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STAKE – FREE SHARE in Nike, Go Pro or Dropbox

Stake referral code: faisaln428

Register for a Stake share dealing account and use referral code: faisaln428 or using the following link:

Get a FREE share in either NIKE, GO PRO or DROPBOX – You need to deposit $50 within 24 hours to get your FREE STOCK

Totally on fire with all these new apps coming out offering FREE shares and commission free trading. Came across STAKE today and fell in love with the user experience compared to some of the others out there. This is another app that allows you to buy stocks and share in the US for users in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Registration is very easy and by following the referral code link above it auto-populates in the registration screen. Otherwise you can manually enter the code: faisaln428 in the appropriate field to ensure you get a free share. Once registered you need to complete a few of the usual verification questions (was quicker than the verification process at my 3 other share trading account which provide free shares (Trading 212, Freetrade & Passfolio) and I was done in about 5 minutes.

You then get a countdown timer letting you know you need to deposit funds to get your free stock/share within 24 hours. I have seen various amounts posted about the minimum payment you need to make but to be safe I used my Revolut card to deposit £60 and this was authorised immediately.

After that I was presented with a wheel spin to get my free share. There are only 3 shares possible shares with varying probabilities and on the spin I got a free share in Nike – WOOHOOO. At the time or writing Nike is worth $96 or about £76. Winner 🙂

Stake FREE SHARE referral code: faisaln428

The app itself is quirkier than all the others I have used previously. Its bold and brash and I like it a lot. I obviously haven’t used it much yet as the funds are still being added but I will be buying a few shares over the coming weeks and will let you know my first impressions.

But straight off the bat I like the registration process and the free stock offer which seems more generous than some of the other apps I have downloaded. Although there are only 3 stocks available the probabilities are higher than what I have seen with the others. The downsides I have seen so far are that its obviously only US stocks AND they seem to charge a transaction fee of about $9 to deposit and remove funds from your account. Please bear that in mind when joining.

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2. Freetrade which also has worldwide shares and an offer for a free share worth up to £200 –
3. Passfolio which is a US share dealing account for worldwide residents and an offer of free stock worth upto $100 –

Stake FREE SHARE referral code: faisaln428

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Stake Share Dealing referral code?
Use referral code faisaln428 or click the following link: to register and get your FREE share

What free share do you get by using the referral code?
Register using referral code: faisaln428 and you will be entitled to a free stock/share in Nike, Dropbox or Go Pro

What is the criteria to get your free share when registering at Stake?
Make sure you register and enter referral code: faisaln428. Then once registered make sure you deposit funds of about £50 into your account WITHIN 24 hours to ensure you get your free spin.

What share will I get FREE when registering for a new account?
As long as you register using the referral code: faisaln428 or following the link on this website you will be entitled to a free share. You will need to deposit funds within 24 hours and then you will spin the wheel to see which free share you will get. The stocks available are Nike, Go Pro and Dropbox.

STAKE Referral code: FAISALN428

Smile Direct Club Discount – Save £100/$150 on your aligners :-)

Use the link above to request your exclusive promotional code for £100/$150 off your smile direct club aligner order – (or £75 off and 50% off impression kit) – I will also get a reward for referring you – YAY.

A friend of mine never smiled, especially not in photos – she never showed her teeth. She was often teased about it in a playful way but I never understood why until one day she opened up to me and told me that she was self conscious of her crooked teeth. I had no idea and felt terrible. Something I had never noticed affected her confidence drastically.

She told me her fear of going to the dentist and the expense was overshadowing her fear of smiling. I reminded her of advances in dentistry today, most importantly the development of home braces such as Invisalign and Inman aligners and that she no longer had a reason to let fear hold her back. I mean its nothing like the metal wire braces I had to wear when I was a teenager!

So we had both seen the influencer posts on Instagram for removable aligners which were significantly cheaper than Invisalign – so she decided to give them a go. I was so happy to be there with her throughout her teeth straightening transformation! We were both unsure of what to expect, but it was worth taking the chance. She had the choice to go instore to get her 3D impression made or do it by mail, she opted by mail. She then received a preview of how her teeth would look after the treatment was completed and the whole treatment was delivered in ONE box, which was really organized, and she knew what she was getting and when she would need to move onto the next set of aligners.

