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Embargo Loyalty App Referral code: UNDILUTION

Referral code: UNDILUTION

Use the referral code when registering on the Embargo loyalty app to get additional rewards on your restaurant visits. Their are no details on the embargo app on what this reward will be. Once registered go to promo and add promo codes WELCOME and MUNCH for 2 additional rewards


GBK – Gourmet Burger Kitchen Free STAMP. Use code: 742471

Refer A Friend Code: 742471

Download the new GBK app and enter the GBK referral code above in the refer a friend section before making your 1st purchase to get a BONUS stamp when you make your 1st purchase.

It’s been a bit of a crazy time in my life and I find that when I need to just breathe and let go – a good old fashioned burger is my go to detox! (crazy I know). Yes I could get a cheap burger from the ‘standard’ fast food restaurants but when you want something just that little bit extra I always find GBK is the place to go. You really can’t beat a GBK at this price point. . . believe me I’ve tried a good few burgers in my time 🙂

So the GBK app has been refreshed and relaunched which still allows you to pay at your table or order collection. The app also allows you to collect stamps and 5 stamps (on a spend of £10 or more) earns you 1 stamp. Get 5 stamps to get a free burger! Use the refer a friend code below to get an additional stamp on your 1st purchase. Make sure you enter the code in the app prior to making your first order!

Refer a friend code : 742471

Yes some of you might be a little shocked at my burger of choice – but I actually love the chicken burger at GBK! I usually go for the Panko crumbed classic chicken with truffle cheese fries and if I’m really going all out. . . what better than a double belgian chocolate milkshake! – WOOHOO!

Now doesn’t that look good! I’m thinking I need to go back again just as I type this post!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the GBK refer a friend code for the app?
You can use the code 742471 in the GBK app to get a FREE stamp

Where do I apply the refer a friend code in the GBK app?
If you go to the menu options and look for REFER A FRIEND FOR FREEBIES menu option you will see a field at the bottom to enter the code 742471

What do I get by applying the referral code in the GBK app?
Once you have entered the referral code 742471 you will get a BONUS stamp in your app 🙂 – this will either be immediate or when you make you 1st purchase.

Kapten Taxi Cab Referral Discount Code – FAISAL.NISA

Kapten FREE NOW Cab Referral Code: FAISAL.NISA

KAPTEN has now been rebranded FREENOW – USE THE NEW CODE ABOVE
Use the code FAISAL.NISA when joining Kapten FREENOW get £5 off each of your 1st two rides with Kapten FREENOW. Offer only valid for new customers and discount must be used within 30 days of activating.

I live in London and we all know how crazy it can be to get around in the greatest city on earth 🙂 – And I’m a bit of a diva who tries to make things as simple as possible. You might have seen my various ride sharing posts on this blog!

So wherever possible I like to get a cab or taxi to get to where I need to be. Probably the BEST ride sharing app I have ever used is Kapten. It just seems to be the most intuitive app of all the ride sharing companies in London.

Probably the best thing about Kapten is the price of rides. Pretty much every other week there is a discount code ranging from 20 – 80 percent off which makes this an amazing ride sharing app. And if you search around you can sometimes find discount codes which give you money off too. The Kapten referral code FAISAL.NISA currently gives you £5 off each your 1st 2 rides which is perfect for that short journey to the tube station or to get around zone 1.

Did I mention that this app has fixed fares. Each time a user books a trip, the price will flash up on your phone at the start and you’re guaranteed to pay that fee regardless of the route or traffic. 🙂

The company’s exclusive loyalty program means riders get special money off deals the more rides they take. You can even convert those points to FREE rides.

So what are you waiting for? Try Kapten today and don’t forget to enter Kapten voucher code: FAINIS2 for £5 off each of your 1st two rides 🙂

kapten referral code

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kapten Referral code?
The Kapten referral code is : FAINIS2 which gives you £5 off each of your 1st two rides with Kapten. This offer is for new customers only.

Where do Kapten operate in the UK?
Currently Kapten only operate in the Greater London area. If you are a new customer in this region then use the voucher code: FAINIS2 when making your first booking to get £5 off your 1st two bookings.

What discount codes are available for Kapten users?
If you are a new user then use discount code: FAINIS2 to get £5 off each of your 1st two bookings. If you are already a customer then check the coupons and credits section of the Kapten app.

Fiverr Promo Referral Code – Save 20%

Click the link below to get 20% discount off your first order at

So I’m no techy. I always knew I wanted to start my own blog but I really had no idea how to go about it. I will write a separate blog shortly to explain all the steps I undertook.

For now let me introduce you to a website I have used extensively over the last few months to get this website looking the way I want it to and to provide the relevant graphic and SEO expertise I needed to get it up to where I want it to be.

