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Either click the link to register or if you have already joined – you can enter the referral code once you are on the referral page. The referral code will give you a FREE stock worth up to £200 once you have completed identity verification and deposited £50.

Orca is a new kind of investment app where you can buy stocks and ETFs, learn how to invest, and leverage the potential of your savings, regardless of your experience.

These guys are the new kids on the block having only launched in late December 2020. They are very similar to Trading 212 and Freetrade with the functionality they provide and much like their competitors they offer a FREE share when you register, complete your identity verification and deposit at least £50

Orca Referral Code BB818

I’ve just joined up and I quite like the app. They have a slightly more detailed dashboard and lots more information for each of the stocks and shares you can own. They also link to relevant articles which might be useful in researching and deciding whether to invest.

If you are looking to join then you can use my QR code, link or enter the referral code BB818 to join and get a FREE share worth upto £200

Orca App Referral Code: BB818

I have only just started to use the app but they also have something which I have not seen in other apps. They have collections and they are a ‘hamper’ of certain shares packaged together… For example they have one called God Save The Queen which is made up of the most popular British brands which you can add to your portfolio in one purchase.

I have only just started to use this app so will give a more in depth review once I am fully up and running. My current goto app is Trading 212 which gives me all that I currently need including the ability to invest in my ISA. But this looks promising so will give it a go over the coming weeks and will let you know what I think.

In the meantime why don’t you join and let me know what you think in the comments. Don’t forget to check out my article on Trading 212, Freetrade, Stake and Passfolio for more trading platforms and more chances to get free shares and your investment journey started.

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