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Either click the link to register or if you have already joined – you can enter the referral code once you are on the referral page. Using a referral code should move you up the rankings!

Hey guys! I just came across a new share trading app which is hoping to launch in the latter half of 2020 called Orca 🙂

There’s not much details yet but they have a waiting list ahead of launch and a giveaway for £2750 of free shares and a number of free shares for other users on the waiting list!

100 winners

The Top 10 on the Waitlist will each get stocks worth 200 GBP; those from 11th to 100th place will receive 100 GBP each in shares. 

One randomly selected user from the Top 10 will be awarded 2,750 GBP worth in shares, while another one from the Top-100 will get 1,250 GBP in stocks.

Leaderboard looks really good and well laid out – here’s hoping the app when it officially launches is just as good!

I joined pretty early on and here was my position !

Orca referral code

Orca Referral code: BB818

Will provide a more comprehensive review once further details are provided. In the meantime get referring x

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