Fiverr is one of a number of ‘gig’ websites where you can purchase the services of an individual expert for a fee to deliver something you cannot do for yourself either because you don’t have the relevant skills and know how or you just don’t have the time.

The fiverr represents the starting price for these gigs (in dollars) which can go upto many thousands for a custom project. There are a number of similar websites but I have found this one to be significantly better than any of the others out there and at a price point I’m comfortable with.

Everything you see here was built with help from a freelancer I found on The entire blog format and wordpress optimisation was created with help from Fiverr freelancers. I now just need to create new posts for you to read as everything else is prepared and ready to go. 🙂

Click the image above to be redirected to – Once you register you will see a banner for your 20% discount

Using my link and registering on will get you 20% off your first gig. I would try to make sure you find a suitable gig as your first purchase. There’s no point using up your 20% discount on a $5 gig if your next gig is one for $250… Remember you can only use your discount once!

As an example I have used fiverr for the following already:
1. WordPress install & theme install
2. Design and structure of wordpress theme so it looks how I need it to look
3. SEO for my website so it can be found on search engines

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is
Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. Fiverr enables you to browse the selection of freelancers offering services, and to place orders in just one click. A service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig. 

How can I get a 20% discount at
Follow the special link and register on Once registered you should see a banner at the top of the website offering you 20% discount on your 1st purchase 🙂

Indeed Flex app (syft) – Get £20 FREE using promo code: FAISN2

Indeed Flex App promo Code: FAISN2

Redeem the code: FAISN2 to get £20 cash added to your wages. You need to redeem the code BEFORE your first shift in order to receive this CASH BONUS.

The current job market is not looking good and is likely to get a lot worse over the coming months – so it was good to speak to some of my friends who work in probably the worst affected industry (hospitality) to hear that at least for my friends they are still earning. I know that won’t be the case for other people 🙁

Hospitality is under significant pressure right now – and at least the bars and restaurants have reopened and I for one will be doing my bit as a foodie and visiting a few of the smaller chains to show my support.

One of my friends who actually lost her job as a waitress described an app she has been using called Syft which connects job hunters in the hospitality industry directly with employers looking for staff. She has been singing the praises of the staff and the app itself in helping her find a couple of decent roles at higher rates than she would have received going through a recruitment agency.

I’m not in the hospitality industry and luckily my role at the firm I work for is still pretty secure but I downloaded the app to see how it worked and it looks pretty good! They even have a referral scheme whereby if you use a code BEFORE you complete your 1st shift they will give you a £20 bonus. My code is: FAISN2.

Syft Promo code: FAISN2
Syft Promo code: FAISN2

Good luck – and I hope you find an enjoyable and satisfying role that pays you enough to live your best life 🙂 xx

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Syft?
Syft is an on-demand flexible working app which cuts out the middle man. You can apply for shifts directly with an employer straight on the app. You an even get a £20 bonus using referral code: FAISN2

What is the Syft app code?
Redeem code FAISN2 to get £20 added to your pay cheque when you join Syft. Make sure you redeem the code BEFORE you complete your first shift to get this payment.

Where do I enter the code to get the £20 Bonus?
Once you have completed registration – go to your profile, click the cog in the right hand corner and choose option promo code and apply FAISN2 to get £20 added to your account. This must be done BEFORE your 1st shift.

Bankiom Referral – Get $20 FREE CASH

Bankiom Referral:

Sign up and get your referral link – When you refer a friend you earn $5 credit (First referral is $20). Once Bankiom go live, and your friend opens their Bankiom account your credit will automatically appear inside your Bankiom account for each referral

Another new challenger bank and another new referral scheme. I can’t review the bank yet as it hasn’t launched but they are doing a pretty good referral scheme.

For the first person you refer you will get $20 and then $5 for each additional person you refer – Seems a pretty good offer! The entire process to register is very quick. You simply need your full name and email address and you are provided with you referral code to post on to your friends and family. So get referring! 🙂

My referral link is:

Bankiom referral
My Bankiom referral :

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the Bankiom referral link/code?
    You can use the following referral link to register at Bankiom:
  2. Where do I enter the Bankiom referral?
    You do not enter the code anywhere. You simply follow the Bankiom referral link and register online.
  3. What do I get for following the Bankiom referral link?
    The referral link itself does not give the referee anything but good vibes. . . But once registered you have the opportunity to refer other people and pass the good vibes on :-). My referral link is: at Bankiom to join. Instant Messenger Bank Referral – FREE 5€

Zelf Referral Link:

