Get £5 off your 1st booking with referral code: SONIA TAKHAT

On the booking page enter code: SONIA TAKHAT in the referral box to get £5 off the cost of your parking space. Alternatively click the link to get a voucher sent to your inbox

Yes I’m a driver. I love cars and I love driving. I will save the details for another post as I need tell you all about the new car I’m hoping to order in the coming days. Oh and what a saga that has been!

Anyway as most of you know I live and work in London… and driving a car (and owning one for that matter) are not compatible with London life. I usually use my car for long distance journeys, when I have lots to carry or if I’m going out late and dont really want to use one of my famous ride sharing taxi’s codes 🙂

We all know parking in london is BLOODY expensive! But to make things a little more bearable I have a £5 voucher you can use on your 1st booking. I will admit it’s not much but every little helps. If it’s an evening booking you might get away with paying a couple of quid! I think the minimum booking needs to be £6 to use this voucher!

yourparkingspace referral code: FAISAL NISAR

Yourparkingspace is actually pretty good too! The spaces are more often than not cheaper than going direct to some of the main parking firms in London and you can also usually find spaces which are not listed elsewhere. Give it a go and see how you get on…

Frequently asked questions:

How much can I save using the yourparkingspace referral code?
Use the referral code: SONIA TAKHAT to save £5 on your first booking.

Where do I enter the yourparkingspace referral code?
Enter the code on the booking page. There is a box labelled referral code just before you go to payment page where you will need to enter code: SONIA TAKHAT to save £5 on your booking

Do I need to enter this code when I register on
You enter the referral code: SONIA TAKHAT after you have registered to get your discount. You can also use the invite link to get a one time use referral code by providing your email address here:

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