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Biscuiteers Referral Code: 15% off using code: HAYLEY DUSTER

Click the referred by friend button at checkout and enter HAYLEY DUSTER to get a 15% voucher emailed to you which you can use on your 1st order – or use the following link:

Sometimes I really struggle to think of cute gift ideas for my friends and family because I like to give something that’s a little different or quirky. I recently found Biscuiteers and now it’s one of my go to companies for gifts! They create beautiful hand-iced biscuits that look stunning. They are perfect for every occasion and the best part is that they can be delivered worldwide so I can even send my gifts to family overseas! Delivery dates are guaranteed so it’s a perfect gift to arrive on that special day.

Biscuiteers Referral code
Biscuiteers Referral code: HAYLEY DUSTER

Notwithstanding the biscuits taste absolutely amazing. They use a unique recipe and a traditional twice baked English style and are a cross between gingerbread and shortbread with citrus notes. Even writing this I am thinking about the freshly baked smell when you open a newly delivered box! Use my Biscuiteers referral code: Hayley Duster and you get 15% off your 1st order! 🙂

It’s such a unique concept and I know I have friends who have really appreciate receiving a package from me. Recently I almost forgot a friend’s birthday but Biscuteers have an next day option as long as you order before 1pm so I was able to a package to my friend on time. She was a gin lover – so I sent her a gin & tonic letterbox biscuit set and it really was a perfect gift. Quite a number of the items on the Biscuiteers website are designed to fix through your letterbox so I rarely have to worry about either myself or the recipient being at home to sign which definitely makes things a lot easier!  They also include a free message card at checkout so I don’t need to include a separate birthday card unless I really want to. My friend was so surprised and loved her gift that she has told me she has already made a purchase for one of her friends too! Remember if you use my referral code: Hayley Duster you get 15% off your first order too! You can also click the following link to get your voucher emailed to you:

Biscuiteers Referral code
Biscuiteers Referral code: HAYLEY DUSTER

Biscuiteers don’t just sell biscuits but also cookies which are sheer delight. Once you open the tin and discover the wonders of such preciously prepared doughs and decorated cookies it’s hard t shut the tin again! I have a friend who is really creative – I am just waiting for her birthday to come around to send her the DIY icing kit that allows you to create your own designs. They are also perfect for wedding and anniversary gifts, especially if you are looking for personalisation as you can get wedding chocolates designed in a beautifully presented box written with a message, initials, and date of your choice. Much better than giving regular chocolates that everyone else can buy in the shops, a nice personal touch that shows a little more thought! You should check out the prices too – as Biscuiteers gifts are great value for money considering the quality of the biscuits you receive. They even have vegan and gluten free options so there really is choices for everyone. I seem to be collecting the tins that your biscuits come in as they are so pretty and make for great storage! 🙂

So, if you are a fan of baked goods and are looking for a gift for someone with a sweet tooth – check out Biscuiteers! They have a huge selection of gorgeous gifts and if you use my referral code: Hayley Duster you can get 15% off your first order too!

Hussle Gym Pass: Get £10 Off Your 1st Pass

Hussle Referral Code: FAISAL NISAR

Get £10 off your 1st pass purchase using referred by friend code: FAISAL NISAR. Enter on the checkout page in the box labelled ‘referred by a friend’? Alternatively you can get your £10 voucher using this link:

I am currently in a really busy stage of my life both personally and professionally and find that I am rarely in the same place for very long. Work means I have to travel to see clients all the time but I’m also very serious about my health and keeping fit and going to the gym regularly is important to me. This was a problem in the past as whenever I’ve bought a gym membership – even if I paid for multiple gym usage sometimes that brand of gym would not be anywhere near where I was. I would therefore pay extra and still not be able to work out which was hugely frustrating! Now I’ve found the solution – Hussle! It’s a service that gives you a pass that allows you unlimited (or a set amount) of access to multiple gyms in various locations. There are no sign-up fees, no inductions and no contracts and it’s just a one off price which is extremely affordable. I went for the Monthly+ pass, where I paid a fee for a month to use several gyms and even better, I used a Hussle referral code and I got £10 off my first pass purchase.