Smile direct club promo code

The results were amazing and matched the preview. It has changed everything about her and boosted her confidence, and now she can’t stop smiling! I wish I could get her before and after pictures on this blog but she is not that confident! 🙂

She actually received a promotional code using the link which gave her £100 off her order (sometimes it switches to £75 and half price impressions kit) which made it even more affordable and there was no need to physically visit a dentist as this could all be done online in her own home which also made her more comfortable. The total duration of the treatment was 6 months to complete, which was super quick (compared to my 2 years on wire braces – eeeek!)

She is so happy with the results that she is now referring everyone to Smile Direct Club and telling them about how it has changed her life. The best thing is she receives a reward for doing so, and you can too! The promotional code and referral rewards are available to everyone, so why not take advantage? I don’t think my friend would have gone through with this if she had to wear the traditional wired metal braces, she would have been too self conscious to have had more attention drawn to her teeth, so she was delighted to discover Smile Direct Club.

I wish more people knew about advances in dental health care and how accessible and affordable Invisalign really they are. If you visit their website you can see the array of smiling faces and happy customers, and my friend is one of them

Don’t forget to use the smile direct discount code by following this link: You will then be asked to enter your email address and you will be emailed the code to enter at checkout when you are ordering your impressions.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a discount for smiledirectclub aligners?
Yes – by following the link: you can request your personal promotional code which you can enter at checkout

What promo codes are available for smiledirectclub?
Use this link: to request your personal promo code for £100 off your order for aligners at smiledirectclub

Where do I enter discount code for £100/$150 off at smiledirectclub?
First follow this link to request your personal discount code: Once you have a promo code you can enter it when booking your appointment for 3d impressions or deliver at home pack.

Glasses Direct : Get £35 off your 1st Frames

Glasses Direct referral : HAYLEY DUSTER

Get £35 off your frames with Glasses Direct referral code: HAYLEY DUSTER. Enter this at the checkout in the field labelled referred by a friend or click the link to get a voucher sent to your email: Glasses Direct Referral Voucher

I started wearing glasses a few years ago and I absolutely hated them because it felt like they always covered my face too much and really didn’t suit me. But recently I have started to enjoy wearing them far more – especially as a fashion accessory to complement my outfit when I’m going out. Today I can get frames in so many styles and colours that I can really express myself like I couldn’t before. One previous negative when buying glasses was the price was prohibitively expensive which meant I couldn’t really buy multiple frames to match my mood or style. But now the prices are so much more reasonable that I buy multiple pairs.

The other problem with frames is that you really need to try them on to see if they suit you – they might look great on screen but until you put them on you cannot really tell if they work for you or not. That’s why I love using Glasses direct as they have a huge selection of eyewear on their website but also I can choose a pair to try at home and take my time on deciding if I like them. I know I’ll find something that I love. Glasses direct are currently running a referral scheme where if you decide to purchase and you use the referral code: Hayley Duster at the checkout stage in the box labelled referred by a friend? – you will get £35 off your chosen frames which is pretty damn amazing! Alternatively you can click the following link : Glassesdirect Referral Code to get a voucher emailed to you.

glasses direct referral
Glasses Direct referral : HAYLEY DUSTER

I selected 4 frames to try at home to see which ones I liked best and I had up to seven days for my home trial and there was no pressure to decide. It was much better than one of those virtual try-ons because I could check the size and feel how heavy or light they were on my face and see if they were comfortable. Sometimes I really like the look of a pair of glasses, but they just don’t suit my face but this way I can see how it actually looks before I buy. The returns are even free. This is definitively my type of online shopping! The best thing was there are over a 1000 styles to choose from so there is something for every mood and look. They have some great offers on too – like 2 for 1 designer glasses and as the prices are so reasonable I can splash out a bit and get more than one pair. Sometimes I’m really torn between two designs and can’t chose, or if there is a design I like but I know I won’t wear it often …. so with these prices and offers I can still buy them! And remember you can get get £35 off your chosen design with Glasses Direct referral code: Hayley Duster. What is not to like!

glasses direct referral
Glasses direct referral code: HAYLEY DUSTER

There are a wide range of frames from everyday use to what I would like to call special occasion wear (the quirkier designs). From essentials to designer and boutique so you can spoil yourself and they have some great brand names that I recognize too. I also find it helpful to read the customer reviews before I chose a pair as it can save me the trouble of trying something that would not work for me. I’m going to purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses soon but I’m still deciding on the frame. All in all, I really enjoy the Glasses Direct experience. If you’re indecisive like me when it comes to shopping and want to choose the perfect pair of glasses for your look – I recommend Glasses Direct. Don’t forget you can also use the referral code: Hayley Duster and get £35 off the frames you want too, it’s worth giving it a try. I hope you find the look that suits you! x

