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FREENOW Taxi – Refer a friend for £10 off

FREENOW Referral Code:

Enter FREENOW promo code: VQKGD5JHA ahead of your first taxi trip to get £10 off. Download the app and enter the code during signup to activate this offer

FREE NOW is Europe’s number 1 taxi app, operating in 100+ European cities, including 9 cities within the UK and they are on a journey to make urban mobility better for passengers, drivers and communities, and to help cities move more freely. They are the first ride-hailing service in London to bring black cabs and private hire vehicles together on one app to make life easier for us commuters.

FREENOW was formerly known as Kapten and has been and still is the best ride sharing app in the UK in my opinion. Over the past few years I have used a number of different apps to get me around and I have always found Kapten (FREENOW) to be significantly better than the competition. They are currently running a referral offer where you can get £10 off your first ride if you enter FREENOW promo code: VQKGD5JHA during signup or before you have taken your 1st ride.

freenow referral code: FAISAL.NISA
freenow referral code: faisal.nisa

My worst nightmare is being abroad and not being able to get to the airport on time for my flight home. Recently I was in Rome to see my mother for a quick weekend visit but I needed to be back in London for Sunday afternoon to prepare for a work meeting which meant an early Sunday morning flight and I had to book a taxi to take me to the airport at 4:30am. I was having problems trying to find a local taxi firm at this time and a family member recommended the taxi service FREENOW.

I was worried about finding a car at that time early on a Sunday morning, so I booked the service the night before. I received a confirmation that a driver accepted the ride so I was pretty relieved. However, the next morning about 15 min before the pick-up time the app showed that the driver had cancelled my ride. Fortunately, there was no need to panic – I didn’t even have to do anything. The app automatically looked for a new driver in the area and a taxi came about a couple of minutes later than the original booking time. I could see on the map as the driver was approaching and the app showed his contact info. I was charged a flat fee to get to the airport which was far cheaper than what it would have cost to book a taxi through the traditional methods! I highly recommend the service and I use it all the time now. I even managed to get the equivalent of £10 off as it was my first taxi ride using the FREENOW promo code: VQKGD5JHA. All I had to do was enter this code after downloading the app, during the signup and registration phase.

freenow referral
freenow referral

I’ve used the FREENOW app in Edinburgh, London, and Manchester and it’s always been reliable and makes life as a commuter so much easier. I have used several different apps to get me around and I have always found FREENOW to be significantly better than the competition. Don’t forget if you want to try it, they are currently running a referral offer where you can get £10 off your first ride if you enter FREENOW promo code: VQKGD5JHA during signup or before you have taken your first ride.

There isn’t much difference between the various ride sharing apps right now, so the customer service and professionalism is what makes all the difference. Critically the usability of the app and the interface is now more important than ever and FREENOW ticks all the boxes for me, especially when I need a taxi in London. So, if you are looking to try a new taxi service why not give FREENOW a go and enter the promo code: VQKGD5JHA to get £10 off your first ride.

FREENOW are currently in the following cities in the UK (plus many more worldwede) : Brighton, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading, Derby and Leicester

Freenow referral code: Faisal.nisa
Freenow referral code: Faisal.nisa

Step 1: Open up the FREE NOW app and tap the profile icon in the top right corner.

Step 2: This will take you through to the main menu screen (Image 2). Select ‘Vouchers and credits’ to open the voucher page.

Step 3: Select the ‘Enter promo code’ option in order to enter the relevant code. Alternatively, select the ‘Get more vouchers’ option in order to view and share your referral code with friends and family.

Step 4: Once you have entered the promo code, select the save option (Image 4). Your voucher will then be filed under ‘Vouchers and credits’. 

Don’t forget to enter freenow promo code : VQKGD5JHA to get £10 off your first ride using the freenow app. Happy travelling. H x

Scraye Referral : Get 1 Week FREE Rent

Scraye Referral Code:

Enter Scraye referral code: MCO0M22 when making an offer on your chosen rental property to get your 1st week rent FREE.

