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Tallow + Ash Referral

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Tallow + Ash isn’t your typical laundry detergent brand. Founded by Gloucestershire entrepreneur Ciara McGurk, this UK-based company has taken the industry by storm with its focus on powerful cleaning, luxurious scents, and a commitment to sustainability.

Tallow + ash range
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From Humble Beginnings to Viral Success

McGurk’s vision was to create a laundry detergent that was both effective and enjoyable to use. Disillusioned by the harsh chemicals and uninspiring scents of traditional brands, she opted for natural, plant-based ingredients and unique fragrance profiles. The gamble paid off. In 2020, during its launch weekend, Tallow + Ash sold over 15,000 bottles, becoming the most Googled laundry brand in the UK.

The Science Behind the Suds

Tallow + Ash products are formulated with a unique blend of ingredients. While the name might raise eyebrows, fear not, the “tallow” is not rendered animal fat. Instead, it’s a reference to vegetable tallow, a plant-derived alternative that provides a gentle yet effective cleaning action. The “ash” is symbolic of the brand’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Clean Clothes, Clear Conscience

Sustainability is a core value for Tallow + Ash. Their products are:

  • Vegan and cruelty-free: No animal products or testing are involved.
  • Plant-based: They use plant-derived cleansers and softeners for a gentle touch on clothes and the environment.
  • Non-bio: Perfect for those with sensitive skin, as they avoid harsh biocides commonly found in detergents.
  • Sustainably sourced: The company strives to partner with suppliers who share their commitment to ethical practices.

A Feast for the Senses

Tallow + Ash goes beyond just clean clothes. They offer a variety of luxurious scents that elevate the laundry experience. These are not your typical floral or citrus concoctions. Think intriguing combinations like Oud, Rose & Jasmin, or even the intriguing coconut peach.

Tallow Ash Fragrance range
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Products available at Tallow + Ash

Tallow + Ash offers a range of premium, eco-friendly laundry detergents and fabric conditioners designed to enhance your laundry experience. Here are the key products available for purchase:

  1. Discovery Bundle
    • Description: This bundle includes twelve 49ml sample sachets (6x Laundry Shampoos and 6x Laundry Conditioners) along with two full-size bottles of your choice. It’s an excellent option for those new to the brand, providing a comprehensive introduction to their product range.
    • Price: £20.00 (Regular price: £25.98)
    • Scents Available: Bahama Vibes, Celestial, Oud, Aurora, Odyssey, Date Night, Duvet Day, Candy Beach.
  2. Laundry Shampoo + Conditioner Refill
    • Description: Refills for both laundry shampoo and conditioner, perfect for reducing plastic waste. Each refill pack is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing bottles.
    • Price: £12.99 each
    • Scents Available: Oud, Duvet Day, Aurora, Odyssey, Celestial, Bahama Vibes.
  3. Bottles + Refills
    • Description: Combination packs that include both the bottles and refills of laundry shampoo and conditioner. These packs offer a convenient way to maintain your supply while enjoying a discount.
    • Price: £22.99 (Regular price: £25.48)
    • Scents Available: Oud, Date Night, Aurora, Duvet Day, Bahama Vibes, Odyssey.
  4. Stock up + Save
    • Description: Larger packs aimed at those who want to stock up on their favorite scents, offering significant savings. Options include 12-bottle packs and 12-refill packs.
    • Price: Various (
    • Scents Available: Oud, Date Night, Aurora, Duvet Day, Bahama Vibes, Celestial, Odyssey.

Each product is formulated with plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients, designed for powerful stain removal while being gentle on sensitive skin​

For more detailed information, you can visit the Tallow + Ash website directly here.

Beyond the Bottle

Tallow + Ash’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the ingredients themselves. Their packaging is recyclable, and they actively seek ways to minimize their environmental footprint.

Tallow + Ash duvet fragrance

The Future of Laundry

With its focus on performance, fragrance, and environmental responsibility, Tallow + Ash is a breath of fresh air in the laundry aisle. As the brand continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how they redefine the way we approach this everyday chore. Whether you’re looking for powerful cleaning with a touch of luxury or simply want a more sustainable laundry routine, Tallow + Ash is a brand worth exploring. Remember if you use our Tallow + Ash referral code here to save 50% on your first shampoo and conditioner order.

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