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Ever since I saw the Eufy robot vacuum cleaner at a friends home – I’ve been itching to get one. Sadly my home has far too much clutter and the rooms are not really accommodating for a robot cleaner for a number of reasons. That said the robot vacuum cleaner running at my friends home was absolutely fantastic. One day I will get one!

That said – A few days ago I decided to buy a video doorbell and looking at the various options available I decided to check out the Eufy brand. Primarily I was attracted to the zero subscription costs of the recordings which you have to pay a subscription if you purchase one of the other main brands. The reviews online were very good and the specs looked fantastic. I was also able to use a eufy referral code: to get £40 off the purchase price 🙂

I already have smart kit from Amazon (Alexa) and from Nest (thermostat) and was a little wary of starting up with another eco system but there was no problem connecting this device with the kit I already have available. The doorbell is of a higher quality and provides a better service then much of the competition.

Eufy actually sell a number of different products from vacuum cleaners to a full range of security products (alarms, cameras, floodlights) to weighing scales. They are very highly rated and have extremely good reviews online. I will admit I only purchased the ring doorbell based on the recommendations I read on another forum combined with the Eufy referral discount on offer of £40 savings.

I will provide a more comprehensive review on the Eufy doorbell I have ordered after I have used it for a few weeks but for now I hope you find the product you need and the discount of £40 I have provided helps!

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