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Function of Beauty referral

Function of Beauty Referral

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Custom haircare? You’ve probably never thought about, and neither had I until the year that 2020 was happened.

2020 became the year of self-care and so when I saw a post about personalised haircare I was intrigued. Function of Beauty allows you to create your very own hair care system (shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, you name it!) by taking a quiz to identify what your hair is like and what your hair goals are. Function of Beauty then create your products based on this. You are then able to further customise it by choosing the colour of your products, the fragrance of it and then (because I’m a sucker for anything personalised and that I can get my name on) you can add your name so that it’s printed on the bottles. 

function of beauty prom code
function of beauty referral code

I’ve been using the products for coming up to a year now and I saw a difference in my hair almost immediately! I used to buy shampoo and conditioner off the shelf as most of us do, and initially I purchased this because we were in lockdown and I wanted to treat myself and feel remotely normal, but actually, looking after your hair and identifying exactly what it needs should be the norm, we do it with so many other things so why not haircare?

To sum it up, Function of Beauty is a game changer. 
So if you’d like 20% your first purchase click here: 
You won’t regret it! 

P.S Function of Beauty have also ventured into customised body care and skin care… Guess I know what I’m going to be spending my time in lockdown doing! 

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