Orca Investment App – FREE Stock up to £200

Use Referral code: or code BB818

Either click the link to register or if you have already joined – you can enter the referral code once you are on the referral page. The referral code will give you a FREE stock worth up to £200 once you have completed identity verification and deposited £50 and purchased 3 different assets

I’m trying to be more financially responsible and plan for my future as I’m getting older. I’ve been thinking about getting into investing for a while now but didn’t know where to start as it’s all new to me, but then I came across Orca website ( It’s a new type of investment app where you can buy stocks and ETFs, and leverage the potential of your savings, regardless of your experience. Most importantly I could download it onto my phone and use it to learn how to invest without any previous knowledge – it was perfect for someone like me! If you are looking to join then you can use my QR code, link or enter the referral code BB818 to join and get a FREE share worth up to £200. You can even open an ISA with them for free and contribute up to £20K a year tax-free!

Orca App Referral Code: BB818

I liked the sign up process a lot, it was like having a conversation with someone and my account was verified within 5 minutes – so quick! I liked that I was able to start using it right away. The app interface is clear, user-friendly, and easy to use and quite intuitive so I was able to navigate my way around it without too much trouble. The Orca app has very similar functionality to Trading 212 and Freetrade which I have also been using quite a lot lately. There is a lot more information and detail on each of the stocks so you can really get to know the business before investing in it. They also link to many relevant articles which might be useful in researching and deciding whether to invest which is great.

You can also share your portfolio with other investors and see theirs too which helps, especially when you are starting out and you aren’t sure of what is a decent portfolio so you can look at what someone more experienced is doing! You can share knowledge and experience and improve performance together. I do recommended this app to my friends (as well as Trading 212 and Freetrade) as they all help more of us to invest when historically we have not been able to. To get you started you can use my referral code BB818 to get a FREE share once you have made 3 purchases so thats another added incentive. I got a share in TUI which was not that highly valued but better than nothing! Some of my friends who have joined have received higher value shares…. One received Games Workshop which is worth more than £100!

Orca Referral Code BB818

There are lots of featured lists too which I haven’t seen in other apps such as “Under £1”, a collection of stocks with the market price of £1 or less which is an interesting collection, or the “Investor’s Choice” section which are the most popular bought on Orca. Another example they have is called “God Save The Queen” which is made up of the most popular British brands which you can add to your portfolio in one purchase, which I think is really fun! I find these sections the most helpful when deciding how to invest my money, there are a lot of helpful resources and help leveraged from the experts!

All in all, it’s a super user-friendly and fun to app to use, not over complicated, which is perfect as the interface doesn’t stress me out – so I am more likely to use it to invest as that process of investing itself is stressful enough already! You can try it too. Don’t forget to use my QR code, link or enter the referral code BB818 to join and you can start learning to invest with Orca now too!

In the meantime why don’t you join and let me know what you think in the comments. Don’t forget to check out my articles on Trading 212, Freetrade, Stake and Passfolio for more trading platforms and more chances to get free shares and begin your investment journey.

Happy Investing! H x

Costa Coffee on Me! Get a free coffee using invite code: VBVP6

Costa Coffee Invite code: VBVP6

Use the invite code when registering in the Costa Coffee app to get 200 points (worth £2) FREE to go with the 100 points starter points you get for registering. You can also use the following direct link :

Want to get another free drink for joining?
A number of other coffee shops offer free drinks if you join their loyalty programmes using a referral code/link.

Caffe Nero – Get a free drink when downloading the app using the invite a friend link. More details here:
Coffee#1 – Similar to Caffe Nero – Get a free drink when downloading the app using the invite a friend link. More details here:

Yes – You guessed it. Another one of my guilty pleasures is coffee. I probably drink far too much of the stuff every single day but I don’t think I can function without a coffee first thing in the morning.

I usually use my Nespresso at home before leaving for work but once I’m on my way to the office or during the day I need a refill from my local Costa Coffee barista. And since we all love free things – how about a free coffee from Costa? Now, there aren’t too many ways for you to get a free coffee, but luckily for you I know exactly how you can get one, and this article is going tell you exactly how!

So, you are probably thinking, how do I get a free coffee?