One thing I really love about Hussle is that even though I was originally looking at the money saving aspects – There is actually an even better reason to join up. After a while it can get a bit boring doing the same fitness routine at the same venue over and over again. With Hussle I have been able to join up to a number of different and varied gyms (all included in my monthly subscription) and try out the services on offer which I would never have been able to do if I was tied down to one brand.

The app is really user friendly and easy to use, it gives you lots of photos of the gyms and useful information. Most of all I love this service because of how flexible it is. You can choose to buy a day pass to a selected gym or a monthly pass which allows you to use the chosen gym and others within that price bracket. You have 30 days of usage included in your monthly pass and there is no contract! This is definitely value for money. I love being able to go to the gym when I want and where I want and having the choice to switch it up actually motivates me to go more often. If I’m on the road I know I’ll find a gym nearby so it doesn’t mess with my routine. The customer service is excellent too. I had an issue a few months ago when my payment failed and I was able to getting this very quickly resolved with customer services who were quick and on the ball! Even when my payment couldn’t be processed on the same day at the gym – I was offered a free day pass which showed they really cared. It’s these little touches that make all the difference. Don’t forget you can use my Hussle referral code and get £10 off your first pass purchase too! Alternatively you can enter the name FAISAL NISAR in the referred by friend box at checkout

Most of the Hussle Monthly+ passes also give you access to online classes and training programmes from Yogaia, so on days when I can’t physically get to the gym I can still work out at home. You can get access to digital fitness apps too if you want to track your progress, it’s entirely up to you what type of package you want to opt for, you can customize your own pass. You can even go to venues where you can relax in a spa, swim in a pool, which I appreciate as my local gym doesn’t have any of those facilities. Hussle is a gym service that, I would recommend to all ages especially if you are looking for something a bit more flexible. If Hussle sounds like something that would fit your lifestyle, you can also use my Hussle referral code to get £10 off your first pass purchase too. Hope you have a good session!

H x

KNOOPS – Referral for 15 PTs FREE

Knoops Referral code: faisaln2676

Register with the Knoops Chocolate app and enter referral code: faisaln2676 to get 15 FREE points added to your Knoops App balance. You need 30 points for a FREE drink and this should mean you have 40 POINTS as you get 25 on joining.

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate right? And Knoops have probably some of the best on the market. These guys specialise in hot chocolate so you can be pretty sure they will do an amazing job.

I came across Knoops in Kensington London but they have a couple of stores in the UK and another opening in Chelsea London shortly … and I was blown away with the choice and quality of chocolate on offer. They actually offer a huge range of chocolate drinks, both hot and cold as well as coffee drinks and products for use at home but the in-store hot chocolate I tried was truly divine.

knoops referral code
Knoops referral code: faisaln2676

The choice was a little overwhelming but the ‘knoopologist’ provided some great advice and I went with a 43% single origin Venezuala with hints of hazelnut and butterscotch! It was lovely!

The ‘home’ range at Knoops is pretty impressive too. I already have a Nespresso machine with the aeroccinno and I found that buying some chocolate flakes from Knoops worked perfectly with my machine doing the warming and mixing ;-). Knoops actually sell a number of machines in-store very similar to the famous Velvitiser available from Hotel Chocolat.

The range of grated flakes available at Knoops means you will struggle to decide which to buy but of course the ‘knoopologist’ can advise. You obviously can’t go wrong with the 34% milk chocolate flakes but if you want o be more daring they have a number of options available to purchase.

Looks like Knoops will be by new hot chocolate go to … especially for the home range. The in store chocolate was amazing but until someone starts doing hot chocolate like I had in Paris @ Angelina I will keep my purchases to a minimum. 🙂

Let me know if you check the place out and what you order. Would love to hear what your favourite was… I will definitely be trying a different blend when I next visit.

H x

Franco Manca Pizza FREE STAMP: Use Referral code: 42F3EE

Referral Code: 42F3EE

Use referral code: 42F3EE to get a FREE BONUS stamp added to your app AFTER you have made your first pizza purchase

I love pizza. What girl doesn’t? And when a new ‘indie’ chain opened a branch in my neighbourhood we had to go check it out. The vibe was fresh, the drinks were fantastic and the sourdough pizza was amazing.

Looks like I will be hanging out here regularly as the prices are cheaper than the usual pizza fare and the atmosphere in here was quite buzzy . . . at least in my local branch.

