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Mighty Referral Code: ZAAKIR-R1

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You won’t be new to milk, but you might be new to Mighty. Mighty is a UK-owned, family-run business that makes plant-based milk alternatives out of ingredients, such as yellow split peas, oats and other natural ingredients. That may sound weird but when you find out how good they taste, you’ll understand why Mighty is shaking up the plant-based milk industry. If you’re already on board with milk substitutes and want to check out MIGHTY M.LK, then you can get £10 off your first order with our Mighty referral code: ZAAKIR-R1

Mighty Referral

Cows are cute, but none of us can ignore the huge impact large commercial dairy farming has on the natural world. Mighty are not here to preach about deforestation for pasture or about the methane cows produce – because you know that. But they do want to remind customers that MIGHTY M.LK is the way forward. 

We all know that there’s some great nutrition in diary, but Mighty are pushing the boundaries on what plant-based milk can offer. Mighty crams in two times the protein content per serving for most almond, coconut and other oat milk alternatives. Plus, you’ll find the same or higher levels of calcium and B12 than in dairy milk but with less sugar. 

So not only does MIGHTY M.LK provides great nutrition, but has the added bonus of avoiding nuts which many people are allergic to. They also avoid using soy which may have side effects. Instead, they use oats and yellow split peas. Oats are an ancient consumable that has been packing humans with goodness for millennia. And who knew that yellow split peas could create such a tasty milk alternative and come with a tiny carbon footprint making it a super sustainable choice too?

Mighty Referral

Mighty was founded by two brothers, Tom and Nick, in 2018. They wanted to make sure that the UK had access to more nutritious and sustainable plant-based milk. And they succeeded. They’re now the biggest independent plant-based milk business in the UK. And they’re on a mission to get us all drinking dairy alternatives. Why? Because Mighty produces 71% less GHG emissions than cow’s milk and that’s a big YES from the planet.

The brand are rightly proud of the fact that they can produce a plant alternative to dairy milk that is smooth and creamy and offers a taste and texture that is just like milk but isn’t. And their M.LK range is huge. You can grab yourself a whole or ‘semi’ M.LK option which replicates the taste and texture of their dairy equivalent. But you can also get an unsweetened or a protein hit with Protein Oats. 

With speciality M.LKs on offer, you’re spoilt for choice. So if you’re a coffee fanatic you might like their barrister M.LK, which helps to bring out the natural aromas of coffee. And if you’re new to plant-based milk, Mighty provide a handy taster pack which gives you the option to try out all of the varieties that the MIGHTY M.LK range has to offer.

And don’t think that Mighty are only about their milk. They’ve exploded their range with protein powder that is low fat, low sugar, dairy-free, gluten-free, and free from all animal products. It really helps you meet your nutritional goals, especially when you’re sticking to a plant-based diet or if you’re trying to gain or lose weight. 

Do you want a treat but don’t want to let your plant-based goal slide? Then check out the Mighty range of milkshakes. And if you can have milkshakes, surely you can have ice cream. Of course you can! Mighty have got a delicious range of plant-based ice cream. So grab a Double Chocolate and Pretzel or Salted Caramel Brownie ice cream and get your hit of sweet naughtiness without the dairy and without the guilt.

Mighty might be always on the lookout for healthy options that are also good for the planet, and so are we at Refer and Save. And if you can save money while saving the planet we like that even more. So don’t forget to get £10 off your first order with a Mighty referral code: ZAAKIR-R1, and after you’ve tasted the MIGHTY range there’ll be no going back.

Sorry, not sorry, cows! 

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