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Berghaus Referral Code:

Use Berghaus Referral Code: NISAR-R2 when registering on the Berghaus website to get a £5 discount auto-applied at checkout on your first order. This code sometimes stacks with other discounts offered on the Berghaus website.

The Berghaus brand may not need much of an introduction to most of you. But for the few not in the know, Berghaus has made its name in robust and stylish outdoors wear. And before you go getting the idea that their kind of clothing is only for the few individuals brave enough to scramble up hillsides, Berghaus’ designs keep it real. Their newest line ‘Press FWD’ is inspired by UK rave culture. And it’s a range worth getting psyched over. 

Berghaus Referral Code
Berghaus Referral Code: NISAR-R2

We love the Berghaus brand for both its traditional and street style and we’re stoked to offer you a chance to get £5 FREE cash auto-applied at checkout when registering with Berghaus using our referral code: NISAR-R2

And it doesn’t matter if you’re intending to climb Everest or simply take your dog for a walk when the weather is doing its usual UK thing. Berghaus don’t care what you do outside, they just want you to stay out for longer by keeping you as comfortable as possible. 

When you’re out and about in all weathers, the key to keeping your core temperature stable is layering. And Berghaus can have you kitted out from the outside in. If you’re in it for the main ascent, then you’ll need some serious gear. Their MTN Arete Descent GTX Jacket will protect you from the elements while you’re going up and down your mountain of choice. 

Berghaus Referral Code

But if the South Downs are challenging enough for you, grab a Hillwalker Gemini 3-in-1 Jacket to keep the elements at bay. And if all you’re doing is hanging out in the park with your crew, you can stay cool while keeping warm in a Berghaus Theran Hybrid Hooded Jacket. It’s a padded jacket made from a water-repellent fabric with adjustable cuffs and hood – you or your street-savvy teen won’t lose any style points. 

Then, we’re talking mid-layers. And to keep your core toasty, they’ve got a choice of half or full-zip fleeces. You could go for a Prism Polartec InterActive Vest, for chill summer evenings, or a Polartec Interactive Jacket if you need a little more heat. And don’t think the Berghaus designers have forgotten to put style first. Check out the Belleview Fleece Hooded Jacket and you’ll see the outdoors includes the street. 

As you would expect, Berghaus’ prioritises the technical capabilities of its footwear. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look good while you’re walking or climbing. From the traditional Hillwalker II GTX boot to the modern VC22GTX multi-activity shoe, you know you’re investing in quality with Berghaus. 

One of Berghaus’ first products was a rucksack. But now their packs include the kind of gear you’ll need to scale the Eiger or a backpack to fit a laptop for your commute.

Berghaus Referral Code
Berghaus Referral Code: NISAR-R2

Despite its German name, the company was founded by two friends who loved climbing mountains together. Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison loved the outdoor life and wanted to inspire more people to get out into nature. Although the pair sold Berghaus in 2015, the company is still based in the North East of England and they continue to promote the positive effects on the body and mind of getting outside. 

In fact, the company are so dedicated to the natural world that they’ll do almost anything to keep your gear going. So to make sure your Berghaus clothes or equipment stay out of landfill for as long as possible, they offer a free fixing service. You get to send your stuff off to their factory and Berghaus will fix it free of charge. And that sounds like a company that puts their mission statement where their mouth is.

Berghaus Referral Code
Berghaus Referral Code

Berghaus’ prices are competitive and you know you’re buying British-made products that are high in quality, and low on carbon footprint. But getting £5 FREE cash auto-applied at checkout when registering with Berghaus using our referral code: NISAR-R2 will still be welcome. 

Stay warm and dry, people – and be cool.

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