Zelf Referral Link: https://i.zelf.co/s/RLXDMFEZZM

Click the link above or scan the QR code below to join the waiting list for zelf and get a FREE 5€ balance added to your account

scan the QR code to join Zelf

So this is new 🙂 – And the first messenger bank that I have come across. I’ve used ‘messenger’ apps before to book hotel rooms (snaptravel comes to mind) and they are quick and intuitive and a little bit of fun too (at least to me for some weird reason)

Above you will find the referral link for a new bank app launching in the next few weeks called zelf. They are running a pretty impressive referral scheme too. Use the code above to join and get 5€ added to your balance. Then get referring 🙂

zelf referral
Zelf.co referral: https://i.zelf.co/s/RLXDMFEZZM

I can’t give a review of the bank itself as it hasn’t launched yet – but the messenger bot itself was very easy to use – the website was BRIGHT 🙂

Anyway I can’t say much more at this time – but the premise and functionality we will get looks pretty impressive. Fingers crossed the app is as good as the referral scheme!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Zelf?
Zelf is instant money in messengers. Zelfers get access to fast and easy banking services without the need to visit the bank, intall any app or any other hassle. Get started now by using the referral link: https://i.zelf.co/s/RLXDMFEZZM

2. What is the Zelf.co referral link/code?
Use referral code https://i.zelf.co/s/RLXDMFEZZM to join zelf.co messenger bank

3. When does Zelf.co launch?
The plan is to start shipping cards in mid 2020. In the meantime get referred using the referral link https://i.zelf.co/s/RLXDMFEZZM to get your 5€ added to your balance.

4. How many people can I invite to Zelf?
You can invite as many people as you like. Zelf are running a competition to see who can refer the most. You can start by getting referred using the following referral link : https://i.zelf.co/s/RLXDMFEZZM

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