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Like many of us, the COVID pandemic has really made me realise the importance of health and wellness in my life and as a result I have started making physical activity more of a priority and investing more of my time to it. One of the best ways I have found to motivate myself and hold myself accountable to get moving regularly has been the Magic Mountain. 

The best thing about it is it allows me to set goals and achieve individually, but also to share the journey with my friends and family, as we climb up our mountain to a collective goal. I believe every experience is better when it is shared with people. There are no barriers to entry and the psychology of team motivation, and a simple goal of movement can be applied to any case. Your goals could be as small as to go for a walk every day or to train for an Ironman triathlon. You could rally your sports team, gym community or friendship circle together and all get the benefit the app offers.

Magic Mountain Code: MMXF45MATTM
Magic Mountain Code: MMXF45MATTM

In January, I decided to set up a couple of mountains, one with my family and one with my close group of girlfriends. We enter all our activity onto the app as calories expended, some of us have synced up our wearables (I use my Apple watch), whereas my parents who don’t use a wearable are able to use the helpful calorie suggestions based on the activity to enter a sensible estimate based on the time they spent moving. We have started recording pretty much everything, lunchtime walks along the canal, Zumba classes and rounds of golf. The sweaty selfies my sister posts in the chat after her runs are hilarious! We are all noticing a fantastic positive change in our body shape and general feeling of wellbeing, now that we have found this tool to motivate us to move more and are getting the positive feedback for doing it.

I have also discovered I have more of a competitive streak in me than I thought. I love competing against the others on my mountain in who can contribute the most calories to our collective effort. 

The app also provides a powerful habit tracker which I use to track other daily healthy habits, such as getting 8 hours sleep and drinking 2-3 litres of water per day. I have found it so easy to make these behaviours habitual and I am really reaping the benefits of a stronger mental state and greater energy throughout the day.

Magic Mountain Code: MMXF45MATTM
Magic Mountain Code: MMXF45MATTM

If, like me, you are looking to make a positive and effective change to your health and wellbeing then this simple solution is great. Remember to use my Magic Mountain discount code MMXF45MATTM when registering your app subscription to get 50% off your first 6 months.

Simply download the app, enter the promo code and you’re all set.

I’ll see you on the mountain!
H x

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Magic Mountain discount code?
During signup you can enter the code MMXF45MATTM to get 50% off a paid subscription

What do you get by registering with my Magic Mountain discount code?
Signing up and using code MMXF45MATTM gets you 50%off your first 6 months.

How do you download the Magic Mountain app? 
Click the relevant link for your mobile operating system:



How do you use the discount code?
Enter the code MMXF45MATTM upon subscribing to the app in the relevant field during signup .

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