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The web seems to be full of subscription boxes and I am currently running a couple of different ones myself! Most of us are naturally suspicious of subscription boxes because we feel like we will be tied into a year long subscriptions like the old days at the gym!

So to start with The Personal Barber club is very easy to cancel or pause – its literally one click! – Now that we we have that out the way – lets get to the product itself! 🙂

I ordered this for my partner as he loves trying out different razors and I have been meaning to find him an ‘old skool’ razor which uses individual blades and this one seemed like a good option. Highly rated with lots of products to try. I used a referral code to get 10& off the order and you can too using the link :

Promo code:

When the first box arrived – the quality of the contents was amazing. Definitely wort the £22.50 I paid and my guy loved the weightiness and quality of the razor. He is already looking at some of the other items available to purchase on the website.

It’s worth noting that he is now a convert to traditional shaving. . . he is even thinking about getting a cut throat razor as he says that the shave is closer and the cost is a fraction of what you would pay with a modern razor.

I will update this blog when he has ordered another box from The Personal Barber as I think he is looking at a range of other items … 🙂

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