They even have an app with a loyalty scheme which gives you a FREE stamp on signup and another BONUS stamp when you have ordered your first pizza. This means at the end of your 1st meal you should have 3 STAMPS which is half way to a free pizza.

You can use my referral code: 42F3EE to get a free bonus stamp added to your Franco Manca app.

Referral Code: 42F3EE

Hint: The Vegan pizza is the most popular and I loved it! I will do a more thorough review in the coming weeks but thought I would do a quick blog update whilst sat in the restaurant 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Franca Manca Referral code?
When registering on the app – you need to enter referral code: 42F3EE to get a FREE BONUS stamp added to your account.

What do I get by using the Franco Manca code?
If you enter referral code: 42F3EE when joining you will get an additional free stamp added to your loyalty app. This mean s you will have 3 stamps after you have purchased your 1st pizza

I’ve entered referral code but I only see one stamp. Is that right?
Yes. As long as you entered 42F3EE when registering you will get your FREE bonus stamp AFTER you have made your 1st pizza purchase. Enjoy 🙂

Subway Promo Code – Get 200 FREE Points

Subway Promo Code: X-5ZHCK6O

Download the NEW subway app and enter promo code: X-5ZHCK6O when registering to get 200 FREE points added to your account AFTER you make your first purchase using app. Note the last character is the letter O

Recently Subway have launched an updated app and although I hadn’t been to Subway in many months I decided to check out their latest offerings as we came out of lockdown. I noticed upon registering that you are asked if you have a promo code. If you enter X-5ZHCK6O you will get 200 points added to your account 🙂

As a reminder – here is breakdown of what subway points are worth:

Subway Promo Code: X-5ZHCK6O

We all like to indulge in a little bit of fast food once in a while when we are either too busy to whip something up nice or when we need to grab a bite on the go. I’m a lot more health conscious nowadays and a healthier option for me has always been Subway (at least compared to McDonalds and Burger King). I admit it had been a while since I’d ordered a Subway mostly due to lockdown. I discovered that Subway have launched an updated app (or replaced the old app) and during registration I was asked for a subway promo code. I entered X-5ZHCK6O and got 200 points added to my account. With the extra 200 FREE points I was able to treat myself to toasted bites, nachos, hashbrowns etc. which I think is a pretty good deal. I went with Nachos which was always my go to side with my subway in the past.

Subway Promo code: X-QK4JNAE
Subway Promo Code: X-5ZHCK6O

On the days I’m trying to cut down on my carbs or I’m going through my regular fitness cycle I usually opt for a salad bowls which are probably my favourite guilt free option right now. There is so much choice from Roast Chicken Breast, Italian B.M.T, Plant Patty for vegetarians just to name a few, but my favourite is the tandoori chicken or barbeque chicken. I like to have it on days that I’m working out, or if I need to grab a quick healthy lunch at work and don’t want to feel like crap with a heavy lunch. They are fantastic value. If I feel like a bit of a pick me up or if it’s my cheat day, I will go for the Italian white bread with steak and cheese, or sometimes I go for the steak and cheese in a tortilla wrap. They have a range of cheese to choose from now as well, but my favourite is American style, it goes perfect with the steak and toasted. Don’t forget you can use the Subway Promo Code: X-5ZHCK6O to get 200 free points when you register with Subway too.

Some days (mostly at the weekends) or if I really want to treat myself, I’ll even grab breakfast from Subway. They do a nice range of hot sides, I like the tuna melt toasted bitebest. If I want something a bit more substantial, I got for the Mega Melt sub really sets me up for the day with its beechwood smoked back bacon, British free-range poached eggs or omelette made with free-range eggs, sausage made with British pork, and American-style cheese, it’s delicious! If I’m feeling especially lazy but fancy a Subway, I’ll go to the site and order via one of the delivery companies – Uber Eats, Just Eat or Deliveroo. Just a thought – I know subway sauces is a very personal choice but my favourite will always be Southwest but I do like to mix it up every once in a while! I do like to try different combinations which is probably why I never get sick of eating at Subway.

subway promo code
subway promo code: X-5ZHCK6O

Remember if you are new to downloading the app you can use promo code X-5ZHCK6O during the registration process to get a bonus 200 points added to your account.

