AliExpress Invite Code: INPX64OL

Add the AliExpress Invite code: INPX64OL or click the following link: to register. Once your account is activated you will receive £17 or $24 in coupons to spend on AliExpress. If you have registered directly but have not placed an order then click on your account and click redeem invite code to get coupons.

I’ve been using Ali Express for a number of years now but I’ve only just got round to writing this post about it… So if you don’t know what Ali Express is – Where have you been? But if you have never heard about it – AliExpress is a massive and popular website in Asia which sells pretty much everything you can think of at really good prices. Think of it like the Chinese version of Ebay/Amazon and I love it. 🙂

I’ve not bought a huge amount over the year and most of what I have purchased is low value but seeing as pretty much everything we get is made in China – you are basically cutting out the middle man and buying direct from factories (or agents) in China by purchasing of Ali Express.

I have had a good look round and quite a lot of the products are the same items you see for sale by sellers here in the UK on ebay and Amazon and in stores (half the stuff in the UK is probably sources from Alibaba/Express anyway)

There is currently an Ali Express invite code: INPX64OL which will get you £17 of free coupons to use on the site… As most of the items are priced in US dollars this is about $24 (you can set the prices covered to UK £ in the top corner)

Just remember one thing about Ali Express. Most items are shipped for China and therefore they can take unto 30 days to reach the UK (or Europe/US). So you should take this into account if ordering from this website alhough some dealer have now setup shipping outside China too. Also bear in mind that you may have to pay VAT and Customs on purchases although in my experience Chinese sellers seem to declare very low value on the items they send!

To clarify you will need to click on your account as highlighted by number 1 above and then click redeem invite code and enter Aliexpress invite code: INPX64OL. You should then be given a number of coupons of varying value to use on future orders (note each coupon will be for a different amount and will have its own minimum spend criteria)

Happy shopping

H x

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