Invite Code: TSFG10

Use the invite code above or use the following link: to register a new account at Transfergo. Once you have made your 1st transfer of £50 or more you will receive £10 to spend on your next transfer and your transfer will be FREE

Over the last few months I have used a number of money transfer services and I think I am expertly placed to be able to review them now! Usually when I look at a money transfer services I look at the referral they offer for new joiners and then I start looking at ease of use, the level of checks required to get verified and importantly the speed and method of delivery.

So to start with Transfergo have one of the better refer a friend schemes out there. They even have a dashboard to monitor your referrals and it I wish other apps had something similar. My referral invite code is : TSFG10 and this will get you £10 discount after you have made a transfer of £50 or more.

So moving on to ease of use. Most of the apps are similar when it comes this criteria and Transfergo is no different. You add your referral code during the registration process and then you can see this has activated. You then pick your from and to currency and make the transfer. What makes Transfergo different is that they guarantee delivery in 30 minutes 🙂 – now that is amazing as I have had transfers take 2 or 3 days with other vendors.

You also do not need to verify your identity if you transfer is under £900 on your 1st transfer. That helps as I like to see how the transfer works before committing to providing all my personal details to another organisation.

All in all – I like the app and the speed of delivery with the added bonus of have an amazing referral reward scheme makes this a thumbs up from me! x

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Transfergo invite code?
If you enter invite code: TSFG10 during the registration process you will get £10 added to your wallet to use on your next transfer

Where do I enter the transfergo referral code?
During the registration process when you enter your email address and password there is a field to enter an invite code. If you type: TSFG10 in this box you will activate the offer and receive £10 cashback after your first transfer over £50

When I do I get my FREE £10 after using an invite code at Transfergo?
If you have used promo code: TSFG10 during the registration process and have sent £50 or more you should receive your FREE money within 7 days.

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