Enjoy your subways!

H x

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the subway promo code?
Enter subway promo code: X-5ZHCK6O during the in app registration process.

What do you get by using a subway promo code?
Use subway promo code X-5ZHCK6O during registration gets you 200 FREE points to use on your next transaction

What do 200 FREE subway points get you?
You can save your points or use them for a free snack such as nachos, toasted bites or hash browns.

When do you get your FREE Subway points?
Once registered using subway promo code: X-5ZHCK6O you will get your free points AFTER you have made your 1st purchase and used your QR code.

Beauty Expert Referral: Get £5 Off using code: FAISAL-RK

Beauty Expert Referral Code: FAISAL-RK

Lately I have been fine-tuning my skincare and beauty regime to a few of products that I cannot live without after trying and testing many different products over the years. The thing is as most have been quite expensive and the costs have been adding up and so it’s a been pretty expensive habit to continuing maintaining over the years. That said – I’ve never been one to compromise on quality so it has meant me having to be far more selective on what I buy. That was the case until I came across the Beauty Expert website where I have found prices to be significantly lower than buying the same product from the brand themselves or from the High street. I came across it whilst looking for a certain moisturiser and was surprised at the price of this moisturiser but also the huge range on offer! Combine the already low prices on the Beauty Expert’s website with registering using referral code: FAISAL-RK and you can get £5 off your first order over £30. Using this referral code (sometimes) allows for other coupon codes to be added which you might find being promoted on the website. So you can combine both and save even more money 🙂

Beauty Expert Referral
Beauty Expert Referral: FAISAL-RK

Aside from some of the more expensive products I use – CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is a product that was recommended to me by my dermatologist for my dry skin and after trying lots of other products – this is the only one that really works for me. For that reason it’s one of my essential purchases I order regularly for daily use. Normally I would have purchased from another site but after finding it on Beauty Expert for a considerably cheaper price I’ve been able to by this and then some other products too!

At first, I thought this site was too good to be true because of the low prices of branded products that I wanted to order and some mixed reviews online – but I decided to give it a go and everything was perfect. All the way through the process from ordering to dispatch and delivery there was great communication and I knew exactly where my items were. Their processing and dispatch times were excellent, I was really happy and will be ordering again later next week! Don’t forget you can use my referral code: FAISAL-RK to get £5 off your first order over £30 and save money too.  

Beauty Expert Referral
Beauty Expert Referral: FAISAL-RK

I even buy my gifts from Beauty Expert now as they do some great collaborations in their Beauty Expert Collection and I bought the Glow Edition for my best friend who also loves skincare. It was a luxurious cosmetics bag full of six premium beauty products, that usually costs £275 but it was priced at only £99. It even came with a editorial magazine, which was great for beauty tips. There are lots of well-known brands on Beauty Expert from Aramis, DKNY, Elemis, POI and many, many more and I can afford to try some higher end products I wouldn’t normally be able to afford. They also stock tools such as NuFace mini facial toning device and L’Oréal Professional Steampod Straightening Tool 3.0 (which comes with a UK plug). The Beauty Expert company is a part of the Hut group which includes some of the world’s most distinguished brands in beauty and nutrition, so I know I can trust their products and their prices.

Beauty Expert Referral
Beauty Expert Referral: FAISAL-RK

If you have a list of branded products you use on a regular basis, why not check if it’s available on Beauty Expert and save yourself some money. Don’t forget you can get a discounted first purchase using my referral code: FAISAL-RK so give it a go like I did and let me know what you buy/recommend.

H x 

Blend My Day – £10 OFF Your 1st Order.

Blendmyday £10 off discount code:

Click the link above and provide your email address to get your unique £10 off discount code for use at during checkout

So I love food… everyone who knows me knows that! But as I get older and busier I have started to eat food which is quick and more often that not – very unhealthy. That is until I came across Blend my day!

I’m sure you are here because you have seen the food porn these guys have been plugging away on Instagram… hoping to find a way to get some of this amazing goodness for less.

If you use the link above and register you will be sent a blendmyday discount code for £10 off your first order which will go some way towards the price as unfortunately it is not cheap 🙁

blendmyday discount code
blendmyday discount code:

What I can guarantee you is that once you have made and tasted your 1st order … you will be hooked! Yes you can make these at home but to have all the ingredients necessary makes this so much easier and convenient!

