Espa Skincare Referral Code: FAISAL-R6

Get £10 off your first order over £60 when using referral code: FAISAL-R6 either by clicking the link or by entering the code during the checkout stage. Note this code can usually be combined with other offers/codes on the Espa website.

Espa Skincare is a brand that really understands a woman’s needs better than most. ESPA are experts of skincare and boast a full assortment of products that will help you bloom from spring to spring: full-body skin care, essential oils, restorative home candles, snug beddings and cosy nightwear. Truly a girl’s paradise! 

espa Referral code
espa Referral code: FAISAL-R6

And they know we LOVE to be treated to a good deal as they are offering £10 off when you use the Espa discount code – FAISAL-R6. Fill your basket with over £60 worth of products and you can apply the code at checkout to get £10 off your first order. What’s more it usually works in combination with (some) other codes so you can stack the discount! They also over free delivery if you spend over £50 which is fantastic – I mean no one likes to pay for postage!

Espa originally caught my eye with their custom skincare routine development tool. I recently noticed that my skin can feel pretty dry, particularly after a hot shower, so I was looking for something that would help my skin stay well-hydrated skin. I selected the options that applied to me (under 25, dry skin, seeking to replenish its moisture, and don’t want to overthink it) and ended up with a simple three-step process: Step 1) Cleanse with Hydrating Cleansing Milk. Step 2) Tone with Hydrating Floral Spa-Fresh Mint. Step 3) Moisturise with 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser which sounded and was perfect.

Sure enough, my skin feels smoother and silkier than ever – even before applying the moisturiser! If you do decide to try this range let me know how it works for you as I have been recommending this 3 step solution to all my friends. And remember, it’s £10 off with FAISAL-R6 and a FREE next day delivery for orders over £50. 

espa Referral code
espa Referral code:FAISAL-R6

So after trying a couple of their products and seeing positive results, I was tempted to go through a few more. I was especially intrigued by their Modern Alchemy lineup. I’m a big believer in the balancing of chakras through meditation. I’ve witnessed first-hand how influential these energies are in our daily lives. Of course, I’m not implying that purchasing a new skin lotion will open up your crown chakra or anything like that, but as a spiritual person, I value the effort that ESPA have put toward educating the public on the importance of chakra energies. If there’s anything that the world needs more of during this time of fear and uncertainty, it’s balance. As well as a willingness to embrace the energies of those we might perceive as strangers, rivals, or enemies.

Although a new lotion will hardly align your chakras, there is something ESPA offers that will certainly go a long way toward making you feel like your very best self. Spas and massages! Turns out, ESPA is a huge company with experts in salons all over the world. I was making a trip to London last weekend and booked myself a spot at one of their salons in Whitehall, where I received a 5-star treatment and left with a big grin on my face. You, too, can navigate their spa locator to find one closest to you. 

Now it’s time to talk about their Wellbeing Teas. Tea is one of life’s pleasures that aids me in the daily hustle and bustle of life. In the mornings it warms me up and gets me going, in the afternoon it sustains me, and in the evening it relaxes me. ESPA offers seven different options of herbal tea (all blends being Vegan Society Certified), and although that’s not a ton of options, it’s enough to accommodate most people’s needs. Personally, after a hard day’s work and sweating it out in the gym, I needed something that would relax my racing thoughts and help me plan the day ahead. Since I was running low on my usual bedtime chamomile tea, I thought I’d see how ESPA’s Restful Herbal Tea Infusion would work for me. It contains chamomile and lavender, two ingredients that are ideal for unwinding, so it worked great for that, and I intend to be adding more to my basket with my next purchase – partly because they offer 30% off the entire basket when purchasing 3 or more Wellbeing Tea Infusions, but also because I genuinely enjoyed sipping on this unusual blend of fruits and herbs. 

espa Referral code
espa Referral code: FAISAL-R6

So, overall, I recommend ESPA. They have something for everyone, and with my discount code, you can be confident in trying out at least a few of their products. Again, use code FAISAL-R6 at check out for £10 off your £60 order, plus FREE next day delivery on all orders over £50. Can’t go wrong with a deal like that. 

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