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If you a selling your unwanted items to music magpie and you are asked if you want to claim a free £5 during checkout – enter Friend Code : HAYLEY DUSTER and you will be emailed a voucher code for £5 to be added to your selling price 🙂

So 2020 has been quite a difficult year for most of us…. and part of my preparation for 2021 has included clearing out all the old and starting afresh.

Some of you will know that I love my tech and gadgets and I love to have the latest phone and the latest laptop. So when I ordered my new Iphone I decided to see what I could get for my old device on the various trade in sites rather than have it lying around gathering dust

I checked the various sites for the prices they were offering for my Iphone but also for my laptop and for a combination of reasons I found musicmagpie was the best for me….


The prices were the best or at least in the top 3 for both devices I wanted to sell. For my Surface Pro – I could find very few sites which would offer me a trade in price and combined with the trust factor of Music Magpie I thought it was the best place to send my devices in to!

I know that some sites have pretty bad reviews when it comes to trading in your old tech but I found that not only was the process very simple. I literally added the details of the devices I wanted to sell and then was sent all the postage information by email.

Music Magpie Refer a Friend code: HAYLEY DUSTER

I packed up my devices and took them to my local sorting office and showed them the QR code and they printed off the label and attached. 3 days later received an email from music magpie and the payment was made to my Paypal account at the value which was agreed when I sent the devices in 🙂 . Winner.

Give them a go if you need to declutter or raise some extra cash and dont forget to use my referral code for an extra £5. Just enter my name : HAYLEY DUSTER during checkout and you will be emailed a voucher code to add at checkout for £5.

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