It’s pretty simple really. All you have to do is download the Costa Coffee app to your phone or other mobile device that you own. When you are completing the registration process you are asked if you have an invite code and you need to enter Costa Coffee invite code: VBVP6. With this code entered you will receive 200 points, which is equivalent to £2. Not only do you get that for using the code but you will also receive 100 points just for joining the loyalty programme. That’s 300 points in total and enough for a free hot drink!

You can also visit their website to gain access to these free points, when you register an account. 

For me there’s nothing better than a really good cup of coffee and Costa Coffee do some of the best coffee out there. I prefer to make my own all things being said – but when that’s not possible then Costa is my coffee house of choice. Combine the great coffee with a great app and loyalty scheme and it’s a win win from me.

The Costa Coffee app is actually one of the best loyalty apps out there. It is just so easy to use and collect points. You earn 100 points just for joining the loyalty programme (and not forgetting the 200 points for using the Costa invite code: VBVP6) Once you have signed up, you can track your points, refer your friends and family for a bonus 200 points and see how many more points you need to be able to get another free coffee. The points are actually redeemable for anything sold in store not just barista made drinks like the similar offer at Caffe Nero.

The app is also a great if you are in a rush. You can place your order on the app whilst you are still at home or on route and then head to the store and collect it all without having to wait in line. Other functionality in the app includes finding the store closest to you and important information such as opening and closing times, what facilities are available and even directions!

If you have been a member of the Costa Coffee loyalty programme for a while, then you will know all about the physical cards which were used in the past. But, with the app you do not have to worry about remembering to take your card with you everywhere as you can access your card within the app, and if you have an iPhone you can even place your card within your apple wallet, so you can access it very quickly if needed.

Enjoy you coffee and don’t forget to enter costa coffee referral code: VBVP6

H x

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Costa Coffee Club App invite code?
Use the invite code: VBVP6 when registering the Costa Coffee Club app to get 200 FREE points.

What are 200 Costa Coffee Club points worth?
When registering with invite code : VBVP6 you get 200 FREE Costa Coffee points. These are worth £2 towards your next coffee. You also get 100 free points for starting out in the Costa app making a total of £3 towards your first Costa Coffee Club coffee.

Where can you use the Costa Coffee club app?
You can use the Costa Coffee Club App at any Costa Coffee in the UK. You can add the app details directly into your apple wallet to make things even easier. And don’t forget to use invite code: VBVP6 or 200 FREE points.

Peppersmith Mints & Gums: Get £5 OFF

Peppersmith Referral Code: CLICK HERE TO GET £5 OFF

Click the Peppersmith referral link and enter your details on the page to get a voucher emailed to you for £5 off your first order at Peppersmith.

I turned vegan a few years ago – I wanted to do right by the environment and in general wanted to switch to a healthier diet which also meant cutting down on my sugar intake. It wasn’t a difficult transition but my one weakness has always been sweets and I didn’t realise how un-vegan friendly most brands are until I started to pay attention to the ingredients. My sweet tooth was always craving that little pick me up until I discovered Peppersmith and remembered what I had been missing out on!

Peppersmith mints, gums and pastilles are 100% plant-based AND sugar free! Peppersmith use Xylitol instead of sugar to sweeten them, which is really good for your dental health. So not only can I enjoy them, but I can also share them with my diabetic mother which I love as I always feel bad when she misses out on sweets but now I’ve found this alternative – it’ almost too good to be true!

The great thing is that I was able to get £5 off with my Peppersmith referral [£5 FREE LINK] which made me even more pleased to try out this brand. I mean delivery is even free on all UK orders. They come in boxes of 12 and there is a fuss free returns policy, which helped sway me into trying them as I was in two minds about purchasing in case I didn’t like the product, instead it’s a daily pick me up for me now!

I like to keep the gum and mints on me to freshen my breath when I’m on the go and it’s a bonus knowing I’m keeping my teeth healthy. I never get bored of the flavours as they come in gums come in English peppermint, Sicilian Lemon, strawberry and extra strong so I can mix it up! The gum is either peppermint or spearmint, so I have a choice there too. It makes me happy knowing that Peppersmith is all natural, which aligned with my values – doing right for the planet and my body. No harsh chemicals and no compromise on the flavour. Even the packaging is plant friendly and sustainable, not made of plastic film that would go to waste or unrecyclable wax paper like other brands use. Peppersmith uses FSC-certified cardboard boxes. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council® which helps take care of forests and the wildlife and people who call them home, just for this I am happy to pay a bit extra if I need to but it’s still affordable! The packaging is also fully recyclable, so when I am done, I can pop it into the recycling waste with everything else, including the mailer box it comes in, perfect! Now even their new mighty boxes, their 50g pouches are made from responsibly sourced cardboard, and the reseal tab means I can share them with my friend and family time and time again!

