get your FREE Subway points?
Once registered using subway promo code: X-QK4JNAE you will get your free points AFTER you have made your 1st purchase and used your QR code.