Lime Promo code: RF2YNU5

Enter referral promo code: RF2YNU5 in the Lime app Wallet by adding promo code to get 1 FREE UNLOCK added to your account. You need to do this before taking your 1st ride!

So with Covid lockdown easing and the government trying to look at other ways for commuters to get to work – they have finally reduced the regulations on e-scooters.

I will be the first to admit they are pretty scary around London – but I was always looking forward to riding one and got my chance at the weekend. I used a referral code to get a free unlock so I saved £1. The fees are a bit random but the latest seems to be around 12p per minute.

LIME code : RF2YNU5

I will write a detailed blog later once im back in the office – but thought i’d get my referral code out there for those of you who are already looking for a code.

More details to follow…

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