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Drink Trip Referral: HAYLEY DUSTER

Enter Trip CBD referred by friend: HAYLEY DUSTER during checkout or click the following link to receive a voucher code here. You will then get £15 off your first order over £30.

Our lives these days seem to be a whirlwind of activities for work, family and our communities. And balancing those activities can cause a fair bit of stress. So if you’re looking to find a little bit of peace in your day, TRIP might be the answer. TRIP’s CBD drinks and oils were created to help us find calm in the chaos of our everyday lives. And Refer and Save can help you on your way to inner peace through our referral link. Use: HAYLEY DUSTER or click this link to get £15 off your first order over £30.

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If you haven’t discovered the U.K.’s No. 1 CBD drinks brand and oil then you need to check TRIP out. The founders of the company stumbled on the power of CBD oil and it became a game changer for them as they recovered from illness. It inspired them to bring their experience to millions more people through their CBD products. So let’s take a walk through what’s good at the TRIP store.

TRIP bestsellers are their CBD drink packs and CBD oil bundles. And if you’re a first-timer for CBD-infused drinks then we definitely recommend the CBD starter pack. You get a six-pack of TRIP in their 3 delicious flavours, plus 1000 mg of CBD oil. This bestselling CBD bundle includes two cans each of their elderflower and mint, peach ginger and lemon basil  CBD drinks and TRIP’s popular orange blossom CBD oil. And if you’re quick, you can even get this pack for a snip at £35 – and that’s before you add our discount! 

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If you want to try the drinks and oil separately – no problem! Once you tasted the three varieties of TRIP drinks available from your starter pack, you might find you prefer one flavour to another. That’s why the site sells packs of TRIP drinks separately and in bundles. There’s an alternative flavour oil too – Wild Mint and Chamomile. And for caffeine lovers they now stock CBD-infused cold brew coffee.

But the TRIP range doesn’t stop there. Because the brand’s popularity has skyrocketed, they now have a range of lifestyle products to help their loyal customers relax. That includes sweat, socks, hoodies, totes and gift sets – all with the TRIP branding. They’ve got cool accessories, too, that’ll get you in the mood to unwind. And if you visit this site sooner rather than later, you’ll see a fantastic option to buy a limited edition retro cooler box with six or 24 packs of CBD drinks and orange blossom CBD oil for a low price of £61. It’s gone straight into our shopping cart!

Gifting is always great. So, if you thinking about a gift for a loved one whose life is all drama, they’ll love a TRIP gift. We’d definitely recommend the Ultimate CBD Set + Good Energy Candle. Your frazzled friend will receive a six-pack of TRIP drinks, 1000mg of CBD oil and a gorgeous TRIP Good Energy candle – it’s a perfect way for anyone to unwind. 

Still in the dark about what CBD is? We’re happy to fill you in: CBD is a cannabidiol which harnesses the non-psychoactive element of the hemp plant. It has some relaxing properties and affects people differently depending on their metabolism, diet, weight and genetics. 

Some people feel CBD’s effects are a little bit like alcohol, some feel it’s more like the effects of caffeine, and some people just love the taste. Some TRIP fans find it’s a great way to reduce your alcohol consumption and still unwind after a long day. And many find they prefer the taste to more widely available alcohol alternatives.  

And to help you get the best TRIP you can, use our referral link: Use drink trip referred by friend code: HAYLEY DUSTER or click the trip referral link for £15 off your first order over £30. And let TRIP help you sail through life with a little bit more ease.

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