Oral B Referral Code: ADEENA-R1 & Get 15% Off Order

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oral b referral code

Oral B Referral Code:

Use the referral code: ADEENA-R1 when registering a new account at Oral B to get a 15% discount automatically applied at checkout on your first order. Note this is for the Oral b SHOP rather than the general Oral B website. Note: The UK Oral B shop is different to the oral b website – you need the one located at https://shop.oralb.co.uk

“Say cheese!” You know the drill. You stand behind the happy couple for at least half an hour and keep smiling until the photographer gives the all-clear. It’s only after the snaps are done that your best mate tells you that you’ve got something stuck to your tooth. Great. Thanks, mate. Well, here’s the thing. If you use the referral code: ADEENA-R1 at Oral B’s website you get 15% off your first order and spinach-coated teeth are a thing of the past. Or at least they won’t turn up in the wedding album.

Oral B Referral Code
Oral B Referral Code: ADEENA-R1

I don’t know about you but dental appointments are like hens’ teeth these days. And I suppose the post-pandemic population is rightly wary of high-frequency services, especially ones linked to oral care. Most of us now want to visit the dentist less for non-essential services such as teeth cleaning. With products like Oral-B’s technologically advanced iO e-toothbrushes, you’ll feel like you’re getting a professional clean every single day.

I feel like it’s pretty pointless introducing the Oral-B brand. It seems to have been around forever. But in case you hadn’t guessed, they’re a dental hygiene group that have been providing toothbrushes, paste, floss and mouthwash for decades. They’re a known and trusted brand and that’s why they get my vote. I’ll only trust an expert with my gnashers.

The Oral-B website it just as much a learning tool as a shop. They have some great and easy to navigate pages that answer some of our most pressing tooth-related questions. You’ll find information that you didn’t realise you needed to know. I really like their ‘life stages’ guide. You can browse articles for a best fit for you and get some great tips on preventative care. They also provide support for people going into different life phases like pregnancy and parenthood. It must be reassuring for my pregnant friends and those with little ones to get reliable evidence-based information on what to expect from their kids gums and teeth.

Oral B Referral Code
Oral B Referral Code: ADEENA-R1

I was in the market for a new electric toothbrush when my old one had seen better days. I used the Oral-B website to compare my options and got a surprise. Have you seen how much more advanced e-toothbrushes are these days? If not, check out the Oral -B site because if your old brush was starting to sound like a cement mixer, you’ll be in for a treat. Oral -B’s iO series gives you the best clean you’ll get outside of a dental practice. How does it do that? A.I. and 3D tracking, my friends, that’s how. Yes, it’s a whole new world.

With an interactive display that signals important information, like making sure you’ve brushes the 16 zones around your mouth with enough care, the iO series might entirely stave-off the false set I’d had in mind for my later years. The series also provides superior gum protection with a sensor to let you know if you’re gunning your gums too much. And if you didn’t know that it’s the 21st century, people, Oral-B’s iO toothbrush will say ‘hello’ when you power-up. Aw, cute! If that sounds like a good investment to you make sure you use the referral code: ADEENA-R1 to get 15% off your first order.

Oral -B have got a range of other products that your teeth will thank you for. For a start, they’ve got an array of replaceable toothbrush heads to make sure we can enjoy that Oral-B oscillation for longer. For a more sustainable choice you could choose their ‘Clic’ manual toothbrushes which helps reduce 60% of plastic waste. That means we have to do the hard work but Mother Nature will thank you for the effort.

Oh, and by the way Oral -B, your Disney Magic Timer isn’t just for kids. Just sayin’.

Oral B Referral Code
Oral B Referral Code: ADEENA-R1
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