Blend my day consists of 2 separate products – smoothies and porridge bowls. I haven’t tried the porridge bowls yet but I should be getting an order in shortly – but the smoothies are truly amazing!

They come in 14 different flavours and I loved most of them (not all!) – but i absolutely loved ‘Beautyfuel’ and ‘Nutty Boy’. Check out the website for full ingredients.

blendmyday discount code
blendmyday discount code:

They taste great and preparation is so quick. For the smoothies I only had to add my liquid of choice ‘milk’ 🙂

Anyway go check it out and let me know what you think! I will provide a more detailed review once I have been trying these for a while including the porridge bowls!

Don’t forget to use the blendmyday discount code above to get £10 off your 1st order. Enjoy. x

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Blend My Day Discount Code:
Use the link: to register and receive your unique code by email

What do you get with the blendmyday discount code?
Click the link : and register to get £10 off your 1st order

Where do you apply the blend my day promo code?
During checkout apply the unique blend my day discount you have received to get £10 taken off your basket total.

BOLT Taxi App – Referral Code: VLTHJH

Bolt promotion code: VLTHJH

Register using Bolt promotion code: VLTHJH to get your 1st ride up to £14 FREE or click the following link: Note the value of the FREE ride differs depending on the city you are located (usually between £12 – £14) . You can enter the code on the bolt promotions page prior to making your 1st booking

So there are a few ride sharing app out there right now…. some fantastic such as Uber and FREENOW and some awful ones like Ola which I have recently found to be an absolute disaster 🙁 Bolt has been around for a while in London but they are branching out across the UK and are expected to launch in a number of additional cities over the coming months. Keep an eye out to see the launch in your city!

I’ve used Bolt in London a number of times and have found the app to be one of the better ones out there. Certainly better than the disaster that is known as OLA! Bookings are simple to make – the app is very intuitive and the prices are similar to pretty much all the ride sharing apps out there. There is very little to choose between the various ride sharing apps these days. The drivers usually work across platforms so the ride experience itself will be very similar. The only differentiating factor will be price and the app. I found the prices to be an par with Uber and Freenow.

They are currently running a referral scheme which is one of the better ones out there at the moment. Ola offer £5 when they can be bothered to make it work which doesn’t get you very far at all – but Bolt are currently running a referral scheme whereby you get a free ride worth up to £12/£14 dependant on your location.

Bolt referral code: VLTHJH
Bolt referral code: VLTHJH

How to use your Bolt refer a friend code

  1. Download the bolt app
  2. Enter and verify your phone number. Connect your Facebook account or enter your email address, as well as first and last name. Sign up.
  3. Open your Bolt account, go to the menu (top left corner), and choose ‘Payments’. Select your desired payment method, and go back to the main menu. Choose ‘Promotions’, enter your promo code, and click ‘Apply’.
Bolt promotional code
Bolt promotional code

Bolt is a ridesharing company that offers car and motorbike rides, as well as scooter sharing. The company was founded in 2013 by Markus Villig and is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. Download the Bolt app to your iOS or Android device and request a taxi or private driver, or use one of its electric scooters.

With over 30 million riders and more than a million drivers, Bolt is one of the fastest-growing startups. The app is available in over 30 countries, including Australia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and all across Europe. By connecting riders and drivers, Bolt is helping cities evolve towards decreased traffic congestion and pollution. All Bolt rides in Europe are 100% carbon-neutral.

Happy travelling! H x

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bolt referral code?
Use Bolt referral code: VLTHJH to get up to £14 off your 1st booking with Bolt

Where do I enter the Bolt Promotional code?
Once registered – click the top left hand corner and click promotions follwoed by enter promotional code. Enter the code VLTHJH to get £14 off your first ride

What is the criteria to use the Bolt promo code?
You need to be a new user and you need to have added your payment method to your account. Then once you enter the code: VLTHJH in the promotional box you will be provided with a FREE ride worth between £12 – £14.

How long do you have to use your bolt promo code?
You must use your bolt promotional code within 7 days of receiving it. Therefore once you have added code: VLTHJH to your account you have 7 days to make your booking.