Chip Referral / Promo Code : CHIP-BGK748

Sign up for a Chip Savings account and enter code: CHIP-BGK748 in the promo/referral box under the profile option and you will get £15 FREE added to your account. Payment will be made after you have made your first deposit £100 in an investment fund and 30 days have elapsed. Direct link to the offer can be found here:

CHIP is a fantastic savings app that I have grown to love AGAIN… I will be honest I joined up a few years ago and left when the savings rate dropped and I had very little money to spare (yes I get that this app helps you save and that fact has not been lost on me!) But I’ve come back and the changes since I was last using this app are huge. So much has changed 🙂 **** Chip have just launched an increased savings rate of of 0.9% ***

Lets start with the CHIP referral code. Sign up using my chip referral code: CHIP-BGK748 and you will get £15 added to your account after 30 days once you have invested £100 in an investment fund (cautious, balanced, ethical, adventurous, healthcare, clean energy, emerging markets, or crypto) . Not a bad start to your savings journey 🙂 Just make sure to add the code within 7 days of signing up to ensure this is activated. You can find the chip referral code entry field under the profile option bottom far right. It does not ask you for a code during signup so you will need to search this out once your account is setup.

Chip promo referral code
Chip referral code: CHIP-BGK748

So what exactly is Chip? – Well Chip is a FREE app that helps you save by bringing you some of the best rates on the market and using it’s lovely artificial intelligence tool to work out the best amount to save based on your weekly/monthly and yearly savings goals.

Since I was last here the savings rates have increased to some of the best on the market and they have now added additional investment options outside of bank savings. First up – you can now let Chip know when your payday is so that it automatically puts money aside as soon as you get paid. I was able to set this up as well as a goal for a house deposit to be available 8 years from now 😉 Chip now knows how much I need to save and by what date and will try and squirrel money away over the coming weeks, months and years to ensure I hit that target. Far easier than trying to do this myself!

I may have got a little exited and set the save level at the highest which might be a bit optimistic but I will see the saves which are made over the coming weeks and lower the level if I think I’m struggling to enjoy life (right now) on the free funds remaining in my bank account.

So what else is new? Well you have a choice of bank saving options but now if you pay £3 per month (to join Chip-X) you have access to a number of investment funds for your savings. They are setup in aneasy to understand way with the level of risk and historic growth rates attached so you can decide which one best fits your risk appetite and interest. For now I will stick to the free account and save into the bank savings account but I might revisit this in the future once I see how the app works from me.

Chip promo referral code
Chip promo referral code: CHIP-BGK748

The app has been really well designed and is quite a joy to use. But the real test will be the automatic savings Chip makes for me over the coming weeks to see if this is at the appropriate level to hit my goal targets but also ensure I have enough left to live off in the meantime. Remember if you decide to signup – then please use my Chip referral code CHIP-BGK748 to get £15 added to your savings pot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Chip referral code?
After signup enter Chip app referral code: CHIP-BGK748 in the relevant field to activate the offer

What do you get if you use a Chip referral code?
Enter chip referral code CHIP-BGK748 to get £15 FREE added to your savings balance after 30 days

Where do you enter the Chip referral/promo code?
After you have signed up you can enter the Chip promo code: CHIP-BGK748 in the promo box which can be found under the profile menu option which is the far right icon in the app.

What are the Chip referral terms and conditions?
To ensure you receive your FREE cash you need to enter Chip referral code: CHIP-BGK748 within 7 days of signup and make investments totalling £100. After 30 days you will receive your free cash.

Happy Saving! H X