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IWOOT Referral Code:

Use IWOOT referral code: ZAAKIR-R5 when registering at I Want One Of Those (IWOOT) to get a 20% discount off your 1st Order. This discount can (sometimes) be used with other discount codes as this is auto applied at checkout to save you even more money!

When it comes to gift ideas for celebrations, my mind tends to draw a blank, especially if I remember occasions last minute! It always stresses me out to look for something within my budget. I think the added pressure to find the perfect gift in a limited amount of time doesn’t help! I began to dread gift shopping in case the recipient didn’t like what I gifted them. It’s all changed now I have found IWOOT!

There are lots of gift ideas in one place, it makes shopping for presents SO much easier! I would say I’m almost spoilt for choice but I won’t because I love to have options and there really is something for everyone here. I can do all my gift buying in one place and I actually enjoy gift shopping now as I know whatever I get from this website will be appreciated! When I see something that I know someone will like it gives me gift ideas for the future as well which helps me plan in advance and save time (and pressure) for upcoming occasions. I am full of ideas now – I even make suggestions to others!

iwoot referral code
IWOOT referral code: ZAAKIR-R5

The products on the website are already very well priced but I got an additional 20% off my first order using the IWOOT referral code: ZAAKIR-R5. You enter this when you register for an account and therefore the discount code box at checkout is still empty for another code! IWOOT stands for – ‘I Want One Of Those’, and I found myself making a mental note of what I wanted for my own birthday as I was browsing the website and I’ve been I’ve been sharing this referral code with my family as well as hinting what I like!

IWOOT has a wide variety of gifts from toys for the kids, to affordable gadgets for the tech savvy, and homeware and plants for those who love interior design, I especially like the variety of wall art and prints.  As a regular buyer on the site I usually end up buying something for the home while I’m on there so it’s quite handy!

If I ever get stuck for ideas when having to buy multiple gifts I go to the ‘popular’ gift section where there are even more offers including 3 gifts for £20. I especially love some of the cooler quirky gifts like the motherboard chopping board, or Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs as I like to give something unique and I haven’t seen gifts like these anywhere else. I know people would appreciate the humour!

There are also a wide variety of retro gifts for those who like to reminisce, with the recently added retro sweets sections I recently bought my brother a, ‘Back to The Future’ coffee mug, as a child of the 80’s he loved it! It brought back lots of great memories of us when we watched that movie together. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive – it just has to be thoughtful

As IWOOT are a part of the Hut Group, I know I can trust them and with free UK delivery on orders over £30 there is nowhere else I would rather shop. Even if you are just curious have a look and see what bargains and gems you can find – I guarantee you will find something to spark your interest!

Don’t forget to use my IWOOT referral code: ZAAKIR-R5 to get 20% off your 1st order at I Want One Of Those.

Happy Shopping

H x

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IWOOT Referral code?
Enter IWOOT referral code: ZAAKIR-R5 during the registration process to get 20% off your 1st order.

Where do I enter the IWOOT referral code?
During registration you are asked if you have an IWOOT referral code. At this point you need to enter ZAAKIR-R5 to get a discount on your 1st order.

What does IWOOT stand for?
IWOOT is short for I want One Of Those.

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