Click the link above or scan the QR code below to join the waiting list for zelf and get a FREE 5€ balance added to your account

scan the QR code to join Zelf

So this is new 🙂 – And the first messenger bank that I have come across. I’ve used ‘messenger’ apps before to book hotel rooms (snaptravel comes to mind) and they are quick and intuitive and a little bit of fun too (at least to me for some weird reason)

Above you will find the referral link for a new bank app launching in the next few weeks called zelf. They are running a pretty impressive referral scheme too. Use the code above to join and get 5€ added to your balance. Then get referring 🙂

zelf referral referral:

I can’t give a review of the bank itself as it hasn’t launched yet – but the messenger bot itself was very easy to use – the website was BRIGHT 🙂

Anyway I can’t say much more at this time – but the premise and functionality we will get looks pretty impressive. Fingers crossed the app is as good as the referral scheme!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Zelf?
Zelf is instant money in messengers. Zelfers get access to fast and easy banking services without the need to visit the bank, intall any app or any other hassle. Get started now by using the referral link:

2. What is the referral link/code?
Use referral code to join messenger bank

3. When does launch?
The plan is to start shipping cards in mid 2020. In the meantime get referred using the referral link to get your 5€ added to your balance.

4. How many people can I invite to Zelf?
You can invite as many people as you like. Zelf are running a competition to see who can refer the most. You can start by getting referred using the following referral link :

Xendpay referral Link for £10/$10 FREE CASH

OR USE REFERRAL CODE 683814 during registration process

Get £10 FREE when you make a currency transfer of £100 (or equivalent) using referral code 683814 or clicking the link:

When it comes to sending money abroad to family it can be difficult to decide which service provider to use. There are so many firms out there but it’s hard to know which one has the best exchange rate and most of all which one I can trust. I work in the UK and regularly send money back home to family and friends primarily in Europe but also Latin America. I wanted to send my friend in Germany £100 to buy me some German delicacies and I thought it would be a good opportunity to test a new service when I came across Xendpay. It had really good reviews, so decided to give it a go as the transaction fees seemed low in comparison to some of its competitors. I also got £10 on completing my first transfer over £100 using the Xendpay referral code 683814. I needed the money transferred quickly and so I was really pleased when the money reached my friend within 24 hours. Xendpay is not quite my go-to money transfer app as I prefer Worldremit but as a backup its very good and the bonus using the referral code definitely makes the deal much sweeter.

Xendpay referral code
Xendpay referral code 683814

I started comparing the exchange rates with the market for other countries where I sometimes send money, there are 200 countries listed, and over 50 currencies. The more I looked into Xendpay, I realised that they have some of the best exchange rates available (to some countries) . Xendpay was founded with the goal of reducing the cost of international money transfers for millions of migrants around the world who regularly send money home, I love the concept. Another feature which makes Xendpay different from other providers is that the offer a, ‘Pay what you want feature’. For the first £2000 you transfer every year you can choose how much transfer fee YOU want to pay! When you set up your transfer Xendpay suggests a small fee, but you can choose to pay less or more, it’s entirely up to you. I thought this was a really innovative way to do business, as some days you might have less cash but want to send money home, and this way you won’t lose money in the transaction fees. Xendpay are fair and a really fantastic company.  Don’t forget you can also get £10 on completing your first transaction (£100 or equivalent minimum per transaction) using the Xendpay referral code 683814. I used to use Western Union (waaaaay back) to send money abroad, but their charges and service are now frankly ridiculous. Xendpay has fast become one of my favourite ways to send money abroad because it is quick easy but also reliable.

If I have any problems (which I rarely do) their customer service is excellent at sorting out problems. I can send money all over the world and it usually only takes 1-3 working days. There is even the option for family to receive the money in a mobile wallet. The support team really care about your issues and want to help you resolve them as soon as possible, it makes all the difference. It’s a company I know I can trust.

Xendpay is so useful for migrant workers and foreigners like myself who regularly send money abroad to friends and family. If you are looking for a low-cost company for global money transfer, try Xendpay, its fair, fast, and safe. Don’t forget you can get £10 on completing your first transaction (£ it even works for the €/$100 or equivalent minimum per transaction) using the Xendpay referral code 683814. Now you can send money abroad to your family with peace of mind.

H x

Robinhood FREE Share Referral

Use the above link to register for the launch of the Robinhood Share Trading Platform – using the link you will jump 1k on the waiting list till they launch 🙂


Robinhood is the darling of commission free share dealing in the US and they will be coming to the UK shortly. Until they arrive – you can use register using the link above to jump the queue to get early access.

I will do an in depth write up once they have launched – but get registered using the referral link above and wait for the launch !

In the meantime don’t forget to check out the two other similar offers which are currently available:

Freetrade FREE share promotion

Trading 212 FREE share promotion