It feels good to know I am supporting a brand with such a responsible mindset that is aligned with my values. They are working on phasing out all plastic and unsustainable packaging from their supply chain which fills me with confidence for a better future! I will continue to purchase from Peppersmith as it makes me feel like I am doing my bit to help such initiatives however small it may be, it’s a step in the right direction and I’m excited to see if they develop any other products in the future! But all said and done they actually look good and taste fantastic. I often get asked where I bought them as I don’t think they are available in shops and can only be ordered online.

By using my Peppersmith referral you to can get some Peppersmith gums and mints and £5 off too! Enjoy

H x

Urban Massage/Wellness Treatments : Get £30 off Your First Booking

Urban Referral Code: RFAISAL2A6

Get £30 FREE at using referral code: RFAISAL2A6. Add code to wallet in the app or on the website or click the link below during registration to auto complete. £30 Referral credit can be auto-populated by following this link:

I recently came across an app which allows you to book a wellness treatment direct to your home. Originally only covering massages they now cover a whole host of wellness treatments from yoga to facials right through to manicures. All can be booked from the comfort of your home and your therapist will make a house call to complete the treatment at your agreed time!

I work extremely long hours during the week and these days I’m even working most weekends so I hardly have any time just for me anymore 🙁 . Due to the stresses of work I’m often tied in knots and in need of a really good massage and previously I’ve had to wait weeks to get a slot at a decent venue when I’ve actually needed something in the next few days. What I have realised is that I would love to have more treatments more often and sometimes at less social times so this is where Urban has been perfect fort me. They offer over 50 different treatments and services that I can have done in my own home from manicurists, facials to skincare, or other services such as fitness sessions virtually online. This is literally exactly what I have been looking for!

Urban discount code
Urban discount code: RFAISAL2A6

As a female that lives alone – I’ve often been reluctant to let strangers into my home but I feel safe with Urban as I know they only hire trusted professionals. They meet every practitioner offering services on their platform in person to check they are fully skilled and qualified to do their job, as well as safety credentials. I can even view the user ratings and reviews of each professional on their individual profile to help me decide who to book – I love that transparency. There is even a forum where you can ask the practitioners anything about massage, beauty, osteopathy, physiotherapy, and fitness. I wanted to book a massage but wasn’t sure of what to expect so I asked all my questions on the forum beforehand to help me feel more prepared. I also picked up some beauty tips from other questions on there.

I received £30 off my first booking on Urban using the Referral discount code: RFAISAL2A6 which enticed me to give it a go and I’m so happy that I did. You need to add this code to your wallet in the app or on the website – (It is not added to checkout in the discount code box) Even without this discount code I found the prices to be reasonable but using the referral discount code I was able to book a much needed longer 120 minutes massage for only £77 which was worth every penny especially as I didn’t have to leave my living room! The practitioner I chose based on feedbacl brings all the kit with them – you just need to make sure you have the relevant room for the therapist to work in and that’s it!

Urban referral code: RFAISAL2A6

Urban partner with some of my favourite brands like OPI for long lasting nail treatments – I don’t usually go for any other brands. They even offer packages for couples and groups so I am thinking of organising a pampering night with the girls because I know some of them don’t make time for themselves either plus its something a little different. The price for the group would be negligible.

I might actually try and book some online yoga classes next as with work and the gym there is very little time left for any other hobbies at the moment. But Urban allows me to book treatments and courses for the following day and late in the evening which is perfect for my current lifestyle. I might even try a different wellness treatment available on the app – not sure what yet but its so much more comfortable to be treated in your own home that I feel less apprehensive about trying something new. I also love that I can book all my fitness and beauty services in one place which makes things so much easier. Urban massage also provides physiotherapy and guided sports massage as well as yoga and mindfulness sessions so there really is something for everyone!

I can see me using this service much more over the coming weeks and months. I really am of a fan of the product! PLus these small lifestyle changes are having a huge impact on my physical wellbeing. I really look forward to my sessions, they brighten my day and uplift my mood. I’m generally a nicer person to be around now! I have been recommending Urban to all of my friends and family and will be sharing my referral code: RFAISAL2A6 so they can get the same discount I did too!