I have recently come across Scraye which is a fantastic property rental website which has plenty of listings for amazing properties in the Central London area. Scraye is actually a new startup building a nextgen platform to help users rent, buy and finance property. They are trying to take on the big property problems to help renters, buyers, landlords and agents transact seamlessly at a fraction of the cost.

scraye referral code
Scraye referral code: MCO0M22

They currently have a fantastic offer which gives you 1 week RENT FREE when you enter a referral code during the offer stage on their website. If you use referral code: MCO0M22 you will get your 1st week rent free 🙂

The Scraye website lets you search for your next home without the stress of having to sign onto every estate agency under the sun. They also use open banking to create much faster affordability checks and give you the ability to track and complete your payments online and to review and sign contracts from anywhere in the world at any time.  Scraye automates the whole process and as a renter I know how much hassle it can be having to send a huge number of documents, work contracts and deposit to the letting agent. Scraye does away with most of that hassle!

I am currently renting a property and when it comes to find a new place to stay in London I will definitely be checking out Scraye to see what is available. Anything that makes the process easier is a winner if you ask me. Also remember that you can actually make an offer for a property listed on the website online without having to do it in person which helps with those uncomfortable negotiations!

Scraye referral code
Scraye referral code: MCO0M22

If you do decide to take up a property which you find on the Scraye website – drop me a line and let me know!

Happy house hunting

H x

Earnathon – Referral for FREE $20 of ENA

Earnathon Referral code:

Use referral code: Fas when registering for an account at Earnathon or using the following link:

A new crypto currency platform has just launched and I’m already on board :-). Earnathon is similar to coinable in that it offers free crypto whilst learning about the crypto.

In this instance by using the referral code and registering on the site and answering 4 questions after watching the videos will result in you receiving $20 off free Earnathon Crypto currency FREE. Note you will not be able to withdraw these funds as Earnathon is not yet a live crypto currency.

Earnathon is not a fully fledged platform. It is a platform designed to expose people to the world of blockchain and crypto currency. Users can learn about blockchain and crypto currency and crypto tokens.

Earnathon Referral Code: Fas

I found the app easy to use and they have a lot of upcoming crypto airdrops to earn more free crypto – so I’m looking forward to what this platform has planned. For now it is very new and as the signup process if very simple it is a no lose scenario for me !

Let me know how you get on and if you have any problems answering the questions to get your free ENA crypto.

Enjoy x H

Embargo Loyalty App Referral code: UNDILUTION

Referral code: UNDILUTION

Use the referral code when registering on the Embargo loyalty app to get additional rewards on your restaurant visits. Their are no details on the embargo app on what this reward will be. Once registered go to promo and add promo codes WELCOME and MUNCH for 2 additional rewards


Lime E-Scooter Referral Code: RF2YNU5

Lime Promo code:

Enter referral promo code: RF2YNU5 in the Lime app Wallet by adding promo code to get 1 FREE UNLOCK added to your account. You need to do this before taking your 1st ride!

So with Covid lockdown easing and the government trying to look at other ways for commuters to get to work – they have finally reduced the regulations on e-scooters.

I will be the first to admit they are pretty scary around London – but I was always looking forward to riding one and got my chance at the weekend. I used a referral code to get a free unlock so I saved £1. The fees are a bit random but the latest seems to be around 12p per minute.

LIME code : RF2YNU5

I will write a detailed blog later once im back in the office – but thought i’d get my referral code out there for those of you who are already looking for a code.

More details to follow…

BPme App – Get 250pts FREE

BPme Referral code: 000Q5OCT

Use BPme referral code : 000Q5OCT when registering on the BPme app to get 250 points FREE worth £1.25. You should have 500pts in total when starting out if you use the code 🙂 (Note the code is Triple ZERO, followed by the letter O later.

Hey again. So I’m not much of a driver these days. I have spent a number of months in London and have grown accustomed to to public transport and lately with lockdown – no transport at all! That said I’m all for apps that make your life easier and here’s one that I have just come across.

