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Haley X
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Grow Gorgeous FREE £10 Referral Code:

Apply the Grow Gorgeous Referral code: ZAAKIR-R1 when registering on the Grow Gorgeous website to get a FREE £10 credit added to you account to spend on a purchase of £40 or more. ** You can register with this referral code and you may still be able to add additional discount codes at checkout**

I’ve always been pretty pleased with my hair and never had any problems growing up keeping my hair in great condition. I’ve realised as I have aged that it has become far more difficult to maintain healthy looking hair so a few months I thought I would do something about it and began researching hair products that could help.

After searching online I came across grow gorgeous which had great reviews so I ordered a number of different products to see how they would perform on my hair. I obviously used a grow gorgeous referral code: SHARON-RDJ which gave me £10 off a £40 spend but even more importantly as I entered this code during the registration process it left the promo code at checkout free to apply a different code ! Double dipping 🙂

My products arrived and looked amazing. I am especially in love with the hair thickening scalp mask and root stimulator which I leave in for 10 minutes before following my normal shampoo regimen. It smells fantastic and wakes me up!

I have only used the intense collection so cannot comment on the other products but with the referral code: ZAAKIR-R1 it made the price much more manageable so I will come back to try a few of the other products soon.

Grow Gorgeous code: SHARON-RDJ

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the Grow Gorgeous referral code?
    Add the referral code: ZAAKIR-R1 when registering on the website to get £10 credit added to your account
  2. Is their a minimum spend to use the Grow Gorgeous referral?
    You need to spend a minimum of £40 to activate the £10 free credit. Make sure you add the invite code: ZAAKIR-R1
  3. Where do I enter the Grow Gorgeous Referral code?
    When you click to register on the website you will be asked to enter your email address and a password followed by a referral code if you have one. Enter the Grow Gorgeous code: ZAAKIR-R1 here to get £10 credit.
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