Enjoy your treatments!

H x

Yoppie Referral Code: Get £20 FREE Credit

Yoppie Referral code: YKIVDTXJ

Enter Yoppie referral code YKIVDTXJ during checkout to get £20 credit off your first subscription. (was £30 but has now been reduced)

For each woman her cycle is something completely personal, that can often affect your mood, your body and your energy. With so many variables being a part of the equation it is normal that you are looking for personalised solutions so as to best deal with your cycle. I mean, I know I was looking for solutions and it was just hard to find something that was not a one-size fits all approach. It was honestly disheartening at times. That was until I found and honestly, my relationship with my body and my menstrual cycle completely changed. I could now have a personalised solution and I could stop worrying so much.

Yoppie referrel code
Yoppie referrel code: YKIVDTXJ

What I love most about Yoppie is that it is all about your choices and how you would personally feel better about your cycle, rather than an expert trying to convince you that this is what you need. Getting started with this subscription service is honestly very easy. All you would need to do is answer four questions. First the length of your period, then the type of flow you have, then it will ask what type of products you prefer to use to manage your periods and then it will give you the items that it suggests. You can then adjust the quantity that you need or if you would like to add a product that they did not include you can also do that.

Yoppie referrel code
Yoppie referrel code: YKIVDTXJ

As this is a subscription you will also need to select exactly when you would like to receive your box by, or how often you would like to receive it. For me personally I like to be on the safe side so I always like to have my new box of products arrive every 3 weeks, this allows my brain to settle down and feel like I am prepared for the next month. Of course, in this last section of selecting your box you can also add any referral codes or discount codes that you might have. This is where you would add the referral code is: YKIVDTXJ so as to receive £20 in credit to spend on period products! That’s one of the best referral credits I have ever seen during my time blogging and it really does make the price of the products so cheap! My suggestion is that you use this first box to stock up on anything that you want to have on hand and then you can adapt and make each box more curated to your monthly needs.

I mean to be honest, it is not just that I feel like with Yoppie, I have personalised care for my menstrual needs, it is more importantly the fact that I know that all of their products are of the highest quality. Everything that they use is 100% organic cotton, which means that for the first time in my life I don’t feel like I have to worry about what nasty chemicals they may have used to produce my pads and tampons. And it is also, just so much better for your skin and body, to have pure cotton over some product with a ton of chemicals. So, with Yoppie I feel like I am helping the planet while also saving myself a whole lot of irritation and trouble.

I just can’t say enough good things about this service. The products arrive when you need them – there are no uncomfortable moments in the checkout queue and the subscription arrives in plain packaging. No more late night trips to the corner shop for me when I accidently run out! I now have everything I need delivered to my door every single month and its just so much easier. But honestly, don’t take my word for it, try the service for yourself. Just use the referral code: YKIVDTXJ  to get your first box of curated period products to your door with £20 off and trust me when I say you will never want to go back to the hustle of trying to remember whether you have enough products at home. Everything will be there waiting for you to make your period completely stress free.

Just go to, fill in your preferences, add the referral code and when that box arrives at your door trust me when I say you will be happy that there is at least one less thing to worry about. X

UK Ola Cab Referral Discount Code – 0VKG7FU

UK OLA CAB Referral Code: 0VKG7FU

Get your 1st ride free (upto £10) and 3 rides with £5 off (You get 3 coupons worth £5 each – £15 total) – Long press to copy the code on mobile device. Free ride must be taken within 14 days of activating referral code and only applies to your 1st Ola Cab booking. Note: if you are manually entering code the first character is a ZERO.

UPDATE 01/03/21: The latest offer showing on the Ola website is FREE £5 ride credit plus 3 * 50% discount vouchers:

If you are a DRIVER looking to work for OLA then use the same referral code when registering to get a bonus payment when you have completed the agreed number of customer drops : LB268S

If you haven’t already noticed I’m a bit of a PRINCESS when it comes to public transport and my blog is littered with cost saving hacks to make cab rides as cheap as possible :-). My latest cab blog is about the free ride offer currently active at the new kid on the block . . . . Ola Cabs.

