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Urban Referral Code: RSAKINA949

Updated: November 2023 – Get £10 FREE at Urban.co using Urban.co referral code: RSAKINA949. Add code to wallet in the app or on the website or click the link above prior to registration to auto populate offer.

I recently came across an app which allows you to book a wellness treatment direct to your home. Originally only covering massages they now cover a whole host of wellness treatments from yoga to facials right through to manicures. All can be booked from the comfort of your home and your therapist will make a house call to complete the treatment at your agreed time!

I work extremely long hours during the week and these days I’m even working most weekends so I hardly have any time just for me anymore 🙁 . Due to the stresses of work I’m often tied in knots and in need of a really good massage and previously I’ve had to wait weeks to get a slot at a decent venue when I’ve actually needed something in the next few days. What I have realised is that I would love to have more treatments more often and sometimes at less social times so this is where Urban has been perfect fort me.

Urban offer over 50 different treatments and services that I can have done in my own home from manicurists, facials to skincare, or other services such as fitness sessions virtually online. This is literally exactly what I have been looking for!

Urban discount code
Urban discount code: RSAKINA949

As a female that lives alone – I’ve often been reluctant to let strangers into my home but I feel safe with Urban as I know they only hire trusted professionals. They meet every practitioner offering services on their platform in person to check they are fully skilled and qualified to do their job, as well as safety credentials. I can even view the user ratings and reviews of each professional on their individual profile to help me decide who to book – I love that transparency. There is even a forum where you can ask the practitioners anything about massage, beauty, osteopathy, physiotherapy, and fitness. I wanted to book a massage but wasn’t sure of what to expect so I asked all my questions on the forum beforehand to help me feel more prepared. I also picked up some beauty tips from other questions on there.

I received £10 off my first booking on Urban using the Referral discount code: RSAKINA949 which enticed me to give it a go and I’m so happy that I did. You need to add this code to your wallet in the app or on the website – (It is not added to checkout in the discount code box) Even without this discount code I found the prices to be reasonable but using the referral discount code I was able to book a much needed longer 120 minutes massage for only £77 which was worth every penny especially as I didn’t have to leave my living room! The practitioner I chose based on feedbacl brings all the kit with them – you just need to make sure you have the relevant room for the therapist to work in and that’s it!

Urban referral code: RSAKINA949

Urban partner with some of my favourite brands like OPI for long lasting nail treatments – I don’t usually go for any other brands. They even offer packages for couples and groups so I am thinking of organising a pampering night with the girls because I know some of them don’t make time for themselves either plus its something a little different. The price for the group would be negligible.

I might actually try and book some online yoga classes next as with work and the gym there is very little time left for any other hobbies at the moment. But Urban allows me to book treatments and courses for the following day and late in the evening which is perfect for my current lifestyle. I might even try a different wellness treatment available on the app – not sure what yet but its so much more comfortable to be treated in your own home that I feel less apprehensive about trying something new. I also love that I can book all my fitness and beauty services in one place which makes things so much easier. Urban massage also provides physiotherapy and guided sports massage as well as yoga and mindfulness sessions so there really is something for everyone!

I can see me using this service much more over the coming weeks and months. I really am of a fan of the product! PLus these small lifestyle changes are having a huge impact on my physical wellbeing. I really look forward to my sessions, they brighten my day and uplift my mood. I’m generally a nicer person to be around now! I have been recommending Urban to all of my friends and family and will be sharing my urban.co referral code: RSAKINA949 so they can get the same discount I did too!

Enjoy your treatments!

H x

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