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Enter MyProtein Referral code: FAISAL-RKC during the registration process to get 3 Months FREE delivery added to your account. This offer is auto applied at checkout and can be used at the SAME time as any offer showing on the MyProtein website so you can stack the discounts 🙂

I’m so glad that the gyms have now reopened – it has been over a year since I last went because of the lockdown and I am definitely a bit out of shape. That’s why I decided to take things a little more seriously and get fit/lose weight and be a better version of myself. As part of my new fitness regime, I wanted to find a decent protein shake that I could take after my workouts to help me reach my goals and one of the trainers at my local gym recommended MyProtein. My biggest problem in the past has been that I’ve never really enjoyed taken a protein shake – the watery sugary taste was seriously off putting! So after finding the My Protein website I was pleasantly surprised by the enormous range and flavour options available but also the pages and pages of reviews which allowed me to make a more considered decision on the best protein and flavour to purchase. Using the Myprotein referral code: FAISAL-RKC I was able to get 3 months of free delivery, which was handy. I could even stack this discount codes with other 50% discount which was showing on the MyProtein website. I should point out that I have NEVER paid full price for anything on the MyProtein website as it feels like they are always running a promotion with a discount on offer.

myprotein referral code
Myprotein referral code: FAISAL-RKC

I loved the Myprotein whey protein shakes I ordered. I picked a few flavours and it was just about the right level of sweetness not that usual synthetic sweetener taste you sometimes get. The Myprotein chocolate caramel flavour is my favourite after my workouts. Unlike other protein powders I have used it mixes very quickly without any large lumps, which makes it perfect. I also like to add the cinnamon Danish flavour to my pancakes or to my porridge at breakfast, it tastes amazing! Remember you can also get free delivery for 3 months using my referral code for Myprotein: FAISAL-RKC and don’t forget you can still use other discounts with this referral to get even more money off. 🙂

The Myprotein brand also has an app which is easy to use and allows me to find the products I want when I’m out and about quiclkly – especially when I’m in the gym and someone recommends a product to me! Ordering is simple and one of the most important factors for me when buying online is how quickly will it arrive and my orderds have normally been with me within about 2 days. The other really important question when looking at supplements is how trustworthy the brand is and the quality of the ingredients. Myprotein claim to use the the purest blend of whey proteins, leucine, glutamine and MyZyme, which is a group of expertly developed enzymes for optimum digestion of nutrients so I beleive I can trust this brand. All in all I think Myprotein is great value for money, the products are always of high quality and there are favourable discounts on most products. If you go to the Myprotein website ( and use Myprotein referral code: FAISAL-RKC during registration you will get 3 months free delivery. Using this referral code still allows for other coupon codes to be added to cart during the checkout phase so you can combine your purchase with other discounts and save even more money!

myprotein referral code
myprotein referral code: FAISAL-RKC

The My Protein company is a part of the Hut group which includes some of the world’s most distinguished brands in nutrition so I know I can trust their products and their prices. They have great reviews online, so if you want to purchase any of their products to help you meet your fitness goals too.

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