The BPme app gives you access to your BPme Rewards account where you can see your points balance, opt in to offers, and access your digital BPme Rewards card. Plus, there’s loads of other great features in BPme. You can find your nearest bp station, you can pay for your fuel from your phone and earn BPme Rewards points without needing to scan your card.

Remember to use my referral code which is : 000Q5OCT (Thats 3 zeros followed by a letter O later) when registering to get a bonus 250 points on top of the 250 they give you for joining! These 500 points are worth 2.50 in spend at BP stations and on gift cards and other products . Worth noting that it would take you £250 in fuel spend to accumulate 250 points so to get them just for entering my referral code is pretty fantastic!

Keep an eye out for the BP offers where they offer double or triple points for set periods during the year too… this can drastically improve your points balance

BPme Referral Code: 000Q5OCT

Remember the app is not just for collecting points. You can pay for fuel, check your BPme Rewards points balance, link cards, find your nearest BP store and see what offers available to you. Note some features like pay for fuel, or loyalty point issuance, are only available at participating sites.

I won’t be driving anytime soon but when I do I will definitely use the app and try and pay for the fuel directly from the app. Enjoy x

ScottishPower – FREE £60 Bill Credit

Scottish Power Refer a Friend:


Click the link above and join for Gas/Elec or dual fuel and you will get a FREE £60 bill credit after you have been on supply for 28 days (£30 bill credit for single fuel switch) – UPDATED 21/03 (was £100 now reduced)

So I was searching for the cheapest supply for my home and found that Scottish Power offered the best deal for me with the added bonus that they have a referral scheme. If you use the link above and change one or both of your supplies over to Scottish Power you will get £60 added to your account as credit for FREE.

So obviously can’t say much in terms of the actual Gas/Electricity as it is all the same stuff but what I can say is that Scottish Power Fixed Price tariffs for electricity are all from 100% renewable energy sources 🙂

I was previously with British Gas and the switch over was painless and took a little over 2 weeks from signing the contract to be moved. It was pretty straight forward and I received an email letting me know when I had been switched over.

There’s not really much to say about who you get your energy from other than the price you pay and the relative quality of the customer services during switch over or if something goes wrong. I have had no problems with Scottish Power so can’t really comment anymore than that. If you are looking for renewable energy supplies then you really can’t got wrong with Scottish power if they provide a supply to your area.

Remember if you use the referral link: you will get either a £30 or £60 credit added to your account !

Scottish Power Refer A Friend:

Always keep an eye out for cheaper deals and use the comparison sites to make sure you have the best deal and they change regularly. If Scottish Power is the cheapest on the market for your area and for the supply you need then the refer a friend credit just makes the deal even sweeter…


The Personal Barber Referral – 10% Discount

Use the link above to get 10% off your order – If you purchase the starter box you will get a free razor and brush included.

The web seems to be full of subscription boxes and I am currently running a couple of different ones myself! Most of us are naturally suspicious of subscription boxes because we feel like we will be tied into a year long subscriptions like the old days at the gym!

So to start with The Personal Barber club is very easy to cancel or pause – its literally one click! – Now that we we have that out the way – lets get to the product itself! 🙂

I ordered this for my partner as he loves trying out different razors and I have been meaning to find him an ‘old skool’ razor which uses individual blades and this one seemed like a good option. Highly rated with lots of products to try. I used a referral code to get 10& off the order and you can too using the link :

Promo code:

When the first box arrived – the quality of the contents was amazing. Definitely wort the £22.50 I paid and my guy loved the weightiness and quality of the razor. He is already looking at some of the other items available to purchase on the website.

It’s worth noting that he is now a convert to traditional shaving. . . he is even thinking about getting a cut throat razor as he says that the shave is closer and the cost is a fraction of what you would pay with a modern razor.

I will update this blog when he has ordered another box from The Personal Barber as I think he is looking at a range of other items … 🙂

Don’t forget to use my referral code for a discount off your 1st order