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laundryheap referral

Laundryheap Referral : NISAR_FAISAL

Sign up to the laundryheap and enter referral code: NISAR_FAISAL or by following the laundryheap referral link : HERE and get £5 off your first booking

What’s your least favourite chore? Mine’s ironing but doing the laundry comes a close second. It’s just one of those things I put off for as long as possible until, just like that, I’m out of socks. Admittedly I could be more organised but my work-life balance is fraught enough without maintaining a strict laundry schedule. Is that even a thing? It is for laundryheap.  

laundryheap referral
laundryheap referral: NISAR_FAISAL

Laundryheap is a fabulous local-focused laundry, ironing and dry cleaning service that fits around our schedules. They pick up and deliver laundry at a time to suit and they even offer a 24 hour turnaround time. The time it will save you is priceless but their rates are really good. From £16.95 per 6kg of clothing you get a wash, tumble dry and delivery and if you use referral code: NISAR_FAISAL or use the referral link you get £5 off your first order.

The team at Laundryheap have designed a service that is super-efficient and doesn’t require you to schedule your wash in advance. And the booking process couldn’t be simpler:

1. Schedule your collection and delivery (online or mobile app)
2. Choose your service and pay
3. Pack your laundry in a disposable bag
4. Wait for the Laundryheap driver

I’m pretty good at timekeeping but I’m only human. Laundryheap will help me out if I mess up my timings and need to change a collection or delivery. They have a dedicated 24/7 customer support chat line for when things go wrong. Now that really takes a load off. 

laundryheap referral
laundryheap referral: NISAR_FAISAL

Their mobile app is a godsend for when you want to schedule a wash while out and about. It’s great for when you’re travelling too. If you’re visiting Birmingham, Coventry, London or Manchester and your clothes need a refresh, you can schedule a Laundryheap wash using their mobile app or website.

With sustainability issues at the front of everyone’s thinking, Laundryheap offers a guilt-free service. The team have built a large fleet of electric delivery vehicles and are committed to reducing water and electricity consumption. You can also select a greener route for your driver by scheduling a wider delivery slot. This means the driver can plan a more fuel efficient route. As a regular user of Laundryheap, you’ll also be provided with a reusable bag to load your wash into which reduces packaging as well as aid the efficiency of the service. 

Laundryheap have received a ‘great’ review scores on Trustpilot and customers are raving about the speed of delivery. The team take customer concerns around hygiene and health very seriously. They never mix customers’ washing loads and you can arrange for a delivery from or to a safe place if you’d prefer a contactless service.

Don’t forget that if you have delicate clothing like woollens, silk or specialist clothing items that require dry cleaning, you can pick this service type. If you’re not sure about the type of cleaning service your item needs and there’s no care label, the customer care team can help you out.

laundryheap referral
laundryheap referral: NISAR_FAISAL

The company are transparent about their service, their team and their origins. They opened in London in 2014 and are set on global expansion. They currently offer their laundry service in 4 UK cities and further afield. With locations already established in the UK, US, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, UAE, Denmark, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Singapore, where will the Laundryheap team land next?

So if you need your clothing or bedding washed, dried, ironed or dry cleaned, don’t forget to use this referral code: NISAR_FAISAL or use referral link to get £5 off your first order.

It may be your first order but with Laundryheap’s squeaky-clean service it won’t be your last.

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