Bitlocity Sponsor Name: Fas

Use the sponsor name: Fas when registering at Bitlocity to gain access to the program. Alternatively you can use the following direct link:

I have recently come across this interesting scheme for the Bitlocity reward programme. This has not yet launched but is in pre-launch stage so I cannot provide much more details outside of the marketing material which has been posted online I know there is a lot of hype and they have already reached 100k registered users and they haven’t even started.

The scheme looks promising and allows you to make significant amounts of bitcoin if it works as expected! Right now you need a Bitlocity sponsor name to join the program. You can use our Bitlocity sponsor name which is : Fas

Attached below is the video presentation for a few more details which are available on the program. As this is launched and I invest I will update the details to provide a more detailed review on how this program works and whether the promises being made are achievable.

Bitlocity Overview

BitLocity is an Crypto based MLM company that offers numerous levels of commissions. These are earned by becoming part of their platform and then personally referring others to join as paid members. (You can still make money without referring!) Something unique is that they have a crypto educational component to their system.

Bitlocity Registration

The program is referral based and you can use my referral sponsor name which is Fas and then sign-up with them. The minimum to get started is $25 USD in the form of Bitcoin. This allows members to get access to the 1st matrix package tier. This is also a $25 admin fee.

You can stop at this point but you can also earn more by becoming commission qualified. In order to make that happen members need to purchase a minimum of the Gold package tier which is a total of $150 USD (paid in BTC).

Bitlocity Compensation Plan

The Bitlocity comp plan has a few components but the main foundation is in the form of an MLM matrix based on the blockchain. With their plan, you’ll find fourteen packs/tiers that you can buy.

Note: They are cumulative, meaning you’ll need to buy them one after the other, and if you haven’t purchased a pack/tier, you can’t generate income from it. Basically, you have to own it, in order to earn from it.

Here is a list of the levels:

  • Bronze – $25
  • Silver – $50
  • Gold – $75
  • Platinum – $100
  • Pearl – $200
  • Amber – $500
  • Ruby – $750
  • Sapphire – $1000
  • Emerald – $2000
  • Diamond – $5000
  • Double Diamond – $10,000
  • Blue Diamond – $20,000
  • Ambassador – $50,000
  • Crown Ambassador – $100,000

Without going into all the details at is quite complicated to detail on this blog. Bitlocity have produced a more specific presentation which details how you can make money from Bitlocity and you can find the details below. Just remember to use Bitlocity Sponsor Name: Fas to gain access to the program.

You will need Bitcoin wallet in order to take part in the Bitlocity programme You can open these in a number of exchanges online. I personally use coinbase but Bitlocity recommend either or

You can find further details on exactly how to open a bitcoin wallet online. I will provide a more comprehensive update and review once the programme has launched. Good luck everyone. H x

Frequently asked questions:

What is the Bitlocity Sponsor Name?
You can use Bitlocity Sponsor Name: Fas when registering on the website

Where do I enter the Bitlocity Sponsor Name?
You need to enter the Bitlocity Sponsor Name: Fas on the 1st page when registering for a new account.

Can you register without a Bitlocity Sponsor?
You cannot join the Bitlocity program without using a Bitlocity Sponsor name. You can use our Bitlocity Sponsor name which is Fas

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