I’ve been working in Birmingham these last few months and Ola, one of the world’s largest ride-hailing platforms, has launched in the UK (and more specifically in Birmingham for me) ​and  gives passengers a new and convenient way to hail a black cab or private hire vehicle. Think of it as the new Uber with more competitive pricing 🙂

​Ola launched in Bristol in mid 2018 and has steadily begun increasing the areas it provides it’s services. Currently it operates ride-hailing services in five regions that cover several of the UK’s bigger cities: South Wales (Cardiff, Newport and Vale of Glamorgan), the South West (Bath, Bristol, Exeter, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire), Merseyside (Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens and The Wirral), West Midlands (Birmingham, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton, Coventry & Warwickshire) and Reading and will soon to be launching in London.

I hadn’t heard of Ola until I saw the cabs driving around Birmingham – so downloaded the app to see how I got on. The first thing I noticed was that most of the drivers who  picked me up were actually Uber drivers as well so you can expect pretty much the same driver/passenger experience.

UK Ola Cab Referral Code: 0VKG7FU

ola referral code
ola referral code

But what’s actually great about Ola service is the prices. You can see I have highlighted a referral code above. Use this when joining and before making your first booking and you will get your 1st ride free (upto £10) and your next 5 rides at half price (upto £5 off each) . What’s more I have found that over the past few weeks I have received notifications through the Ola app offering me discounts of between 25 – 40 % on a regular basis. So you can bet the service is cheaper than Uber!

Oh and Ola is the only app that can be used by both black cabs and Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs), giving you a greater choice when you fly or get a train into a public transfort hub

In India, Ola is the dominant ride-hailing service provider. In addition to the U.K. other markets where it operates outside of its home country are Australia (where it has services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and the Gold Coast) and New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch). More countries will be launching soon!

I dont want new Ola drivers to miss out – so below you will find a driver app referral code to use which gives you a bonus on your first few driver bookings. The coupon code to use is : 0VKG7FU

Frequently Asked Questions:

Surprisingly from all my blog posts this one has been one of my most popular. But I’ve been asked a number of questions on email over and over again – so I thought I would add the answers below. Just remember I’m just a gal who takes a few too many Ola cabs – I’m no a cab expert 😉

00 ​Do you have an OLA driver referral code?

Are you a driver looking to work for Ola? If so – you can use the following referral code when applying to work for Ola to get a CASH BONUS when you have completed the relevant number of rides. Use the code: 0VKG7FU

01 ​​What is the Ola cab referral code?

​The Ola referral code listed here is: 0VKG7FU​This is a UK referral code and once activated will allow you to get one complimentary ride (upto £10) and you next 3 rides with £5 off each. Please ensure you enter this referral code before you make your first booking to ensure it works​​​

02 ​​How does Ola referral work?

​​When registering with the Ola App you are presented with an opportunity to enter a friends referral code. Once entered this provides you with a complimentary free ride (upto £10) and your next 3 rides with £5 off. By entering 0VKG7FU you will have access to this offer

03 ​How can I use the referral code in Ola app?

​Once you have downloaded the Ola app on IOS or Andriod you are presented with a screen allowing you to enter your friends referral code. Enter 0VKG7FU at this screen for a complimentery free ride and your next 3 rides with £5 off

04 ​Is Ola in Birmingham?

​​Ola launched in Birmingham in April 2019 and is currently making great strides in winning market share from Uber. If you are new to using Ola – use the code: 0VKG7FU when registering to get your first ride free and your next 3 rides with £5 off in Birmingham

05 ​​​Is Ola in Coventry or Warwick?

​​Ola launched in Coventry & Warwick in October 2019 and is currently making great strides in winning market share from Uber. If you are new to using Ola – use the code: 0VKG7FU when registering to get your first ride free and your next 3 rides with a £5 discount

06 ​How can I get an Ola coupon code?

​​Ola regularly provides discount and promotional codes through in app notifications to users. If you are new to Ola then use the code: 0VKG7FU get your first ride free. Otherwise look in your app before booking and usually you will see any applicable coupons available

07 ​​How can I get free Ola rides?

​​Ola provides discounts regularly to its customers but it only offers free rides for new customers who have not booked before. To activate your free ride you need to download the app and enter: 0VKG7FU in the referral code box before your 1st booking to get your 1st ride free.

08 ​​Where do Ola Cabs operate?

​Currently Ola operate in the Midlands, Bristol, North West and Wales with plans to increase in presence across the UK over the coming months. Watch out London because if the rumours are true – Ola is coming to you soon!

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Luno invite code: QQQM42
Luno invite code: QQQM42

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What is the LUNO invite code?
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Where do I enter the Luno Reward code?
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