Cash App Invite code: BNFKTVB

Use the invite code or link above and then send £5/$5 within 14 days of joining the cashapp platform to receive £10/$10 FREE CASH. You MUST send £5/$5 within 14 days to receive your bonus!

If you are anything like me – you rarely carry much cash with you and find that when you need to give a friend some money for the drinks or the tickets they just bought you invariably have to go home and do a bank transfer. And then you forget 🙁

So I came across Cashapp a few months ago when my friend wanted to transfer some money to me and was shocked I didn’t have the app. I downloaded the app on the tube journey home and the money was transferred to me immediately. It was so easy to use that I have found myself using it more often than I thought I would and it has become my go to app for transferring small amounts of cash to friends and relatives quickly and easily.

The quick is very important to me – I just want to do it immediately so I dont forget later. . . I can usually make a transfer in seconds and then get on with my life 😉 – The app even shows me which of my contacts already has the app so I know I wont be putting them out if they dont have the app already (you can still send them cash but they need to join to collect it).

What makes the app even sweeter is the £10 bonus you get on your first transaction of £5/$5 or more. You can get this too by using my referral code which is BNFKTVB or by registering using the following link:


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the invite code for free money?
Use the code : BNFKTVB when registering on the cashapp app to be setup to receive your free bonus cash.

What is the criteria to receive the bonus cash payment?
You need to be a new user who registers and provides the invite code (BNFKTVB) to receive free money. You will need to send a minimum of £5/$5 within 14 days to receive your free money.

Where do I enter the invite code for free money in cashapp?
You can enter the invite code: BNFKTVB in the app itself where it asks if you have an invite code. Alternatively you can register directly with the code using the following link:

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